Mother & Son: A Love Story Pt. 11


Mom's entire body seemed to galvanize, her legs becoming spastic and then rising up and dropping down over my shoulders as her thighs clamped down against my ears, soft and slick not quite muffling her cries of pleasure. I felt her hands drop onto my head, fingers twisting into my hair and pulling and holding on for support. For a moment, Mom's entire body seemed to waver back and forth atop Mom-Deb's stone and then contracted around my head and face, hanging on to me as if for dear life. As I licked and sucked at Mom's delicious pussy, I reached around her and cupped her ass cheeks, stabilizing her and giving me leverage to press my face more firmly between her thighs!

I was like a little kid given leave to just bury his face into his birthday cake and I ate Mom's cunt with the delight and enthusiasm of such an child, rolling my tongue up and down her pussy lips and then spearing it inside her, gobbling her copious juices until their gushing flow threatened to drown me with my mouth and nose buried in the folds of her flesh.

I eased back for a moment, only a few inches, but still drawing a wail from Mom as I gasped for air. I paused only long enough to orientate myself and plunged back in, again, licking and sucking Mom's cunt as she clung to me, but with more of a game plan than initially. I rolled my tongue up Mom's gaping open slit, slathering back and forth over her lips and then at the apex, slowed my licks until I felt my tongue roll over a small swollen protuberance and heard and felt Mom's reaction -- her body convulsing as she squealed in such a way that nearly had me cumming in my jeans. In my mind, I was smiling like the cat that had just eaten the canary. I had found Mom's clitoris.

"OH FUCK YES....TOMMYBABYSONSUGAR...YESSSS!" Mom crooned, as I rolled my tongue gently around and over her clit. I felt another spray of her juices against my lower lip and chin as I lightly and slowly ran my tongue over her swollen penis-like appendage. I repeated the action and felt her roll her pelvis against my face. I withdrew my tongue and as careful as I could, pursed my lips around her clitoris and just held it in place and Mom stiffened as if hit by a bolt of electricity, baying like a bitch hound maddened by lust. I was fairly sure Dad and Mom-Carrie could hear her back at the house.

I felt Mom's hands drop away from my head only to begin clawing at my shoulders while her heels drummed helplessly against my back as she plunged into an intense orgasm. Leaving one hand cupping her butt, I worked my other hand back in close and ran my middle finger along her slit, slightly tilting my head down to give it room to work. After a short reconnaissance, I plunged my finger into my mother and turned my wrist, a memory of advice for fingering a girl that Polly had offered a while back fixed in my mind.

"Gently stir your finger around, rotate your wrist and then carefully probe the front upper wall of the girl's pussy until you find her special spot," Polly had instructed me as matter of factly as if she'd been giving me instructions on baking a cake.

I recalled listening to her eagerly and asking, "How will I know when I've found her special spot?"

My sister had grinned at me and replied, "Trust me,'ll know."

Polly, gold bless her, had been right. Inside Mom's oven hot pussy, I had turned my wrist over and my finger was gently stroking and probing when suddenly Mom began to scream and bark hysterically, trying to buck against my face and finger and then as I massaged her G-spot, I began to softly suck on her clit, she went insane with pleasure.

"FUCKFUCKFUCK! LOVE YES, LOVE FINGERS AND SUCK ME MAKE ME CUMMMMMM, TOMMMMMYYYY" Mom shrieked as I felt her juices gushing everywhere as she began to orgasm. I again glanced up and her face was a painting of pure lust and ecstasy, drooling as her eyes rolled madly and she screamed, "LOVE ME FUCK ME SUGARSON! MAKE ME CUMMM CUMMM LIKE FUCK LIKE DEB USED TOOOOO!"

Mom suddenly went limp as if she'd passed out and she pitched forward into my arms, her weight driving us down and I kicked out so we landed stretched out, me flat on my back and Mom on top of me. For a few seconds, I thought something might be wrong with my mother, but then her eyes focused and she let out a cry of, "I love you, son!" and she was clinging to me and kissing me, not minding her own juices and the kisses themselves became a mixture of kisses, licks and nuzzles until both our faces were smeared and sticky with Mom's pussy cream. I discovered that tasting Mom's own juices from her mouth was an incredibly arousing experience.

