tagInterracial LoveMotorcycle Gang Ch. 03

Motorcycle Gang Ch. 03


It had been several months since the surgery and Jodi was feeling very good about her new breasts that the gang leader had decided she needed. During the initial healing period she was very disappointed because of the numbness and total lack of feeling in her new breasts. But as time went by and with the healing behind her, the sensation was now returning and she was happy with the results. In her old life, it would have been a scandal for her to have breast surgery and her straight-laced church friends would have been horrified at the thought of Jodi defiling her body in this way. If they only knew that her 34 B tits were now 34 DD and her tongue and pussy were pierced. The transformation was obvious but not just physical.

Jodi had harbored dreams and desires for many years of being used as a slut for black men and had acted out those needs and desires very discreetly and on out of town trips only. But when the gang, the Black Knights, had taken her from the small diner where she had stopped, her fantasies had become reality and she had now become accustomed to having the big hard cocks she had fantasized about inside her every day. She now serviced the needs of many of the gang members, as the other gang women did, but it was obvious that Jodi not only enjoyed it, but needed it like a junky on smack. She had always been a highly sexual person from the first time she first discovered black cock, and the last few months had only deepened her need to be fucked hard on a daily basis. In her old life she was lucky to be able to get away from home for a 'break' two or three times a month, but now she had all the hard dick she could ever want and she was living that dark fantasy.

Last night, Rodney, the leader, had called her into his cabin to tell her that his new plans for her were going to happen very soon and that she needed to go to town again to get a new wardrobe. With his cock buried deep in her ass, and one hand tightly gripped onto her red hair he told Jodi that she was soon to become a whore for him up in Tulsa. The gang was always looking to make more money and using Jodi's pussy was just one of the ways to get it. As he kept fucking her ass and telling her how she was to be "turned out," Jodi became more excited and turned on and came fast and hard.

The idea of being a whore for Rodney and the gang made her wet and excited. She had a restless nights sleep and was grateful when they left early in the morning to go to town. She didn't know what it was that made her so anxious to start this new episode in her life with the gang, but she knew she wanted this and was trembling just from the thought of men paying Rodney to fuck her.

It was about 8:00am when they arrived in town and the bikers pulled up in front of the local café. They went in for breakfast and sat down at a large round table in the corner. There were six of them including Jodi as they sat down and ordered. Rodney saw his tattoo artist friend Steve sitting by himself with some coffee and waved him over to the table. The men were obviously friends as they gave each other a bear hug and back slap as Steve pulled a chair over next to Jodi.

"I see, your bitch got some new tits, Rodney." He said looking down at Jodi's very pronounced cleavage and firm looking tits.

"Yea, show Steve your tits, slut," Rodney said.

Jodi reached down and pulled her tank top up over the tops of her big breasts and held the garment there while the men had a good look. Since her breast surgery, Jodi had no need for a bra for support.

"Feel 'em Steve, they're nice and firm," Rodney smiled as Steve took one in each hand and squeezed them and then tweaked the nipples until they became hard.

"Did Doc Bradley do these for you, Rod," Steve asked as he continued to pinch and grab her nice new tits. Rodney nodded to his buddy and watched him work on her exposed flesh. Jodi loved the feel of being touched like this and she remembered so well how Steve fucked her the day he pierced her tongue and her hood. She was getting wetter by the second as she gave herself up to his big powerful hands.

"Yeah, Bradley does a nice job and he knows exactly how I like the tits to look on my bitches. After she gets some clothes today, I am going to make some money off this slut's pussy," Rodney said to Steve.

