tagMatureMrs K and Me Ch. 02

Mrs K and Me Ch. 02


Mrs. K and Me and Auntie P.

My teenage dream had been realized in my first chapter, "Mrs.K and Me." I had been seduced by a forty something year old mother of one of my friends. I did not really believe that I would ever fuck a woman of her maturity and social standing, but I had and she had invited me back for more.

It was a few days later and I was on my way home from the pub. The evening was warm and I had walked home with my friend who lived half way between the pub and my house. I was walking on my own now and I needed to piss as I had drunk several pints. I took a detour up the lane which led to Mrs.K's house. It was a private lane, quiet and dark, just right for me to take a piss in the hedge of one of her neighbours.

When I had finished my cock grew erect as I thought of her, so I walked towards her home and noticed that her husband Ken's car was not in the garage.

"He must be away." I thought. So I walked very quietly and carefully down the path beside the garage and walked around the house to her living room window. I sneaked a careful look in, as the curtains were not drawn. There she was lying on the sofa in her housecoat again. Lying carelessly, the buttons were not done up and her thighs were visible and the neckline was skewed to reveal a braless breast down to just above the nipple.

She was watching television and yes the gin was next to her. I had a quick look right around the house to ensure no one was in apart from Mrs.K. She was alone so I tapped gently on the window. She looked up and saw me. She came to the French doors and told me that her husband would be home at any time and that I should come back another day when he would stay out later. Her housecoat barely covered her breasts and my glance fell on to those beautiful orbs. She saw me look and then had a pause for thought. She told me to walk down to the bottom of her garden and wait for her, but keep out of sight. As I walked quietly down the path I heard a person in the neighbouring garden watering plants and a dog barked. It was told to shut up by a familiar female voice. She was known to me as Mrs. M or Auntie P. She was a friend of my parents and lived in the next detached house to Mrs. K. She was over fifty and I often ran errands for her. She carried on watering her plants quietly.

The watering sound stopped and then continued closer to the hedge between the houses. I walked very carefully to the bottom of the garden where there was a bench overlooking the village. The garden was terraced and provided a fine view. We would be secluded here. There was a garden shed and a green house. Hedges hid this area from the neighbours.

I was very nervous and excited to touch her again. She came into sight quietly. She was carrying a watering can and she had put on a raincoat. Only one button was fastened allowing me see the top of her housecoat and the same view of her breasts. She watered a few plants on her way. When she arrived she explained that if her husband returned home this would confirm that she was watering the plants. I was to remain here if he came home and to sneak out when he was settled in doors with his supper and drink. She sat on the bench next to me and we cuddled. I slipped my hand inside her coat and her housecoat and cupped her breast; first one and then the second. Her nipples were soft but soon became hard as I stoked them in turn.

She wanted to get my cock out urgently which she did. It was rock hard again and excreting semen. She asked me to remove my pants and I slipped them to my ankles. She took my cock into both her hands and she gently stroked me from the base of the shaft to the bulbous head. Mrs.K then licked and sucked me with much tenderness and passion. She stood in front of me and removed the coat, and then with her back to me, lifted her clothes up, opened her legs and lowered herself onto my lap. She manoeuvred my cock into her pussy by holding it open with the fingers of her left hand and then gently rubbing the head of my cock along her slit with the other.

I had to really concentrate to avoid a premature ejaculation. I was listening for the sound of the neighbour in the adjoining property and for her husband, Ken's car. My cock entered with ease as she was very moist. When it was fully in, she lifted herself up and down my shaft. She was very wet and had to wipe herself with her clothes. I cupped her breasts from behind and rubbed her nipples gently. She whispered to hold them tighter, which I did but she wanted an even firmer approach so I squeezed them until she whimpered with pleasure. She became very excited and orgasmed almost immediately. She shuddered and groaned far too loudly.