We lay there for a long time, not saying anything, but simply looking into each other's eyes, whether we were kissing or not. When I finally began to speak, Mom placed her fingers over my mouth and shook her head.

Another minute or two passed and Mom said in a very quiet and subdued voice. "I've known and experienced a lot of pleasure in my life, son...done so many things with so many people, especially Deb and Carrie and your daddy. I can't tell you how many times I've watched John and his mother make love or fuck like demons and I always wondered if the pleasure, the sheer ecstasy that they experienced was greater than my own because they were mother and son. I thought that I'd never know anything greater than your Mom's Deb's tongue and touch or maybe your daddy's cock, but..."

Mom began to cry softly and I wasn't sure what to do, but I hugged her tight until she finally said, "Tommy, I haven't even felt you and that big cock inside me yet, but just having you in my mouth and feeling your mouth and fingers on was like something..." Mom's eyes grew wide with wonder. "Like touching God."

Her voice quavered and faded and I lifted my head and kissed her gently. "Oh, Mom...I love you!"

She nodded vigorously and kissed me back. "I love you, Tommy...more than anything." She stroked my cheek and then dropped her hand down to slide it under my T-shirt so she was touching my chest. "I get it now, special and rare this is. Your flesh and my flesh, being the same flesh...sharing life and love and in becoming one again, becoming something...divine and precious." She paused and smiled at me. "Sorry, preacher's habit of sermonizing, but what I'm saying, son, is I love you and I thank you for opening up this world for me...for us and that I will pray everyday that it never ends."

She kissed me again, a slow, languorous kiss, our tongues merging to move as one, tasting and savoring each other. When it ended, Mom's face was flushed again and she grinned evilly at me and said, "And we haven't even fucked each other yet...I'm not sure my heart will take it!"

My cock throbbed beneath her at her teasing words and I whispered, "I'm willing to chance it if you are, Mom!"

Mom purred and sat up atop me and with a quick, violent motion, flung her dress up and over her head, leaving her naked. "I think I've been waiting all my life for this moment, son!" she said, standing up now, her legs straddling me and her pussy wet and dripping above me. "Get yourself naked, it now!"

Mom stepped away from me and retrieved the quilt Mom-Carrie had left for her. She unfurled it and laid it out on the grass in front of Mom-Deb's grave. Her eyes were on me and I stripped off my pussy soaked T-shirt and undid my jeans, making a small, plaintive noise that made my blood race as my cock sprang free, purplish and angry with need.

Tearing her eyes away from my now naked body, Mom turned around in a circle, saying loudly, "Listen up all you Hamilton ghosts and spirits. A Hamilton son is about to lose his virginity to his mother...gather round and enjoy and give us your blessing that we might be the happiest incestuous couple in our family's history!"

The breeze picked up and ruffled Mom's short locks and the surrounding trees rustled as if letting us know our ancestors' reply and affirmation of their presence. Mom seemed to sense this as I did and got a slightly funny look on her face as she went to her knees and looked at Mom-Deb's final resting place. She held out her hand and said in a voice brimming with lust, "Fuck me son. Lay down with me here and made love to your mother!"

As I took Mom's hand, she lay back and pulling me to her, spreading her legs wide until I was lying between her thighs, me pausing as the head of my cock seemed to find her pussy naturally and I felt her wet, hot flesh clasping it. "Mom..." I whispered as it was my turn to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the moment. My entire existence seemed to funnel down to this moment and I felt the sure rightness...the absolute correctness of the moment like destiny would have it no other way.

"Mom..." I began again. "Are you ready for me, Mom?"

My mother lay beneath me, her entire body seeming to vibrate in anticipation. A thin sheen of sweat seemed to break out all across her body even as it appeared on me. I felt hot and anxious and Mom scarcely murmured, "I'm your's, son...I've waited all my life for this moment, now fuck me, Tommy!" before I was dropping onto her and into her, feeling for the first time the sweet heat of a woman's cunt sheathing my cock in her steaming wet and silky embrace.

The moment was electric and I immediately understood what Mom had meant about the holiness of the moment. I felt embraced by God...all perceptions seared by the incredible rightness and carnality of the moment. I knew that Mom and I had no choice but to become become man and wife. Our incestuous union was...perfect and utter sexual and spiritual bliss!

