tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMore than She Bargained For

More than She Bargained For


Kristina was a cute, brunette bookworm who stood about 5'5" with firm C-cups. She usually kept to herself, studying, preparing for tests and school work, but when she partied, she let loose. Lots of guys were attracted to her, but found her unapproachable because she was so much smarter than they were...they did not know how to talk to her.

But of these many guys, she found two particularly attractive, Josh and Tony. Neither one was what most girls would consider handsome. Josh was a tall, scrawny blond guy who played drums in some weak band on campus. Tony was about as tall as Kristina, Indian American, and called himself a composer. No one understood what he wrote, but Kristina was attracted to his confidence and general apathy towards what his pupils thought of him.

So when Kristina heard that both of them would be attending a party on campus, she decided to make a move for either of them. Only she was not an aggressive type, so she banked on dressing sexily and hoping they would come to her. She slipped on her thong, a short, tight denim skirt and tight pink tank top. She admired herself in the mirror and left for the party.

All night she flirted with Josh and Tony, giggling like a ditz and gesturing towards her breasts with her fingernails. Both guys noticed and were taken, and Kristina hoped that one of them would make a move. But her plan worked too well. Josh and Tony each asked her if she would like to go back to their place, and she was forced to choose between them. She stood in the corner thinking about it, and watched nervously as they both approached her. In an instant, they were both standing in front of her, wondering why the other one was there, but staring at her and asking her to go home with them. She panicked, and opted not to make a choice.

"Why don't you both come back to my place?" she asked.

Josh and Tony looked at eachother angrily, but agreed, not wanting the other to be alone with her.

On the walk home, each guy held one of her hands, and Tony kept trying to slide a hand down the small of her back and onto the top of her ass. Josh did not notice, as he was staring right down her shirt and into her bulging cleavage. Kristina was nervous about having both of them there, but she was a little tipsy and did not know what she should do.

When they got back to her dorm, Josh excused himself to use the restroom. Tony immediately set to trying to get all over her.

"Slow down, Tony, Josh is in the other room!"

"So what," he said, "He can join us or leave if he wants." He kissed her flush on the lips and pulled her to the couch.

Tony sat next to her on the couch and continued to assault the inside of her mouth with his tongue. As he pulled one of her legs up onto his lap, Kristina ran the words "He can join us" through her head. Was Tony implying a threesome? She was uncomfortable with this notion. Surely she would lose her reputation as a quiet girl if anyone found out.

Tony had his tongue between her lips and his hand up his skirt. His nimble fingers pulled at her thong so he could touch her pussy directly. She gasped a little, trying to shake the cobwebs from her mind and make a conscious decision. Tony kissed her and rubbed her pussy slowly, trying to satisfy her and convince her to fuck him. He pulled his fingers out of her underwear and grabbed her right hand. He guided it to his crotch and pushed it onto his throbbing cock, straining against the zipper of his jeans. She knew what he wanted, and blearily stroked his dick without even thinking about it. He smiled and continued kissing her.

Just then, Kristina felt something land on the couch to her left, but did not consider that it could have been Josh. She assumed he would have said something when he came out of the bathroom. She soon felt her left hand being pulled away from Tony's cheek and onto Josh's cock. He was naked below the waist, allowing her to grip his cock in her hand and start jerking. Josh then pulled her left leg over his lap. This left Kristina sitting in between her two crushes, legs spread eagle over both of their laps and jerking them both off.

She turned her head to start kissing Josh, who was reluctant to swap spit with Tony, but he refused to act like a scared pussy and risk not getting any of this action. He french kissed her hard, grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her deeper into his mouth. Tony undid his belt and slid his pants down to the floor. This enabled Kristina to stroke him the way she was stroking Josh. Tony and Josh exchanged eye contact, and Tony gestured towards the straps of Kristina's tank top.

They each took one of the straps and pulled them down her arms. Her tank top peeled down her chest and over the tops of her breasts. She broke off her kiss to watch the thin material slide away, and giggled again as her tits popped into view. She grabbed them and playfully hid them from the boys. So Tony reached up her skirt and grabbed at her thong again. He started to wedge it down her legs, but could only go so far as she was spread eagle. She closed her legs together with Tony's hand between them.

