tagMatureMrs. Loving Ch. 02

Mrs. Loving Ch. 02


I had a great nights sleep that night, having spent yesterday morning and most of the afternoon in Mrs. Loving's arms and bed. I even dreamed of her, the dream was so sexy I am surprised I didn't shoot off in my sleep. I woke up, went to take a shower soaping up my dick I slid my hand on it enjoying the feeling as I did. I worked my hand on it, squeezing the head tightly when I got to it, until I shot off in the hot showers water, watching my spunk run down the drain.

I dressed and went down stairs, grabbed a cup of coffee. Mom always made the best coffee in the world, I made a bowl of cereal and ate. Soon Mom and Dad came in got a cup of coffee and mom sat down with me.

"Well, You sure look chipper this morning Robbie!" she said.

"I feel great today Mom, slept like a log."

"That's good honey." and she read the newspaper as she drank her coffee.

I looked at her while I ate in a different way this morning, I could now see why dad had married her. Her hair was thick and light brown, her tits were nice sized and looked firm even after having me, and as she rose to put her cup in the dishwasher I stared at her ass, really nice ass I thought to myself. Shaking my head, Shit, this is my mom's ass I'm looking at. So I stared at my cereal.

"Do you have any plans today Robbie?" she asked me.

"No, none that I know of!"

"Well, you need to go out and make some friends or go to a movie. A boy needs to have some fun in the Summer you know." And she slipped me $20 bucks. "Go do something." and kissed me on the cheek as she and dad left for work.

If she only knew I had a friend next door. Woo Hoo, what a friend. Around 9, I was in my room watching TV and I glanced out my window and saw Mrs. Loving doing some gardening. So I put on some tight shorts and walked next door. Going through the back gate I yelled out to her, "Good Morning Mrs. Loving."

"Well, Good Morning Robbie, how are you this fine day?"

"I'm good, even when I bad I'm soooo good!" I grinned at her.

"Yes you are you dirty boy, Yes you are!"

We both got a laugh out of that and I bent down to help her get the weeds from her flower bed. I didn't have any underwear on and knew the shorts showed the shape of my cock when I was bent down from being so tight. I saw her eyes glancing at it between yanking weeds and throwing them in the bucket beside her. I wish she was yanking me I thought to myself.

She had a fine sweat building on her as it was getting warmer by the minute, and I watched as it slid down the front of her shirt She always wore a mens shirt half unbuttoned, the tops of her pretty tits glistening with the sweat. Damn I was getting a hard on again. We worked about 20 minutes pulling weeds when she said.

"Let's take a break and get something cool to drink Robbie."

"Sure thing Mrs. Loving."

We got up and brushed the dirt off, and I acted like she had some on her ass, making sure I got the imaginary dirt off her firm butt. She cocked her eyebrows and smiled as we walked inside. The cold air conditioning hit us, giving her a chill and I saw her nipples stand out as they got hard. I kept my eyes on them while she poured us a drink of juice. She sat down beside me and got a serious look on her face.

Robbie, I have something to ask you. Are you upset about what we did yesterday? I know it was wrong and you are young, so I really need to know."

"No way Mrs. Loving, Heck I never had so much fun and I know enough not to tell anyone about it. You taught me a lot and I thank you."

She smiled at me, her even white teeth showing behind her red full lips. She is so sexy, damn I could eat her up right here at the table. And to think Mr. Loving was seeing whores when he was gone, shit, I would save it up and let her have it when I got home if I was him. And knowing how much she liked sex, he had to be a Idiot!

She put her hand on my leg and squeezed it firmly, I looked in her blue eyes and leaned over to give her a kiss. She tasted like the orange juice we had drank, her mouth sweet and her tongue hot. I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me, our chests touching now. Her hard nipples poking my chest while her tongue raped my mouth. Her arms wrapped around my neck pulling me to her, she seemed desperate to get at me this morning. I was not going to disappoint her.

