tagLoving WivesMrs. Buehler's Day Off

Mrs. Buehler's Day Off


This is a cheating wife story that involves a mature woman with a much younger man. Those of you who don't like that subject might want to move on. I hope the rest of you enjoy it.

It was a sunny and warm Friday afternoon in suburbia. Work had been hectic recently, so the 45 year-old, married, mother of three decided to take a day off work. The children were off living their own lives. One was married and two were away at college. She had the quiet house all to her for the day until her husband would return later from work.

Now that they were empty nesters, the Buehler's had begun a routine of taking off work an hour early each Friday for a "date". They would meet at home, remove their clothes in separate rooms, and then join each other in the marital bed for some role-playing fun. One of their favorite scenarios that they would often play out was Mr. Buehler as a young stranger making love to the cheating Mrs. Buehler. It was only role play though. The Buehler's were high school sweethearts and virgins when they married and had remained faithful to each other through the years.

Mrs. Buehler relaxed through the morning with her coffee. She had a small lunch and then decided to shower and prepare herself for her husband's arrival. She poured herself a glass of wine and headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she removed all of her clothes and then prepared to step into the shower when she glanced at herself in the mirror. She turned to get a look at herself. What she saw was a mature woman's body. At 5'4" and 135lbs, she had put on a few pounds but still turn heads.

Mrs. Buehler took a large sip of the wine and stepped into the shower. The hot water washing over her along with the alcohol working its way through her brain put her in a trance-like state. Her mind began imagining her impending "date" with her husband. Her right hand instinctively went to her left breast, while her left hand worked its way down her tummy, across her trimmed bush, and between her legs. She felt her nipples growing hard as she inserted a single finger into her warm vagina that was now slick with her own juices. She wanted to make herself cum. No, she needed to make herself cum, but somehow she remembered her impending date with her husband. She quickly finished he shower and stepped out.

As Mrs. Buehler dried her body with the towel she once again gazed upon herself in the mirror. The water glistened on her pale white skin. Maybe she would go outside and sit in the sun for a while she thought, so once she was dry she went into the bedroom and found her two-piece swimsuit and put it on. After doing so, she finished the glass of wine that she had started before showering and headed downstairs.

After pouring another glass of wine, Mrs. Buehler grabbed a towel and sunscreen and headed out to their patio. She laid the towel over the chaise lounge and lay down just far enough that she could relax, but still sip on the wine. The patio was secluded except for one window on one neighbor's house. Mrs. Buehler assumed that their 18-year old neighbor Tommy wasn't home during that warm summer weekday afternoon. After all, it was Tommy's bedroom window that overlooked the Buehler's patio. For the past five years Mrs. Buehler's sun tanning events had provided young Tommy with multiple masturbatory fantasies. Mrs. Buehler knew that Tommy watched her because she caught him several times, but she always kept herself properly dressed. She had no intention of flashing him.

This particular afternoon the sun was creating a glare that prohibited Mrs. Buehler from seeing that Tommy was indeed home and was indeed once again gazing upon the nearly nude body of his married neighbor. Often on days like this day when Tommy's parents were gone and Mrs. Buehler was sunning, he was naked from the waist down and stroking his cock. His young cock would be below the window sill and out of sight on the occasions that Mrs. Buehler would catch Tommy admiring her body. Today was different. The sight of Mrs. Buehler's body had once again caused his penis to stiffen, but he no longer felt like pulling it out and shooting it all over the wall. He wanted a better look at her body, so he left his room and headed next door.

Mrs. Buehler was nearly finished with her second glass of wine. She laid the chaise back and drifted off into an alcohol induced foggy daydream. Once again she began to feel wetness between her legs. Once again she felt the intense desire to have a cock inside her. She glanced at Tommy's window and saw nothing but glare. It didn't matter because he wasn't there anyway. Tommy had quietly entered the Buehler's back yard and was now behind Mrs. Buehler admiring the mature body below him.

The left hand of Mrs. Buehler began slowly working its way along her belly towards the elastic waistband of her bikini bottoms. She was about to slip her hand inside the bikini when she was startled out of her sexual dream by a youthful voice.

"Hi Mrs. Buehler."

"Oh my god, Tommy you scared the shit out of me!" she said when she realized where the voice had come from.

"You are getting kind of red there, Mrs. Buehler." He said.

