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Mrs. Chamberlain


Authors note: I would like to thank Katrina_Coronado for editing this story. Without her patience and insistence that punctuation be absolutely correct, I would have submitted something not worth reading. I hope you enjoy my first submission.

Disclaimer: This is a work of sexual fiction; use of condoms, getting tested, and use of birth control may not be described or mentioned in this fantasy story but in real life, of course, one would practice safe sex.

All characters in this story are fictitious and of legal age. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

I have edited this story and resubmitted it in the Mature category. Please comment and vote.

Mrs. Chamberlain

I was in town standing as the best man in the wedding of an Army buddy of mine. The happy couple had gone up to their suite and the party was winding down. I had just finished all of the requisite best man duties and found a seat facing the bar when I caught a glimpse of who, in my mind, was the woman that had haunted my dreams for years.

I was sure my eyes were telling me a lie as I was taken back to a recurring daydream that centered on a certain English teacher whose class I had taken as a junior in high school. It was American Literature and it was required for graduation. I didn't do particularly well in the class, as there were too many distractions.

Foremost among them was Mrs. Chamberlain, who sat at the front of the class on a stool with her hose clad legs crossed, wearing a skirt that always fit her ass perfectly and a sweater that accentuated her ample breasts. She drove all the boys wild with lust.

My dream was always the same:

Mrs. Chamberlain was seated on the stool, legs open in invitation, with her panties hanging on one ankle. I was on my knees, feasting ravenously on her pussy. She was holding me by the ears, grinding her sex into my face, whimpering just before she climaxed, and nearly smothering me in the process. She would then pull me up to a standing position and I would fuck her while the entire class cheered us on.

I came out of my reverie just as the object of my dream waved at me to come to her.

I took a moment to compose myself and stood.

She was at the bar seated beside Linda, the mother of the bride. She was wearing a knee length skirt, hose with flats, and a tight fitting sweater: a vision straight out of my spank bank.

As I approached, she began to smile.

When I got close enough, as if she actually knew my thoughts, she grinned and said, "Hey soldier, are you well? You looked as if you were 1,000 miles away and the look on your face reminded me of the big, bad wolf. Were you thinking about eating me?"

"Barb!!" Linda admonished, "Leave him alone! He must be exhausted and in no mood for your antics."

Barb? Mrs. Chamberlain's name is Barb? I thought to myself and, at that moment, I realized that it was the woman of my dreams before me.

I arrived at the bar, smiling, with my eyes locked on Barb. Linda introduced me as Randy, explaining that the groom and I are stationed together, "This is my sister Barb."

"Hello. I'm pleased to meet you" I replied. I told the ladies that I was going to get a beer and asked if I could order for them also. They said I could. Barb was drinking an Amaretto Sour and Linda wanted a Screwdriver. I moved down the bar some to speak with the barman and I overheard the ladies whispering just a bit too loudly.

Linda said, "He cuts an impressive figure, doesn't he?"

"Why yes," Barb replied, fidgeting, "Impressive indeed."

When I returned with our drinks, Barb asked, "Sergeant isn't it?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied, "Sergeant First Class, three chevrons up, two rockers down," pointing to my sleeve. I was wearing the alternate Army dress uniform. Standard issue is green, but the groom and I opted for our blues for the wedding. The ladies always respond to the blues.

Barb said, "You sure have a lot of pretty ribbons and medals on your chest. How many do you have?"

I commented that I wasn't sure about exactly how many I had, but I pointed to a few of the important ones and named them. I told her that as a person stays in the service, the medals accumulate and that some of them are harder to come by than others. Barb touched my Air Assault Badge and gave me an inquisitive look. I gave her the condensed version of 'I exit helicopters before they land.' Sensing that she was not satisfied with that answer I told her that sometimes I must repel out of an airborne helicopter to get to my objective.

"Ooohhh," both women said in unison.

They pointed to my Sharpshooter and Expert Badges and I told them that those were for weapons qualifications. "One is for Expert in Bayonet and Hand Grenade, the other is for Sharpshooter with the M-16," I winked at them and said, "I missed Expert by one shot." They laughed.

"What about this one?" Linda asked, tapping me on the left shoulder.

I chuckled, "That is my Sapper Tab. That one I earned with sweat and sacrifice." I told them that I was in a Combat Engineering Battalion and that we do things that the average soldier doesn't do, like exiting perfectly functioning airborne aircraft and clearing obstacles.

