Mom's Second Chance


I was able to sit and watch movies with her, and even swim when she was laying out or in the pool with me. Honestly, I was pretty proud of myself that I wasn't popping wood every time she walked in the room, considering what I was doing at night.

I knew she was trying to get me to venture out of the house when she suggested going with her to the new comic book movie, but I wanted to see it anyway, so I went. It almost felt like a date, sitting in the theater sharing popcorn, and in my head, I guess I sort of turned it into that. I really enjoyed it, and it made me feel a little less dirty, as if it wasn't all about sex.

Because that had worked, she decided to take me to Disney World. That was even more of a blast, though I felt like I was going to burst when we were driving home three days later, because we had shared a hotel room, and there was no way I was going to jerk off with her in the same room.

"I'm glad that you're finally getting out, but you know, you should really try doing it on your own instead of keeping me company," Mom suggested as we drove home.

"I like hanging out with you, Mom."

"Well, I'm glad, but still..." After a few seconds, she said, "You know, I saw a couple of girls looking at you yesterday. They were cute." She twitched her eyebrows behind her sunglasses.


"Well, I don't care if it embarrasses you. You were looking right at them, and didn't even notice. I swear, you're as frustrating as your father was." She let out a laugh.

"Probably just..."

"Imagining it?" she said at the same time as me. "You're so much like him that I can finish your sentences."

"I just don't..." I sighed.

"You're never going to get over that fear if you don't try, Chance."

"I know."

"I'll leave it be. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, a little."

"After all the walking we've done the last couple of days, I think I can afford to relax on my diet a little. There's a steakhouse up ahead."

"That works."

"Steak it is, then."

Once again, treating it all like a friendly date — as much as I knew about one from television, anyway — kept me relaxed. We chatted about the trip, talks with people back home, me going to college, and all sorts of things while we ate, then stayed for quite a while after we finished.

Finally, I said, "I need to run to the bathroom before we go."

"I probably should too. Go ahead, and I'll meet you by the front door."

I walked to the bathroom, and another guy fell into step behind me. After finishing our business, we were both washing our hands when he asked out of the blue, "So, you tapping that yet?"

I looked over and asked, "Huh?"

"That cougar you're with. Talk about some tits on her. She looked like she was about to eat you up when you were walking over here." He headed over to the hand dryer. "If you're not hitting it yet, you'd better get on it. She looks cock-hungry as hell, and she's probably not going to wait around much longer."

"Okay," I said, taken aback.

"Hooked up with a Milf like her once. Fucking awesome. They can't get enough, and no head games. Too bad she was married and her old man caught us. Fuck her raw, dude."

He walked out after giving me a thumbs-up, leaving me more than a little stunned and confused. I shook it off, dried my hands, and headed back out. Mom had left the table, so I went and waited for her at the front door as she'd asked. Still wondering what had set the guy off, I walked out with Mom to the car a couple of minutes later for the short drive the rest of the way home.

We ended up just sitting around together and watching movies for the rest of the day. I took care of making dinner and doing the dishes, because her feet were aching. Then, I gave her a nice long foot rub that left me conflicted between being glad that I was easing the pain and arousal from the sound of her moaning as I did it.

After three days of holding it in, I must have blasted off a gallon of cum that night, finally imagining having sex with her in the hotel room — something I had purposely kept out of my thoughts when we were actually there.


There was a note on the fridge the next morning saying that Mom had gone to the beauty salon, and that she probably wouldn't be home until after lunch. I grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then decided that the hallways needed vacuuming. It was just one of a hundred little things I did without thinking to help her out around the house.

As I was finishing up by Mom's room, I looked in and noticed that the box where she kept the picture album was on the bed. Curiosity got the better of me after I put the vacuum away, and I headed in to check out the rest of the pictures in the album.

There were a lot of kissing pictures, and a lot of Mom in bikinis and skimpy outfits. Naturally, most kids wouldn't want to see pictures like that, so it made sense that Mom had kept them to herself.

Mom had always been hot. She was different now, but no less sexy as far as I was concerned. Once I'd flipped through the album, I looked into the box and noticed that there were manilla envelopes there. I picked up one of them, undid the string that held it closed, and looked inside.

