tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMotorstorm: Morning Pass Ch. 01

Motorstorm: Morning Pass Ch. 01


Motorstorm: Day One. Morning Pass.

Celebrities: Elisha Cuthbert, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Laura Prepon

Disclaimer: OK you all know the story, don't read this if you're under 18. If you are practice wrestling moves on each other instead, Vince needs the law suits! Better yet do something stupid and blame video games, no one's sick of that argument!

Author: Pendulum

Author's note: Alright, this one had always been an idea of mine, festering in my head; I've sort of devised it as a Days of Thunder type story with celebrities either sponsoring or actually doing the driving. Each day is going to be split into three sections. Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings with the fictional event set over a weekend so this will essentially be a six parter! Dear Lord what have I gotten myself into...Anyone who has played Motorstorm on the Playstation 3 would know that Motorstorm is based on a weekend of 'Brutal, Off Road Racing' as IGN put it so elegantly.

[Author's Note 2: I'm not a massive fan of racing events so what you may read which isn't technically true...Please forgive me, I do mean well. I am trying ;) For a visual aid: Devil's Canyon is Ayer's Rock in Australia only if it was cracked to hell. The canyon would start at one side and the twists and turns lead to the other side. Raintop Mesa is on top of the Canyon only above the cracks there are ramps, bridges and jump. Also, any names that don't seem familiar chances are they are likely fictional. I just found it easier to write that way.]

The current roster:

Drivers: Laura Prepon (BDR), Nick McManus (SM), Billy O'Reily (PFEL), Michael Brendon (PFEL), Marc Ward (BDR), Sean Callahan (SM), Allyson Foley (TBC), Lewis Reid (TBC)

Back-Ups: Nick O'Shae (BDR), Fred Christianson (SM), Jeff Harvey (PFEL), Jim Christopher (PFEL), Jayne Baldwin (BDR), Steven Rios (TBC), Tom Salem (TBC), Joseph Holloway (SM)

Sponsors: Elisha Cuthbert (The Blaster Cannons), Jennifer Love Hewitt (PassionFuryEnergyLove) Scarlett Johansson (Screaming Monkey), Nathan Fillion (Big Damn Racers)

The helicopter spun round the side of the mesa, as a CGI version of the Mesa popped up on the TV screen. A red line ran around the mesa eventually drawing a complete circle around the mesa. Laura groggily grabbed the remote from her bedside table and pressed the mute button. Removing the mute feature the anchors voice filled her room dimly lit room. "And you can see here Don if the Bikers are struggling too much with the main road there are jumps and ramps positioned around the track so they can leap and jump from ledge to ledge. We are expecting heavy rain for the later part of the night so the mesa will become extra dangerous."

"Thank you very much Tara, have we heard any more about the potential collapse in Devil's Canyon?"

"Well Don, after talking to the planners. Mister Donald Trump and Vincent McMahon they mentioned they are indeed keeping the track as it is. They intend to blow a hole in the blockage and reinforce it so there's a makeshift tunnel there now. If you look to the screen here..."

Laura hit the power button, the TV's power cut off she looked over at her boyfriend Marc Ward. Running a hand through her red hair she looked over her itinerary. Talking aloud, she read over each event. "Saturday: 9:30 Devil's Canyon-ATV's only. 12:30 Raintop Mesa-Pickups and ATVs. 10:30 Devil's Canyon Rewind- Rally Cars Only. Sunday: 9:30 Raintop Mesa-ATV's only. 12:30 Devil's Canyon Rewind-Pickups and ATVs. 10:30 Raintop Mesa Rewind- All permitted. Super..." Marc stirred from his sleep and sleepily rubbed his eyes.

"...What time is it?"

Grinning, Laura leant down and kissed her boyfriend firmly. "Half past really fucking early. Just checking over the schedule." Laura said, playfully pinning him to the bed.

"Okay, you know I love two things about being up early. You're always so horny." Marc said, pulling his arms free, slowly moving them down to Laura's thighs.

"What's the second?" Laura asked, titling her head to the side slightly.

"I get to fiddle with the cars..."

"Let's see if you can get my engine running." Laura said a groan emanating from Marc. Laura chuckled slightly as she leant down to kiss him.

"Jesus! Cheesy much?" Marc asked, lightly caressing her thighs.

Chuckling lightly Laura positioned herself to be sitting up on top of her lover; Laura grabbed the hem of her KISS shirt and slowly pulled it off. Tossing it aside nonchalantly, she slipped off of Marc so she could slide off the boxer shorts he was wearing. Looking at them, Laura giggled at the logo of their racing team.

