Mother & Son: A Love Story Pt. 08


The rest of the day seemed to pass in a surreal blur of joyous activity. Mom and I were never more than a few feet apart as we departed the church amid a shower of rice thrown by our family and friends after what seemed like an exhaustive amount of photographs taken by Emma's husband, Bill who did wedding photography as a hobby. Awaiting us was an old fashioned horse and carriage, driven by another member of our church -- a special gift we had not been expecting.

We were holding a reception at our house and had planned to drive back on our own, but while Molly and Deb and Melinda and the others raced back to finish getting the food ready, Mom and I were taken on a leisurely buggy ride through the gorgeous Autumn colored hills of Kentucky. Our carriage driver left Mom and I to ourselves as he wound through the curvy roads and hills -- the oranges, reds and yellows of the Fall leaves brilliant on the hills while Mom and I snuggled and kissed.

"How's my husband doing," Mom whispered to me, her tongue teasing around my earlobe while her hand caressed my upper thigh.

"I'm on top of the world, wife," I replied, my hand slowly moving back and forth under Mom's slit dress, rubbing her soft, warm thigh, resisting the temptation of going further. Under my dress pants, my cock, not used to denial anymore, throbbed painfully. "I've just married the most wonderful woman in the world."

Mom kissed me, her tongue doing things that made my cock throb even more and she could see the desperateness of my situation. "My son needs to cum, doesn't he?" she teased me. "My hubby's cock is going to explode if he doesn't get some relief."

"You have no idea, Mom," I growled in exasperation.

"Just a few hours more, John," Mom whispered, her hand moving up and lightly caressing the big bulge in my trousers. "Our first time as husband and wife." She kissed me again and said, "I was thinking this morning about when you were a little boy and we'd gone to a wedding -- your first. You must've been about five. We were in the kitchen after -- I think I'd fixed you a snack and you were asking me questions about the wedding. I told you that a man and a woman who loved each other more than anything would get married. You thought about it for a while and told me that when you got older you were going to marry me. I laughed about it and told you that you didn't marry your mother, but that you'd grow up and find a beautiful girl and fall in love and marry her. You thought about that and then told me, 'No, I love you, Mom and when I grow up, I'm going to marry you.'"

I didn't remember that at all, but I grinned at Mom and said, "And you were right and I kept my word. I did grow up and find a beautiful girl that I fell in love with...and then I married her."

There were tears of joy in Mom's eyes when she replied, "Yes, you did, son. Thank god, you did. I love you, John."

We kissed again -- a long, lovers kiss that seemed to go on near forever and didn't end until we were coming to the bumpy, gravely end of the road that led up to our home. As we pulled up in front of the house, our friends and family applauding on the front porch, I replied, "I love you, Mom...then, now and forever."

The reception was fun with lots of good, southern style food (Molly's fried chicken is supreme and Melinda makes a mean Chocolate pie), dancing and in general good fun. It seemed to me that every slow dance with one of the several lovely ladies there, be it Molly, Aunt Deb, Melinda or Emma's teenage daughter was part of a conspiracy to make me all the hornier and it was all I could do to not cum in my pants. Reverend Simmons held court in one corner and had all within earshot doubled over with laughter at his stories. The celebration went on well into the evening and it was after nine o'clock before it ended.

The last folks out the door were Molly and Deb -- planning to take a late flight out of Lexington to head back to Florida. Mom and I received knee shaking kisses from each woman and I had one last thrill of running my hands over Molly's little baby bump before they left. "We'll be down for New Year's Eve," I said to Molly, kissing her one last time. I leaned over and pulled up her shirt and kissed her softly swelling belly. "And I expect you to be a lot bigger when we get there," I said to our unborn child.

Aunt Deb swept into my arms and kissed me again, rubbing her sexy body against me shamelessly. "It seems a little wrong -- to come all this way and neither Molly or me got even a taste of this fine cock," she said as she palmed my crotch, teasing my aching cock. Then my aunt flashed a grin at Mom and winked at her as she said to me, "Although, I guess we more than got our fill of your wife's juicy pussy!"

Mom grinned evilly and stepped up to us and kissed her sister before saying, "Well, there was no sense that we both had to suffer!" Everyone had a good laugh at my expense, myself included and Mom and I stood on the front porch waving at Deb and Molly until they were out of sight.