My ears burned when I saw Polaroid pictures of my dad — naked. It made even more sense that she'd kept those hidden. I wound the string back around the circular closure tabs, then picked up the second envelope. I was a little apprehensive as I opened that one.

That ended as I pulled out the first naked picture of my Mom.

I groaned as I looked at the picture of her lying naked on her old bed. Her boobs were a little firmer back then, but they were still big and pendulous, even when she was young. She had big nipples, and they were surrounded by large, oval shaped rings with lots of little bumps.

Between her legs, she had a nest of curls just slightly darker than the hair on her head, which had been longer back then. I had never seen anything so sexy in my life, and it had me throbbing so hard that I felt like I was going to bust through my zipper.

The next picture was similar, but shot from the side, showing her boobs hanging down and giving a great look at her butt. In another, she was sucking on her own nipple. In yet another, she had parted the curls between her legs to show the pink hidden beneath.

There were twenty pictures in all, and I had stood up to carry the envelope to my room almost before I formed the thought. I scanned each and every one into my computer, hiding them in a password protected folder. I couldn't resist flipping through them once before sealing up the envelope to return it to Mom's room.

Just as I was about to put the envelopes and the album back, I noticed a video tape amongst a few other things in the box. Considering what else I'd found inside, I had to know.

Back to my room I went. I had to dig into one of the boxes I hadn't unpacked yet to find my VCR. I had transferred all the old tapes I liked over to computer files or DVDs, so there had been no reason to unpack it yet. I hooked it up to the television I used as a computer monitor, plugged it in, and slid in the tape.

The scene was a little dark and grainy, but I could tell it was Mom and Dad's bed in their old bedroom back home. A second later, my Mom walked in front of the camera and climbed onto the bed. She was wearing an extra short pair of shorts and a tight top that really showed off her tits.

"Hi, honey," she said, waving to the camera. "Since I'm going to be gone for two whole weeks, I thought I'd give you something to keep you company."

After that, she started humming a tune that sounded distinctly like old porn music. My eyes bugged out and my mouth dropped open when she reached for the tail of her shirt and started to lift.

I watched in awe as my mom slowly, sensually stripped for the camera, and then danced a little, shaking her boobs and her butt. After that she lay down on the bed, and parted her legs wide. I couldn't believe my eyes as she started playing with herself.

"Oh, Chance. It feels so good. Mmm... I'm going to be so horny for you while I'm gone. I already am."

I knew that she was talking to my dad on the tape, but hearing her say my name when she talked like that made me forget the truth. She said it over and over again while she talked dirty, alternating between rubbing her pussy and plunging her fingers deep inside.

Before long, her boobs were jiggling from how fast she was fingering herself. Her voice got higher, and I could actually hear her fingers plunging in and out of her on the tape. She writhed on the bed, pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. It was nothing like all the porn I watched. There was something more real about it. I squeezed my hard-on through my pants, knowing that I was leaking pre-cum into my underwear.

"Oh, Chance. Oh, baby. I'm gonna come. Gonna come," she cried out, and then lurched.

Her back arched up from the bed, thrusting her tits up into the air, and she let out a loud, high-pitched scream of release. She had three fingers buried inside her, and her hips started to bump up into the air when she rubbed her pussy with jerky motions of her other hand.

Her butt dropped hard to the bed after a few seconds, and she gasped, but she just kept coming and yelping the word, "Yes." After long, wonderful seconds, she let out a moan and let her hands fall to the bed.

She lay there moaning for a while, occasionally touching herself, and then finally sat up. She shivered and smiled at the camera before blowing a kiss and saying, "I love you, Chance. I want you."

My head fell back and I let out a moan of my own when she walked on weak legs to turn off the camera. The video went to static and I hit stop, in disbelief of what I'd just witnessed.

I knew what I had to do.

I still had all the transfer stuff I needed, and it was in the same box where I'd put the VCR. With my cock throbbing, I dragged out everything and hooked it up to transfer the video to my computer.