A wave of reason shot through her as the tried to prevent him from removing her undies, but when she put her hand on his, Josh grabbed her exposed right tit and cupped it. He met her lips with his own, muffling her protests, and Tony kept sliding the thong down her thighs. Once he got them past her skirt, he tore it down the middle with two hands, the flimsy fabric easily breaking away. He tossed them on the floor in front of them.

Tony pushed Kristina towards Josh so that she was lying on her back. Josh knelt above her head and pointed his throbbing dick towards her parted lips. She was starting to sober up, and was wondering if these guys really liked her or if they thought she was a slut. Was she a slut? Would a non-slut take two guys at once? She opened her mouth absent-mindedly to allow Josh's cock inside. He turned her head so he could easily piston in and out, the side of his head sliding up and down the length of her tongue.

Tony pulled her tank top down to her midsection, and hiked her skirt down and off her legs, leaving only her heels on her feet. Kristina felt him straddle her chest and opened her eyes and could see her dick aimed at her face from the side of her right eye. She grabbed his cock with her right hand and Josh's with her lft. She stroked them both constantly while alternating sucking the head. Tony reached behind him and grabbed her nipples. As Kristina sucked Josh, Tony twisted and pulled them, trying to distend them and make them hard.

Kristina stopped sucking Josh's dick to complain that Tony was hurting her.

"Take it easy," she whined.

"Come on, lady. You will take two guys at once but you don't like it rough? Keep sucking that cock!" Josh grabbed Kristina's head and turned it towards his dick. He moved up on the couch so he could push his dick deeper. He straddled her left arm, limiting her ability to push him away. Tony scooted down her body, and Kristina heard the sound of him spitting. A fraction of a second later, she felt it land between her tits. Twice more he spit, accurately lubricating the insides of her tits.

Tony placed his dick on her chest between her C-cups and pushed them together over his cock. He began stroking in and out, marveling at the feeling of her tender tit flesh against his dick. As he pulsed, Josh plowed in and out of her mouth. Her tongue was getting him really wet, and he was smearing it all over the insides of her mouth. He pinned her head against the couch and admired the way his dick head extended her cheeks. He held it there, pushing her cheek out, and watched as her eyes went wide as she gasped for breath.

"MMMpppphhhh!" she grunted as he nearly suffocated her. He pulled all the way out, and she took a giant gulp of air. This extended her chest up harder into Tony's hands and cock. He nearly blew his load, so he pulled back and stood up.

"How do you want to be now, Kristina? You pick the position," said Tony.

Kristina tuned over onto her stomach on the couch and brought her knees up underneath her, implying doggie style. Josh obliged, kneeling behind her and grinding his dick against her ass. Tony sat in front of her face and guided his dick to her mouth. She took half of it right into her mouth and bobbed up and down. She was grateful for his letting her choose the position and wanted to show him how thankful she was.

Josh spread her ass cheeks and slipped his dick into her awaiting pussy.

"Dude, she's so wet!" he said to Tony.

"She's a little fucking slut, that's why," he responded. Kristina moaned like a whore as Josh pumped in and out of her. She loved the feeling of his fuck pole slicing in and out of her cunt, and was getting wetter and wetter with each thrust. She matched his motion, sliding back to meet his dick, and then sliding forward as he pulled out, which caused her to slide her mouth down onto Tony's cock. She and Josh continued in this motion as Tony clasped his hands behind his head and enjoyed her mouth on his cock.

Josh then sped things up a little. He grabbed her right hand and twisted it behind her back and held her wrist by her left side with his left hand. Tony grabbed her left arm and held it by his side, forcing Kristina lower. She could no longer lift herself off the seat of the couch, and her head sunk down the length of Tony's dick. Josh thrust harder and faster into he pussy, and she started whimpering like a puppy wanting a toy. With each thrust, she let out an "uh," which turned both guys on. Josh reached underneath her and stroked her clit. This made her thrash against her restraints, pounding furiously against him. With her mouth still impaled by Tony's dick, she simply opened wide to allow some air in. His pubic hair invaded her tongue, nose and the inside of her cheeks, but she bucked fiercely, undeterred.