She let out a quiet sob as her orgasm subsided and then sat down on my lap to recover. I was bursting and urged her to ride me to finish me off. She got up and leaned against the garden shed and opened her legs. She held her clothes up and I saw the beauty of her naked thighs, her soft belly and her pubic bush. I went to her and we embraced. I then lifted her clothes over her head to reveal those large pendulous breasts and her lovely little belly, fully. This made my mouth water and my cock twitch. She took my cock and entered it into her wet pussy. Her head went back against the shed door and her eyes closed. She breathed heavily and gasped as I pushed right up her as far as I could. I grasped her ass with both hands and pushed forward. She pushed down so that the upper part of her tunnel was pressing hard against my cock.

She said, "Now fuck me hard and quickly but quietly."

I did this and she made me take it out before I came. She finished me off with her hand and I shot my spunk into her other hand, which she then licked clean. She said that Ken might want "a quick shag" after his supper and might notice my slippery spunk inside her if I shot my load up her pussy.

I felt jealous that he might fuck her that night, but I knew his service to her was not brilliant as he ejaculated without bothering about her orgasming and his cock was smaller than mine and not as hard as mine. She told me this the last time we fucked.

Before we parted, I asked when I could see her again and she replied that the day after tomorrow her husband would be away over night and if I wished, I should come around to her house in the afternoon about 3 pm and we could be together until quite late that night. She slipped away doing up her buttons as she went. There had been no sounds of his car arriving home, but I waited until she got in doors before I made a move.

I crept up the terrace towards the house keeping close to the hedge. I could hear muffled sounds from beyond the hedge. It was that lady next door still out in her garden. I walked past Mrs.K's living room window and glanced in. There she was lying on the sofa again with her gin and her legs apart. She had her hand between her legs where my cock had just been. She was masturbating. She had just cum, but my last fucking must have aroused her again.

I waited while she rubbed her pussy slowly at first and then more rapidly. Her fingers went in and out of her hole and then she concentrated on her clit. I heard her groan and the familiar oh, oh, oh, oh, as she climaxed. That was another first experience for me tonight.


It was five minutes to three when I left my home and I was careful not to be seen walking down Mrs. K's path to her back door. As I arrived, I saw Mrs. K through the window on the phone in her hallway. I smiled at her and she beckoned me in through the kitchen door.

She said "good-bye." to whomever she was talking to and said "I will see you later then."

She took my hand and led me to her lounge where the curtains were drawn and we were in semi darkness. We sat on the sofa and she embraced and kissed me passionately. She said how much she had been thinking about our lovemaking and of me and my hard and thick cock.

I was still in shock that I had made love to this forty some thing year old lady, old enough to be my mother. Her tongue met mine and my cock leapt to rock hardness; her hands stroked my body, my chest, shoulders, stomach and legs, and finally stroked my cock through my trousers. She smelled good and looked gorgeous.

She was wearing a button blouse done up to the top and a tight skirt which rose well above her knees. Her legs were clad in dark stockings or tights.

I stroked her breasts through her top and her bra and then started to undo her buttons, she assisted me and I slipped my hand inside and felt her nipples, rigid through her bra. This was a new bra which I had not seen in her closet on my last visit. It was white and quite low cut almost down to her nipples. It was made from a flimsy gossamer type material which was almost translucent and allowed her nipples to expand and stand out while still covered by the material.

She was nervous and her breathing was deep. Our tongues worked feverishly together. I then scooped up her left breast from her bra cup and leaned over to suck her nipple. It was hard and pointed directly into my mouth. She then started to undo my fly. She released my rigid cock from my pants. They were wide open and my cock stood up from within my briefs. We kissed and stroked each other passionately. Her face was red as was her upper body, and my face burned with desire. My cock was purple and beads of semen appeared on my cockeye. She licked the beads away while I continued to stroke her exposed breast and rolled her extended nipple between my finger and thumb, she sighed and we kissed more deeply.

I then heard a sound, it was the kitchen door opening and a voice called out "Rita, are you there?"

It was a woman's voice, which I recognized. It was the lady next door, and she was heading in our direction. I knew this lady, another family friend, Mrs. M, known to me as Auntie P.

