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Mom's Nylons


I always enjoyed all things female, and after I turned 18 my life turned a corner. My mother is beautiful with a great figure and shapely legs which I love looking at. She is an executive secretary so she has an extensive wardrobe of fashionable clothing. Mom is very sloppy and leaves her clothes all over the place. Part of my chores were to straighten up after her, and I loved to collect her things, and return them to her room. Her collection of lingerie is fantastic, and I love to fondle her bras and panties. It was not long before I tried on her panties and slipped on her bra. It was so thrilling that my straining cock soon shot a load of cum into her sexy panties.

The next time I showered I shaved my legs so I could bravely try on her sheer nylons. The look and feel were so incredible as I looked at my womanly legs in the mirror and my manly hard-on in her panties. I put on her highest heels and tripped all over the place until I sat down in disgust. Being a woman was hard work, so I lay on her bed and turned on the t.v. There was a DVD in the machine and I switched it on. On the screen I was shocked to see my mom topless giving a blow job to a well endowed man, while another well endowed man was screwing her from behind. My cock was leaking precum and I watched her service these two men while stroking myself until I exploded cum in to the air all over myself and her bed. I quickly cleaned up and used my computer to make a copy of the DVD.

I began to wear moms panties and nylons under my regular clothes, and enjoyed looking at her and feeling my hard-on in my pants. While straightening up her room I found her collection of sex toys. Her dildos gave me many hours of pleasure, and I especially loved to insert a butt plug and leave it inside me.

I continued to admire my mother, and began to help her take off her shoes, and massage her shoulders etc. Her scent of perfume and beautiful body always aroused me, and I began to touch her, and hug her, and let kisses linger a little longer. She didn't object, and began to wear more revealing outfits around the house. I began to choose her clothing to wear and helped her with her hair and make-up. She loved to take long baths and soon I was helping to shave her gorgeous legs, and I would get an eyeful of her incredible body.

The night of her office Christmas party changed my life completely. Mom was wearing a tight black dress that showed off her great rack, and sheer black seamed stockings and stiletto heels that did justice to her great gams. I knew mom would be gone all night so I went in her room and put on her makeup and slipped on her wig. I found a similar black dress and put on her best nylons and high heels. I sprayed on her perfume and looked in her full length mirror and was amazed at how much I looked like her. I was admiring myself when I heard the front door. I had no choice so I ran in to her closet and was both frightened and thrilled. Mom was carried in to her room and lay on her bed by a man I recognized from her DVD. He kissed her good night and left the place.

I waited and waited and finally heard moms snoring. I quietly opened the closet door and stepped in to her bedroom. I should have left right away. but the sight of my mom in her short dress and pretty legs was too much for me. I could not resist staring at her gorgeous legs and then ran my hand lightly up her smooth leg and she didn't stir. I moved my hand higher and found she wasn't wearing her panties anymore. I lightly brushed her pussy with my hand and she moaned and I felt moisture. With my other hand I felt her breast and heard her moan again. I looked at her pretty face and kissed her gently. She responded by moaning some more as I kissed her more deeply and stuck my tongue in her mouth. All the while I was fingering her wet pussy, and stroking my raging hard-on. I could not believe I was making out with my mom while dressed up in her clothing.

Then the thing that changed my life completely happened... Mom woke up! At the same time my cock began to spurt out cum at an amazing rate all over her nylon clad legs. I couldn't stop if I tried, and I didn't try. Mom screamed at me and pushed me away and told me to get out of her room.

End of Part 1

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/17/17

Finally found that I was going to be a good little girl for mommy

Mom said "I always wanted a girl." Mom and dad are going to be able to have just that now. Mother and daughter in matching outfits acquire the prettiest lingerie and of course the most attention gettingmore...

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by Anonymous10/02/17

"I love mom and she had a urge."

Incredibly sexy and so trendy. The boy was in my pantyhose and 6 inch "Please Fuck Me"Bitching panties and high heels.

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by Anonymous08/05/17

Erotic and makes me feel like a new experience.

Mom's nylons and high heels on my genitals and my legs are a wonderful experience. I am ready for a new experience in the world of the forbidden fruit.

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