"Suck his cock, bitch," Rodney snarled at her and Jodi wanted nothing more than to get at Steve's big cock. She reached down and began to unzip his jeans as his hands mauled her big tits. She was so glad that the feeling had returned to her nipples. As she took a hard grasp of the big cock and pulled it out she felt Steve pushing her head down onto him. Her lips wrapped around the fat head and then dropped down as she forced more of it into her mouth. Her hand pumped his cock as she sucked. Jodi was so turned on that it didn't matter that she was doing this at 8:30 am in a crowded café. She was moaning and grunting as she sucked Steve while he sat with his back to the restaurant customers. His cock was now fully erect and she felt herself being pulled off him by the shoulders and then her hips were yanked across Steve's lap so she was facing him and directly on top of his hard dick. He moved up while pushing her shoulders down and his entire length was forced deep inside Jodi. A loud moan escaped as she dropped her head onto his shoulder and began moving her hips down onto him. Steve pulled her head back up and began sucking her tits. He moved from one to the other while Jodi bounced her hungry cunt on him. In her sexual frenzy, she knew she was ready to cum. When he bit down on her nipple, she exploded in a screaming, moaning fit. Her pussy moved at lightning speed and she could feel Steve about to unload into her.

"Yeah, baby, cum in my cunt," she pleaded. "Please fuck all that juice into me baby," she urged as her orgasm stretched and she felt the first blast deep in her womb. It amazed her that even with the multiple times each day that she was entered by so many hard cocks, that she was always ready for more. She not only was ready, but she needed it more and more all the time. In the few short months she was their 'captive,' Jodi had become everything she ever dreamed she wanted to be in the dark hidden recesses of her mind. Now she was living it and loved the excitement and the sex more than she could have ever imagined.

As Steve finished filling her cunt, he pushed her down off his lap and onto her knees under the table. She knew what to do and began to suck him clean and swallow every drop of cum that still oozed out of him. Finally, she took him and put his cock back inside his pants and rose back to her seat at the table.

"I gotta tell you, Rod, this bitch can fuck. She will make you a lot of money, man," Steve said as he sipped his coffee and relaxed in the aftermath of the great piece of ass he just started his day with. Rodney smiled at him and told the group to finish up so they could get her going with the new wardrobe she would need in Tulsa.

"We may bring her back for a tat sometime," Rodney said on his way out.

"I may still want to take my fee out of her ass, if that's okay with you," Steve asked.

"No problem, my brother," Rodney said as the café door slammed behind him.

They went to a surprisingly upscale boutique in town where there was a huge assortment of lingerie and dresses and stiletto heels. Rodney let her go through on her own and pick things out, but she needed to get his approval on every item. After the first fifteen minutes, Jodi realized that Rodney wanted her in very high heels with open toes, stockings and garters and very short dresses or skirts with tight plunging tops. Bras and thongs were all top quality and very sheer and revealing.

But Jodi also realized that these clothes were way too upscale for street walking so she was beginning to understand that her customers would not be coming to her to negotiate a deal on the street. They probably would be pre-screened and a better clientele. Jodi didn't know if she was happy with this realization or not. She loved the way she was used at the camp. They all took her hard and often and made her feel like a cheap piece of fuck meat and she was getting very addicted to it. She liked it when a gang member just grabbed her and forced her to her knees and shoved his cock in her throat. Or when a black stud would push her up against the outer wall of a cabin and lift her skirt and take her from behind until he came and just walked away. But Rodney was in charge and he was out to make money. A higher class of customers would pay more money and Jodi had no say in this at all.

After about a two hour spree in the store, they were done and the packages left on the counter to be delivered later in the day. The small group of gang members saddled up their bikes and Jodi jumped behind Rodney and they were off to the camp again.

After getting back, Rodney walked back to his cabin and Jodi started out for hers. As she walked across the compound, she saw two bikers just coming out of their cabin and they told her to come with them. One took hold of her hair and dragged her into the cabin and threw her toward an open wall. The men sat down in lounge chairs and told her to turn the music on and give them a strip show.

"Rodney has booked you to dance at his topless bar in Tulsa when you are not hooking for him. So show me how you move that sexy white ass, you slut," he said as she pressed the play button and started to move for him. For whatever reason, Jodi was immediately was turned on by the idea of stripping and dancing in front on a crowd of men at a bar. She started to move her hips and rub her body with her hands. They moved over her arms and shoulders and then down over her big tits to her belly and then over her hips to her crotch. She turned her back to the bikers and bent forward. Slowly they watched as her ass became more and more exposed. As she did this, she unzipped the skirt and stood up, feeling it slide slowly down her legs and onto the floor where she kicked it to the side.