Finally...finally, Mom and I were alone. She looked so beautiful in the light of the moon shining through the woods about our home, still in her wedding dress. Mom looked up at me and said, "We've been married almost ten hours, son. Don't you think its time we consummated our marriage?"

I grinned at her and said, "I'll race you to the bedroom."

Mom purred and kissed me and then said, "No, there's no rush. Give me a few minutes before you come up. Lock up the house and get the lights and then please come up and make love to your wife."

"I like the sound of that...wife," I replied. Mom kissed me again and then we went inside and I watched her go gracefully up the stairs and disappear into our bedroom. I quickly raced around locking up and turning down the lights, pausing only to put on some music -- some slow, sexy jazz.

I climbed the stairs and stepped into our bedroom. Mom had several candles set and lit about the room. "Mom?" I said, looking about. The bedding on our brass bed was turned down, but the bed itself was empty.

"Get undressed, son," Mom called out from the bathroom. "Make yourself comfortable. I'm almost ready." I quickly undressed, debating whether to keep on my boxer shorts, but decided in the long run that my aching cock had been restrained long enough. I climbed into bed naked, stretching out -- my cock standing up hard, tall and proud.

"Hello, husband...son," Mom called out softly from the doorway of the bathroom. I sat straight up and was on my feet before I could even think about it. The candles illuminated Mom in a heavenly glow. Mom had taken off her dress, but still wore the white bustier and that was all! Now, Mom's nipples were peeking out above the cups of the corset, thick and erect and below the bustier she was completely naked, her thick, black bush standing out against the whiteness of her sexy outfit and her flawless pale skin. I felt my cock slap hard against my stomach, precum drooling from the head in anticipation of soon being buried between her thighs.

" wife, you are -- my God, Mom, you are beautiful!" I gasped, holding out my arms to her. Mom again seemed to have become carnality incarnate. Maybe it was the juxtaposition of all her voluptuous nakedness despite much of her torso being covered in that sinful looking bustier, the lush sexuality of her completely exposed or maybe Mom just had the power to generate instinctively such erotic power -- I don't know. All I knew for sure was that this was my mother and now my wife and I was the luckiest fucking man on the planet.

Mom began to walk slowly and provocatively towards me -- her lips turned up in an evil, lusty smile, swinging her full hips as she moved and making her huge, mostly uncovered breasts bounce and roll with each step. Her thick, furry bush glistened with her juices off the candlelight, revealing her arousal long before the sweet, musky aroma of her cunt reached me.

Then Mom was in my arms, murmuring, "I love you, husband," as she pressed her body against mine -- her skin feverish with desire.

"I love you too, wife," I replied softly before we kissed, our tongues meshing together as our lips mets, dancing joyfully as we hugged each other tight -- Mom's nipples rubbing across my bare chest and my erect cock pressing against the satiny fabric of her wedding outfit.

As the kiss ended, I looked into her eyes and whispered, "I love you, Mom!"

I ducked my head and kiss the tops of her soft, fleshy breasts, my tongue slithering downwards towards her nipples as she sighed in reply, "I love you, son!" I took each nipple in my mouth, nipping at the thick, rubbery stems with my teeth before suckling at her breasts as I had done as a babe, Mom's hands stroked my shoulders and back while my hands wandered further down, sliding a palm through her heavy jungle of pubic hair and then fingers splicing through her slick lips and finding her hot, syrupy inner-flesh, drawing a happy moan from my newly wedded wife and mother.

"Oh, John -- I love you so much. I need you! I need you inside me now. Make love to me, son. Fuck your wife -- fuck your mother -- please, god, John, fuck me right now!"

I scooped up Mom in my arms, my mouth leaving her hard, thick nipples to kiss her once again. I mentally kicked myself for forgetting to carry her over the hearth earlier, but now I carried my woman to the place most important to us both -- our bed. I eased Mom down onto the bed, resting her head on the pillows -- her dark hair fanning out over the pillows, creating a dark halo around the mother angel of my heart.

"So beautiful, Mom," I whispered as I climbed into bed, getting on my knees between her legs. Mom's knees were drawn up and she spread her thighs slowly apart, letting me see her in all her aroused glory.

