tagIncest/TabooMother-in Law Lust

Mother-in Law Lust


Martha was sitting in her bedroom looking in the mirror and thinking about her life. She was a 63 year old woman who retired 3 years ago. She was a successful teacher and raised to children. I have been married to the same man, Don, for 35 years and my love life is a zero. He is still working for a local company and does a lot of traveling. He doesn't show any interest in me. Don has let himself get out of shape and shows no life. All he is interested in is work and watching sports.

She thought, I do not have much time left and I need to have a man to make me feel like a woman. I keep myself in good shape, don't look my age and my best asset is my body, and need a man! Who could it be?

I have always been attracted to my daughter's husband, Peter. He is 33 years old and in marvelous shape. I really love his muscular body. How could I get him to notice me? In his subtle way he seemed interested in me. I have made up my mind. I'm going to make love to him.

Her daughter lives about 50 miles away. One time when Don and her went to visit her, she overheard them making love and it really got her juices flowing.

She began thinking of a way that she could seduce her son-in-law. They would be attending her niece's wedding next month. It was in a neighboring state and they would all be staying a hotel for the weekend. This would be the perfect place to do it.

The next day Martha decided to call her daughter and set up plans for attending the wedding. Peter answered the phone and she said, "Hello Peter, how are you?"

"I'm fine and you?"

"Okay, I'm bored and lonely. Is Anne there?"

"No she isn't, she went shopping. She will be back in an hour. Why so lonely?"

Martha responded, "I don't know why. Don is out of town and my friends have doing other things. So it's just me alone in the house. I guess this is what happens when you get old."

"Martha you're not old. You look lovely and beautiful for you age." Peter thought he would love to have sex with her. Sex with an older woman was always one of his fantasies.

"Oh stop that Peter, you're just trying to be nice." She was getting tingling feeling between her legs after he said that.

"Listen Martha, I am not just saying that to be nice. Before I got married I always fantasized about being with an older woman." Peter hesitated and said "I shouldn't have said that. Please don't tell Anne."

"I wouldn't tell her. Everything said is between you and I. Can I tell a little secret?'

Peter said, "Of course, my lips are sealed."

"My love life is nonexistent. I get so frustrated."

"Did you ever think about spicing it up by role playing wearing sexy lingerie?"

"I have tried the lingerie with Don, but he is just not interested. I guess my body doesn't look good in lingerie."

Peter responded with excitement. "That's not true. I bet you look marvelous all dressed up!!" Peter's cock started to rise just thinking about that.

"Thank you, Peter. We better stop talking like this. Could you have Anne give me a call when she gets home? I want to talk to her about plans for the wedding next month."

"I will tell her. Martha I can't wait to see you next month. We'll have a good time and keep your spirits high. You are a beautiful woman."

"Thank you, Peter, I will. Goodbye"

"Goodbye" responded Peter.

Martha thought am I imaging this or was Peter trying to come on to me? She really was starting get wet between her legs thinking about him.

Martha and Anne finally talked and made plans. They would arrive on a Friday and leave Sunday. They made reservations at a hotel outside the town where the wedding would be held. Ann would get a babysitter for their 5 year old boy.

Martha kept thinking of ways she could get Peter alone and seduce him. It will be difficult. The days were going slowly for Martha. She couldn't wait for the wedding. Every time she would think of Peter she would get wet with excitement.

About a week before the wedding Don came home from work and said, "I have bad news I have to go out of town for work the weekend of the wedding. I'm sorry Martha but this is an important trip for the company."

Martha began to wonder how she would get to the wedding; she didn't want to drive by herself. Maybe if she called Anne; they could make some arrangements. She also thought this could make it easier to get Peter for herself.

She called Anne to discuss her situation. They agreed since Anne and Peter lived closer to where the wedding would be held, Anne would drive up Friday evening alone. Peter would pick Martha up Friday afternoon and go straight to the hotel. It wasn't that much out of the way.

This really got Martha excited. She thought to herself what would she wear for the weekend. She normally dressed conservatively, but she would wear some sexy lingerie under her conservative dresses. She remembers Peter saying he like that. I have some in my wardrobe already, she thought. Maybe I'll buy some more for the weekend. S

Friday didn't come soon enough. Don will be gone Thursday, and Peter will be getting her around 1 o'clock Friday afternoon. It will take about 2 hours to get there. Anne wouldn't get there till about 6 o'clock.

It was late Friday morning and Martha picked out what she was going to wear. It would be a silk white blouse and a gray skirt. The skirt came to just below the knee. Then she thought I am going to really wear something sexy underneath. She had a gray teddy with garter straps to hold her very silky gray stockings. She started putting them on. While looking in the mirror she slowly put the stockings on and said to herself. "I do have nice legs, I hope Peter enjoys them. These stockings feel so sexy on me."

Peter finally arrived and he couldn't believe his eyes. "Oh my Martha you look magnificent!!" He gave her a kiss on the cheek. This excited her a little.

She said "Thank you very much."

They went to the car and Peter opened the door for her. He noticed how beautiful her legs looked as she slid onto the seat. He started to feel a twitch in his cock.

They started on their trip and started to talk about life in general. Martha noticed how Peter would take quick glances at her legs. When he wasn't looking at them she raised her skirt I little showing her thighs.

