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moonlight dreams


to my distant lover.. you know who??

When you wake feel the touch of the sun as my lips
The breeze through the window as my arms around you.
The singing birds as my voice calling you
The swish of the sheets is my skin caressing you
As your day begins
Mine is half over..
I dreamed of you
My nights where filled with you
The moon light caressed my body
The remembered scent of our combined passion waft's across my imagination
Reaching out to you across the sheets I awake to find I'm alone
the falseness of dreams is so cruel a reality
A horrific place to be when your dreams are shattered
Imagine the frustration of waking alone
But I know that tonight
Once again we will join in moon light
But for now I sit here alone in the sun and think of you
I feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair
In my mind they become the heat of your skin next to me and your arms as they wrap around me
The leaves rustling in the trees become your voice calling my name
As it whispers sounds of love
The seagulls scream becomes my heart crying out to you.
The buzz of insects is the electricity causing though my veins at you touch my skin
I know we will never be together in this real world
But I am content. I have the moonlight for dreams and the sunlight for fantasies....

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