Mom's eyes were full of love and lust and she shivered with anticipation as I knelt over her, my cock still standing hard against my stomach. Mom looked into my eyes and softly whispered, "John, do you vow to love, honor and cherish your mother as your beloved wife, now and forevermore?"

My head seemed to hum with a song of incestuous lust -- my heart pounding so powerfully that I could feel my pulse even in my cock as I replied, my voice thick with emotion, "I do."

Again, I reached out with my hand and ran my palm across Mom's pussy, savoring the heat and wetness and then the full thickness of her dark, full muff. "Mom, do you vow to love, honor and cherish your son as your beloved husband, now and forevermore?"

Mom flexed her hips, thrusting her pelvis upwards against my hand and sighed, "I do." My mother held out her arms to me and I came to her then, as her son and husband and lover, my body sliding along hers, feeling her hot and already sweaty flesh beneath mine, her bountiful tits rolling upwards with my motion and then my cock slicing between her wet labia and then as we kissed, lips to lips and cock to pussy, tongue and penis thrusting inside Mom at the same time. I was home -- home between my mother's thighs once and forever!

Mom's body began to spasm and she arched her back as she brought her luscious form upwards, taking more of me inside her -- her creams molten and sweet, urging me deeper in one continuous motion and she whimpered as her pussy muscles began to clamp down, hungry to take me within her womb and hold me there and then I was buried inside my mother and as our tongues danced and cavorted, Mom's legs came up and encircled my ass, heels digging into my cheeks, intending to never let me go.

I don't know how long we sat in place, relishing the moment. Maybe a second, maybe a minute, maybe a year -- it didn't matter, time stood still for us, locked in the most intimate of incestuous moments. Mother and son, husband and wife joined as God had to have intended! Mom held me tightly to her, the wetness and heat of her pussy soaking and massaging the aches away from her man's long, hard penis. Our hearts beat as one and we achieved an oneness that only a rare few who dare live their lives as we have could ever know. It was the perfect moment of love and lust and incest and desire and it seemed to last forever. Then we began to move and it only got better!

Mom's long nails clawed slowly down my back as I began to fuck her motherly cunt, our kiss never ending as I began to piston in and out of my mother's slick, clasping grasp. Each time I buried myself in her wet pussy, it seemed to grow hotter and creamier and sweeter than the moment before. Mom pulled her thighs back towards her body, legs still locked around me, but sliding upwards to be wrapped around my lower back, seeking to open herself even more, to get every possible inch of cock inside her.

I lost myself within the carnal entity that was my mother and wife. The touch of her skin, the gleam in her eyes, the brush of her tongue against mine, the heat of her velvet soft pussy all became as one as every fiber of her body seems to meld with mine, reducing every minute movement by either of us into pleasure that one wouldn't think possible as existing anywhere shy of heaven.

Mom's pussy tightened around my thrusting shaft, bathing it in torrents of hot pussy juice as her orgasm swept over her, tears running down her cheeks as her tongue went wild in my mouth and her arms and legs squeezed me hard, pulling me more tightly against into her naked flesh.

I struggled for control -- not wanting it to end so soon. My mind seized on the metallic banging of the brass rail headboard against the wall and I focused on the noise of the bed and Mom's muffled sobs of pleasure which served as counterpoint in the noise of our incestuous lovemaking and somehow managed to back off the urge to cum and continue the sweet joy of fucking my mother.

Mom's body writhed around me in long minutes of orgasm before she relaxed somewhat. Our kiss ended briefly and wetly, strings of saliva hanging between our mouths as she moaned, "L-love you, John! Don't stop. God, please, don't stop!"

I replied with my tongue, conveying that I loved her with a renewed passionate kiss as I resumed fucking her sodden pussy -- picking up speed with each downward thrust. Mom happily and meekly accepted my hard thrusts as she regained strength and then began to meet me, throwing her hips upwards to grind into me as I plowed deep into her cream drenched womb. Her tongue swept around mine in a frenzy of motion as we fucked, our eyes open as we kissed, losing ourselves -- our souls in each other's gaze as cunt and cock slammed together again and again.

In just a few minutes or perhaps after an eternity, Mom's orgasm crested again, this time more intensely than before -- her pussy becoming a velvet vise around my cock as she flung her hips to meet my cock and taking me deep within her womb and locking me into place as her cunt hungrily milked my penis.