Mom met my thrust with an upward movement of her own and though her pussy felt tight around my cock, I slipped effortlessly into her until my cock bumped into something fleshy and solid even as my pubic hair ground against her outer folds. The moment was electric as we both seemed to convulse from bolts of intense sexual power, grinding us into each other even more. Mom's legs wrapped around my lower back and she was clawing my shoulders again, pulling me into her even as her mouth found mine to muffle her cries of ecstasy and my moans of carnal pleasure, which exploded into a volcano of exquisite joy as I found myself unable to stop from cumming!

As I flooded my mother's pussy with hot semen, it seemed to trigger her orgasm, easily more powerful than the one I had given her with my mouth and tongue and for a few short moments, we merged into one pure being composed of incestuous love, fused together with passion and lust. I had nothing comparable to understand the beauty of the moment. Masturbation and a few hurried hand-jobs from high school sweethearts were not even on the same plane of existence of fucking and cumming inside my mother.

In the aftermath of our mutual orgasm, we were both reduced to tears and breathy exclamations of "I love you," between gasps for precious air and kisses that helped rekindle those delicious, almost indescribable moments of incestuous ecstasy!

We lay there together for I don't know how long, our bodies slick with sweat, faces wet with tears, not sure whether we should laugh or cry, but both desiring to savor the moment for as long as possible. When finally, I had the strength and sensibility, I began to move, but Mom moaned plaintively and as she tightened both arms and legs around me, whimpered, "No...don't."

I smiled at Mom and kissed her again. "I'm not leaving you, Mom," I said in a husky voice. "I'm still hard and I'm going to fuck you, Mom!"

Mom gave a little half cry-half laugh and said, "Yessssss! Fuck me, son. Fuck your mother like she needs to be fucked!" She tightened her grip on me, creating tension that my body used to move just enough to slide my cock perhaps half way out of her molten pussy and then drive forward hard and fast, making my mother cry out with pleasure.

Mom's pussy seemed to tighten around my cock like a velvety vise, squeezing me even as I slowly withdrew halfway out of her and then plunged forward again, this time, making Mom gasp as if I had driven the air from her body. Her entire body seemed to flex and roll under me, burying my cock a bit more minutely inside her. Mom's arms were around my neck and she pulled me in for a kiss as I slid partly out of her again and then as our tongues curled around each other, she cried out in her passion into my mouth, her eyes widening with intense pleasure.

I continued to withdraw slowly and then thrust quickly into Mom's pussy, almost subconsciously monitoring her reactions as I would shift my hips slightly, changing the angle of my thrusts to seem what seemed to offer Mom the most pleasure. Gradually both withdrawals and thrusts became quicker and then I heard our bodies slapping together wetly as we both became sweaty with our efforts, punctuated by Mom's grunts and groans as I began to fuck her frantically.

I was in heaven, totally lost in the feel of my hard and aching cock in my mother's tight and so wet and slick cunt, loving how it felt as it pulsated around my erection, kissing and massaging it of its own volition even as Mom and I kissed. Mom broke the kiss to offer up brief barks of screaming pleasure as I sort of lost control and began fucking her wildly, feeling pleased at how expertly I was making love to my mother until suddenly I slipped out of her, my cock sliding up along her lower belly, leaving a trail of semen and pussy juice over her pale, flawless skin.

Mom laughed and said, "Careful there, son! Momma doesn't want a moment to go by when her son's hard cock ain't buried inside her!" She flexed her body and twisted her hips and then somehow, her pussy had me in its grasp again and I was again deep inside her fiery hot vagina. She felt even slicker and tighter than before and again, I was fucking my mother like a madman as she wailed and writhed underneath me.

We kissed and touched each other -- Mom's feet feeling so delicious as they slid back and forth over my butt cheeks or over my bulging calf muscles while her thighs seemed locked like soft vises against my hips. Mom's hard, rubbery nipples slid back and forth against my sweat-slick chest -- so swollen were the blood engorged nobs, I could feel her pulse racing through them.

Each kiss brought her tongue to mine -- both intertwining like small serpents making love, conveying her taste and her arousal through her saliva...between dances of our tongues, we would suck each other's tongue as her motherly pussy accepted her son's cock.