We made small talk for about a half hour and then Linda excused herself to attend to mother of the bride duties. As she left, I told her goodnight and took her place at the bar. Barb leaned in close, rubbing the inside of my thigh, and said, "You truly look impressive in that uniform."

I thanked her and, before I could respond in kind, she asked if I would dance with her. Of course I agreed. I don't dance well, but that fact proved to be unimportant.

We made our way to the dance floor and found plenty of space among the other couples. When the next song began we embraced and started swaying slowly to the beat. After two songs, I loosened up and became a bit more forward. "You look absolutely stunning, Barb. Other than the bride, you are the prettiest lady here." I inhaled, my nose at her ear, and I momentarily lost myself. "Whatever scent you are wearing smells exquisite on you...You are a vision straight out of a dream..." Realizing that I had spoken aloud, I left it at that. Soon enough, the swaying turned to grinding as she squeezed my biceps and ran her hands up and down my back. After a few more three-minute songs she told me that she had had enough dancing. She led me back to the bar after firmly squeezing my ass.

Seated again, she leaned in and cooed, "Thank you for the dance."

"Thank you, beautiful. I think every guy here wants to kick my ass now," I replied. Grinning ear to ear, I finished my now warm beer.

She stuck out her tongue, smiled appreciatively, and finished her drink. "Phew, it's been a long day.... I think I'm going to turn in."

Disappointed, I said. "Thank you for the company and the dance. Goodnight." Being the gentleman, I stood when she did. Then, Barb moved close, leaned in, kissed me on the cheek, and palmed my ass again after giving me a hug. Humming a tune I did not recognize she turned and began moving to the exit, but then stopped and looked over her shoulder, "Would you mind walking me to the elevator?"

"Not at all!" I almost shouted as I went to her, stumbling in my haste.

Giggling at my goofiness, she put her arm in mine and pulled me close. She leaned her head on my shoulder and hummed as we walked. Once we got to the elevator, as there were no other options, I pushed the 'Up' button. The door opened. She looked at me and said, "I'm on 14, how about you?"

Unenthusiastically, I replied, "I'm crashing at a buddies place tonight."

"Hmmm...Walk me to my room?" she asked shamelessly. "With all these drunks around, a girl might not be safe."

"Sure," I replied. "I'll keep you safe," hoping beyond hope for the impossible.

Is this really happening? I thought as the elevator door closed.

The light for floor 14 illuminated and the bell went 'ding'. When the elevator car came to a stop, the door opened. She handed me the key card and said, "We're on the left, all the way to the end of the hall, room 1440."

"After you," I answered, gesturing with my arm.

I followed behind just far enough to get a good look at her ass swishing back and forth, and was almost instantly hard.

We arrived at her room and I swiped the card through the reader. The light flashed green and I heard the mechanism actuate. I turned the handle and pushed. She grabbed my hand and tugged at me, pulling me into the room. Before I could react she reached up, wrapped her arms around my neck, and aggressively kissed me. I was now most definitely erect. She broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes and said, "You may stay here tonight... if you want."

Looking all about, I scanned the room. No bar stool, but the desk looked solid and would be of sufficient height. I squatted a bit, grabbed her by the ass, and lifted. She tightened her grip around my neck and moaned as I duck-walked toward the desk, depositing her there. Once firmly seated she wrapped her legs around me, dug her heels into my ass, and squeezed, pulling me against her. She began to grind against my erection, causing both of us to moan. My hands immediately made their way to her waist and I began to remove her sweater: over her head it went. I softly, gently caressed her ribs; up, then down, and back again.

On the next trip up her torso my hands made their way to her back and found no bra clasp. Hmmmm, it must be a front loader. Ever so slowly, I followed her bra forward and cupped her breasts firmly. Caressing them, I found the clasp, manipulated my fingers just so; pinching and twisting, until her bra separated.

"Mmmmm...," she purred.