It was too much. I felt the pressure build in an instant again, unrelenting and stubborn and my entire cock felt like it was swelling as my seed boiled from my full and aching balls and the pleasure just overwhelmed me as I began to pump my hot semen into Mom's pussy in huge, almost painful bursts. Mom's orgasm went to a new level as she felt me fill her womb with sperm and she was like a maddened animal struggling in my grip, not seeking to escape, but to have me -- to consume me completely. We kissed and bit and clawed and clung to each other as our mutual orgasm seemed bound to go on for all eternity.

It felt like I had been chaste for a year and had a never ending supply of sperm stored in my balls and I just kept cumming and cumming. Mom cried and moaned, our kiss finally ending as she flung her head back into the pillows and let out a scream of love and pain and passion and pleasure that seemed to echo through every room in our home, as her orgasm intensified and intensified until finally, Mom collapsed back into the mattress, still holding me in a tight grip until at long last, our orgasms began to ebb.

We were gasping for air, taking deep, gulping breaths between quick, passionate kisses and then Mom began to cry and buried her face against my neck, sobbing, "I love you, I love you, I love you, John, I love you husband, I LOVE YOU SON!" I was crying too -- amazed and stunned that it was possible that after almost two years of making love to my mother that it could get even better.

Reverend Simmons words from many weeks before came to me again as I lie there atop my mother lost in the wonder of the sweet joy of the moment. "As wonderful as things are now, when you and your mother have truly become united in God's eyes, things will be hundredfold better as HE showers you with his blessings."

I had thought I had understood him then, but only now was I able to begin comprehending the true meaning of his words. My heart was near to bursting with more love than I thought possible for my mother. I wiped Mom's tears from her face, kissed her and whispered to my wife, "I love you, Mom." I smiled at her then and said, "And it will only get better from here...our love, our joy, our lives...its just beginning!

We held each other long into the night, hardly talking -- talking being unnecessary as we were now joined in bonds that transcended all others. What we each felt was in our hearts was simply known by the other -- our spirits, joined in incestuous love were one -- now and forever.

The next several weeks passed quickly and joyously as we lost ourselves in the sweet pleasure of newly wedded bliss. As ardent a lovers as we had been since we'd first become lovers, we were now crazed honeymooners, unable to leave each other alone and making love virtually every chance we got until we were too sore to fuck or suck. Everyday seemed better than the day before -- Mom seemed like a new woman compared to how she'd been when the old man was still alive.

Before we knew it, our beautiful autumn leaves had fallen, the weather turned cold and Christmas was upon us. My employer shut down for a two week break and much to my surprise, I received a partial bonus despite only having worked there for about five months. I blew it all on a special Christmas gift for Mom.

It seemed a bit strange, not having anything hanging over us to interfere with Christmas, but we relished each minute that the holidays gave us to spend together. Mom decorated the house so that it looked like something out of a Christmas fairy tale. When I would drive up the hill in the evening and see the warm glow of our home -- I felt like I was coming home to my favorite, almost forgotten childhood dreams...and I guess in a way, I was.

We walked through the snowy woods on our land and picked a perfect fir tree and Mom teased me about being her mighty lumberjack as I cut it down with an axe and we towed it back on a sled. Decorating it was a little more difficult as we kept getting in each other's way and pausing to kiss and then kissing led to touching which led to making love and we were three days getting the tree completed, but it was beautiful when it was finished and we were both pleased with it after much pleasing of each other.

Christmas Eve arrived in the company of an early winter storm -- literally snowing us in, which was perfect -- so reminiscent of our first Christmas as lovers and we sat with only the light of the living room fireplace and the lights on the Christmas tree watching the snowfall, cuddled up on the couch while Christmas tunes played on the radio.

Just before midnight, I couldn't wait any longer and gave Mom the present I'd gotten with my bonus. When I handed her the little gift wrapped box, Mom was like a little girl as she excitedly tore the wrapping and ribbons off and then she was oohing and aahing over the gold earrings I'd given her. I'd gone to the same goldsmith in Lexington who'd made my wedding ring and he'd created the same antique scrollwork that our rings possessed for her present. I got a big hug and kiss from Mom, her climbing into my lap and her tongue slipping into my mouth and we kissed for long minutes until after the clock on the fireplace mantle had chimed twelve times at midnight.

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