Mom's Thong


"Oh god that's it baby. Suck my clit like that. Just like you used to suck on my nipples. Fuck I used to hate myself for enjoying breastfeeding you so much!" she said in a slutty voice. I locked my lips onto her clit and my hand drifted down to her ass-crack. My middle finger grazed her asshole lightly. My mother froze.

"FUUUUUCK!" my mom squealed as she came all over my face. Her pussy juices had intensified and the heat coming from her pussy was driving me crazy. I knew at that moment what to do. My mother rolled off of my face and lay on the deck, her chest lunging up and down as she caught her breath. Her tits glistened in the light of the deck lamps. Her nipples were sticking up like bullets. I rolled over to her and kissed her stomach gently.

"Oh I'm getting a chill baby." my mother exclaimed. I could see the goose-bumps forming on her body and I could feel myself cooling off rapidly as well. Mom stood up and grabbed my cock.

"Let's warm up a little." she said and pulled me by my cock into the hot tub. I stared at her ass as she stepped down into the bubbling water. I followed and the rush of heat that surrounded me made my knees weak. She turned to me and gave me another timeless tongue-filled kiss as she stroked me softly under the water. My cock was harder than it had ever been since I was 12.

"This is positively fucking evil, isn't it?" my mother said as she jacked my cock. She was smiling. I slipped my hand under her bikini bottoms and lightly touched her clit. She gasped and pulled away slightly.

"Oh honey I am soooo sensitive down there right now." she whispered. I knew it was time to make her mine.

"I think this is probably more evil." I replied. I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around so she was bent over the edge of the tub. She giggled as she pulled the towel over and rested her elbows on the deck. Mom looked over her shoulder and with one passion-glazed eye looking at mine she said out into the night air.

"Fuck me." she demanded.

I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her ass. I took a moment to gaze at her perfect globes glistening, with that thin red line between them. I hooked my finger under her thong, pulled it aside and guided my cock up into her wet pussy with one solid stroke. The wet sheath of her pussy felt like pure erotic heaven. Mom gave out a groan as my cock slid slowly back out of her cunt and then quickly rammed back back into her. I adjusted my grip on her hips and stared at her tattoo and the thin white line where her thong had covered the skin not more than a minute ago. My cock pistoned in and out of her pussy while her head hung down.

"God baby that's it. Fuck me." she growled. He gasping and panting filled the air as I fucked her doggy-style. My stomach slapped against her ass-cheeks loudly. I pushed her out of the tub completely and our legs came out of the hot water. I could feel my legs chill as Mom dragged another towel over to us and rested her knees and hands on it. I re-entered her. I was dying to come now. My balls felt like they had swelled to twice their size. With my right hand on her hip and my left on her shoulder I sent the hardest and most animalistic thrusts I had ever attempted into her soaked hole.

Mom arched her back and started to grunt like a wild beast. Her hand came to my wrist at her hip and placed it on her breast. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I squeezed her tit, feeling my own cock swell into what felt like a steel rod. I was about to come in my mom and I loved it! Mom's head snapped back and she stiffened again against my thrusts. I wet my thumb in my mouth and and let it rest against her asshole while I pulled her back to me. Then I shoved inside.

"Oh my FUCK!!! ArghhhhhHH!" my mom wailed as she came on my cock. I continued my assault on her pussy and then I felt something I had never felt before. I felt a warm stream hit my scrotum and I looked down to see a liquid dripping onto the towel. My mom was a SQUIRTER! Shaking and groaning, my mother was letting her orgasm ripple and course through her like an earthquake, and I could only just watch in amazement. She looked over her shoulder at me with a glare I can't describe as anything but powerful.

"COME IN YOUR MOTHER'S PUSSY" she yelled as she thrust herself back on my cock with renewed vigour. My balls were on fire and I was almost afraid to come. I didn't want any of this to end. Mom reached under her pussy and pressed her fingers into the space behind my scrotum. The feeling was electric.

I felt my come splash inside my mother's womb like a bullet. Her fingernails grazed my ball sack and she whimpered as she milked my cock with her pussy. I slipped out of her and fell onto my ass. I could my come forming a nice white dot in my mother's hole while she rested on her shoulders, her ass still sticking straight up.

"Holy fuck." I whispered loudly enough for my mother to hear. She rolled onto her side and continued to gasp and sigh. Her whole body seemed to be expanding and contracting as she regained composure. Mom sat up and we stared at each other for a few seconds until we started giggling at our carnal state. She crawled cat-like over to me, her eyes fixed on my shrinking cock. He face closed in on my cock and soon her lips were on my cock once more. She wanted every drop I had and sucked my cock deeply, even as it returned to the soft state it had been in before I recognized her in the tub. The head of my cock still felt like an electric current was passing through it.

After a few seconds of her mouth on me I doubled over in over-powering pleasure and pulled her up so she was lying on top of me. Our sweaty bodies pressed against each other and the warmth between us felt like I was lying naked in a desert at high noon. I kissed her face and neck as her body rested on mine. Her legs straddled my crotch and her hands held the back of my head tightly.

"I can't believe we did that." I softly breathed into my mother's ear. She chuckled softly, and rolled off me. Her head rested on my bicep and she stared up into the night air.

"I can't believe it either. My God wasn't that fucking fun though?" she asked me with a grin. I nodded and rose to my feet. Mom stood up as well and grabbed my hand.

"We should shower. Your father should be coming home in a few hours." she said as she guided me into the house. I had a feeling I was not about to shower alone.

To Be Continued...

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More But !!!!

Think about it, some times a BIG cock can hurt the story, and also hurt mom. Keep going you have a good story on your hands, done let a BIG cock kill it. ......Thanks

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