tagLesbian SexMore Than She Expected

More Than She Expected

byLia Monde©

Little Devil

Chastity was dressed like a cheap whore. Short, black semi-sheer mini-skirt. Braless, she wore a too tight and too small, neon pink tube top that barely contained her boobs. Cheap costume jewelry and knee high faux leather black boots. Poofy blonde hair, overdone make-up and strong perfume. And underneath, lace, red crotchless panties.

It made her feel like a slut. It made her feel liberated. It made her feel excited.

That afternoon after work, she'd been eager to rush home from the office, peel off her conservative suit and get ready for the costume party. As soon as she hit her apartment, she began the transformation. Opening a bottle of Beaujolais, she'd sipped the wine while changing.

Chastity loved to party. She especially loved costume parties and the implied role playing that let you abandon your inhibitions. You could pretend to be anyone. A totally different person with a totally different personality, clothes, mannerisms and morals. Or, no morals at all.

The last was particularly important. Especially, tonight. Chastity was sexually hungry. Her loins were itching for some action and she wanted to guarantee she would hook up. Which was why she chose the whore get-up. Tonight was not for subtlety. She didn't want to be coy or demure or merely alluring. Chastity wanted to be obvious and advertise her willing availability. What better signal than to dress like a pro.

And this wasn't just any party, it was a Mariah party. Mariah threw the best parties. Raucous, fun and attended by an exotic collection of characters. The music was always loud and the booze was plentiful. The atmosphere stimulated libidos and overwhelmed modesty. Occasionally, the parties evolved into carnal jungles, particularly the costume parties which promoted a sense of anonymity. Mariah wasn't constrained by the convention of having costume parties in the fall around Halloween. She scattered several throughout the year. In the past, Chastity had been lucky there on more than one occasion.

She parked the car on the crowded street and approached the sprawling house in the fashionable neighborhood. Mariah ran a very successful business. She used these parties not only to relax with friends, but to enhance her network of contacts and reward her clients. Ringing the doorbell, she could hear the music throbbing through the walls. Chastity felt excited and optimistic.

Mariah opened the door dressed as a wood nymph: short brown skirt and matching slippers with turned up toes; multi-colored leggings; and a blousy, white peasant shirt cinched at the waist with a rope and revealing voluptuous cleavage. The costume was finished with pointed ears and small wings.

"Chastity." Mariah shouted over the music, "I'm glad you made it."

"I wouldn't miss it."

Mariah was normally effusive and got even more so with alcohol. She'd clearly gotten a headstart on the drinking tonight. She leaned forward and gave Chastity a hug and a kiss. Not a little peck on the cheek, but a warm, moist full-on smack on the lips. That was Mariah.

Holding her at arms length to examine her friend's costume, Mariah said, "Chastity, you cunt. You look positively sleazy."

"I try my best." Chastity replied. She held out the tacky costume necklace that spelled out "For Sale" in plated gold color. Getting into the spirit of her costume, she lifted her skirt to show her friend the crotchless 'fuck me' panties.

Running her hand down Chastity's arm, Mariah laughed and said, "You are wicked, girl. You are definitely getting screwed tonight."

"That's the plan."

"Well, if you don't, I'll do you myself." Mariah offered loudly. "Now get a drink and start having fun."

"I will. By the way, I love your wings." Chastity said.

"The better to flit and flirt with." Mariah answered. She did a coquettish spin that lifted her skirt, and then opened the door to greet the newest arrivals, a team of cheerleaders from the looks of them.

Chastity turned and headed to the kitchen. She appreciated Mariah's sincere offer of easy sex, but also knew Mariah would be saying the same thing to numerous others in the course of the evening. While Mariah would be a willing and fun partner, the competition for her attention was always stiff. With all the other possibilities, Chastity knew she wouldn't need Mariah's help to satisfy her lust.

Mariah's open and licentious attitude was typical of the people she invited. You could almost taste the pheromones in the warm air. Sex wasn't the main reason for these parties, but it was a routine result.

The house was bustling with people. A few had minimal masks or hats to pass the threshold for a 'costume', but most got into the spirit with elaborate outfits. It was the usual mix with representative cowboys, nurses, pirates, saucy maids, politicians and other monsters. There were several eye-catching period pieces and one group that looked like a bride and groom and their complete bridal party.