"What? Free advertising!" Marc said, pointing to his brain as if he was Einstein's descendant.

"I hope you don't plan on showing anyone else you boxers." Laura said, mock anger inn her voice. Shrugging, Marc kissed Laura lightly before whispering.

"Well maybe I'll just go show Nate...See what he thinks..." Marc was referring to their sponsor Nathan Fillion, actor and general racing fanatic.

"Har-de-har. It is to laugh." Laura said a strong British accent feigned in her voice. They frequently teased Laura about the fact that she was the only girl on the team, and saying she had a crush on Nathan was only one of the many ways. "Now do you want me to ride you or not?"

"Ride me please." Marc said, a smile breaking out on his face. Throwing her leg back over him Laura reached between them and grabbed Marc's rapidly hardening cock. Positioning it against her pussy she pushed back against it and sighed as she felt herself being filled.

Sensing that Laura wanted him to be there for her Marc grabbed her hips. He slowly started to pull her down onto his cock he lifted his hips to meet her halfway. When Laura put her hands on Marc's shoulders he moved his hands to her firm ass. Laura moaned lowly as Marc gripped her ass cheeks firmly. Slowly she started to rock on top of him getting closer and closer to her goal.

"Uhhh..." Laura grunted as she drove her pussy back onto his cock.

Removing one hand from her ass, Marc snaked it up Laura's body to cup one of her breasts. Lifting his head off the makeshift pillow, a combinations of: shirts, socks and boxer shorts, Marc parted his lips and took her small red nipple into his mouth. Marc swirled his tongue around the hardening nub as he felt small tremors course through Laura's body. Her orgasm getting closer and closer.

"Fuck me..." Laura quietly moaned barely audible, her eyes slowly shut as she enjoyed the feelings she was experiencing.

Letting her nipple slip from his mouth, Marc put his hand on her side and rolled her over onto her back. Without missing a beat he planted his hands on the bed and began to fuck her like she wanted.

"GOD!" Laura moaned, slowly hooking her legs around his waist. Every stroke Marc made caused her breasts to bounce sexily. Reaching up Laura gently placed her hands on his shoulders and slowly pulled down for a kiss.

It wasn't long before Laura felt her climax coming to a head. Normally she would've liked to go longer, but this morning she just needed to get off. Marc, being her boyfriend for nearly three years now knew that she got nervous before a race. Especially a televised one so he knew that even if he was left high and dry he'd score major boyfriend points.

"Fuck...Cumming," Laura gasped, suddenly burrowing her face into Marc's neck as she felt the pleasure of her orgasm wash over her.

While she writhed on the bed in ecstasy, Marc kept thrusting into her, he was relatively close. Marc just needed an extra little bit to push him over the top. Finally reaching his boiling point Marc buried himself in her one last time before erupting and coating the inside of her pussy with his cum.

"Thanks..." Laura said, turning to Marc a little red in the face. Marc wrapped an arm around her as she cuddled up to him.

"No worries, that's why I'm here...You still nervous?" Marc asked, compassion shining through his voice.

"How could I be after a performance like that?" Laura said as she closed her eyes and thought about the race.


Jennifer Love Hewitt walked through the airport terminal to be greeted by a wave of paparazzi, smiling and posing for the cameras Jen prepared to answer a few questions when her main rival appeared in the terminal behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw her blonde enemy...Elisha Cuthbert! She walked up and struck similar poses to Jennifer before the two went nose to nose; naturally the paparazzi went mad for it and started to snap up all the pictures.

"Your team are no where near as good as mine you fucking bimbo!" Jennifer said under her breath, laughing Elisha shrugged off the insult and looked own her nose at Jennifer.

"Keep dreaming slut. My team's going to leave yours in the dust!" Elisha gritted her teeth and walked past Love to smile for the media. Love swore silently and made her way out of the terminal.


The drivers for Jennifer Love Hewitt's team 'PassionFuryEnergyLove' had a quick look around, trying to find their vehicles. A gruff man in his early forties called out their vehicles numbers and the team captain. Billy O'Reily. A twenty three year old Irish hot rod racer, with long black hair tied back into a ponytail with tattoos running up and down his arms. Billy stood at just less than six foot five and weighed about one hundred and eighty five pounds; his skin was a healthy white but was quickly tanning under the desert's sunshine. He raised his hand and in his thick drawl simply said. "Over here chief!" The man nodded and waved his left hand in the direction of the currently empty car lot. A large truck pulled up, the driver hopped out and handed Billy a piece of paper. He looked at it; the paper simply said '643218'. "Hey...What's this?"