I had just hit stop after finishing when I heard the car pull up in the driveway. "Oh fuck," I said as I panicked, punching the eject button on the VCR. I swear the tape took forever to come out, and I snatched it up as soon as I could get hold of it.

I glanced out a window as I passed, thanking my lucky stars that Mom was busy getting things out of the back seat of the car. I ran into her room, putting the tape, envelopes, and album back into the box just in time. I cleared out of her room and heard the front door open just as I reached mine to breathe a sigh of desperate relief.

"Chance? Honey? Can you come down and help me get things out of the car?"

I'm amazed my voice didn't crack when I said, "Okay, Mom. Coming."


Needless to say, I was pretty anxious for Mom to go to bed that night. I told her I was going to bed early, and turned out all the lights, though I was wide awake. Much to my frustration, I heard her still awake for a couple of hours afterward.

On the verge of dozing off, I saw the curtains light up a little on the back yard side of the house. I got up and tiptoed to the window. When I peeked out, I saw that the small lights around the hot tub were lit up. Then, I saw Mom walking toward them, wearing her bikini.

I got a good look at her butt as she climbed up the steps, and then sank into the tub. She looked incredibly gorgeous — and sexy. That was enough to keep me at the window as she luxuriated in the steaming, roiling water.

About five minutes later, I had an even better reason.

A croak escaped me as Mom started running her hands over her breasts, and then tugged her top above them to free them to the night air. As she had in the video, she squeezed them and teased her nipples, except this time, it was actually happening — if far too distant for my hungry gaze.

Then, one of her hands slipped beneath the surface of the water, and she arched her back. I pulled down the front of my boxers, freeing my raging hard-on, and wrapped my hand around it.

From the way she was moving, there was no doubt she was playing with herself. Even though I couldn't see anything below her tits, I could easily fill in the blanks of what was happening beneath the water, and hear her voice in my head.

I stroked my cock harder and faster as I watched her wriggle in the water below. When I saw her jerk, sloshing water out of the hot tub, I knew she was coming, and I was right behind her.

Cum shot onto the curtains, the wall, the carpet — everywhere. I had been too wrapped up in the sight to even think about the mess I was going to make. I grunted and growled, keeping it as quiet as possible, but unable to hold it back as the pent up load blasted out of me.

Mom slowly caressed her body as I panted for breath with my head leaning against the window sill. Just as I was thinking about grabbing the tissue to clean up, I thought I saw her looking up toward me, and darted back out of the window, falling hard on my butt in the process.

That spurred me into action. I jerked up my boxers and grabbed the tissues, doing my best to wipe up the cum splattered all over the place while staying out from in front of the window. Finally, tired from coming, I decided it was good enough and collapsed into bed.

I was still replaying it in my head when I drifted off to sleep.


"Morning, Chance," Mom said when I came downstairs the next morning. She was wearing her bikini, and between the video and watching her the night before, I couldn't fight off my cock stiffening.

Fortunately, I'd had the good sense to put on a baggy pair of shorts that did a good job of hiding it.

She turned her head and pointed at her cheek.

"Morning, Mom," I said as I kissed her cheek, finding that I wanted nothing more than to kiss her lips instead.

"Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, Mom."

"Go skim the pool for me. The wind was up last night, and there are things floating all over it."

"No problem."

I headed out to grab the skimmer and had to fight to keep my eyes off Mom as she followed me out and rubbed sunscreen all over her body. Her skin glistened in the sunlight, and when she bent over to do her legs, I had a direct line of sight into her cleavage.

It was when she rubbed the lotion onto her chest and the upper part of her boobs that I nearly lost it, though.

I finished up as Mom was laying out the back of the deck chair flat. I hung up the skimmer and walked toward the door. "All done."

"Chance," she said before I could make it inside.


She paused for a second or two, and then said, "Could you rub some lotion on my back?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I said. Secretly, I was tweaking from the thought of rubbing my hands over her body, and panicking for the same reason. She held out the bottle of sunscreen to me, and then lay down on the chair on her tummy.

