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Moonlight through the window paints you silver,
A suit of clothes an empress would admire.
A light breeze, jasmine-heavy, ruffles the curtains.
One billows out, a sheer white sail,
casting a shadow veil across your skin.
Your eyes hold mine with a smoky, seductive gaze,
gauzy and half-lidded while a finger twirls the curls above your clit.

I stroke myself languidly, watching you watching me.
A flock of fantasies take flight through my mind
And wind on the wind of my breath into my blood.
Standing, a unicorn to your beauty, I cross the room,
Stopping on the way to light a candle.

You spring to life in warm fleshtones,
Like sunlight heating up a winter's day,
In brown and tan, and shades of pink,
The valley that your finger delves,
The lips and tongue that suck it in.

I catch my breath and almost swoon,
But smile and walk down to your feet,
my favorite way to climb into a bed.
You spread your legs to give a place to land,
Your finger dipping in to show me just exactly where.

I come there, often, but this time simply warm it with my breath,
Brushing through the ringlets with my lips,
Then sliding up your body, barely touching all the way,
To finally settle on you with a kiss.

My cock is resting wet between your lips,
You squirm a little, wriggling side to side,
and slide me just inside. My God you're wet!
I hadn't planned to be inside you yet, but here I am.
You have your own plans, grab my ass to pull me in.

I slide in slowly, head just past your lips,
Then finding entrance slipping deeper.
A pull back out that you end quickly,
A clutch and you impale yourself upon me.

And then you're all around me, hot and wet,
caressing as I plunge into you,
one stroke, slow, but deep as I can go
feeling every ridge and ripple passing by,
till seated deep inside I hear you sigh.

That first slide in is always best,
breathtaking and ecstatic in its depth,
and breadth and length of time it holds.
Your knees spread out, a butterfly
With open wings, a tilt, you grind me inside
Head pressed hard against your deepest folds.

I slip out slowly, held tight in your fluid grip,
The softest glove on earth can't match it.
Legs wrapped firmly just above my hips
Gripping harder, driving me back in.
Then we dance, dancers face to face
But also one inside, the other all around.

Starting slowly, like a languid liquid ballet,
Tango merged with fencing, thrust and pary
with a swirl of hips, caressing lips, stroke and linger,
The rhythm building as the best tangos do
Partly from me, partly from you
Our moans a music all their own.

Each thrust met with arching ache
You drive up to me urging me faster
Pressing me deeper, squeezing me tighter,
Legs up my back so you're open still wider,
You rock on my cock so your clit is just so
Every motion you make is telling me GO.

Then thrust turns to thrash in a final cadenza
the chorus of moans rising into a scream,
as you buck underneath me you grip all around me
and as wet as you were you've now turned to cream.
My last thrust inside you on the edge of a dream
that breaks into lightning, a thunderous crash
and echoes through me into you with a splash,
and rolls through the canyons inside us, at last
fading off into silence, but for breathing too fast.

I still move inside you, delighting in the feel
of you, so hot, so wet, so deliciously real
but relaxing into you, feeling the breeze
caress the moonlight glistening from our skin.

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