"That's the security code; need to make sure that the number on the back of the truck matches that. Ensures that no foul play went on." Billy nodded and walked over to the back as the staff members hired for the team walked up with him. The driver flipped open the plastic covering and Billy checked over each number. "That ok with you boss?" The driver said in a thick New York accent, Billy nodded and took a few steps back.

"Right team we've got the ATV's first, Pick-Ups an hour later and then in the evening Rally Cars...Let's get them unloaded in that order. Do we all know what we're racing?" Nods and confirmations rose up from the mob. "Well then...Let's get to work!"


Nick McManus, a man of Scottish decent looked out over Devil's Canyon and smiled. ~This is going to be a very fun weekend. Long...But fun!~ He thought to himself, as he turned round his cell phone whirred to life. Looking down at the Caller ID it simply read 'Boss.' "Yes Boss? No they turned up at Six Thirty this morning. Everything was fine..." Running a hand through his long red hair, Nick kicked up some dirt looking down his six foot six body. He weighed in at two hundred and fifty eight pounds and had a firmly ripped stomach, looking over the canyon a sly smile crept across his face. "Yes boss, the canyon looks so simple...Can we expect for you grace us with your presence? Alright Boss, sorry...Alright Scarlett...I'll see you tomorrow, we'll e-Mail you with our standings once the day's through. Goodbye." Flicking his phone shut Nick sighed happily and turned around walking back to his camp. He saw a man struggling with an ATV. Jogging over, Nick helpfully flicked the brake button to 'Off' and the man easily rolled it through. He mouthed Thank You and smiled; Nick chuckled to himself and walked on to his camp.


"Mikey are you having a good time under there? You modified it back at the base, we're good to go!"

"I know Boss but I like to have my hands under there. Aint nothing better than knowing she's tuned specially for me!" Michael Brendon, a mere child but racing genius stood at five foot six and weighed in at a measly one hundred and forty five pounds. Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, he truly was a genius when it came to fixing cars though. He had short black hair and had a new three day stubble, sliding out from under his Quad Bike Michael, better known as Mikey, stood up and dusted himself off. Grease oozing from his fingers, as he ran a hand through his hair a beautiful young woman made her way into their garage. Mikey made a wolf whistle; the young woman looked over at him and took her glasses down from her eyes.

"Excuse me!?"

Looking over at the subject of Mikey's affection, Billy slapped his forehead. "Shut up, you bloody fool! That's our sponsor!" Billy quickly mopped up any grease on his hands and ran over to Jennifer Love Hewitt. "Miss Hewitt, a pleasure to see you! You'll have to excuse young Michael here, the heat's messing with his mind...Did you have a pleasant flight?"

Smiling, Jen looked over at Mikey and smiled apologetically. "Please call me Love and you. I'm sorry, I've just had a bit of a bad day...And thank you" Love winked at Mikey, who immediately shied away from the beautiful star. "The trip was very nice although I ran into one of our rivals on my way here. How are we looking for the race?" Billy quickly became all business as he motioned for her to take a seat, talking her through each track and their strategy Love's eyes moved over to Mikey who had then scooted back under his ATV.


Laura took to her ATV alongside her boyfriend and they quickly took a few test runs. Each unit seemed to be working fine so they checked them each off and wheeled them to the pick up point. Laura took off her helmet and shook her hair loose; looking over the other racers Laura smirked and whispered to Marc.

"What do you think the likelihood of these guys beating us are?" Marc looked over the same guys and shook his head lightly from side to side, seemingly estimating them competitors.

"Doesn't seem very likely does it? I figure the one whose going to give us the most trouble will be Michael and Billy from 'PassionFuryEnergyLove'. Talk about a sucky name too!" Laura laughed as the two shared a quick kiss and made their way over to the team tent. Inside the tent, their sponsor and part-time racer, Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Slither fame stood, decked out in a red shirt with some dark beige shorts on.

"Alright team, this evening we're expecting rain so I figure we strap on the chains. Laura, Marc you guys OK with that?" The team's eyes drifted over to the star drivers who shook their heads, voicing their agreement with the idea. "Alright how did the rides handle? Ready to take the gold?" The team all let out a cheer and started to clap their hands in a rousing move of union. Nathan smiled a wide smile and nodded his head. "Alright then, I'll be on the main stage with the rest of the coaches so I'll see you on the podium!"

"Good guy isn't he?" Marc said as Laura picked out her body suit for the race.

"Yeah, he's really nice. At least he cares about us, unlike some of the other sponsors out there."