Mrs. Buehler realized that she had forgotten to cover herself with the sunscreen that she brought out with her. Young Tommy offered to put it on her, but she rejected him. The two of them talked small talk as Mrs. Buehler calmed down from the fright that he gave her. Once again, Tommy offered to apply sunscreen to her burning skin. This time she relented and rolled over onto her stomach to give his hands access to her back.

Young Tommy's hands felt smooth and strong as he started on her shoulders. The fact that he was taking his time put Mrs. Buehler at ease. He then moved to her lower back. Her skin felt incredibly smooth. His lustful eyes stared at the round ass bulging against the fabric of her bikini. As he applied the lotion he would ever so subtly ease the tips of his fingers under the waistband careful not to take his liberties too far. Her back was now complete. It was time to move on to her legs. Mrs. Buehler's legs had always taken Tommy's breath away. He especially loved fixating his stare at the "Y" formed between her legs as his cock spewed semen while he watched her from his room.

Tommy nervously began applying lotion to Mrs. Buehler's legs, starting with her calves. He quickly moved his way up her thighs, leaving her calves only half-covered with lotion in his haste. The hands on her thighs once again made Mrs. Buehler's pussy begin to tingle. Tommy's hands were rubbing forcefully on the back, outside, and inside of her thighs. Mrs. Buehler had to bite her lip to keep her legs from spreading against her will each time young Tommy's strong hands reached between her thighs. Once she could swear that his hand brushed against the thin material covering her labia. She knew it was not an accident however when for a second time, only much slower than the first, Tommy's hands caressed her most personal of areas.

Once his hand was free of her inner thigh, Mrs. Buehler quickly rolled over onto her back and pulled the back of the chaise up so she was now sitting.

"I can take it from here." She said.

Tommy didn't relent. He squirted more of the white lotion on his strong young hands and began rubbing it on the feet and ankles of the mature married woman. Mrs. Buehler was confounded and confused by the situation she found herself in. Her brain, despite the alcohol was trying to tell her to stop. Her body, however, was responding enthusiastically to the touch of the strange hands that were now on her calves and moving upwards towards her throbbing pussy. Mrs. Buehler's eyes glanced downward at the body leaning over her to discover a large tent in Tommy's shorts. She gasped at the realization that her body was causing an erection on the young man, and squirmed from the sensation of the strong hands now moving up her inner thighs.

"We can't." Mrs. Buehler whispered in a feigned attempt to stop Tommy.

Tommy leaned forward. His lips were now inches from the luscious lips of the married woman whose thighs were now spreading ever so lightly from the influence of the hand that had now moved within inches of her still bikini-clad pussy. This was it. Mrs. Buehler was at the point of no return. Her body yearned to be fucked by the rock hard cock that was begging release from her potential lover's shorts. Her mind briefly flashed before her an image of her husband, but was quickly replaced passion, hunger, lust, and desire. Mrs. Buehler closed her eyes and felt the soft lips belonging to young Tommy make contact with hers. Simultaneously she felt fingers slip under the elastic material on her inner thigh. Her intruder forced his tongue between their lips and into her mouth and was greeted by her own willing tongue. She felt the fingers under her bikini begin to explore her unbelievably wet pussy. His hand pushing up from inside her bikini allowed air to rush over the gushing wetness and caused a chill up her spine that only for a brief moment nearly brought her to her senses.

Mrs. Buehler's brain forced out a "no," but through their interlocking tongues their ears only heard a faint "nnn." Young Tommy took his free hand, reached around the back of Mrs. Buehler, found her bikini top tie, and pulled. Mrs. Buehler's breasts were now free from the confines of the material. Tommy's free hand immediately came back around and found one of her breasts. Her breasts were incredibly soft in contrast to her rock hard nipples protruding from them. Mrs. Buehler managed to push Tommy away far enough that his tongue dislodged from her mouth.

"Get up." She ordered in a breathless voice.

Tommy reluctantly removed his hands from the luscious body of his ultimate fantasy and stood up. Mrs. Buehler surprised him, however, when she reached out and rubbed the protrusion at the front of his shorts. She then grasped his waistband with her left hand, placed her right hand on his zipper and pulled the zipper down. Using both hands, she unbuttoned the shorts and quickly pushed them down to his ankles. Mrs. Buehler wasted no time in grasping young Tommy's jockey shorts by the waistband on each side. She marveled at the outline of his cock, the tip of which was poking up above the waistband and leaking precum like a faucet. She pulled down and out at the elastic which caused his cock to spring free and the jockeys to fall to the ground.

