tagIncest/TabooMom, Sister and I

Mom, Sister and I


It has been said that nothing never really changes. But I can attest that things do change and for the better. Returning home after three years in the Army I was surprised to fine my baby sister back living at home. She was a teen bride and it just did not workout. My years I the army had been spent mostly over seas. So I was gone when my Dad died and my little sister's wedding. But it was a most pleasant surprise when this busy, blue-eyed blond answered the door. Monica jumped into my arms crushing her round soft tits to my chest. We kissed and hugged for three minutes as I tried to figure out who she was. She had changed that much. I hardly knew my own sister. Monica jumped up and down hugging me like a bear.

I got an instant hard on and it was jammed up into her crotch rubbing hard against her clitoris. I think that was when we both started remembering a night long ago when she came into my room and told me she had just looked in our parent's room. Monica had gotten up to go to the bathroom down the hall. She had looked in on our parents making love. At twelve she was not just sure what she had seen but when she told me we both went back to see what was going on. Mom and Dad were engaged in a sixty-nine with mom on top with her head toward the door. So we could very well see what she was doing. Monica wanted to know what they were doing but I told her she was too young and I would tell her later what that was all about. Of course by the time she was old enough I did not have to ell her anything.

She was just starting to bud out when I left home but how she has changed. She is gorgeous from head to foot tits and an ass that most guys would die for and long legs to keep it all up off the floor. She helped me get my bags up to my old room just as Mom came home. Again there was kissing and hugging. But Mom was still a Mom and feeding me was the first thing she wanted to do. When Dad got sick Mom had moved down to the first floor so he would not have to climb the stairs. She still had her bedroom in a small room off the kitchen. This gave Monica and I the entire second floor so we set up a computer room in her old bedroom and moved her stuff into what had bee the master bedroom.

Now she had lots of room and her own bathroom. After dinner Mom said she had to go to the church for something leaving Monica and I to fend for ourselves. It did not take long for me to get her up in her bedroom. I started talking about old times and I reminded her about that night she came into my room after watching Mom and Dad making love.

I had showered earlier and was wearing cut off sweats and a t-shirt. Monica had changed also she was wearing a silk dressing gown over a red teddy. She remembered that night all right and she ad no qualms about reminding me I was supposed to tell her all about it.

My cock started to get hard showing it's tented head in my cut offs. Monica pointed at it and told me she remembered the position our parents were in and did I want to show her how that was done. Taking my sister in my arms I did not hesitate to toss her on the bed next to me. Head to foot as I remembered it. I was busy pulling the crotch of her teddy aside as she was pulling my cut offs down around my ankles. Hugging her ass with one hand I lifted my face up into her sweet pussy. My tongue it wet, warm and sweet as honey. Almost at the same time I felt her hot mouth slide down over my fucking hard on. I was lost in her charms licking and pulling on her clitoris with lips pulled tight over my teeth I though I had hurt her at first but it was only her way of starting her climax. There was a load hissing of breath and a thrashing of her head. Then I tasted a torrent of hot sweet fluid fills my mouth. Her sweet juices so affected me I let go with a load that had bee pent up for weeks. She choked as she swallowed as fast and as much as she could. My sister turned out to be on hell of a cocksucker. Why her husband let this one get away I'll never understand. Monica rolled off me turning so we were face to face. She kissed me so we each could taste the fruits of the other. After what seemed like a long time we got up and showered.

By the time Mom got home we were again dressed sitting down stairs watching TV. When Mom came in it was as if the hands of time had been turned back. It was like old times us three together at night on the night when Dad had to work late. Mom came in drooping like a rock I a large stuffed chair across from me. I noticed she looked very tired and I ask her if she was feeling well. She told me she was just tired from all her volunteer work at the church and hospital. Mom was a young widow. Only fifty-four years old and to me she was still a very attractive lady. She was tall slim, with a fine figure. Her breasts were nearly the size of Monica's. Her hips were a little wider and yet she was not fat or too large in any department. I ask her if she had dated since Dad died. She said, no but she was thinking it was time for her to move on. She could see that she had much to offer a man and she really would like a man near her own age to be companion with.

Monica suggested that we three go out tomorrow night and visit a few places where men her age hang out. Mom was not a drinker at home but I had seen her have a beer or two from time to time. So we agreed to have dinner out and go dancing at the hotel lounge, as that was mostly an older crowd. I was the first to come down stairs. I was dressed I a dark blue two-piece with a white shirt and tie. Mom came out of her room and stood in the doorway facing the living room where I stood mouth gapped open my nerves working over time and a deep quivering feeling building in my groin. My mom was a living doll.