This was frightening and I struggled to cover up my fast shrinking dick and Mrs.K rapidly hid her breast within her bra and did up her buttons. Mrs. M or Auntie P entered the room and on seeing us looked shocked and turned away. She went to leave and then turned again towards us. The sight that greeted her was Mrs. K with her bra cup exposed and about half the buttons on her blouse undone; her skirt had ridden up revealing most of her thighs, my trousers and my shirt undone and outside my trousers. Our faces were blushed with passion.

She stood and stared. She was a tall woman quite straight and upright, say mid fifties, well groomed and very smart. I had known her since I was quite small and had stayed at her house when I was a child. She was on my list of women I fancied despite her age. When I was around nine years old I had been staying with her and her husband while my parents were at work and one afternoon had accidentally witnessed her changing her dress. I had seen her in her under garments.

I distinctly remember the "all in one" white corset with suspender straps holding up light tan stockings. Her breasts spilled over the top of the bra. That was almost ten years earlier and she had been slimmer then, but still voluptuous. That image had remained etched into my mind and had led to many teenage fantasies.

She had a son ten years older than me, a business and golf-loving husband. She appeared horrified at our situation and said how surprised she was that Mrs. K was compromising herself and me by this involvement.

"It was obvious that you were petting." She said and asked, "How long has this been going on," and Mrs. K answered with the truth and Auntie P just stood there with her hands on her hips and listened. She was blessed with quite large breasts and they were contained in her large supportive bra. Her hips were spread, as was her ass, as one would expect from a woman of her age. Her hair was grey and permed and she wore glasses. She had a very stern look, but her cheeks were flushed as was her kneck.

Her blouse was quality, pure white with a V neck and collar, with short sleeves; it was buttoned so as if she leaned forward, as she did later, to reveal her cleavage. The blouse was tucked into her waistband. Her upper chest showed the lines of age and she wore a long full pleated dark skirt, and beneath I observed stockings or tights. Her shoes were immaculate with high heels.

She asked what we thought my mother would say about the "carryings on" and reminded me of how she had bathed me when I was a toddler and that it was hard to believe that I was now old enough to be petting with her neighbour who was more than twice my age.

Mrs. K was quiet and looked down while continuing to button her blouse. I buttoned my fly nervously. Mrs. K asked if there was anything she could do to make amends and we both would do anything to avoid our secret being revealed. Auntie P stood and thought for a few moments.

Mrs. K went to the kitchen and mixed her a gin and tonic and one for herself. Meanwhile Auntie P sat on the sofa silently. Mrs. K called me from the kitchen and told me to go to the bathroom while she got me a drink and she would talk to Auntie P.

When I returned they were both deep in conversation. They sat on the sofa and sipped from their drinks. Mine was placed on a coffee table next to a separate arm chair. Auntie P looked flushed now and nervous. She stuttered when she was nervous. She then began a lecture on how surprised she was that I had got involved and that Mrs. K had taken advantage of my innocence. She did not realize that young men were interested in older women and asked how long had this desire been with me. (Maybe remembering the incident ten years earlier at her house.)

I explained that it had been a fantasy of mine for many years, to make love to an older woman and how fortunate I had been to have met Mrs. K. She then asked who else I fancied and I blushingly mentioned some names of my friends' mothers. She said that she was confused about this and then asked who the oldest woman I lusted after was. I replied that I did not know their ages.

She then said that she was considering whether to keep our secret and asked Mrs. K about my discretion. Mrs. K explained that we had both trusted each other to tell no-one of our love making. Auntie P said that she would also be discreet on two conditions, and one of these would be that not a living soul found out what we had been up to and that no-one should know about her knowledge of it. We both promised to keep the whole thing a secret.

The second condition was that she would love to see my dick now that I was a mature grown man.

I was stunned by this comment and Mrs. K suggested that this should be ok. And that I ought to oblige. How could I refuse two older women in the same room wanting to undress me?

Mrs. K urged me to sit on the sofa between the two ladies. She was on my left while Auntie P sat on my right. Mrs. K then started to undo my shirt buttons and caress my chest and abdomen. I felt my cock rising and feeling uncomfortable inside my pants. Auntie looked on and said. "Look at the bulge in his pants, Rita, you should release it, I want to see it now."