Before her, standing at attention, was the object of her pent up lust. It had been years since her husband's cock had stood up that firm and tall. His blonde pubic hair was a stark contrast to the brown she was accustomed to seeing on her husband. His muscular frame came into full view as young Tommy removed his t-shirt and now stood totally naked in front of her. Mrs. Buehler reached forward with one hand and touched the young man's cock. She ran her hand along the underside and felt his virile sperm-filled balls.

The alcohol was no longer clouding Mrs. Buehler's brain, but her unbridled appetite was. The cock in her hand felt different than her husband's. She squeezed his cock causing a large pearl of precum to appear. She wiped the semen with her finger and spread it over his cock giving her some lubrication, which she used to begin stroking the young penis. "What's the big deal, it's only a hand job, right?" was the justification that Mrs. Buehler used to ward off the guilt that fought to stop her actions.

Mrs. Buehler was mesmerized by the sight of her hand as it worked its way up and down the young cock. Tommy's heaving breathing and moaning was like a symphony in her ears. More precum appeared at the tip of his cock. Her mouth was watering. She moved her head towards the tip of his cock and then pulled away. "Maybe just a taste?" she thought. "What's the harm in that, right?" Again she moved her head closer to the delicious looking cock and opened her mouth. Tommy was in heaven already with one soft hand stroking his cock and another soft hand caressing his inner thighs, but now he could also feel hot breath near the tip of his cock. Mrs. Buehler placed the tip of her tongue on the tip of young Tommy's cock, licked away the precum, and swirled her tongue around in her mouth and on her lips in order to taste the salty sweetness.

The taste in her mouth was an intoxicating elixir that once again dazed Mrs. Buehler. She instinctively moved her head forward again, opened her mouth, and this time she wrapped her lips around the entire head of Tommy's cock. She didn't stop there. Tommy moaned as Mrs. Buehler's lips and mouth moved slowly down his shaft until her nose was planted firmly in his blonde pubic hair and his cock was planted firmly in her throat. Mrs. Buehler's husband no longer occupied any time whatsoever in his wife's mind as she was now moving her mouth up and down on the rigid shaft. She could feel the thick vein on the underside of Tommy's cock against her tongue as she pleasured him.

Tommy had not jerked off today. His cock was over sensitized and his balls were aching for release. Mrs. Buehler often gave her husband blowjobs, but only for the purpose of getting him hard in order for him to fuck her. She could work on her husband's cock for a long time without it spewing in her mouth. But this wasn't her husband. This youthful cock now felt unbelievably swollen. Tommy placed his hands on the back of Mrs. Buehler's head and began thrusting in and out of her throat. Mrs. Buehler realizing what was happening tried to pull away, but it was too late. Tommy thrust one last time and held Mrs. Buehler's face against his abdomen as he spurted load after load of sperm into her belly. Mrs. Buehler fought off the impulse to gag. She could feel Tommy's thick vein pulsing in her mouth and could also feel a warmth in her stomach as Tommy force fed her.

Seemingly, just as fast as it started it was over. Tommy pulled his cock, still unbelievably hard, from Mrs. Buehler's throat. Or was it over? Tommy had cum, but Mrs. Buehler had not. She sat on the lounge in a state of bewilderment clad only in her bikini bottoms, while Tommy stood before her naked from head to toe with his cock still pointing up at full attention. Her pussy burned with desire. She picked up their clothes with one hand and took his hand in her other and let him into the house. Hand in hand they went through the kitchen, the living room, up the stairs, and into the master bedroom.

Mrs. Buehler dropped their clothes, swiftly removed her bikini bottoms, pulled back the bed covers and climbed into the marital bed. Tommy, with his still unbelievably rigid cock, followed right behind her. Mrs. Buehler grasped Tommy's cock while at the same time, once again, shoved her tongue into Tommy's mouth. They didn't remain like that for long as Mrs. Buehler's pussy was craving Tommy's cock. Mrs. Buehler rolled onto her back and spread her legs. The scent of the mature woman's nectar between her legs permeated the room and mesmerized the young man.

Tommy crawled over Mrs. Buehler. She took hold of his cock that was now just inches from her aching sex.

"Do you put it in?" Tommy asked shyly.