I took her hand and led her to the couch, we made out a few minutes when I reach out and touched her breast. I heard her sigh softly when I squeezed her soft melon shaped tit. Her hand went to my hard cock, gripping it lightly and sliding her hand on it. I unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her sweet breasts to my young eyes, making me even more aroused when I put my lips around her hard nipple sucking it into my hot mouth. Her hand grabbed the back of my head pulling it closer to her hot chest as I sucked her nipple in my mouth.

I felt her hand slide in my shorts and the warmth of her hand as it wrapped around my cock. God she knew what she was doing to me, and she was doing it well.

"Stand up Robbie, I want to see you naked honey."

Shit, I wanted to be naked for her, and I stood up while she got to her knees and pulled my tight shorts off me. Her hand and mouth went to my hard cock, sucking it down without hesitation. Her mouth so hot and wet as she engulfed it deep in her. My hands grabbing her thick hair and feeling the softness of it. I began to fuck her face. Mrs. Loving loved to suck cock and today she took her time, both of us wanting it to last and we had all day to do this. It felt so good I had to sit on the couch, her hand never left my dick when I did.

I opened my legs and she licked my balls, holding them high so she could get to every part of them. She licked below them between my ass and balls, fuck that felt so good. Then started working her way all around my balls with her tongue, jacking me off while she was licking me.

Even though we had just had sex yesterday, she acted like she had not seen a cock in years, and had missed every day of it. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed her enjoying my cock don't think life could get better than this, not at my age anyway.

"Oh Yes, suck me Mrs. Loving, suck my cock for me."

She really didn't need to be asked, as hot as she was I would've had a hard time stopping her from it I think. I could watch her beautiful face on my cock all day, her lips forming a perfect O, as they slipped down the length of my throbbing hard on. I heard a slurping noise when her head came up to the tip of my cock, and a moan as she slid back down. I felt that I was fixing to cum.

"Oh Yes, I'm going to cum. Suck it harder, make me cum."

And she stopped sucking, Looking at me. "No, not yet Robbie, Not yet."

Then licked all over it again. Damn, I was so close too, and being 18 I didn't fully understand how sometimes the wait was well worth it. She teased me, licking then sucking then back to licking my cock and balls. Jacking me off when she wasn't. The pressure I was feeling in my balls was excruciating, as she brought me to the brink then stopped again. All I could think of was, "Pay backs are Hell!" while I tried to force myself to cum.

She knew how to make me suffer and I won't swear that she wasn't enjoying it, but she did have a evil smile on her face when it wasn't full of my cock. I knew that I couldn't force her to make me cum so I lay back and let her do her thing. My hips bucked and she swallowed all of my hard cock deep to the back of her throat. I felt more than heard her moan as it went deep down her mouth.

"Oh Shit, do that again, make a noise again!" I told her eagerly.

She did it again when I was all the way in, FUCK!!! who knew you would feel her throat vibrate when she did that, if she kept that up I knew I would cum in no time. She must have known how great it felt, because she kept on doing it for me And not a minute later I shot my thick load in her throat. Grabbing her head in my hands pulling her face as deep as it could go when I did. My balls pushed out shot after shot in her hot mouth she swallowed every drop, her hand milked my tingling cock when it had stopped spurting.

She raised her head up and grinned at me, "Mmmm, Yummy! I love to feel you cum in my mouth!"

I could only lay there, my whole body shaking from her expert head job and how great it felt when she finally let me cum. I pulled her up beside me and kissed her full lips, tasting my salty cum in her mouth. It didn't bother me a bit as I sucked her tongue into my hungry mouth. My dick pulsing with my heart beat.

