It was supposed to be just a standard overnight stay at a motel on my trip north. I'd planned the trip and booked into a couple of motels where I expected to overnight. I'd done this sort of thing before and I saw no reason this stop would be any different.

I registered at the office, collected my key and headed off to my assigned unit. Unlocked the door and walked in.

The very first thing I noticed was that the woman was naked. There is a subtle difference between nude and naked. Nude, you know you have no clothes on and you're unconsciously (or consciously) flaunting it. Naked, you realise you have no clothes on and, oh my god, someone is looking at me.

This woman was naked.

The second thing that came to my rather stunned mind was that she was relatively young and really very nicely put together. Definitely not someone I would kick out of my bed if I was lucky enough to find her there.

My first thought was that I had entered the wrong room. Before the woman had time to do more than squawk and try to cover herself, I was backing out of the room with apologies. (Backing out gave me more time to admire that very lovely body. Reprehensible of me, perhaps, but understandable.)

A glance at my key to check the unit number, and I stepped back into the room with an apology.

"Excuse me, Miss, but you must be in the wrong unit," I said, holding up my key. "This is definitely the unit assigned to me. What are you doing here?"

Amid the squeaking and protests I could hear her stammering out a reply that this was definitely her unit and I should get out of it now before she screamed. While she'd been doing that I had glanced around the unit, noting that she had already made herself at home. (Yes, I was able to drag my eyes away from her for a short while.)

Among the things scattered around I spotted a motel key lying on the side table. I reached over to examine it, thinking the motel owner may have stuffed up and assigned us both to the same unit. At the same time I was chatting calmly to the woman, trying to ease her mind.

"For Christ's sake, will you stop with the hand fandango," I said. "You're not covering anything, just drawing my attention to what you've got on display. I've seen naked women before often enough not to feel the urge to pounce and ravish them on the spot. Let's try to sort this out like a couple of adults. The way you're carrying on anyone would think you're a virgin scared of rape."

Looking at her key I became aware of what could only be described as a furious silence. Glancing back at her, I could see she was blushing bright red with what seemed to be a mixture of fury and mortification.

"Well, I'll be damned," I said, laughing. "You are a virgin scared of rape. How cute."

I could see the fury quotient in her glare rise several points at that. Too bad. She'd made a silly mistake and a little embarrassment served her right.

"Are you dyslectic?" I queried.

When she shook her head puzzled, I continued.

"Your key is for number nine. Not number six, which is this unit and mine. I'm surprised the key opened the door."

This time her embarrassment seemed to heighten, and I promptly jumped to the right conclusion.

"It didn't, did it. The door was unlocked and you just waltzed right in like a little lamb."

At that point I was about to exchange keys and go and use unit nine. It didn't worry me which unit I used for an overnight stay. Before I could offer to do so, my pretty little trespasser lost her temper. Maybe nudity made her feel a little sensitive.

She expressed her feeling loudly and clearly, dissecting my manners, my looks, my morals, etc., etc., finishing up with a comment that if I was any sort of a gentleman I would have stayed outside until she had a chance to get dressed and I should take the key to unit nine and piss off out of what was her unit.

I took exception to her little tirade on several points. I hadn't entered the wrong room and stripped off. I had been going to offer to change units and get out of her hair. I'd already told her I wasn't going to jump her and ravish her. Finally, she could always have just reached for the towel lying on the bed next to her and wrapped it around herself and then she wouldn't have been naked, would she?

"Actually, I was about to swap keys and get out of your hair," I said softly, "but it occurs to me that you've had ample opportunity to cover up and have chosen not to do so. I think I'll take advantage of your generous offer."

She paled at that, and reached for the towel, but she was way too slow. I caught her arm before she could do more than lift it and held her while slowly letting my eyes run over her.

"I think you were secretly getting a bit of a kick out of being naked in front of a man. Unfortunately, when you play these little pranks, there's generally a price to pay."

"You wouldn't," she protested. "You said you wouldn't."