The warm sun beat down on us, adding its heat to our own carnal fires until I thought that our incestuous love and lust for each other would cause us to simply burst into flame...our mortal bodies unable to contain such intense desires. I fucked Mom through orgasm and then another, marveling at the heat and wetness that existed between her legs...a testimony to her own incestuous desires and then as Mom gasped and moaned under my never ceasing motherfucking, I felt at last my own climax approaching.

My earlier orgasm had been born of the sheer wonder and amazement of finally returning to my mother's womb, but now, my need to cum was fueled by many needs -- perhaps the most overwhelming of all was that of offering my baby-making seed to my mother. I fucked Mom all the harder, relishing her cries of carnal delight as I thrust deep and hard again and again. "C-cummming, Mom!" I growled. "I want to fuck you and cum in you and make you cum and fill you up and make babies with you!" I howled as I fucked Mom more furiously than I would have ever thought possible.

Mom's eyes were fiery with a wild and supernatural lust and she gave me a sneering grin as she flung her hips upwards to meet my thrusts into her pussy, her legs sliding up to wrap more tightly around me. "FUCK MOM! FUCK MOM HARD! KNOCK ME UP, SON! FEEL ME WITH YOUR HOT JIZZ AND MAKE ME...OH GODDDDDDD! FUCK ME, TOMMY! FUCK MOMMMMMMMYYYY FOREVERRRRRR!"

And I drove deep into Mom's pussy, grinding myself against her crotch as I felt the dams break and a flood of hot semen barreled out of my cock to drown Mom's womb with hot, incestuous sperm and we were both howling and screaming our love and lust for each other as we both began to orgasm!

We were lost in each other's bodies and in each other's souls -- the material world seemed to fade away, leaving us and our incestuous love for each other as the only things that existed...we became the universe and it was lovely and carnal and a thing of ecstasy that would never burn out...never that was eternal and immortal.

It seemed forever before the world gradually materialized around us...the gradual recognition of the gentle breeze cooling our sweat soaked bodies...the songbirds serenading our great love for each other and for a fleeting moment, the murmurs of approval as if our long gone family members were offering their affirmation of our joining. Mom's eyes grew wide as I am sure mine did as I felt more than heard Mom-Deb's voice whisper in my ear, "Sooo beautiful!"

As our orgasm slowly waned, Mom began to sob, hugging me tight. I joined her, overwhelmed by such intense love that I had never thought could exist, but now wrapped in my mother's embrace I realized that we'd just begun to explore the depths of such a great and powerful love that could exist between a mother and son.

Finally, we regained control of ourselves, happily kissing each other's tears away between passionate kisses. "Well, sugar," Mom finally began in a breathy voice. "I think we've gotten the family seal of approval."

I nodded and replied, "I don't think there was ever any doubt that we would. I just can feel it in my heart...this is what's meant to be."

Mom smiled and kissed me, still holding me tight in her grip, my cock slowly softening inside her pulsating pussy. "I imagine we never had a choice. It's family tradition." She dropped a hand to the quilt, damp with our passion. "Just like this quilt is a family tradition."

I glanced down at the old quilt with it's patchwork flowery pattern. "Really?"

Mom grinned and replied, "Your grandfather and his momma, Polly were the first to fuck on this quilt. He took Carrie's virginity on this blanket and she fucked her son...your daddy on this love quilt and lost your virginity to your mother on this lovely old thing."

Once again, I was nearly overwhelmed by my emotions -- thinking of the tradition and power of family love that had existed in this place for so long and of the love that my family had raised me in and now the great culmination of all that love in what I felt for my mother...the love that only a mother and son could incestuous love that could only grow more powerful day by day and year by year as Mom and I devoted ourselves to each other.

I felt as if family were watching over us as Mom and I embraced, naked and joined cock and pussy. I could feel the presence of Mom-Deb, her spirit aroused and rejoicing at the sight of her great love and their son joined in holy incest at last. I sensed the presence of Grandpa Tom and Great, great grandma Polly and their approval of our continuation of their tradition of family love and although I knew that Dad and Mom-Carrie were not present physically, I could feel their loving spirits hovering over us.

I was proud to be my mother's lover...her man...her husband already by every definition except the legal one. Mom groaned as I began to harden inside of her again and even as she whispered, "Love me, son, make love to your mother," I was already thrusting into her as I said softly into her ear, "Forever, Mom...forever.

To be continued...

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