She rocked back as far as she could, bottoming out on Josh's dick and cumming hard. He held her hips there and felt her love juices moisten his cock. He pulled out and collapsed against the couch.

"OK, my turn," said Tony. He sat on the couch with his back against the back of the couch and told Kristina to sit down on his dick, facing away. She stood in front of him with one of her legs on either side of his and lowered her pussy down. He guided her onto his dick and she immediately bottomed out. Tony held her there and told her to put her feet on the couch, on either side of his knees, and start pumping.

Kristina did as she was told, and put her arms on the back of the couch above Tony's head, and started doing pelvic thrusts onto his dick. Josh had a great view of her body, now glistening a bit from perspiration, her legs spread, exposing her wet hole and the damp, trimmed pubes. Her tits bounced up and down and her eyes stared right into his. Her eyes called him over. He stood on the couch next to them and put his foot on the back of the couch.

Kristina strained her neck to reach the tip of his penis and enclosed her lips around it. She did not have the ability to move around it too much, given her position, but he enjoyed the feeling nonetheless. He grabbed her right nipple and held it still, allowing her tit to rock around it. Her boob jiggled in his hand, her nipple becoming rock hard. He grabbed her left nipple and repeated the process.

As Josh mauled her breasts, Tony eased his hand down her stomach towards her pussy. He laid it in her pubic hair, occasionally dipping it in her wet vagina towards her clit. This had the desired effect: Kristina tried to rise as much as she could to rub her clit against his fingers. She raised her ass as high as she could without coming off Tony's fuck tool and felt his fingers on her warm, moist clit. He rubbed it there, and she gyrated her hips around, causing to his dick to move like a pendulum inside her.

Kristina sat back down on Tony's lap, pushing his cock balls deep inside of her. She circled her hips around again, causing Tony's dick to swirl around inside of her. They both loved the motion, and Tony clenched his eyes and thought of sports in an effort not to cum. As she satisfied Tony with her love tunnel, she continued sucking Josh's cock. "Look at me as you suck my dick," he said. She held the tip of his dick in her mouth and extended her tongue to tickle the bottom of his head. She looked up into his eyes and batted them, driving him wild. He pinched her left nipple hard to distract him from cumming. It had the same effect on Kristina.

Tony realized that Kristina was starting to slow. Her movement was really an involved and difficult exercise, and she was clearly getting exhausted fast. He pulled her down balls deep and told her to put her feet back on the floor. He stood up, still impaling her vagina, and led her to the arm of the couch. She laid her stomach flat on it and Tony started pumping her from behind again. Josh moved to the back of the couch, grabbed her by the hair, and tilted her mouth towards his dick again.

As Tony rocked in and out of her, her clit rubbed against the soft couch. She squealed her approval. Every time his waist pounded against her ass, her clit was stimulated, and she responded with a "mmmph" from around Josh's dick. Tony grabbed one of her ass cheeks in each hand and spread them. He leered down at her tight, puckered asshole, practically winking at him seductively. He slid the tip of his thumb towards it and applied pressure.

Kristina shook her head and uttered a muffled rebuttal, but Josh held the back of her head down on his cock so that she could not get out any words. She threw her hands to her ass, trying to stop him from pushing in any further, but he easily held both of her hands in his left and pinned them to the small of her back. He pushed his thumb past her sphincter and up to the first knuckle. Kristina no longer protested, realizing it would not get her anywhere, and instead took quick, rapid breaths to prepare herself. She had never done anal before, and she did not anticipate much pleasure.

Tony straightened out his thumb, felt the inside of her ass with the tip of his thumb, and plunged forward. Kristina's back spasmed and her lips came off of Josh's dick as she screamed.

"Shut up, bitch," said Tony. "Relax your ass and it will be much easier."

Kristina tried to relax, but she was far too nervous. Tony left his thumb nestled in her ass and started fucking her pussy again. She was still wet, and the couch was still stimulating her clit. She tried to focus on that to derive more pleasure from her situation.