I caressed her breasts. Damn they're firm... just as I had always imagined. In my excitement I got uncomfortably warm and, with reluctance, broke the spell to remove my coat. She grabbed my tie and undid it, then unbuttoned my collar and each button in succession. She pulled my shirt out of my trousers and slid it off of my shoulders. Next, she removed my undershirt while I struggled out of my Corfam™ shoes. We embraced and kissed again, our tongues dueling as my hands made their way to palm her breasts again. I caught her tongue in my lips and sucked it while I rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. She moaned. Her hands kneaded my back muscles and slowly made their way down, caressing me as they went. With our tongues still dueling, she worked her fingertips under my trousers and found that one ticklish spot right where my lower back and buttocks join. She made little circles over it. I squirmed and groaned and ground myself onto her. She giggled then moved her hands to my belt-buckle, deftly undoing it. She finally unfastened my trousers and let gravity take them to the floor. I stepped out of them as she groped my ass and I was now standing before her in just my socks and underwear.

Barb wrapped her legs around me and once again pulled me close. The feel of her stockings on my skin was exquisite and I could feel the heat of her sex grinding against me. I moved my mouth to her ear, brushing her scented hair aside. I exhaled, my breath tickling her, and she sighed. I kissed her there, then down her neck to her collar bone. I licked and nibbled and eventually made my way first to one breast then the other. I took my time with each, trying to not favor just one. Slowly, I kissed down over her ribs to her abdomen and swirled my tongue in her belly button. She exhaled hoarsely and bucked.

My hands moved to her thighs and I worked them under her skirt. She lifted up and I pushed it up around her waist. My dream was about to come to fruition: I had her trembling on the edge of the desk, topless, with her skirt bunched around her waist and legs clad only in stockings, a garter belt, and panties.

I got on my knees and rubbed my cheek on her stocking, praying that my five o'clock shadow wouldn't snag and cause a run. I continued running my cheek up her leg from her toes to her garter clasp, first up one side then the other. I stopped with my nose centered on her sex, which was hidden behind her damp panties. I inhaled deeply and sighed. The musky scent brought back every fantastic dream I had ever had of her and I instantly recalled every time I had masturbated to this exact scenario. I moved to kiss her inner thigh, right above her stocking top, and ran the flat of my tongue up to the crotch of her panties. She squirmed and held her breath until I ran my tongue over her sex, soaking the cotton and making her moan loudly. My hands moved to the top elastic of her panties and my fingers hooked inside. She lifted up, allowing me to pull them down. They slid down her legs and I left them dangling on her left ankle.

Her sex was finally fully exposed to me. I nibbled my way from the hose tops to the crease just above the top of her thigh and stopped short of her dripping pussy. I blew my hot breath on her steamy sex.

"Please, stop teasing me."

I smiled and buried my nose and tongue inside her, moaning. The tangy taste was more exquisite than I had ever imagined. I licked from the top of her slit to the bottom and then slowly back up after flattening my tongue for the return journey. She grabbed me by the ears, lifted up slightly, and thrust her hips forward. She moaned long and slow and then leaned back, encouraging me to continue.

I took my time licking up and down her juicy peach. I nibbled first on one side then the other, paying equal attention to both. She was panting now, her abdomen heaving.

After enough teasing, I zeroed in on her clit and began assaulting it with my tongue, drawing circles and licking it from its base to its tip and back again. Eventually, I sucked it between my pursed lips and flicked rapidly, repeatedly, and authoritatively with my tongue. Her thighs began to tremble, her abs spasmed, and she thrust her hips at me. Using her thighs and hands, she held me firmly in place. She wailed as her orgasm overtook her and I continued to assail her clit. Finally, she calmed and went limp. I relented.

Once her breathing had become less ragged, she pulled me to my feet and kissed me. She then began to lick her own nectar from my face. When she was satisfied that I was clean, she put her feet on the floor, nudged me back, and stood. She wrapped her arms under mine and caressed my back, kneading my muscles and cooing. She explored me with her hands and kissed her way down my front, teasing my belly button with her tongue. She licked and sucked my skin, before settling fully on her knees and kneading my ass, whispering, "Mmm....So firm."

She looked up at me and smiled. Grabbing the bulge in my shorts, she traced the outline of my manhood fully to my balls. She then cupped my sack and firmly squeezed. I was in heaven. Still cupping me, she lightly bit the tip of my pulsing cock and, using the flat of her tongue, licked my entire length. After a short pause, she looked up at me as if asking for permission. I nodded, pleading with my eyes for her to continue.