I had never seen her dressed like this before. She must have been planning an outing for some time and had bought this outfit in hopes on using it to lure a member of the opposite sex into her web. Her hair was up in back with curls down around her ears. Earrings we dangling above bare shoulders. The dress was off the shoulders held in place by her gorgeous breasts. Those tits were made for something besides feeding babies. The dress was snug but not too tight all the way to mid thigh. Her waist was small and this accented her fine curves of ass and hips. Shoes to match the dress set off the long shapely legs that disappeared up into her hemline. I was staring as my cock rose to full attention.

If Mom saw it she did not let on. I said, " Holy shit, you look great." I think I caught a slight blush as she held out a hand for me to take. I walked he to a chair but she said, Monica was coming down the stairs and we needed to go. Turned again got the shock of my life. My beautiful baby sister was nearly naked. A neckline that was down to a hairs breathe about her nipples. A skirt so short I was sure her pussy and ass were showing. Besides that there was no middle in the dress or what eve it was. Only a few little black string tied the two pieces together. Again I said, ' Holy shit." Monica laughed out load and said, "Well the idea was to get attention." Well there was no doubt about it where ever we went we would get the eyes f every man in the place if he was alive regardless of age. Mom sat in the back and Monica sat up next to me. I could not help by rest my hand on her bare thigh. She only smiled and felt my crotch and was pleased with what she found there.

Mom said, " Victor stop and let us out by the front door while you go park." By the time I got back around front there were two guys taking to Mom and Monica. Mom knew both men and introduced me. However once inside the men went to the bar while we were seated at a nice table just off the dance floor. Through dinner we did not talk much but Monica did tell Mom that a few of the men were giving her the eye. Mom only smiled and seemed a little embarrassed now that we were out I public.

I guess it is one thing to think about it and it is all together different to be out here advertising one wears. Dinner was over for us and drinks had replaced the dishes when the band started to play. I asked my mother for the first dance and she willingly accepted. She told me she needed for the first one to be with me because she was not sure if she could dance with anyone else. I knew what she was saying and I also understood that it had been along time. Mom just needed to get in the mood and see if she really wanted this. An older guy had asked Monica to dance and we all returned to the table at eh same time. I knew the guy from when I worked in his store after school when I was a kid. I shook the hand of Mr. Brad Ruby. We stood talking for a few minutes when Mom asked if he would join us. He did.

He was a widower a little older than Mom but he seemed to be very active. However after a few more dances it was evident that he was interested in my sister not my Mom. A few more guys came by to ask Monica to dance. A few asked Mom and she was having the time of her life. I don't think she noticed how Mr. Ruby was all over Monica. Before long there were several rounds of drinks on the table. I had not ordered any more since the one round after dinner. It was near midnight when Mom said; she was getting very dizzy and was on her way to a hell of a great hang over for tomorrow. So after much effort I managed to get sister and mother into the car. Mr. Ruby asked if I would drop him off, as he was not fit to drive. What else could I do I let him get I back with Monica. For a Saturday night there was a lot of traffic. So I took my time flowing with the traffic the best I could.

The conversation died and with Mom resting her head on my shoulder. There came to my ear a few strange sounds from the back seat. I could not turn around with Mom's head on my shoulder but I knew that sucking sound. I was sure Monica was giving Mr. Ruby a damned blowjob. Can you believe that my sister giving a guy a blowjob with her mother in the car. It was a good thing Mom was sleeping or maybe out cold for all I knew. I heard a deep-throated moan and I knew he had cum. A few minutes later I heard Monica whisper. " Mr. Ruby you are one hell of a man. Guys half your age would wish for a cock that big and hard." He only laughed. He seemed to be very awake as he jumped from the car saying, " Thinks" over his shoulder as he made his way up the walk. I was not sure his thanks was for the drive home or for Monica's fucking blowjob.

By the time we arrived home Monica was a sleep in the back seat. I thought she could stay right there. It was warm enough in the garage so I went orotund to Mom's side to help her out. Mom was dead to the world so with no difficulty at all I lifted her in my arms. I carried her through the kitchen into her bedroom. It was a small room but she had fixed it up very nicely. The light on the nightstand was just enough to see by. I laid Mom on the bed. I was about to go when she started to fuss with her snug dress.