On the other side of the camp, two other lovers Allyson Foley and Lewis Reid looked into each other's eyes as their boss walked over with some papers in her hand. "What the fuck is this!?" Elisha said as she slammed some paperwork on the table next to them. Breaking their stare Allyson picked up the papers and looked over them, flipping over the pages she smirked. Speaking in her thick Texan accent, she flipped her raven black hair back.

"This is our Race Entry Form, we hand this in when we race."

Shaking her head as if Aly had treated her like she was speaking a foreign language, Elisha spoke up with a tint of bitchiness in her voice. "I can fucking read. Why haven't you handed it in yet!?" Lewis moved forward to defend his fiancé.

"Because she hasn't raced yet. All drivers hand that in at the starting line, you've been walking around trying to find faults with my fiancé's garage. Maybe you should just let the professionals worry about the actual races and you worry about looking pretty for the cameras." Elisha looked like Lewis had just spat in her face. She flicked some of her lose blonde hair back from her eyes and looked up and down Lewis' body.

"What the fuck are you doing in MY camp?" Making sure to put an emphasis on the ownership.

"Meh, free country." Was Lewis' simple reasoning, prompting Elisha to lookpissed off before swearing and storming off.

"Good job baby..."

"Ah it was a team effort, how're your cars looking?"

"Yeah they look good. I think we need to maybe tune up 'Ripper' and 'Razor' before the race though."

Nodding his head, his medium length blonde hair bobbing with each nod, Lewis spoke. "Well we've got six hours for that yet..."


"ARE YOU FUCKING READY FOR THIS!?" Corey Taylor, lead singer for the metal group Slipknot screeched into the mic. The crowd all screamed for more, as Corey let out a wide grin the big LCD screen behind him came to life. An over-head camera scrolled along the starting line, the black and white checks decorating the red dusty road. "Well...If you're five, five, five. Then I'm six, six, six...If you're five, five, five then I'm six, six, six..." Corey repeated the lyrics until the crowd started to join in.

As Slipknot performed for the crowd to the side of the main stage, the main stage was being prepared for live TV broadcasting. Don West and Mike Goldberg, of TNA Wrestling and UFC Programming fame respectively ran over their notes and made changes as sound checks and lighting checks went on. Nathan Fillion was the first of the sponsors to arrive. He scooped up a bottle of water and took a quick sip; fiddling with his camera he took a picture of the view from the area before walking up to the race commentators and introducing himself. The team were more than happy to meet him, happily shaking his hand swapping stories. Some of the website team came up to them and asked for photos for the website. They all posed and got a great shot.

Jennifer Love Hewitt walked up the stairs and received a similar request to Nathan, Mike and Don. She also happily obliged and received another great shot, going straight to the website; she walked over to the group and introduced herself. They also took a joking photo with rival Sponsor Nathan Fillion, the two were happy for it to go on the web site. "So Jen...You nervous?" Nathan asked, handing her a chilled bottle of water.

"Not really, pretty sure I've got the best racers out there. You may get a respectable second though." Jen said, teasing Nathan slightly. Nathan laughed and put a hand up to feign being insulted.

"Second...Second is the place for Hollywood starlets such as yourself. I'll be going straight for first with my team!"

"Oh ho ho ho! Well Mike look at this the race hasn't even started yet and they're already jockeying for position!" Don said in his trademark gravel voice, Mike laughed at the sight of the two playful stars.

"Well, wait till the other one gets here!"

Nathan turned around, an eyebrow raised.

"One, I thought there were two other sponsors?" Mike shook his head and skimmed a couple of pages in his book.

"Nope Screaming Monkey's sponsor's tied up with other arrangements, she'll be here tomorrow. Just got Elisha Cuthbert here today...Coincidently where is she? I haven't seen her all day."

Jen snorted at the very mention of Elisha's name, raising eyebrows from the three males. Nathan was the first to break the slightly uneasy silence. "Yeah well they can all be here or all not be here my team's still coming through on top!"

Jen laughed and threw her hair back, playfulness residing over her now. "Yeah well, my team's position is like a woman's...On top...No wait!" Realising what she had said she quickly tried to retract it as Nathan, Mike and Don all got out their phones and pretended to text their friends.

Elisha then made her way to the top of the plateau, looking over the view she turned round and posed for her shot on the web site. Joining the collection of spectators Elisha tried to catch on with the joke. Laughing when the others did, they looked at her, almost upset at the fact that she had laughed. "What the fuck are you laughing at Cuthbert?" Love said, getting very aggressive towards her rival.

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