"I know," I said, sympathy in my voice, "but I think I'll make an exception for a sweet little virgin like you."

"What makes you think I'm a virgin?" she demanded.

"Aren't you?" I asked. "Don't bother answering. I'm going to find out the fun way in a couple of minutes."

Turning her around I pushed her forward so she was leaning over the bed, protesting the whole time but not actually resisting me. Pressing a toe against her ankle I encouraged her to move her legs further apart. Then I started letting my fingers do my talking for me.

Reaching around her, I cupped her breasts and squeezed them lightly. There was no need to tease her nipples into erectness, they were already standing proud. This didn't stop me teasing them on principle.

To a constant chorus of little squeaks and squeals and protests, my hands wandered over her luscious little body. On the trip down I skirted around her pussy, passing tantalising close to it but not actually touching. I trailed my hands down the inside of her thighs then, reversing direction, started back up.

She must have thought I was going to bypass her pussy again on the way up, as she seemed to tense and then relax a little as my hand went past, only to give a squeak of shock when I suddenly reached between her legs and cupped her.

Having found my prize, I wasn't going to give it up. Her squeals and protests came louder and faster but curiously, not loud enough to alert anyone outside the unit. Funny that.

I massaged her pussy, lightly scratching her lips, easing them apart and dipping a finger inside her. Running my finger back and forth inside her, my suspicions of virginity were quickly confirmed, drawing an even louder squeal when I deliberately pressed against her hymen.

However, her hymen wasn't my immediate target. A bit more probing and I was lightly rubbing against her clitoris. I'm quite sure that her scream when I did that would have been heard through the entire motel complex, but fortunately it was strangled by the hand she had pressed against her mouth. I hope she didn't bite herself doing that.

There were a few more muffled screams as I continued to badger her clitoris, mingled with protests and pleas to stop. Fat chance of my stopping at this point.

I did finally call a halt to my explorations, and in the silence that followed the sound of my zip seemed unusually loud. My playmate definitely heard it and knew what it meant, and she went dead still.

"What must you think of my manners?" I said. "I'm Paul. And your name is?"

"Marie," she answered. "You're not really going to do this are you?"

For answer I eased apart her lips and settled my cock between them. Holding her hips, I started to press forward. As I eased my way in, Marie started with a long protesting no, the word drawing out as I pushed in and ending in a soft shriek of pain when I broke her hymen.

I held steady at that moment, as Marie was nearly in tears.

"Just relax," I soothed her. "That was just the sting of your cherry popping. You're officially a non-virgin now. You've paid the price so it's time to collect your reward. Just let it happen."

I resumed my slow advance into her tight hot pussy. She was well lubricated which made it a fairly simple job to ease myself fully into her, although she didn't stop protesting this violation of her innocence the entire time. She was quite determined that I should know she wasn't agreeing to this.

Once I was fully inside her I started to pump her, slowly. I pulled back slowly and returned slowly, letting her adjust to the feel of me moving inside her. She wasn't actually moving with me, just standing there, bent over, letting me do as I would and exploring the feelings that were going on inside her. That was alright by me. I saw no reason to train her in how to respond during her first sexual experience. She'd undoubtedly learn in future adventures.

Her protests had finally stopped, while her little squeaks and squeals were taking on a note of high excitement. She'd made her official protest and apparently felt that she could now just experience what was happening and see what it was like.

I held her hips and continued my slow ravishment, pleasure building in both of us. The early stimulation of her clitoris had her in a state of high excitement and it was obvious that she was heading towards a climax.

Very soon I slid my hands up to where her breasts were swaying beneath her and captured them. Now I started squeezing them in time to the gentle pounding of her pussy. Then it was a not so gentle pounding as I drove in harder and faster, roughly mauling her breasts at the same time.

Now her screams weren't of protest but of pleasure as I drove repeatedly into her, hammering her into a blissful submission. With one final squeal she climaxed, and with a laugh I let my own climax loose within her.