Mrs. K undid my fly buttons for the second time today and gently, with my assistance pushed my pants down to my knees. My cock stood out within my briefs and then they were lowered to reveal a huge erection. Mrs. K gently rubbed me to an even fuller and stiffer erection.

Auntie P said that she would say nothing to my parents if she could rub my dick to ejaculation.

Mrs. K caressed my stomach and my thighs with her left hand and stroked my hair with her right while Auntie P gently stroked my dick. Her left arm went around my waist and her hand stroked my ass.

At first she took the shaft between her first two fingers and her thumb and stroked the length. I knew I would not last long as soon as she started. Those two women caressing me was, all too much. I closed my eyes and thought of hobnail boots, as I had learned this would delay my climax. I felt Auntie's fist close around the top of my dick and she squeezed the huge engorged purple head. Mrs. K then squeezed the base with her left hand, which I believe is another delaying action. It worked, both women talked softly about the size and stiffness of my dick comparing it to their husbands and Mrs. K told Auntie about our lovemaking and what she had taught me so far. I opened my eyes to look at the women.

Mrs. K was using her right hand to unbutton her blouse again and then scooped her left boob from the gossamer cup. It hung there with nipple erect. I reached out and twisted it gently between my first finger and thumb. She sighed and smiled at me.

Auntie P just gently stroked my cock and Mrs. K continued to squeeze the base. There was a bead of semen emerging from my cock.

"Who would be the one to lick or touch that?" I thought.

It was Auntie P who used her middle finger to scoop it up. She then put it to her lipstick covered lips, and licked it into her mouth.

She had been leaning forward and I tried to look down her blouse. I was rewarded with the view of a stiff white bra with cups that almost covered all her breasts and the sight of her cleavage was stimulating. Her bra pushed her breasts together and in the valley of her cleavage I observed the lines denoting her years.

I wanted to see her breasts and reached out to touch her right one through her stiff white blouse. She gently moved away as if to reject my touch. I then reached for Mrs. K's revealed breast and she offered it to me with her free hand.

Auntie, it turns out, was afraid to show either of us her tits as the aging process had left them lined and sagging, she thought. It was her "hang up," which took me some time to break down.

I closed my eyes again and resigned myself to an early ejaculation. I squeezed Mrs. K's nipple and she reminded me that she liked it rolled between finger and thumb firmly but gently. I then felt lips around the head of my dick. Whose were they? She licked the cum from the eye and I began to explode. Auntie's right hand gently stroked the area just below the bulbous crown and Mrs. K's left hand gripped the base of the shaft in her continued attempt to stem the climax. She sucked the white thick sticky mass into her mouth, I opened my eyes as Mrs. K drew away to swallow and Auntie P took over.

With both hands now around my cock and lips thick with bright red lipstick sucking on my cock head, she cleaned me up with her tongue and licked right down to my balls. She left traces of the lipstick there. Meanwhile Mrs. K was using both hands to sip on her gin and tonic again.

Auntie P produced a handkerchief and wiped her lips. She looked sad but still very flushed, even down to the level of her upper chest where the valley of her cleavage began.

Auntie P was pondering something and then began to speak. As I said earlier her voice stuttered when she was nervous.

"Whhhhat hhhappens nnnnow?" She questioned, "Because my experience with men is that it is all over now."

Mrs. K replied. "What would you like to happen P?"

Mrs. K put her breasts away and buttoned up her blouse and I thought that it would be the right thing to do if I hid my now limp cock inside my pants.

"Well," she replied. "I have never experienced anything like this before but feel there should be more to come. What would you two do if I wasn't here?"

She wondered if the afternoon's activities were over now.

Mrs. K looked at me and asked me to answer.

"Auntie P,"I stammered, as my mouth was dry and I was quite nervous. "She likes to feel me inside her and she likes to be taken quite roughly."

"Wwwhat else does she like John." Auntie P asked.

She still was unsure of her words and stuttered a little.

I replied timidly. "She likes me to play with her pussy and insert my fingers deep inside her; sometimes four or more."

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