tagGroup SexMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 03

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

More Dutch & Rosa

Chapter 3

Dutch & Molly / Kathy & Martha

Formerly CH21

Sitting in his office, Dutch had his feet up on his desk and was alternatively reading the San Jose Mercury News and munching on a corned beef sandwich. His eyes read one of the day's headlines:

"Hewlett Packard boss, Carly Fiorina has encountered a rough road to new ground internally. Fiorina has had difficulty winning over many of HP's 93,000 employees, some of whom accuse her of destroying the company's entrepreneurial, engineering culture in favor of a top-down style that emphasizes customers."

Another San Jose Mercury News article said that in some Silicon Valley circles the most popular parlor game is predicting how long Fiorina will last as HP CEO.

'I hope not,' Dutch thought and took a sip of his soda, 'she's one of the first women to hold a top level job with a major corporation. Her failing will block that many more women from climbing the corporate ladder. From where I stand we could use feminine leadership to help clear the air from all the old school farts running this country.'

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone, which he reached for automatically. In his line of work crises were considered the norm.

"Hello, Perry," he said tersely.

"Dutch?" A female voice asked.

"Yes? Who's speaking please?"

"It's me, Molly," her tone made her sound small and defenseless.

"What's wrong, Molly?"

"Everything . . ." and she began to cry.

He swung his feet off the desk and hunched over the phone. "So start at the beginning. You went job hunting . . ." He said leading her on.

Sniffling, she tried to overcome her tears but couldn't manage to and renewed her wailing.

"Get a grip on yourself," he said sternly, trying to reach her and put a halt to her crying. But she had lost control and was hopelessly wailing away.

"Where are you, right now?"

Molly managed to tell him and he told her he'd be there in twenty minutes. Dutch cleared the rest of his afternoon with the head nurse and hurt his big toe kicking his Volvo in frustration instead of with the usual mischievous rancor he normally used.

She was waiting for him, standing by the side of her RV, which was parked in a huge mall parking lot.

Without any formality, he said, "Let's just get inside."

Wiping a tear from her eye, Molly clambered aboard and closed the door after Dutch had entered

"Now please tell me what the problem is and try to do it without soaking us both in your tears."

"O . . . okay," Molly began. "I followed the instructions . . ."

"You mean advice?""

"Yeah," she sniffled, "the advice you and Rosa gave me. I mean . . . I applied at seven places for a job. The first and third places told me to get lost, 'cause I didn't have a college degree. All the others said they weren't hiring at the moment. I filled out the paperwork and left it with them."

"That's not unusual. So what caused the tears?"

"The . . . The last place . . . he was tearing up my application before I even left the place."

"The son of a bitch!" Dutch muttered through clenched teeth. "Don't worry. Rosa and I will find you a job."

"An . . . And that's not all."

He sighed and asked, "What else?"

"My lousy husband called."

"You answered the phone?" Dutch asked and sounded exasperated.

"No, no, no. You guys said not to and I didn't. But he left a message. 'Course I was standing there listening to him."

"What did he say?"

"He said he was filing charges against me. That I was a thief and a whore, and he'd see to it that I went to jail."

"That bastard! Well you only took what was rightfully yours. Your name was on the bank and checking accounts. That makes you a joint-owner and capable of taking any monies out of those accounts that you want to. As for the second thing, that calling you a whore, well you're not. You're a kind, lady who has been fucked over by a miserable son of a bitch and if I run into him I'm going to kick his sorry ass all over the place."

Molly's eyes went wide. "You will?"

"Sure I will. He's just a shitty, low life bully without any backbone. If we meet I bet he'll take off running in the opposite direction.

No one had ever defended Molly before and she found herself growing extremely excited at the very notion a man would stand up and defend her.

"Dutch . . ."


"Would you kiss me? I mean Rosa isn't here, so I don't know if it's all right."

"She'd understand," he said and felt himself grow hard. He pulled Molly close and enjoyed the pressure of her breasts pressing against his chest as he leaned in and kissed her. Her mouth opened and accepted his serpentine tongue as it slithered over her teeth and gums only to engage her tongue in a flickering duel.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned into his mouth.

And Dutch sprang into action, mauling first one breast, then the other. Eyes dulled with lust, Molly pulled away from the kiss and looking into his eyes, and moaning more than speaking, murmured, "Wait!"

