tagIncest/TabooMom's Little Boy & Daddy's Little Girl

Mom's Little Boy & Daddy's Little Girl


They had gotten married just out of high school, George was a slender man and Alyson was what people would call a little hottie. The both went to work right after school but with in months Alyson was pregnant with their first child, a boy named Christian that was the spitting image of his dad. It was not more than a couple of years later that Alyson was once again pregnant, this time with a beautiful daughter whom they named Susan. As the years passed things went well, George was the traditional husband and Susan was daddies little girl. Alyson on the other hand was the stay at home mother but she didn't look it, she stayed young looking through swimming in the family pool and eating right.

Chris and Susan grew up to be the average students, did well in school sports and were just your average kids. As the years went they each went on to college at the local community college and lived at home. Now George was always mom's little boy and Susan was always daddy little girl, as they grew and got older the family just got closer.

When the kids went to college, George and Alyson were very happy that they would have more time to enjoy each other. The kids were hardly at home and George and Alyson each started to get more and more active, this also meant that they started to enjoy a more active sex life. Not that it was ever lacking, but the lunchtime romps had pretty much faded-out as the kids got older. Now that they were not worried about it they could really enjoy themselves.

It was one of the afternoons when George snuck home at lunch that things in the family would change forever. Alyson was doing the laundry, which included the sheets. As George made his way up the stairs, he saw Alyson. She was bent over picking up the sheets; she was wearing just panties and a T-shirt which was her favorite thing to wear. George snuck in and caressed Alyson's ass, 'mmm George that feels good' she said 'how did you know it was me?' He asked. As she stood up and leaned back against George she could feel that he was hard as a rock 'Well I saw the truck pull up, I wondered why you were home' reaching back to stroke his hard cock she said 'now I know why' with that she turned around so she could kiss him 'babe you feel so good' he reached down and stroked her pussy through her panties. Alyson unsnapped Georges fly and started to pull down his pants, he released a sigh, as his cock was set free. He pulled up Alyson's shirt setting free those little titties he loved to suck on, Alyson gave a little giggle when he did this. Now the only thing left were those panties, George got on his knees and pulled down the panties and ran his tongue over her belly making a slow decent to her pussy. As he did this Alyson leaned back on the bed, as she did she spread her legs to give George more access. She loved to be eaten and she loved to suck cock, truth be told she was Betty Crocker out of the house and Tracy lords in the bedroom.

She and George were both very oral. George licked up and down her pussy and sucked on her clit, as he did this he reached up and stroked her nipples 'oh that feels so good George' she said. As George and Alyson were up stairs playing the kids were actually just coming in down stairs, there had been a fire at the college and it was decided by both that they would skip school today. When they rolled in at lunchtime they saw dad's truck and thought cool we can have lunch with mom and dad. When they came inside they heard some noise up stairs, 'oh George lick my pussy'. They both looked at each other and laughed, they knew what was going on, it was then that Chris had a devilish idea. 'Hey lets go spy on mom and dad', 'what are you crazy if they catch us they will be pissed' Susan replied. 'Ah they are playing with each other they will never see us', Susan looked at Chris for a second and then a smile grew across her face 'ok lets go but be quiet'. As they snuck down the hall to their parent's room they could hear their mom moaning with pleasure, it sounded like she was cuming. They looked in with Chris at the top and Susan on her knees both looking in at the same time.

Their dad was just starting to crawl up on top of their mom, they were both surprised at the great shape their parents were in. Susan tapped Chris on the leg and held her hands about 8 inches apart and with raised eye browse Chris new what she was trying to say, and he looked at mom. Wow she was hotter in real life then in his dreams, and that pussy was so smooth. He had seen her in those sexy panties all his life, and she was more the reason for more than one or two jerk off sessions.

As George crawled up on Alyson she grabbed his cock, she loved the taste of cock. 'Oh that's it babe suck my cock, get me nice and hard so I can fuck that pussy'. Chris was a little surprised, he rarely heard his father and mother curse and hear they were talking dirty to each other. Chris was getting hard watching his mother suck on his father's cock, all he could think was I wish that were mine. He looked down at Susan, who was watching as intently as he was. He had a thought, he leaned forward a little and bumped his cock into Susan. She looked up at him and with a smile, she was as hot as he was.

Susan took the challenge and started to rub his cock through his jeans, as she did this they watched and listened to dad. 'Oh yeah suck it, oh yeah I am going to cum babe' Alyson looked up at George, she took his cock out of her mouth 'I want you to come on my face' she said. She started stroke George faster and faster, at the same time Chris was had reached down and started to stroke Susan through her halter-top. Chris took a chance and pulled her top over her head, she just opened her mouth but couldn't say anything with them right in front of their parents door. Susan looked up at George and grabbed his fly, she quickly undid his fly and pulled down, there they stood with her top off and him with his dick sticking out. Susan looked at her mom sucking on her dad's cock and looked at the cock right in front of her, she did what just seemed right at the time.