Heart pounding, I squirted some of the lotion onto her back about midway between her top and bottom, and my brain instantly alerted me to how much it looked like cum. Shaking off that thought, I leaned over and started to spread it out.

"Hold on a second," she said, and then reached behind her back. I stared, dumbfounded, as she untied her bikini top and let the string fall to her sides. "Okay."

I rubbed the lotion into her back, keenly aware that at times, my fingers were less than an inch away from her butt, or her bare breasts. I ended up putting on another squirt of lotion, because I didn't want to stop. While I was rubbing the extra lotion into her shoulders, she let out a moan.

"That feels good, honey. Do you think you could rub them for me a little?"

I'd given her shoulder and neck massages before, and I'd actually gotten pretty good at it over the years. I went to work, though the sensation was far different on her bare, slippery skin than it ever had been before.

Mom moaned and sighed from the squeezes of my hands, making my cock throb like mad. It was driving me crazy, but I wasn't about to stop, and there was no way I was giving in to touch it while I was standing over the top of her.

She turned her head toward me as I moved up to work on her neck, and I not only heard, but felt her suck in a sharp breath.

"Was that too hard?" I asked as I moved my hands.

She rolled onto her side, and my eyes widened as her bikini top remained on the wood. I was mesmerized by the sight of her naked tits. Her tan made the pale skin that had always been covered by her top stand out even more. I know I was looking for way too long before I jerked my head to the side and stared at the house.

"Chance." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her sit up. "Chance, they're just my breasts."

I stammered, not even really knowing what I was trying to say. "Mom... Your..."

She stood up and stepped in front of me. When I tried to turn my head another direction, she cupped my chin and stopped me.

"You can look if you want to."

"What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Honey, you didn't rewind the tape when you put it back. I know you were looking out the window last night, too."

I opened my mouth to protest, keeping my eyes on her face with no small amount of difficulty, but she shook her head.

"Don't lie to me, Chance. Come inside."


"Come inside," she said, leaving her top where it lay as she turned and walked toward the door.

I stood there until she slid open the door and turned back to me. There was no way to avoid looking at her beautiful, naked breasts.

"Chance. Inside," she said in a slightly bemused voice.

She grabbed my hand when I finally made my feet move to reach her at the door. Then she pulled me along, down the hallway and to the couch.

"Sit down," she instructed as she did so, tugging on my hand.

My face was hot as I sat down next to my half-naked mother.

"Now look at me."

Once again, I focused on her face. This time, she was smiling.

"You know, your father was a virgin when we met. He was nervous, just like you. I know you want to look, Chance. I can see that you're hard."

I swear that my face caught on fire at that point. "You knew?" I somehow managed to say.

"Mmm hmm. I wasn't sure until I saw that you were so hard from touching me. I'd convinced myself that I was imagining things." She chuckled. "I'm not, am I?"

I shook my head ever so slightly.

"Then look."

She cupped her heavy breasts and lifted them. I gasped as every ounce of self control I had vanished, and I stared at them.

"You can touch them, Chance. I want you to."

I licked my lips, and then reached up to give the left one a little squeeze. "Oh wow, Mom."

"Mmm, that feels so good, Chance."

"They're so big and soft," I rambled as I reached for the other one.

"Do you know what I was thinking about last night? In the hot tub?"

I shook my head, never taking my eyes off her tits and my hands exploring them.

The next thing I knew, her hand was between my legs.

"Oh my," she whispered as she squeezed through my shorts.

I groaned, "Mom."

She let go long before I was ready, but it was only to pull at the waistband of my shorts. "Take them off, honey."

I was so horny at that point that I didn't even think about it. I lifted my butt up off the couch and pulled my shorts and underwear both down at the same time until they were below my knees, where they fell to my ankles.

"Oh god," I groaned as she wrapped a soft hand around my cock.

"You're so hard, honey. Were you playing with it when you were watching me last night?"

I nodded my head.

"Oh, I knew you were. It made me come so hard." She stroked her hand up and down my cock, and then asked, "How's that?"


"Scoot down a little," she instructed.

I moved closer to the center of the couch, a little disappointed that she let go of my cock while I did so.

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