She was not fully awake and was not doing very well. So I rolled her over, unzipped her dress and slipped it off her. She wore a black fancy bra and black lacy panties. She looked so sweet and sexy I had thought of things no boy should have for his mother. She wiggled around and sat up getting a hold on me. She mumbled words that sounded like " God, I need you so much." Pushing her back on the bed only seemed to send her into a dreamland of wanton sex and lust. Her hands were grabbing at my belt. I knew she was reliving a time and place that did not include me.

But she was very quick and maybe I just did not put up enough resistance. Her eyes were open but she was not seeing me. I am not sure she was even seeing my Dad she seemed to be even farther back than that. She was a young excited girl wanting sex for pure enjoyment. As I tried to lay her back down her bra came up above her breasts. No fifty-four old ladies should have firm pointed breasts like that. The nipples were firm and stiff. Mom somehow managed to get my erection free from my fly and was holding on tight. I was looking at her with lust in my eyes. I seemed to give in to the booze in my blood as well.

It started to get all mixed up in my mind. I stood there and let her drop my trousers to the floor. Naked from the waist down can make a guy drunk or sober go kind of nuts. Almost before I knew it I was laying next to her. My lips were on her lips. My hands held her tit in one while the other was pulling her panties down. Everything seemed to just fit together as a prize puzzle. I rolled over on top of her and my cock was as if guided by a strange unseen force plunged into her wet hungry pussy.

No help from either's hands. It just went in so easy I was not sure I was up to my balls I her pussy. My body knew however for I was lifting my weight off her and coming down hard again an again. Mom was screaming for more of me. She was clawing at my shirt like a wild cat. If I had not had my shirt still on my shoulders and back would have been red with blood. Her nails scraped and racked across my clothing. Her legs were high up nearly to my shoulders. My balls were banging her bare ass with each stroke.

How many times I pounded into her I have no idea. But I felt my balls jerk up under my cock and there was no stopping my flood at this point. Just as I shot my first long warm load of sperm into her she stiffen under me. Arching her thin body to not only receive y hot flow but to give me her own climax. We jerked and floundered together till time and space were no more. I was off into a world of dreams and pleasures heretofore unknown to me. Mom was making sounds and shaking as if to welcome a climax long held in check.

I woke when the sun came across my face. Blinking I rose on one elbow. Mom was not in the room. A wave of shock and fright filled me beyond words. I have known fear in my life but nothing like this. It was a feeling more than a known fact. What would I say, what could I say. My god I had fucked the lady that gave me life, a lady of the church, a lady whose whole life had always been husband and family. I grabbed a hand full of clothes and dashed out the door into the kitchen. Mom was standing with her back to the counter across the table. She held a cup of coffee. I stopped as fast as I had started. I had no words just eye contact for a lifetime or so it seemed. I did not see Monica sitting at the other end of the kitchen table till she started to laugh. I held my crumpled cloths in front of my privates. I was dumb founded, stupefied, and just plan caught in the act.

Monica said, "Gee, Victor Mom was just telling me how she must have seduced her own son last night while she was drunk." Mom was blinking tears back while I still was at a loss for words. Mom had wrapped a cotton rob about her slim body. My eyes were tracing the out line of her hips. When our eyes met again I saw a brightness that was not there only a minute ago. I walked around to her and took her in my arms. I hugged kissed her. Mom put her arms around me and she cried. Monica came to us and hugged us both.

We three cried and keep hugging. In the confusion my clothing had dropped to the floor. Moms rob came open and Monica had a hand on my bare ass. M cock came up to attention when I felt a warm hand encircle it. I was not sure whose hand it was nor did I care at this point. I kissed Mom at the same time my palm came to rest on her breast. She bit my lower lip so I bit hers. The grip tighten on my cock I traced Moms arm down to find it was her hand on my cock. Monica pushed us back so she could put her hand on Moms'. I liked the feel of two hands on my cock. Monica kissed me and Mom seemed to slide down between the counter and me. Her mouth was wet warm as it captured the head of my cock.

Monica said load enough for Mom to hear " I guess I am not the only cocksucker in this house." A couple of my fingers found their way into Monica's cunt. She has a large well-used cunt but I like it. My cock starts to throb as I pull Mom to her feet and kiss he again. Monica quickly drops down to take over the job. Monica was doing a great job but I had other ideas. Pulling Monica by the hair she came to her feet. I put arms around each female waist and together we made out way up the stairs to the master bedroom.

That was five months ago. Monica is now living with Mr. Ruby while Mom and I share the master bedroom. Mom was not as drunk as I first thought she was also she had full control of her faculties during our first adventure. She was a sly one she was, but we both knew what we wanted. I love my mother and to this day we enjoy a kind of merriment of lust and desire mixed with love.

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