tagIncest/TabooMom Sandwich

Mom Sandwich


Ty and Ted's mom had all the makings for a mom sandwich.

Barbara was middle-aged, had long shapely legs and a beautiful ass. Her cunt was fat and hairy, crowned by a plump clit that never got the type of attention it needed. Barbara's boobs were perfectly suited for a mom sandwich. The were enormous, like most mom-boobs are. They hung extremely low on her chest and were capped with giant nipples. Another thing that made Barbara a perfect ingredient was that she was a stay at home mom. Her husband Jim worked long hours, leaving her alone with their two teenaged twin boys.

Twin boys of course are the other nessesary ingredient for a mom sandwich. Ted and Ty were both 18 years old and had tall, muscular bodies. The sweetest prize of the two brothers was the size of their twin cocks. Each cock measured 9 1/2 inches. They were thick vieny cocks with big, plumb sized bulbs and enormous ball-sacks, just bursting with thick potent babymaking syrup. They were just the type of cocks that fat mommy-cunts were made for.

So how then do all these ingredients come together for a big greasy mom sandwich? Well...somehow, some way, they just do. As was the case with Barbara and her two boys. It was one fine summer morning that things finally came together.

"Morning mom." The two boys said as they entered the kitchen. They were in their boxers and their big dicks swung between their legs.

"Good morning you two. Ready for some breakfast?" Barbara asked.

Ty stepped up behind his mother and gave her a big hug. Barbara glanced over her shoulder at him.

"Hey, sport. Go easy on your old mom." She said with a smile.

Ted hugged his mother from the front. Barbara threw her arms around Ted and he felt the spongy flesh of her enormous mom-breasts flatten out against his chest. Barbara was now sandwiched between her handsome son's.

"Why are you two so lovey this morning?" She asked.

"Cause we have the most beautiful mother in the world." Ty answered.

Barbara could feel Ty's cock pressed against the crack of her ass and Ted's digging into her stomach. She turned and gave Ty a loving peck on the lips and then shared another with Ted.

"My boys are growing up, but'll never be too old to stop loving on their mother." She said lovingly.

The two teens squeezed her tight, lifting her tiny bare feet from the floor. Thus began the mom-sandwich. For what woman could resist being smashed between the muscular bodies of two teenaged boys. And what boys could resist such a matronly beauty as mom.

Barbara brought her long legs up and wrapped them around Ted. She reached back and combed her long nails through Ty's hair.

"Well...my boys are sure feeling frisky this morning, aren't they?" She asked.

"What about you, mom? Are you feeling frisky?" Ted asked.

Barbara looked him in the eyes and smiled.

"Maybe, but moms aren't suppose to be frisky with their little boys." She said.

"Why not, you love us don't you?" Ty asked.

She looked back into Ty's eyes.

"Of course I love you, darling, but the frisky kind of love is different. It's the kind of love that only mommy and daddy's share." She said.

"Then why do we feel it?" Ted asked.

"Well, it's quite common for boys your age to have frisky feelings towards their mother's. It's just a stage you're both going through, that's all." Barbara said.

Ty brought his arms around onto his mother's tummy. He could feel the bottoms of her big tits against his wrists. Julie rested her head on Ted's shoulder as she felt the wieght of her two sons press against her.

"We love you mom." Ted said.

She whispered into Ted's ear.

"I know you do, sweethearts." She said.

She lowered her feet to the ground and turned her body so that both her sons were in front of her. She pulled them together close so that their faces were just above hers.

"Come here you two." She said.

With her big pouty lips Barbara kissed Ty on the forehead lovingly, then gave Ted a peck on the lips, then another. She paused for a moment and stared deeply into Ted's eyes, then gave him yet another sensual peck on the lips. Ty moved his face in closer and Barbara looked at him.

"Don't worry, love. Mamma's not gonna leave you out?" She said warmly.

She pulled Ty's face to hers and gave him the same loving kiss she had given his brother. Then for a few moments it was Ty who got the warm gaze as his mother looked right through him. This was followed by yet another kiss. She pulled them to her and rested their heads on her shoulders.

"My poor horny little babies." Barbara said.

Ted suddenly fell back onto the kitchen sofa and pulled his mom onto his lap. Barbara squeeled, then giggled. She slid off Ted's lap and slouched back onto the sofa, her big tit-sacks swinging back and forth under their thin silk covering. Ty sat on the other side of their mother and the boys moved in close to her.

"There, there, boys...let's be good now." She said.

They both moved in close until both their bright young faces were hovering over their mother's. She stroked their faces.

"You poor things. You can't hardly control yourselves around me, can you?" She said with a smile.

"You're just so beautiful." Ty said.

"I know I am, love and a beautiful woman is hard to resist, isn't she? Even if she is your own mother." Barbara said. "Two handsome young boys are a hard thing for a mom to resist, even if they are her sons."

"Then don't resist. Ty and I want to make a mom sandwich." Ted said.

"A mom sandwich?" She asked.

"Yeah, do you know what that is?" Ty asked.

"No.... but I have a pretty good idea." She said with a quirky smile.

"So can we?" Ted asked.

"Oh sweeties, we can't. It's wrong. Don't you care about your father, I mean, I'm his wife for God sakes." She said.

"We wouldn't have to tell him about it. It could be our secret." Ted said.

"Oh boys...I don't know..." She said.

Ted and Ty each took one of their mother's hands and rested them on the swell of their big cocks. Barbara's finger traced their enormity through the fabric.

"Come on, mom. Just try it." Ty said.

"Oh God...I'm so torn...What mother wouldn't want to be sandwiched between her two gorgeous boys. What if your father found out? I couldn't live with myself." Barbara said.

"Come on, mom, think about it. Lots of wives are probably being sandwiched right now while their husbands are at work." Ted said.

Barbara gently kneeded her sons hard cocks.

"Oh this is so wicked, yet it feels so right. Why does it feel so right?

To be continued....

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