She took Chris's cock in her mouth and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow, Chris just placed his hand behind Susan's head and started to fuck her face. As this was going on they both looked over at their parents, dad was moaning and there was no doubt that he was about to cum all over mom. As he arched his back he started to cum, Alyson opened her mouth to give him a good target. 'Oh yeah babe eat it all up' George said, 'I love to watch you eat my cum'. 'Yeah baby cum in my mouth' Alyson said, when George was through cumming Alyson took his cock and rubbed it all around her face. Oh how she loved sucking cock, she leaned up a little to get that last lick before George fell over. When George fell over Alyson got the shock of her life, there in the hall were her kids. Susan on her knees with her top off and Chris with his cock in her mouth, Chris looked like he was about to cum as he had his eyes closed and his head leaned back. Susan on the other hand was working his cock, Alyson new a good cock sucking when she saw one and she was seeing one now. She tapped George on the shoulder, when he looked up she put her finger to her lips in the ssshhh mode. It was then that she pointed over at the doorway, George was just as shocked but didn't do so well as Alyson did at hiding it. 'Holy shit' he yelled, with that both of the kids stopped and looked into the room. 'So you two want to fuck do you,' George said, not in a mad tone as much as in a matter of fact tone. Well Alyson though what should I say now, George had them both come into the room. Standing there by the bed. Alyson and George couldn't cover up because Alyson had taken the sheets off, but George didn't even think about it. 'What are you two doing?' George asked. Chris was the first to speak up 'well we came in and heard you to playing around so we came in to watch', well George though what now 'so how is it that you happened to end up with Chris's cock in your mouth young lady' he said to Susan. 'Well dad it just kind of happened, it's not like it's the first time I ever had his cock in my mouth' she said in a defensive tone. This caused Alyson and George to look at each other, 'what' they both said. Alyson was the first to speak up, 'you mean you to have been fucking?' This time it was Chris who spoke up, 'well it started when we first went to college'. Alyson was not sure what to do with this situation but something had to be done, 'well I guess your not daddies little girl or mom's little boy any more are you?'

As she said that she noticed that Chris who had lost his hard-on earlier was quickly getting it back, she tapped George with her elbow. Chris who had been looking at a bit of cum that was on his mothers face started to get hard. George looked at Chris, 'well you like what you see do you'? He put his arm around Alyson and pulled her so she was lying back on the bed, Alyson was not sure what he was doing but she let it go any way.

Chris's eyes went down to his mom's pussy, it was all nice and shaved and at the same time Susan was looking at her dad's nice big cock that was still slick from the cock sucking he had gotten earlier. Alyson looked at George 'well you two are all grown up now so I guess it's no surprise but I admit that it's not right that you two should fuck each other' With that she took George's cock in her hand and could feel it getting hard. She looked up and said, 'guess if you two are going to fuck you shouldn't hide it', with that she leaned down and took George's now hard cock in her mouth.

George reached his hand out to Susan, she was just like her mother short and properly proportioned. Alyson looked up at Chris with Georges cock still in her mouth, she made a come here gesture. Chris and Susan moved towards the bed, Alyson took George's cock out of her mouth. 'You need to get out of these clothes' Alyson said at the same time George was taking off Susan's bra, 'oh mom you have such a great body and I have wanted to suck your pussy for so long' this brought out a laugh for the whole group. After a few seconds everyone was completely undressed, Alyson took over at that point, she got off the bed and said ' come here Susan', as she did she had Susan get on her knees next to her then she got on her knees next to her. 'Come here guys time to get a taste of those sweet cocks', the guys walked over and lined up in front of the girls. Chris was in front of his mother and George was in front of Susan, the girls just leaned forward and started to suck them both off. George and Chris looked at each other, 'well this is fun' Alyson and Susan were sucking and sucking, both girls would look over at each other. It seems that Mom and Daughter had a lot in common from their bodies to the fact that they both liked to suck cock.

George asked Chris 'so how long has Susan been sucking your cock', Chris looked over and said, 'oh she loves to suck cock and she usually comes in every morning to wake me up and every night after you two have gone to bed'. Both the guys were coming closer and closer to cumming, Alyson looked over at Susan and said 'lets have them cum on both of our faces at the same time'. With that she took Chris's cock out of her mouth and leaned over and started to kiss Susan's cheek, Susan looked over at her mom and in doing so their mouths came together. George and Chris looked at each other as they pulled on their cocks. 'Yeah lets come on both their faces, then they can lick it off each other', as they said that the kiss between mom and daughter got more and more sexual. The guys couldn't hold back any more and started to cum, this broke the kiss but the girls kept their faces together. Both father and son came with large ropes of cum going all over mother and daughters face, when the to men were done cumming they both leaned back on the bed. 'Oh yeah I love the taste of Chris's cum' Susan said 'and mixed with George's makes it even better' Alyson said as she leaned over and started to lick her sons cum off her daughters face.

'Well' said George 'I guess things are going to be a little different now', Yeah said Alyson 'now I have two cocks I can suck on when ever I want' With a wry smile Susan looked over at her mother, 'oh just cock's?'

With that everyone bust out laughing, it would be a whole new family indeed.

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