He dropped his hands to his sides and Molly tugged her sweater up and over her head and using that graceful movement all women seem to have at such moments, deftly reached behind her and opened the clasp of her bra and let go. Only her bra seemed to have a will of its own, catching on one breast and exposing the other. That done, Dutch eased Molly backward and onto an easy chair; knelt down in front of her and raised one leg and pulled her underwear to the side. Molly's almost hairless pussy glared back at him and he found that he couldn't resist the temptation to eat her out. [Pics available on request]

She accommodated him the best she could by sliding down enough so the "V" between her legs was just at his chin level. Dutch leaned in and started to suck on her labia. Molly moaned, and her left hand went to her right breast and caressed it. This caused the bra to slip down below her breasts.

"That's it," he said coaxing her along. He realized how hot she was already for the juices were simply oozing from her slit. He bent his head back into her hairless nest and renewed his sucking. Molly's other hand joined the first, now both were idly tracing over her breasts and it was obvious that her breasts were easily stimulated. Glancing upward, Dutch noted this and concluded that they probably could, using the right technique, bring her to orgasm without other means than playing with her tits.

Being in no great hurry, Dutch contented himself with sucking and licking her labia and gradually Molly raised her pelvis slightly and her pussy opened like a flower. Dutch took a moment to remove her pinkish underwear and to admire the fullness and ripeness of her cunt. Then his tongue darted inside and Molly shuddered for the first time.

"Ohhh!" The gasp was barely perceptible, but he heard it.

He returned to his sucking, adding a little more pressure this time.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned.

"Like this, baby?" He inquired, having slid his face directly under her pussy.

She didn't respond, merely moaned contentedly and continued massaging her breasts.

Dutch inserted a finger into her wet warmth, causing her moans to increase in both volume and intensity.

Each jab of his finger brought on a slightly different response. First the moaning, then a spasm like quiver, and then an arching of her back. He bent forward and sucked hard on the swollen, coral colored lips of her cunt and didn't realize that he himself was moaning with pleasure at her texture, taste and the sheer joy he was deriving from lapping at her center. He glanced up and saw her hands moving over her breasts like windshield wipers and made a mental note to devote some time to her breasts himself.

Dutch reinserted his finger, this time his palm was face up. He was trying to locate the tissue-like pad that was her "G" spot. It took him a while as she squirmed under his deft ministrations, but he remained patient, returning to giving her cunt long, languid licks and soft sucks. When he found the elusive pad, he began to lightly massage it. Molly's squirming intensified as he continued touching her there.

He gave one longer and harder suck to the top of her cunt and saw her clit pop out. Dutch started to say something about the little man in the boat coming out to play when Molly suddenly reared up, bleated like a sheep and then arched her back. This presented her cunt to his mouth in somewhat of an unexpected manner.

"Ohhh, sorry . . . gonna come all over you . . ." she cried.

"That's okay, come all you want baby," he said, not anticipating what was to come next.

And then Molly spewed forth a small gusher of fluid right into his face. Dutch's first thought was that she was pissing on him. Then he quickly rationalized that it couldn't be, she was too agitated sexually to piss, it had to be her coming. She was a squirter. . . she was squirting her bodily fluids in his face.

Opening his mouth, Dutch managed to capture the last of the gushing. Molly lay back panting. "Are you done?" He asked, hoping she wasn't.

"I . . . don't know . . ."

"Let's find out," he said; his voice had gone deep and husky. Using his hands, he spread her cunt apart and once again began to tongue her inner fissures. Molly moaned loudly and resumed massaging her breasts, this time she also began to tweak her elongated nipples after covering each breast. Dutch was into it now, moaning as loud if not louder than Molly as he pulled and sucked on first her labia and then her clit.

The combined sound was reverberating throughout the RV. He was holding his prick in his right hand, slowly squeezing it and stroking it while his remaining hand kept her cunt pried open for his questing mouth.

Molly, still rubbing her tits, began a slow slide down the chair, trying to bring her pussy tighter against his loving mouth. She was still coming and issued what was more of a whimper than grunt and initiated yet another series of spurting fluid which Dutch captured and swallowed.

"Twisting his face away for a moment, he laughed ruefully and said, "Who says men don't swallow?"