Josh backed away to allow Tony to work her over on his own. He slowly fucked her pussy with his thumb deep in her ass for a few minutes. After he felt that her rectum had grown used to his intrusion, he slowly pulled it out. He then moved it in and out at the same pace of his dick, doubly penetrating her in a steady, slow motion. Her calfs and toes extended as far as they could as she got used to the sensation. She gasped loudly in time with his motion.

He continued like this until her asshole stopped clenching his thumb and began feeling loose. He wasn't ready to cum, but his legs were getting tired from the gyrating, so he pulled out and sat back down on the couch. Kristina pushed herself into a standing position and turned around, wondering what was going to happen next.

"Come here, bitch. Bend over and suck my dick."

Kristina did not like to be degraded like this, but she didn't know what else to do other than obey. It would be weird to just kick them both out now in the middle of a threesome. After all, these were the two boys she had fantasized about. Why not try to enjoy it?

She strode over in front of him, faced him, and spread her legs slightly. She slid her right hand down her stomach to her pussy and slowly stroked her clit, gently moving her hips in a sexy movement. She clenched her left tit in her hand and licked her lips. Josh watched her swaying her ass from behind and could not resist joining back in. He walked up behind her and slipped his erect cock between her legs so that it nestled beneath her pussy lips.

He could feel the warmth and moistness of her loins stimulate his dick. She craned her neck back to meet him and kissed him flush on the lips. As he stroked his dick on her pussy, he tongued her mouth and grabbed at her right breast. She rocked her ass back against his stomach, and Tony could see the tip of his dick periodically protrude from between her legs. Josh grabbed the back of her head and turned it forward. He grabbed onto her hip with his right hand and tilted her forward, bending her over at the waist.

From here, Tony grabbed her hair and forced her mouth onto his dick. She grabbed onto the couch on either side of his hips for support. Josh decided to pick up where Tony had left off, and aimed his dick towards her anus. It was looser than before, but had not stretched to accommodate the width of his cock. Holding onto her hips, he pushed as hard as he could until his head overcame her sphincter and entered her ass.

Kristina tried to get into it for the sake of the party, but her anus felt like it was on fire. Josh pushed deeper until he was half way in, then slowly pumped in and out. Kristina moaned around the cock in her mouth, which tasted of her own pussy juices. She could not believe how dirty this all was, and was disgusted at herself for allowing it to happen. She figured she might as well try to enjoy it now.

She put her left hand to her pussy, spread her lips with the her pinky and forefinger, and inserted her ring and middle finger into her hole. It served as a suitable distraction to the anal and oral reaming she was receiving. Tony guided her head up and down, and she slobbered all over his pole. Josh started with quicker motions in and out of her ass, loosening it slowly, enabling him to plunge further. When he felt like he was about to bottom out, her pulled nearly all the way out of her ass, leaving just the tip inside.

He hunched over her bare back and whispered in her ear, "Ready?"

With that, he slammed his dick all the way in her asshole. Kristina nearly went in shock, and her knees buckled and she collapsed to the floor, with her mouth still around Tony's dick. Josh knelt behind her and re-entered her asshole. He again pushed into the hilt, and Kristina's legs shook, but she could not sink any lower than her current position. Josh allowed her to get used to the pressure by leaving his dick inside her, unmoving.

Kristina worked over Tony's dick with her lips and tongue, feeling the pressure of Josh's cock in her ass but glad that it was not moving for now. She held up his dick with her fist and stroked the head as she lowered her tongue to his balls and took them into her mouth. She muffled tiny gasps for air as his scrotum blocked her air. Tony appreciated the way she licked between his balls with the tip of her tongue, pushing his testicles to either side of her mouth.

She then let his balls fall out of her mouth, extended her tongue, and lay it flat against the bottom of his firm erection. She slid it all the way to the top where her fist was, and took the head back into her mouth. She slid it against the roof of her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She was an inch from the base of his shaft.

Tony gripped her head and tried to force his dick into her throat. Kristina opened her mouth wide and tried to relax her muscles, but had trouble taking any more. To add to her discomfort, Josh started moving in and out of her ass again. It was a tight fit for Josh. He pulled back slowly, but his dick nearly felt stuck, so he pushed back in. He could only move a few centimeters at a time as her anal cavity sucked at his dick. It felt amazing to him, but he was worried that he would not be able to pull out.

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