Wending her way through the crowd, Chastity greeted a few familiar faces and received compliments on her sluttish appearance. She also noticed several clearly positive, but non-verbal acknowledgements. She found herself smiling involuntarily. This was just what she needed after a busy week. A nice buzz, head banging music, laughing people and a sexually charged atmosphere.

Reaching the well-stocked kitchen, she decided to switch to beer and selected a pricey import. After opening it, she sidled into the dining room and leaned against the wall where she could take in the scene. There were several obvious couples in the mix, but, most people seemed to be temporarily unattached and available. While several men appeared to be well into making their pitches, Chastity wasn't worried about a lack of opportunities and therefore didn't feel a need to rush.

Her eyes scanned the menagerie. They settled almost immediately on a devil. A young woman of average build was sashaying through the living room. She sported a very short, pleated red skirt as part of a devil's outfit complete with sequined horns. In one of those inexplicable emotions, Chastity was immediately smitten.

She watched the devil's graceful movements and the natural sway of her hips. The outfit was simultaneously trashy and fetching. In addition to the horns and miniskirt, her top was a matching bright red in a shimmery finish that glittered with her flowing motion. It had a discrete neck high, halter collar and cap sleeves, complimented by a plunging open back. The jersey accented the curves of her moderate, but visually pleasing, breasts and clearly emphasized her braless nipples. A red bow tie adorning her neck gave a hint of formality, but her legs were encased in red fishnet stockings and she wore three inch red heels. To complete the outfit, she carried a red and black plastic pitchfork.

As Chastity stared, the devil continued her stroll, with eyes scanning the revelers. Her red purse swinging on thin straps bounced against her ass and accented its delightful swish. When she left the living room, Chastity shook her head to break the trance. She was drawn to follow her. Taking a long tug on her beer, she pushed away from the wall and moved off in pursuit.

Leaving the living room, Chastity had to squeeze past a hefty woman ill-advisedly dressed as a large brown cow. She caught a glimpse of red moving slowly down the hall that curved around the back of the house. The hall had a glass wall that faced the patio next to the pool. Outside, costumed people were lounging in chairs and on low stone walls in the warm evening. A few were dancing.

The demon acknowledged several people as she passed and exchanged pleasantries, but generally kept moving. She seemed to be alone, but that was unlikely to be the case for long. At a free-for-all party like this, anyone that attractive and dressed revealingly would be a quick target of attention.

The girl turned to the right and pushed through a door to the patio. As she did, she paused beneath a light and looked back in Chastity's direction. In fact, it was almost like she was looking at Chastity. The overhead light accented the short chestnut hair that formed a pixyish corona around her head. It was carefully styled to look disheveled and curled across her forehead and about her ears in a glamorous and sexy style. Her eyebrows were thin and arched. Her lips glistened wet and red. She made the slightest nod and grin in Chastity's direction and proceeded through the door.

Chastity was confused. She was certain she didn't know this person. She looked around to see if there was someone else who the devil might have been eying, but no one was obvious. The apparent acknowledgement stoked Chastity's interest and attraction.

The rush of emotion anticipating a possible connection with this woman was pleasant, but unusual. It wasn't the fact that she was attracted to a woman. Although it wasn't her norm, Chastity had experienced lesbian sex on several occasions. But, there had been nothing recent. It was just her mindset was different. Tonight, she had come looking for a man and hopefully a good hard fuck, rather than the soft pleasures of female ardor. Nonetheless, she still liked the fun and spicy variety offered by lesbian sex. Yet, while this creature was bewitching, there was something different. Something offbeat, that she couldn't put her finger on. The hint of mystery added to the allure.

Chastity decide to approach and engage her before someone else did.

As she neared the patio door, Chastity stopped at a woman dressed as a cat who the demon had spoken to. "Excuse me. Could you tell me who the woman was you just talked to?"

"Which one?" the cat asked with a slight drunken slur.

Chastity turned and pointed to her on the patio, only to realize too late that the object of her blossoming affection was looking right at her again. Embarrassed, Chastity quickly turned away.

But the cat lady tilted woozily to the side and scanned the patio. "You mean the horny one in red?"

"Yes", Chastity replied without repeating the error of looking back.