Peter's cock started to get harder every time he looked at her legs and Martha could not help but notice. She was all excited that Peter was attracted to her. It was time for her move.

Martha said, "Peter, I enjoyed our conversation we had a couple of weeks ago. I felt like I opened up to you. It's been a long time since I have had a man. I know it is wrong, but I am attracted to you. I can see you are attracted to me." She looked down to the bulge in his pants.

"You're right, Martha I am attracted to you. My penis got hard just looking at you legs. You are a very attractive woman. What should we do?"

Martha took her hand and placed on his bulging cock and said, "I think we should go for it and I know we could be very discreet. I really need to be fucked."

This got Peter very excited. "I agree Martha, but I do not want to just fuck you. I want to make love to you and give you an experience you never felt. I have always been attracted to women like you; older, attractive and have great legs."

Martha continued to stroke his cock. "It makes happy that I can still excite a man; especially a man as young and athletic as you. I can't wait to rub my hands all over you."

"Anne won't be getting to the hotel till about 2 hours after we arrive. That will be enough time for me to satisfy you." Peter put his hand on her thigh and started inching is way up her stockings until he felt her panties. "Wow you are really wet! Your stockings really turn me on. Will wear them we make love."


They arrived at the hotel and checked in. As they were on the elevator Peter gave Martha a sensual kiss. Their tongues were exploring each others mouth. Martha whispered in his ear, "You don't know how long I've waited for this moment."

Peter took his luggage to his room and walked Martha to her room down the hall. When they got there he opened the door and said, "Wait." He picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed.

Martha said, "That was so romantic Peter."

Peter laid down next her and started to kiss her very passionately. They were lying side by side kissing and their hands were all over each other. Martha put hers hands on Peter's cheeks and said, "Oh Peter you make me feel like a woman again. I am so excited."

Then Peter reached down and put his hand up her skirt. It slowly went up her thigh. "These stockings feel so silky. Do you wear them just for me?"

"Yes I did," Martha responded. "I want you so badly, Peter."

He asked her to sit on the edge of the bed. He took her shoes off and started to massage her feet. She said, "That feels so good. I love it."

He took her feet and put on his pants and rubbed his cock with them. "Oh Martha this is what I have dreamed about doing, especially with my mother-in-law. You are so beautiful."

Martha was getting so wet, and started rubbing her pussy with her hand. She was rubbing harder and harder, while Peter kept stroking his cock with her feet. "Oh, Peter I'm going to cum!!!!"

"Cum sweetheart, cum!!!" Peter shouted.

Martha moaned and yelled, "I'm cummmmmming. Oh my, Peter that was the best feeling."

Peter stopped and took off his clothes, his cock was pointing straight at Martha, and said "Look at me Martha, look how hard I am for you. I'm going to make this last. I want to taste you."

Martha said, "Peter your body is beautiful and muscular," as she rubbed her feet all over his chest. "God I've always wanted a man like you. My husband cannot even compare to someone like you."

"I'm so glad, Martha, because this body is only for you. I don't want to please anybody more than I want to please you." Peter starting licking and kissing her feet. He slowly moved up her leg. Martha screamed "Oh my God!!!! You are driving me crazy!!!"

He put his head under her skirt and kissed her thigh. He finally reached her pussy and the smell of sex was oozing out of her. Martha's panties were so wet. He removed them and inhaled the aroma. "These smell so good." He took his fingers and parted the lips of her pussy and started licking ferociously. Martha's thighs were squeezing his head. "Lover, please keep doing that. I am in heaven!!! Your tongue feels spectacular! I am cummmmmmming again. Whew." Her hips and pelvis were jerking hard. She couldn't get enough.

Peter's mouth was soaked from her juices. He got up and started kissing Martha on her lips. They were kissing so hard and couldn't get enough of each other. Peter whispered in her ear. "That was fantastic, honey. I love you so much."

Peter started unbuttoning her blouse and at the same time he would caress her breasts. He finally removed the blouse and started sucking her breasts through her see through bra. "You have lovely breasts. The nipples are nice and hard." Martha lifted her hips so he could remove her skirt. "Let me look at you babe. You are gorgeous."

While Peter was moving his eyes up and down her body; Martha ran her hands all over his chest and said, "Your chest is so muscular, I love it!! Pleaseeeeeee fuck me."

Peter got on top of her and starting kissing her. The tip of his cock was just touching the entrance of her pussy. "I can't get enough of you Martha." He moved down and began to kiss her breasts and at the same time he grabbed his cock and slowly rotated it around her cunt.

Martha screamed "Oh my God Peter, I can't believe what you are doing to me!! Make me your slut and fuck my pussy!! I need it so badly!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! My beautiful lover!!!"

Peter entered her slowly until his cock finally reached the bottom of her pussy. He held it there and did not move. He gave her a kiss and said, "Let's do this slowly and climax at the same time." His prick slowly started to go in and out. This lasted about a minute. He picked up the pace and was going faster and faster until Martha shouted, "GIVE IT TO ME HARD!! I'M GOING TO CUM!! CUM WITH ME BABE!!"

"I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMING Martha." He exploded all of his juices into her pussy.

They held each other and Peter whispered to her, "That was the best love making I have ever had."

Martha responded, "Me too my love. Me too."

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