Afterwards Marie seemed a trifle stunned by what had happened. I steered her towards the bathroom and, stripping off the rest of my own clothes, encouraged her under the shower. There I helped her wash herself down, and then out of the shower and I reached for a towel and started patting her dry. I quickly dried off myself.

Looking at her nude figure, I just couldn't help myself. I gently cupped her mound.

"Do you feel sore?" I asked, squeezing softly.

Marie looked at me with what seemed to be very large eyes and shook her head, silently asking why. I equally silently answered by taking her hand and placing it where my erection had swollen back to life. Her face flashed red with surprise.

"You can't," she protested. "You just did it and you can't do it again so soon. Not that I want you to," she added hurriedly.

"I can and I think I will," I replied.

Taking her by the arm I led her back to the bed. Her hand was still wrapped firmly around my erection, by the way. I'm not even sure that she realised this. Easing her grasp from my cock I pressed her to lie on the bed.

"This time, I think it's only fair you see what's happening," I told her.

I eased Marie's legs apart and knelt between them. Her head was propped up on the pillow and she was staring with fascination at my erection, already anticipating its entry. I reached up and took her hands, laying one on her mound and letting the other close around my cock. Then I waited.

Marie looked puzzled for a moment, then blazed red with shock as she realised what I wanted. She had a rebellious look on her face, sort of how dare I ask her to do this?

Her curiosity won. She moved her lips apart and tugged my erection until it was pressing against her. Obligingly, I pressed in slightly.

Marie's hand moved away, but her eyes stayed fastened where my cock was pressing into her. Very slowly I sank into her, observing with amusement that she was holding her breath while I did so. When I finally filled her she seemed to collapse slightly, letting her breath out with a gasp.

I'll admit I was laughing at her as I slowly pulled back out, watching her eyes track the movement. Just when it seemed I would pull right out of her I stopped and drove back in, hard and fast. Marie squealed loudly, but didn't shift her gaze, waiting for the next movement.

For a minute or so I entertained her, then I rested for a moment, buried deep in her.

"Marie," I murmured to her, "When I push into you, you are supposed to lift your hips and come up to meet me. I'm going to start moving slowly. Why don't you just try to relax and let your hips move with me."

She blinked at that and looked thoughtful. The next time I pushed into her she gave a frantic little twitch of her hips. A few more thrusts and she was moving a lot more smoothly and soon we were moving together as partners. Now I started to take her in earnest.

I drove into her repeatedly, picking up speed. Marie was humping her hips, eager to meet me, relishing the fact that she was no longer a victim but an active partner. (Although in my opinion she'd been a willing victim from the word go.)

Of her own accord she raised her legs and wrapped them around me, trying to pull me deeper into her, muttering to herself and pleading with me as she did so. I was quite surprised at some of the words she knew.

It's odd the way sex works. Our earlier playtime meant that I was going to take a while longer before I was ready to climax again, whereas the same playtime meant that Marie was ready to climax almost immediately.

I found that out when she squealed and convulsed under me, kicking her legs high into the air. I tried my best to not let this put me off my stroke and get hammering into her. She lay still for a few moments after her climax, letting me do all the work, but then she picked up the rhythm again, her legs clamped onto me again and she resumed her steady humping with joyous abandon.

By the time I was ready to climax, Marie was set for her third, and I was lucky to be able to make it at the same time. While she squealed and kicked with pleasure I pounded out my climax upon her, and then we both seemed to settle down and relax.

Marie was still lying there in a sort of dreamy state when I dressed and slipped off to unit nine. I was beat and needed my sleep.

I slept later than I'd intended the next morning, had a hurried breakfast and was soon on my way north. Outside of town I saw a hitchhiker and, liking company while I drive, I pulled over to offer her a lift. Marie looked at me, shrugged and got in the car. I drove on.

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The clit is the little (or not little) nubby area above the vaginal opening. As a woman who has also has sex with women I assure you that’s where it is.

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