The joke was over poor Molly's head and Dutch, not knowing, or caring, blithely smashed his face back into her now frothy cunt. Only this time he held her ass in check to prevent her from falling from the chair and ruining what was to him a perfect pussy eating session. Molly seemingly content, continued to knead her breasts and groan contentedly as his tongue sent wave after wave of electrical charges into her system. Then after yet another gushing come, Dutch reached up and displaced Molly's hands with his own, and squeezed each breast in turn. Her hands dropped to his arms, not to ward him off, but to encourage him to squeeze harder, which he did.

Mouth open, eyes closed, Molly kept coming. Dutch felt the warmth of her fluids pelting his lower torso and knew he'd have to start fucking her soon or come without even penetrating her.

"Put it in . . ." Molly said pleadingly. And he did, and after carefully putting on a rubber surged full length into her with the first stroke. He left it there to savor the fantastic feelings her cunt brought to his system.

For Molly's part, his cock filled her, bringing a contentment she had never felt before. And when he began to pump his cock into her she came and didn't stop coming until several minutes after he emptied himself into her.


At precisely the same time Kathy was preparing to meet with Martha once again. Kathy had taken care to dress down, no sluttish style today; Kathy had resolved to play the innocent teen and wore white socks, white tennis shoes, a short plaid skirt, and a red blouse with a yellow cardigan sweater. Her hair was done in bows on each side and she looked younger this time than she had the first time.

Martha, already wet from anticipating this encounter had just placed her hand under her skirt and ran her finger along her panties feeling the wetness as it began to soak through the material. Following her rendezvous with Peggy, which had been set up by Kathy, Martha no longer felt guilty about robbing the cradle as it were. Rather, she looked forward to each session with more anticipation than the previous time. She was vastly impressed with the imagination and guile Kathy had demonstrated each time they met.

Martha spotted Kathy a block away and instantly lost control of her van. Only her long experience driving saved her from jumping the curb and crashing through a white picket fence. As she was backing away from the curb and turning the vehicle in the right direction, cursing her own stupidity, she had two thoughts simultaneously. One was that Kathy had probably seen her erratic driving and the other was to remove her hand from under her skirt.

She drew alongside the young teenager and brought the van to a halt. Her face was flushed with desire and embarrassment.

"What happened?" Kathy asked, getting into the passenger seat and closing the door quickly behind her. "Drop a cigarette in your lap?"

"No," Martha said furtively, I saw you and stopped thinking for a second."

"Oh, wow!" Kathy said, obviously pleased by the statement. She also noticed how Martha's eyes were roaming up and down her lithe body and leaned back into the seat causing her short skirt to rise up just short of her pussy.

Martha nervously licked her lips as she put the van in gear and prepared to pull away from the curb.

"You like looking at me don't you?" Kathy asked mischievously.

"Of course I do. You know that." The older woman's eyes darted from Kathy to the road and back to Kathy.

"Wanna see it?" Kathy asked with a big grin.

"See what?" Martha felt compelled to ask. Her throat had gone dry.

"My pussy of course," Kathy responded as the grin got even bigger. "Here, see?" And she flipped her short skirt up to reveal a freshly shaven cunt.

Martha's head whipped back and forth. "Someone will see!" she exclaimed.

"Someone is seeing. Does someone like what they see?" She giggled.

"Come on, act your age," Martha chided Kathy.

"I'm not fifteen, I'm eighteen, and I am acting my age."

"Damn it, Kathy . . . "Martha sputtered as the girl laughed and then tugged the skirt down to an almost respectable level.

"I'm sorry," Kathy said. "I forgot the trouble you're having with Marlene. I shouldn't tease you so."

"I was going to mention that." Martha said and made a left turn taking them to with three blocks of Martha's home. "Have you had the opportunity to talk with her yet?"

"Not quite. I started to broach her two days ago, but some other kids joined us before I could really bring the subject up. But we'll be in study hall tomorrow and, well . . . who knows?"

"So tell me, did you get excited when I showed my puss?" Kathy asked, squirming in her seat.

"Yes, you have a way of exciting me . . . almost beyond belief," Martha said quietly and glanced toward Kathy.

"I like to see you excited," Kathy said, her devastating blue eyes flickered with a combination of amusement and sexual excitement.