Jodi stood with just her thong and top and her high heeled boots as her ass gyrated and pumped to the beat. She felt hands on her hips and then suddenly a forceful pressure on her wet cunt lips popped a hard cock deep into her. Jodi stayed bent over and took her top off and dropped it on the floor beside her. The grip on her hips was tight as he pounded her using long hard strokes with his big dick. He pulled his cock back and before pushing forward again he slapped her ass hard and the sound echoed against the cabin walls. As always, Jodi was getting very close to cumming now and met his every deep stroke with her ass moving back onto him.

"Oh. Yes, baby, just like that. I like it hard and rough like that baby. Oh, fuck me hard. Please do it harder," she begged as he drove her even more powerfully.

Jodi felt her head being turned by a set of hands and as she turned, a cock moved to her lips and pushed ahead into her yielding mouth.

"Blow me you fucking whore," he ordered as she went down on the big black cock and began to use her tongue and lips to work him into a bigger erection. She was going to cum soon from the hard cock deep in her open cunt and she wanted to taste this biker's cum at the same time. Jodi was grunting and sweating as she rotated her ass. She felt her cunt begin to spasm on the biker who was fucking her senseless. Her loud muffled scream onto the cock in her mouth was easily heard by both men as they too began to join her in a satisfying and powerful orgasm. Cum flooded her cunt as she moved in tune with each driving thrust. Her mouth went deeper on the other cock as it exploded in her and she sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. As they all started to come down from the hard animal sex that filled the cabin, one of the bikers told her when and how it was all going to happen.

"Tomorrow you leave for Tulsa and they have you staying in a suite at the Ambassador Hotel on Main Street. Nice place to meet some well heeled business types. On nights when you have no dates, you'll be dancing at the Cloud 9 on 3rd Street. Be ready to move out at 7am tomorrow," he said as he pulled up his jeans and pushed her toward the door.

It had been about two weeks since Jodi arrived in Tulsa and it was a constant parade of men in expensive suits visiting her in her hotel suite. Some nights it was one or two of them and other nights she was the center of attention for several men at once. In the two weeks she had been there she had danced at the Cloud 9 about 3 times a week and she really got incredibly turned on showing her body off to the men and doing table dances or some private dances in the back. The management told her that she could not go any further than allowing some minor touching and rubbing but she was not permitted to suck any cock or allow them to fuck her. So many nights she would be as worked up as the men she danced for and when no one was looking she would take their hand and let them finger her for brief periods. Most times this was not enough to get her to orgasm.

Unlike most dancers and hookers, Jodi was in it for the sex and not the money. The truth was that she never was allowed to keep any of her tips and it all was collected each day and sent to Rodney at the camp. Even though it was rare for her to go a day without being fucked in her hotel suite, most times the men could not last long enough and their cocks weren't big enough to make her cum. But on those other occasions when there were several men she was hired to entertain, she got enough hard cock to satisfy her needs at least for that day.

What she really missed were the big black cocks she had become accustomed to at the biker camp and the rough treatment that added to her excitement. The men who paid for her services were usually respectful and polite and sexually boring. She liked being treated like a slut and used hard and then discarded after it was over. The several gang bangs she had been involved in were much more satisfying because the men quickly recognized that she wanted it rough and nasty. The men could tell that she was not "faking it' and they would react with their more animal instincts. Also, when she got excited, Jodi became very vocal and it was easy to tell how much this hooker want to be fucked hard.