The cat leaned in, exhaled a beer-laden breath, opened her eyes wide and whispered, "That's the Devil." And then gave an exaggerated nod as if to confirm her confidence in the statement.

"Ahh, thanks." Chastity responded for the unhelpful information. She turned to leave the house.

As she did, her cat confidante asked in an overly loud voice, "Are you a whore?"

Chastity hoped she was referring to her costume. But as people turned to stare, somehow she didn't feel as confident or complimented as when Mariah had made a similar remark earlier.

Closing the door, Chastity turned to locate the red dressed demon. She spotted her sitting alone in the semi-dark on a low wall on the far side of the pool. Chastity was happy that this time she wasn't looking at her. She summoned her courage, finished her beer, discarded the bottle and headed for her quarry.

Halfway there, as she circled the pool, the woman turned as if sensing her approach and looked directly into Chastity's eyes. The piercing stare had a disquieting effect. Chastity didn't stop, but she involuntarily slowed her pace. Trying to get into the state of mind of being the hunter, she had a momentary flash that she might be the hunted. An image of a fly approaching a spider's web popped into her mind. She had no time to dwell on it as she reached the wall.

To break the ice, Chastity looked down and said, "I'm sorry for staring earlier. I was captivated by your costume."

Not getting up from the wall, the devil replied in a husky voice, "That's quite alright. You caught my eye earlier, as well."

Flattered, Chastity said, "I did?"

"You look like a hooker," she said with pleasant approval. "I know hookers and you'd fit right in."

Taking the statement as a compliment, Chastity explained, "Thanks. It took me a while to get the look without going over the top. I wasn't sure anyone would appreciate the effort."

"It was hard not to notice when you greeted our hostess by lifting your skirt and flashing your pussy."

Chastity flushed deep red and her body got hot with embarrassment. Her jaw opened to say something, but nothing came out. Flustered, she felt a strong urge to flee.

"Relax," the devil said with a look of sincerity. "I thought it was a bold, but charming greeting." She reached out and took Chastity's hand with fingers that were cold on her hot flesh. Pulling her gently down, she said, "Have a seat." in a manner that was less than a command, but more than an invitation.

Chastity was disconcerted. She hadn't thought anyone else had been a witness of her immodest display. Nonetheless, she decided any explanation would only worsen matters. As she sat, she inhaled a strong scent of a racy piquant perfume. To change the subject from her wanton behavior, Chastity said, "That's an unusual perfume."

The red horned minx shifted closer until their thighs were touching. Then, leaned in closely and offered her neck as if to allow Chastity a better smell. "It's called Caliente."

Surprised by the sudden and unexpected proximity of their bodies, Chastity at first recoiled, then caught herself, tilted forward and inhaled. "It's very spicy and special," she said earnestly.

"Why, thank you." came the delighted reply, accompanied by a pat on Chastity's bare knee. In moving to straighten her body, the demon did a slow twist. The motion brought their breasts in contact. Their tits rubbed against each other for several seconds. The startling intimate contact sent a buzz through Chastity's body. With wide eyes, she looked to see if her partner had any reaction. The demon was looking across the pool and simply straightened her shoulders and adjusted the hem of her skirt as if nothing unusual had happened. Chastity struggled to control her spinning head and racing heart.

Although she was desperately hoping for some sexual action tonight, the unusual nature of this encounter had Chastity unbalanced. While her new bosom buddy sipped on the last of her red wine, Chastity tried to regain some measure of composure and control. All of the demon's features from her alabaster skin and bright red nails and lips; to her intentionally obvious nipples and her lascivious movements; seemed designed to arouse and attract. Yet, the red costumed lass also projected an air of cool nonchalance. The incongruous mix made it difficult to read her intentions.

She realized they hadn't been introduced. "My name is Chastity. And which devil are you?"

Without hesitation her companion turned toward her and replied playfully, "I'm Satan's little sister. I'm a succubus who leads people into temptation. My friends call me Pandora."

"Nice to meet you, Pandora." Then, with the alcohol making her assertive, Chastity added, "I'm in the mood for a little temptation."

With a wide smile and mischievous eyes, Pandora said, "Are you sure you know what you're dealing with? There's no such thing as a 'little' temptation when you dance with the devil."

Getting into the spirit of the light sexual banter, Chastity answered, "That goes the same with hookers."