"I was touching myself when I saw you," she confessed to the teen. Kathy raised her leg, her cunt barely concealed from Martha's eager eyes.

"So be fair . . . touch me now," Kathy said panting with lust.

"I want to . . . more than anything," Martha confessed breathlessly.


"Just another block and we'll have my home all to ourselves, baby, all right?" She pleaded.

"I guess," Kathy replied but her hand crept over Martha's thigh and dug into the crevice between Martha's legs.

"Ahaa!" Martha moaned and jerked the steering wheel to the right. Kathy's fingers moved back to Martha's thigh and she straightened the van, putting it back on course and pulled into her driveway and when the garage door opened into the garage. Even as the door was closing behind them Martha took Kathy into her arms and only after their lips were sealed tightly against one another's did she think to shut the engine off.

"Oh Kathy," she breathed about a minute later, "Feel how my heart is racing."

Kathy cupped the older woman's breast and felt the rapid heartbeat of her lover.

"I'm so glad to see you," Martha said and realized she was already short of breath and they had only begun.

Kathy pulled her sweater over her head and started to unbutton her blouse.

"Let's go inside. We'll be much more comfy there," Martha suggested and Kathy opened the van door on her side.

Just inside the door they kissed again. Martha's questing hand roamed inside the teen's red blouse and into her black bra until her fingers curved around the girl's left breast.

"Mmmm," Kathy moaned.

"So beautiful," Martha whispered into her ear. "I can't believe how beautiful you are."

"I like hearing that." Kathy sighed and making sure her mouth was open, pressed it against Martha's. Two tongues slowly reexamined familiar territory. Martha wasted no time in pulling Kathy's blouse from her skirt for she was anxious to get her hands on the girl's satin smooth, warm flesh. And as her hand caressed the young girls back Kathy fumbled with the zipper on her skirt then did the same to Martha's. It seemed that both skirts drifted to the floor at the same time, but perhaps that was only an illusion.

Martha kissed Kathy fully on the mouth, and then her nose, chin, cheeks, eyes and hair. Her kisses grew harder, wetter and more torrid with each passing second. Martha found herself lapping at Kathy's face with her long, pointed tongue.

Kathy near to boiling over with excitement starts to return the kisses, licking and sucking on Martha's lips, first the upper and then the lower with a burst of passion.

Martha uses her strong arms on the younger girl's shoulders to direct her downward to her breasts, which Kathy happily feasts upon, again licking, sucking and biting gently on her areola before nipping at her swollen, engorged, strawberry tipped buds as Martha murmurs her approval and closes her eyes to heighten the intensity of her pleasure...

"Ohhhhhh, Kathy . . . "

"Sweet, sweet little Kathy."

The teen's nimble fingers try stretching Martha's nipple, causing the older woman to moan.

"Yes! Yes! I can't believe you get me so hot!"

"You like this?" Kathy asks, although she needs no reassurance as to how well things are moving along.

"Ohhh. . . You're so young, so fine," Martha murmured and began touching herself; running her fingers back and forth across her silky-clad cunt.

Kathy moved her face several inches so that it was nestled between Martha's breasts and started a series of long licks up and down the valley separating Martha's tits. As much as she found herself enjoying this demonstration of the girl's affection, Martha desperately needed her elsewhere, and, placing her hands on the sides of Kathy's head, she forced the girls head lower and lower.

Kathy accepted it, perhaps she even expected it. Opening her eyes, she breathed in the sexy musk emanating from Martha's sex before she actually reached it. But with the first flick of her tongue on Martha's labia, Kathy's head was forced even closer.

Wresting her head free for a brief moment, Kathy located Martha's clit and gave it a hard suck.

"Ahhh, yes!" Martha screeched, and pulled Kathy away from her overly sensitive clit.

Both women were breathing hard, excited by the anticipation of feasting on each other. Martha began kissing Kathy's neck, throat, ear, cheek and then her nectar sweet mouth.

Kathy's hand delved its way downward and into Martha's silken lingerie and through the wisp of light pubic hair already matted with that special dampness. Up and down her fingers crept, lightly caressing Martha's vagina. This caused Martha to suck hard on Kathy's swirling tongue and that signaled Kathy it was time to stick a finger or two inside her lover; and she did so, causing Martha to sever the kiss and moan as she came for the first time.

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