Mom Knows Best


Mary Beth slowly opened the door just a crack until she could see John on the bed with his face buried between her mom's spread legs. She stared at John's firm ass and then strained to see his tongue on her mom's pussy as she slipped two fingers deep inside her own tight wet folds.

When John climbed up the bed, Mary Beth thought the show was over and she had missed the best parts. She was wrong.

She watched as her mom pushed John onto his back. Mary Beth had wanted to see his cock so bad and now it was visible. She wondered what it would feel like inside her as she began to work her fingers faster. She bit down on her lip fighting off the urge to moan as her young body became hotter and her juices creamed out of her pussy onto her fast-working fingers.

Mary Beth was amazed when her mom straddled John's waist facing the door and then slid down onto his thick meaty cock. She watched her mom for just a second as her face was one of complete lust. Her eyes quickly darted to John's cock and she watched it leap up into her mom's pussy.

Her mom was riding him hard and fast causing her tits to bounce as she played with them. Mary Beth began to play with her own breasts mimicking her mom. She pinched her nipples when her mom pinched hers. She rubbed them and squeezed them and did everything her mom was doing while still fingering her little pussy with her other hand.

John was propped up on pillows facing Mary's back as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Luckily for him, there was a mirror on the vanity in front of the bed giving him a great view of Mary's bouncing titties as her slippery pussy lips contracted around his cock with each stroke. He reached around and began to squeeze her full breasts and she began to ride him faster.

John thrust his hips up in the air to meet her every time she dropped her heavenly ass down onto his waist sending his rigid cock deep inside her juicy pussy. Mary slammed her ass down onto his hips and held his cock deep inside her.

"Oh John!" Mary panted. "It's been so long for me. Your fucking cock feels so hard and good inside my lonely pussy. I haven't had a real man in over a year and this is much better than my battery-operated toy."

Mary began to roll her hips with John's cock pressed deep inside of her. He continued to thrust sending his cock as deep into her soaking wetness as possible. His tip was grinding against her G spot causing her to moan and yell out his name.

"Damn! Yes! Make me cum, John," Mary yelled. "Right there! Oh, ummm, yes! Fuck me, John! Yes!"

Mary's body stiffened as she came hard all over John's cock coating it with stickiness.

Mary Beth was cumming too. She had watched the whole scene fingering her tight young wet pussy. She had pulled her panties down to her knees and taken her shirt off as she watched John fuck her mom. Her fingers dove in and out of her wet snatch fast and hard causing her to cum simultaneously with her mom.

She came hard and realized she enjoyed watching. Being a naughty voyeur turned her on almost as much as the sight of John's big cock as it thrust up into her mom's juicy pussy.

Mary Beth came so hard she lost her balance and with her panties wrapped around her knees she was unable to catch herself. She fell against the door and grabbed the door knob before she fell to the carpet in her mom's bedroom.

The weight of Mary Beth's body caused the door to swing open and she just lay there naked except for the little white panties around her knees.

Mary and John were startled to say the least and everyone was silent as Mary Beth quickly stood up and began to run out of the room.

Mary stopped her 18-year-old daughter.

"Mary Beth, wait! What are you doing? Come here," Mary demanded.

"What am I doing? What are you doing?" Mary Beth responded.

Mary climbed off the bed and went to her daughter.

"It's too late for the birds and the bees talk I guess," she said. "I guess you know all about that by now."

Mary Beth just stood there staring at John's still hard cock as it pointed toward the ceiling. Mary followed her daughter's gaze, grabbed her hand and led her to the bed.

"Well," Mary said. "I guess you have learned a lot, but no need to stop now -- unless you object John."

John could not believe his luck. He was not about to object and felt his cock twitch with excitement at the thought of banging the young virgin -- Mary Beth.

Mary explained that foreplay was important to Mary Beth and showed her how to suck a man's cock. She lowered her lips to John's hard cock and began to lick and suck it tasting her own cum.

"Now you try," Mary said looking into her daughter's eyes.

Mary Beth may have been a virgin, but she had obviously given head before.

She had a different technique than her mom. Her young mouth felt wonderful on John's cock as she took it into her lips sideways and ran her mouth up and down its length. She turned her face so the tip was at her lips and parted them slowly as inch by inch she took John's cock into her mouth. Her lips stayed pressed against his throbbing hard-on massaging it as it slipped over her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue bathed the underside of his shaft as it pushed over her tongue and into her throat.

John let out a moan and he watched as the young cheerleader get more than just his spirits up. He stared into her eyes as she slowly slid her lips back and forth over his cock.

Mary Beth loved the taste of cock and her pussy was immediately wet again. She reached down and began to play with her pussy while she sucked.

Mary watched and began to rub her own pussy as her daughter deep throated John.

"OK, now are you ready for the next step," Mary asked Mary Beth.

"Oh yeah, I'm really wet and ready," Mary Beth said in a sweet Southern accent. "Make him fuck me Mommy!"