Her appearance from the past had been altered with the addition of the surgically perfect large breasts and her hair was now much shorter and worn in a sexy pageboy style rather than her long red perm. And Jodi was now a blonde which Rodney had decided suited her new career as a hooker. Her clothing was sexy and provocative and nothing that she would have worn in the past. She used very heavy make-up which enhanced her appeal in her new role as a call girl. All in all, Jodi had been totally transformed from a suburban church woman to a sexy looking high priced whore. She recalled those days from the past when she was able to get away on occasion and meet black men in motel rooms or even in the back rooms or rest rooms of bars. These infrequent trips to Tulsa or Dallas were the thing that kept her going in her normal life. Her need and craving for this type of sex was overpowering and she got such tremendous relief from being fucked by one or two or many black men who would have no mercy on her and make her their sex slave for these brief periods of time. When it was over, they usually just left her there on the floor or the bed or in a bathroom stall to clean herself up and find her way home.

Her time with the bikers at their camp had been like a dream come true for Jodi. She was used sexually everyday and was treated as their sex servant and as owned property. She couldn't have been happier with her new life and had mixed feelings about her new assignment for Rodney as a hooker. Yes, on one level it was exciting to her and she loved the new additions to her body. But, on another level, she was sorry to leave the camp and the men she needed and who used her so often and with exactly the right combination of deep fucking and total dominance.

Tonight Jodi was entertaining a visiting businessman from out of town and as she was getting dressed she was hopeful that he would be what she needed so badly. It was more probable that she would be disappointed and frustrated but she could feel herself getting wet as she dressed for the date. He would be in her room within the hour. To assure security for Jodi, since she also lived in the hotel, she had a suite on the higher, exclusive Club floor. This meant that anyone coming to her room needed a special elevator key to get to that floor. Arrangements were always the same. Rodney would arrange an envelope to be waiting at the front desk for the client. The envelope contained the elevator key and the room number. The men never knew she also lived there so she was doubly assured of not being bothered by returning 'johns' after they left or having them show up unannounced. Also, since most hookers were caught or turned away from the better hotels as they tried to visit their clients, this arrangement allowed no such troubles and also allowed Rodney to make sure the men also paid for a room night along with the hefty fee he charged for Jodi.

After bathing and doing her hair, Jodi went to the huge walk-in closet to pick out an outfit. She decide that black looked very sexy with her short blonde hair and selected a lace thong and sheer black bra that looked very hot with her black garter belt and sheer black stockings. Her open toed black heels were four inch stiletto's that made her look as good as any Victoria Secret model. Then with a wide collar white silk blouse that buttoned just up to the center of her abundant cleavage, she stepped into a short red skirt that barely covered her stocking tops. Her matching red jacket which had one center button accented this outfit beautifully. She looked like a mix between a professional woman and a woman who loved showing off her many physical assets. As a high priced hooker, this was what the men expected, and Jodi knew how to pull this off.

Closing off the one side where her private bedroom was and walking into the living room area, she opened the double doors leading to the second bedroom which she termed the "business" bedroom. As she lowered the lights she put some music on the CD player and looked around to make sure the atmosphere was just right. The subdued lighting made for a very sexy mood. The lighting was definitely dim but it was by no means dark. Just as she was finishing preparing the room she heard a soft knock on the door and called for the person to come in. Jodi watched a tall well dressed man enter the room and stand near the door.

"Hi, my name's Danielle and you must be Jack. Can I get you a drink, Jack?" she said as the man slowly moved toward her. Rodney had cautioned her to use an invented name in this business and she had always liked the sound of the name Danielle. She danced at Cloud 9 using another name which was Crystal.

"Yes, it's nice to meet you. I would like some Scotch, if you have it," Jack asked from about ten feet away.

Jodi went to the small bar and poured some Johnnie Walker Red over some ice, turned and held it out for Jack. He saw she wanted him to come to her and he walked the few steps to take the glass. As he did this, Jodi slowly took off her red jacket and began to unbutton the silk blouse.

"Enjoy your drink, honey, and watch me. I am doing this for you," she said with a slight smile as the blouse was pulled apart and then discarded beside the red jacket. Jack saw the swell of her big tits and the sheerness of the bra allowed him to see her hard nipples through the material. His hand reached out to lightly touch the exposed flesh outside the bra but Jodi just smiled and moved back slightly out of reach.

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