"Oh no." Mrs. Buehler gasped. "You're still a virgin?"

"Yes." Tommy replied sheepishly.

"Do you want to stop?" She asked.

"No way." He replied while unsuccessfully trying to push his cock inside her.

Mrs. Buehler was still in control of her senses just enough to remember that her husband's vasectomy was the reason her child-bearing ceased after three pregnancies. Her left hand held Tommy's cock securely outside her love canal. He could feel the wetness between her legs on the tip of his penis. The urge to push forward into her was uncontrollable. A condom would resolve this impediment, but none were available.

"You have to pull out when it's time." Mrs. Buehler instructed.

"OK" Answered Tommy.

"No, you have to promise you will pull out." She repeated.

"I promise." Tommy Replied.

With that agreed, Tommy felt the warm soft hand of Mrs. Buehler release its grip on his manhood. He wasted no time in pushing himself fully inside. Mrs. Buehler gasped as the rock hard appendage sheathed itself completely within her body. It had been years since she felt something that firm inside her. Instinctively, Tommy began pulling his hips up and down, causing his cock to be pumped in and out of its warm and wet accommodation. The vagina he was pleasuring himself inside wasn't tight. After all, Mrs. Buehler had born three children. Tommy didn't know the difference, however. As far as the young virginal Tommy was concerned the soft mature body was providing him complete and total ecstasy.

Mrs. Buehler could tell the difference as Tommy's rock-solid cock slowly worked inside her. "A little faster." She cooed. Tommy sped up his movements sending a bolt of lightning through the mature body of Mrs. Buehler causing her to have a mini-orgasm. She placed her hands on young Tommy's firm ass trying to force him harder inside her. "Harder baby." She pleaded. Tommy increased the force of his movements which drove his cock repeatedly against Mrs. Buehler's cervix. Mrs. Buehler, in turn, intensified her pleasure by bucking her hips up to meet Tommy's thrusts.

They were two wild animals in heat. Tommy, on top, was propelling his swelling cock into Mrs. Buehler as hard as he could. Mrs. Buehler was pulling and tugging on Tommy's muscular ass trying to get his cock embedded even further. Their mouths were interlocked except for occasional efforts to catch their breath. The room was filled with the scent of their animal attraction as the sounds of their grunts and groans bounced off the walls. Mrs. Buehler could feel a full blown orgasm coming. It was a feeling that in recent years was only provided by her husband's oral foreplay. Her mind was completely lost in the pleasure provided by the young cock.

"I have to..." Tommy muttered between breaths.

Mrs. Buehler ignored him as the walls of her pussy began contracting tightly around the young, strong, pounding cock.

"It's time..." Tommy pleaded helplessly.

Again his pleas were ignored. Mrs. Buehler's body began shaking and convulsing. The young stud had succeeded in impelling the married woman into orgasm. Tommy felt his cock began to throb and attempted to pull out, but nature was taking its course. Mrs. Buehler instinctively wrapped her soft womanly thighs tightly around the thin muscular legs of Tommy in order to prevent his withdrawal. Tommy could feel her shaking. He could feel her fingernails digging into his ass. He could feel her legs enveloping his. He could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing rhythmically around his cock. They could both feel the tip of his cock pressed firmly against her cervix as young Tommy helplessly tried to resist the insemination of the married woman beneath him. What seemed like hours had only been minutes as the two intertwined lovers reached a feverish peak.

Then, Tommy's young cock exploded. His balls that had previously been slapping against the full round ass of Mrs. Buehler were now being drained of their life-giving seed. Mrs. Buehler felt the first piercing hot flood of sperm in her womb. "Nooo." She cried out. Her brain knew she was possibly being impregnated, while her body continued to betray her by holding her young lover's manhood firmly inside her. Tommy again tried to dislodge his spurting cock from its destiny, but was again denied. He could feel wave after wave of sperm pour out of him and into Mrs. Buehler until he was full drained.

Finally, it was over. The two continued for several minutes to lay wrapped together and nearly unconscious. Tommy's spent cock finally softened and slipped out of its slimy orifice. Mrs. Buehler felt the softened appendage slip out and felt a flood of warm sperm follow. Suddenly she realized the time. "You have to go right now. My husband will be here any time." Mrs. Buehler said loudly. Tommy in a panic, leapt off the bed, grabbed his clothes, threw them on and ran out of the house.

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