Pandora assessed her thoughtfully for a few seconds, and then said with a slight smirk, "I'm not sure I'm your type."

Chastity took the caution as both coy repartee and as a challenge to whether she was serious about engaging in a little lesbian action. Or perhaps Pandora just wanted to be pursued. In any case, she determined to press on aggressively and stated with mock surprise, "Is that so? I thought devils and hookers made a good match since we both lead people to sin. I can't believe you're not up to getting your pitchfork into the hot flesh of a working girl?"

Throwing back her head, Pandora gave a delightful laugh that made her breasts move enticingly. Seeming to enjoy a private joke, Pandora said, "You shouldn't taunt the devil. We do so love to ravish fallen women. So long as you know what you're in for, we could have a fun and surprising evening. But, I think more wine would help take the nerves off both of us." She started to stand.

Chastity signaled her to sit. "I'll get it. Remember, hookers are here to service your every need. What would you like?"

"I'll have another glass of the Cabernet. It has a hint of dark cherries." Then, licking her lips, "I love the taste of cherries."

Cocking her head and raising an eyebrow, Chastity said, "I'm just the girl who can give you a taste." With that, she stood and gave her hips an erotic hitch, "I'll be right back." Affecting her most blatantly whorish strut for Pandora's benefit, she walked to the patio bar.

Chastity felt a growing desire. She sensed her strong attraction was being returned. Their verbal foreplay was building her energy and arousal. The sluttish clothes and their role-playing were having a magnifying effect. It felt like this was going to be a memorable night and she mentally committed to push it to the limit.

Before reaching for the wine, Chastity decided to brace herself and calm her nerves. She scanned the hard liquor and a bottle of Red Breast Irish whiskey caught her attention. She poured a shot and downed it quickly. Courage in a glass. The liquor gave her instant warmth. Just as she finished shaking her head from the jolt, Mariah came wobbling up.

"I know that look," Mariah said with a smile. "You're ready to jump someone. Who's the lucky guy?"

Chastity looked across the pool. Pandora was touching up her make-up, but looking right at them. This time Chastity was pleased at Pandora's possessive attention. A full Pirate's Moon was rising above the pines and its glow gave Pandora an ethereal appearance. With a nod in Pandora's direction, she said to Mariah, "I've been talking to the Devil in red. Do you know anything about her?"

After a quick glance, Mariah gave Pandora a wave and said, "That's Pandora. Everyone knows Pandora. Quite the wild one."

"I'm learning that. It's kind of exciting. Is Pandora seeing anyone?"

With a hint of surprise in her voice, Mariah asked, "Are you interested?"

"I think I may be."

"You kinky little tramp! I didn't know you were that adventurous." Mariah poured herself a drink.

Chastity was mildly offended that a swinger like Mariah thought of her as somewhat prudish. Waving at her hooker outfit, she said, "I can be as wild as the next prostitute." But even in her more inebriated state, she didn't repeat her earlier skirt lifting performance.

"Well, with Pandora it can get pretty wild. But, go for it girl. Pandora isn't seeing anyone. Prefers to play the field. And, definitely goes both ways." Mariah took a long sip and finished, "And, you must tell me how it goes. This could be one of the better pairings of the night." Then she wandered off to talk up some more guests.

The tipsier Chastity got, and the more people doubted her willingness to push sexual boundaries, the more determined she became. Pandora was sensuously crossing her legs and erotically caressing her breasts. Although visible to anyone looking, the raunchy performance was clearly intended for Chastity's benefit.

Chastity picked up two fresh wine glasses and brought the entire bottle of Cabernet back to Pandora.

Pouring the wine before sitting, Chastity said, "Mariah says you're quite wild."

"I'm flattered. That's high praise from her."

Setting down the bottle, Chastity sat on the wall. This time, she was the one who deliberately positioned herself intimately close with their hips and knees in contact. "Am I going to see any of this wildness?" Chastity challenged her.

Without replying, Pandora tilted her wine glass and began a slow sip. Simultaneously, with her other hand, she lightly caressed Chastity's cheek while staring dreamily into her eyes. The motion continued down her throat and moved around to the back of her neck where she playfully tugged on the curly locks. Setting her glass down, she turned and moved forward. With her dark eyes wide open, she pulled Chastity's head toward her and initiated a kiss.

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