She hooked her fingers in the elastic and pulled down slowly. Once clear of the confining material, my cock sprang upward. It slapped against my belly and barely missed hitting her in the face. She inhaled sharply and I heard her mutter, "Oh my goodness." She smiled and wrapped both hands around my throbbing manhood. She jacked up and down from the bottom to the tip twice and then moved one hand to cup my balls. She squeezed firmly and pulled downward just a bit. It felt wonderful.

She kissed the tip and, in unison, we both sighed. She licked from the tip all the way to the balls, humming the entire time. In turn, she sucked both balls one at a time into her mouth and tongued them.

I thought I might cum right then and there.

She placed the tip back in her mouth and swirled her tongue, eventually taking about half of me in her mouth. I heard her say, "Jesus, this is thick." She kissed and licked the entire length a few times, making me slick with saliva. As she licked, she slowly jacked my full length, applying the appropriate squeezing technique at the base in order to stave off premature ejaculation. When she sensed that continuing would result in my eruption, she slowly stood and pushed me onto the bed.

I sat down, pulled her to me and began worshiping her breasts with my lips and tongue. I squeezed her nipples between my lips and sucked, swirling my tongue on them. All the while, I was kneading her ass with my hands. Having grown frustrated that the skirt was impeding my progress, I spun her around to face away from me and fumbled with the snap and zipper. Finally unfastened, I ran the zipper down and let it fall. When she stepped out of it, I pulled her down so she landed on my lap. My cock jutted up between her legs and was seated up against, but not inside, her hot slit. She wiggled her ass as I played with her breasts, kissed her ears, and nibbled her nape. If possible, I swear she got even wetter.

I stood us both up and spun her around to face me. She lifted one leg and I grabbed her by the ass. She then lifted the other leg and I held her as she ground her wet sex on mine. I still had not penetrated her and I was eager to remedy that. I turned to face the bed and deposited her on it, tumbling with her. We made our way to the center where she locked her arms around my neck and dug her heels into my buttocks. I was positioned above her, with the tip of my cock at her excited entrance. She pulled my head to her mouth and whispered into my ear, "Please, do it."

I turned my head to at her and saw the lust in her eyes. "I need this too, but I don't have a condom."

While trying to spear herself on my eager member, she told me, "I'm clean and can't make babies, so if you're clean, then we're good." She ground her hot sex against my erect cock, wetting the tip, "We both obviously want this." Giggling she looked downward to our union, smiling, and continued, "And we're already naked." She shifted her gaze to look me in the eyes, "So, what do you say?"

She made a convincing argument: Going bareback with her was going to complicate things for me but as I was disease free and already positioned with the tip of my cock spreading her petals, I went for it and applied a bit of forward pressure. She was tight and I saw some trepidation in her eyes. But then she nodded her ascent and I entered her. She breathed out and I stopped. I withdrew some and then nudged forward. I did this repeatedly, until I was fully seated in her tight, hot tunnel. She pushed against me, panting. Damn she's tight. I closed my eyes and concentrated on not cumming. Once the threat of my orgasm had subsided, I withdrew and reseated myself.

She voiced her approval.

Three more times I did this and her voice grew louder with each thrust. Her hands moved from my neck, tickling their way down my back and settled on my ass. Aided by her heels, she pulled my hips tight against her. She looked me in the eyes, pleadingly, and said, "I need to cum. Use this cock to make me cum!" I decided that I was going to do exactly that.

She groaned when I pulled out of her. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass. With her hips rolled more upright, I once again filled her eager pussy. Sliding into her molten core in one thrust, I assumed a push up position above her and started to pump my cock in and out. She closed her eyes and uttered, "Yes," with each thrust.

She pushed her pelvis upward, grinding on me and beginning to hyperventilate, she pulled me down onto her; my upper body flat against hers. My ear was at her mouth and between gasps she told me, "Right there,... I'm there,... I'm cumming!... Don't stop!" She screamed. I was now sweating from the workout and my constant thrusting had her continuing to plead, "Don't stop!" She began to writhe even more as I slammed my cock balls-deep several times. Her entire body was taut and I knew that she was on the verge of orgasm again. As I wanted to tease her and postpone her release, I paused. She groaned and I resumed hammering home. After a few quick thrusts, I again stopped. I saw the frustration in her face and she groaned again. I followed this pause with one long, slow stroke, withdrawing almost fully, and then slamming forward as far as I could go.

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