John almost fainted from the excitement.

Mary had Mary Beth lie down on the bed and then nodded to John.

John kissed Mary Beth for the first time and it was magical. Her young lips tasted of cherry lip gloss and her mom's cum as he ran his tongue into her mouth. He kissed his way down her neck and began to lick and tease her nipples with his tongue as he pinched them between his thumb and finger.

Mary Beth let out a slow moan followed by a yelp when he pinched her hard nipples.

John continued to lick his way down her body until his tongue was pressed against her shiny wet pussy lips. He could taste her cum as he licked her lips and then pushed the tip of his tongue into her pussy. Mary Beth's body shuddered and she reached down grabbing his hair. She pulled his face tighter against her pussy as her body shook on the bed.

Chill bumps popped up on Mary Beth's young tanned skin as John ran his hands over her body. He squeezed her thighs and then reached up and fondled her full young breasts while staring into her eyes.

Mary Beth met his gaze for a second and then closed her eyes and tossed her head back letting out more moans of pleasure.

"Mmmm," she purred. "That feels so much better than when I play with myself. Does it get better? I hope so and I hope it gets better soon!"

Mary couldn't believe her eyes and the way watching her daughter made her hot with lust. She rubbed her own breasts and fingered her pussy as John got on his knees between Mary Beth's legs.

"This may hurt a little at first," John said calmly.

"I don't care!" Mary Beth exclaimed. "I want this. I want you and I want it now!"

John grabbed his cock and gave it a few quick tugs before holding it and pressing it against Mary Beth's swollen young clit.

"Ummmm," Mary Beth continued to moan. "That feels good, but I want to feel you inside me. Please!"

John glanced at Mary to give her one more chance to call it off.

Mary was oblivious to John's look. She was busy pleasuring herself. She had somehow managed to get her vibrator in her hands and was rubbing it against her clit just like John's cock was rubbing Mary Beth's swollen button.

John looked back at Mary Beth and while staring into her eyes slowly began to push his cock into her tight virgin pussy. Her lips were like a vise around his thick cock as it slowly penetrated inside her inch by inch.

Mary Beth was breathing in short deep breaths practically panting as John's cock slowly began to disappear inside of her.

John could see it hurt by the painful expression on her face, but she did not stop him and he pushed on. He slowly glided his cock into her until his balls were pressed against her juicy young ass.

Mary Beth moaned and bit her lip trying to ignore the pain and enjoy the pleasure. Tears were slowly running down her face, but she wanted more and was playing with her breasts as John began to slowly pull out.

John stroked his cock into her tight slippery pussy slowly. He guided it in and out of her until she was very wet and her pussy began to relax.

Mary Beth's virgin pussy was still tight around his cock, but her painful expressions had disappeared. Her eyes were wide with lust and pleasure.

"Ohhh, it feels so good now. It doesn't hurt at all anymore. Please go faster," Mary Beth begged.

John did as asked and began to pump her pussy faster as Mary matched his pace pounding her vibrator in and out of her own wet pussy.

"Faster! Faster!" Mary Beth called out.

John's balls began to tighten as he rammed his cock deep inside her again and again. She was thrashing about on the bed and yelling for more as he threw his cock in her faster and faster.

Mary Beth's cheeks began to turn red and then with a loud moan she came all over John's cock as it dove deep inside of her.

Mary came to with her vibrator buzzing inside her pussy.

John fought the urge to come inside this young hottie. He pulled his slippery cock out of her pussy and began to pump it with fast strokes of his hand.

Mary leaned over and grabbed his hand stopping him.

"Now, Mary Beth the number one lesson is that you make sure he comes too," Mary said. "Come here and suck his nice cock until he comes. You want him to enjoy this too, right?"

John lay down on the bed and watched Mary Beth's young mouth and shiny lips suck his hard twitching cock. Mary couldn't resist and offered suggestions to Mary Beth.

Mary finally had enough and began to suck John's cock along with her daughter. Their lips felt wonderful on his cock as they took turns sucking it into their mouths while the other ran her tongue along the side of his shaft.

Mary Beth began to pump his cock in her hand as she bobbed up and down on his meat. She tickled his balls with her fingers and begged him to cum in her mouth.

John arched his back and felt his eyes roll back in his head as he began to spray hot sticky cum inside her mouth. He looked down only to see her swallowing his cum with globs dripping out the corners of her mouth.

Mary reached for John's cock as soon as Mary Beth let go and began to pump it in her fist. She leaned down and licked cum off his tip keeping him hard.

She stroked faster until he came again. The hot sticky cum erupted out of his cock and stuck to her large breasts. Mary smeared it into her breasts and then licked the palms of her hands clean.

They took turns kissing John next and then they all fell asleep in the big bed. John thought to himself before drifting off to sleep.

"Now, that would be a good story for the newspaper," he thought.

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