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Mom's Panties


This is a true story and I want to share it with literotica fans. It is about a habit of mine. I liked to jerk off into my mother's silk panties. After reading literotica for years I know there are a lot of us guys out there that like the feel of our wives, sister or mothers panties rapped around our hard cocks as we cum.

Back to my stroking habits. Not sure when it all started but I do remember going into my mothers dresser and filing through her panties looking for soft silky ones, I would also go through her hamper pull out warn panties and take them back to my room or even lay on her bed and rap them around my hard cock as I stroked it up and down. I would rub them against my balls and rape them in my hands and climax all over them. I would hide her panties in my room or out side of the house; sometimes I would just put them back into the laundry basket.

The time came for me to leave for college which was about 7 hours away from my home. Shorty after classes started I realized during one of my beat off sessions that I did not bring any panties with me from home. Don't get me wrong college was great and I was having a ton of sex, but every man still loves to stroke his own cock now and again.

During college breaks I would be home during the day by myself and would wandering into my mom's room and find the right panties to shoot my load into. These actions went on for the next five years over breaks and summer vacations. Eventually as I grew older and got married and it was the end to my mom's panty jerk off sessions.

Now this is were the story gets hot and kinky. My first marriage did not last very long only 2 years, so shortly after getting divorced I moved into a new townhouse. My mother mentioned to me that she wanted to come stay and visit and help me set up my new place. I had not seen her in over a year was open to the idea of spending some time together and getting home cooked meals again. My mother was in her early 50's at this time and she stands about 5'2" tall a little over weight at about 145 ish, but not fat. I had never thought about her in a sexual with regards to my jerking off sessions in her panties. I think it was more about me liking the feel of silk panties, I guess they could have been any ones panties for that matter. I just liked the feel of the soft fabric on my hard cock.

A few days after my closing I picked my mom up at the airport we went out and eat then drove back to my new house. The next day we when shopping and spent the whole day spending lots of cash, we ended up back at my place late that evening. Both of us were tired and my mom went to take a shower. She asked me to bring up her bags and up and leave them in her room on the bed. I drop her bags off in her room; she grabbed her night gown and went into the shower down the hall. I was in my room getting ready to jump in my shower and as I stood there getting undressed I started playing with my cock as all guys do. This is when a big bright light went off in my head, my mom is here and she should have panties with her, I smiled form ear to ear, so I carefully rapped a towel around myself and walked down to her room still hearing in the shower running. I went over to the bed were her bags were laying and started to open them up, my heart was beating hard and I was like a little kid in a candy store, not wanting to get caught I was shaking a little fumbling through her things and then there they were her panties, the first ones I saw were old cotton things, no good, but then I hit the jack pot a nice sexy pair of French cut silk red panties, just then I heard the water turn off, I grabbed them and ran to my room. Once in my bathroom I put her panties in my draw and took a long hot shower, stroking my cock for what seemed like 20 minutes until I shot a nice heavy load on my shower wall.

The next few days were great I must have jerked off 10 times in her red silk panties, I even went into her room again a few days later and found another pair, and pleasured my self in them a few times. The night before she left to go back home she made me a nice big dinner, ask about my work life, social life, she knew it was too soon to be dating other women, she told me that while I was at work she cleaned the house for me and did my laundry and went shopping, that night we hung out and drank a nice bottle of wine and talked about growing up and life. The whole time my mom was very open about dad her and where she felt joy and sadness. Saturday morning we went to the airport, just as we arrived and as I was getting her bags out of the car, mom said she had left me a surprise in the spare room and told me to call her when I got a chance. We hugged and kissed and said our good byes and off she went.

I did not go home right after, I met some friends out and we watched some games at a local sports bar for a few hours. Upon arriving home I grabbed a beer and watch some sports center. It was late well after midnight when I finally went to bed on my way to my room I remembered my mother telling me there was a surprise for me in the spare room, I opened the door and there was a nicely wrapped box on the bed with a note in an envelope. I opened the note and it said, I bought these for you while out shopping yesterday, I hope you like the way they feel on you? I was thinking did she buy me socks again? I put the note down and unwrapped the box, when I opened it I froze... in side the box were about a dozen pair of the sexiest, silkiest panties I had even seen, I picked them up and there was another note under neither them. I will never for get what my mom wrote, "Son I have known about your little habit for years since you were in high school. Did you not think your mother wouldn't notice her panties missing or notice dried semen in them? I almost forgot about your little masturbation sessions till the other day I noticed my new panties missing and then found them yesterday while cleaning your room, God son how many times can you cum in a day, with a smiley face by it. Oh to be young again. Please enjoy these and find yourself a nice girl one of these days. Love always mom." Holy shit I was dumb founded, turned on, and scared all at the same time. How in the hell did I fuck this up and when did she first know, what was going on in her mind finding my cum soaked in her panties. Well needless to say that night I rub my cock raw in those panties thinking of my mom's note reading it over and over. The next day I called her and the first thing she asked me was did you enjoy your night last night; my response was oh yes how did you know, she said mom's just know. We never really talked about it again. It is now almost 10 years later. God I love my mom.

P.S. I still have those panties they are all warn out, but i will never throw them a way, never.

P.S.P.S my mom has at times since then, when I am visiting left panties out in the guest room and bathroom, and she has never asks me about tem missing. I would really like to know what she thinks about when she does this for me or if she ever masturbated at the idea, I just don't have the courage to ask her or to talk about it with her.

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