Mrs. Loving was still dressed, her shirt still on but was unbuttoned, I helped her undress. Her tan, sexy tits and her waist making an hour glass shape as it moved down to her wide hips. I unzipped her shorts and pulled them down, kissing her belly and licking her as I then took her silky panties off, her blonde pussy hair out in the open now I kissed it too. She lay on the couch and opened her legs as I put my face between them. I kissed her everywhere I could reach, smelling her musky pussy as I licked her wet slit. Her hips shook when she felt my tongue open her pussy lips and felt her push them towards me.

I put her legs over my shoulders giving me complete access to her beautiful pussy. I looked at it before sticking my face back between her firm thighs and licked her from her puckered asshole to her throbbing clit. I knew she loved to have her ass licked so I went to it, sticking my tongue deep inside it. It tasted coppery, like sucking on a penny, that's the best I can describe the taste. And her ass tried to fuck my face, her hips squirming around trying to get my tongue even deeper in her.

I held her ass cheeks open and had my thumb on her clit, rubbing it, feeling her humping my face I knew she wouldn't be able to hold off long. Too Bad! I was going to tease her like she had done to me. She was moaning as her hips bucked and she put her hands on my head pulling me in further between her ass cheeks. I stuck my tongue in her ass, fucking it like a small wet cock.

"Yes Robbie, now baby, I'm going to cum now!"

I stopped licking her ass.

"Noooo, don't stop now Robbie. Please don't stop yet!"

I grinned an evil grin at her, she knew what I was doing.

"You dirty bastard, that's not fair!"

Hahahaa, Yes it was, like I said before, "Pay Backs are Hell!" I let her calm down a little then started eating her beautiful hairy pussy, licking her wet slit, rubbing my tongue along the edges of her pussy lips then to her clit. Sucking it between my lips, pulling on it with them. I was getting her back as she was trying so hard to cum. I brought her to the edge of climax three times before I felt I had paid her back.

I bit her clit lightly then stuck my whole tongue deep in her pussy, when she came she flooded my face and the couch with her creamy liquid. I lapped all I could catch up, sucking her pussy. Licking it up as it ran down to her ass, her legs wrapped around my head and her crying out my name as she came.

"Oh Yes Robbie, eat my pussy baby. Lick it good. Oh Fuck don't stop baby. Suck my cunt for me!"

I stuck my finger in her asshole up to the second knuckle and she came again even harder. My cock was throbbing from my own excitement at having made an older woman cum like that and I didn't wait for her to calm down before I moved up and rammed it in her sloppy wet pussy.

"Ughhhh Yes. Fuck Me Robbie, use your hard cock in me. Fuck me hard Robbie, fuck me you little bastard. Oh God I feel your balls on my asshole. Yes, Yes fuck me now Robbie."

I do love her talking dirty to me, it made me want to fuck her like she wanted and I did. I rammed my hard cock in her pussy so hard that her head was bouncing off the top of the couch and her tits shook on her chest. My eyes stayed glued to them as I fucked her, her dark nipples sticking out in the cool air, my hands on her shoulders pulling her to me when I thrust my cock in her. Fuck it was a hot thing to see.

Her head rolled side to side as her excitement grew, and her thighs grew slick and we both had sweat on our hot bodies. She put her hand on her pussy and played with her clit and soon she was cumming again. The sensual sight of her finger rubbing her clit drove me wild and I started shooting in her hairy pussy.

"Now Mrs. Loving fuck me now. Uhh Uhhh I'm so close now, Oh Shit I'm fucking cumming now!"

And I felt myself shooting my wad in her, her legs pulled me closer to her and she put her hands on my ass as I shot off my thick cum.

" Oh, Oh, Yes Robbie fuck me you nasty little fucker, cum in me baby. Let me feel your hot sweet cum in me baby!"

There was no way I could or would stop now, not when this beautiful older woman was nearly begging me to fuck her. I watched as the laugh lines around her eyes showed up when she clinched them shut tight. I kissed them as we both came, I licked her face tasting her make up, the little she used and got to her neck and smell her sweet perfume as I sucked on her ear lobe. When I stuck my tongue in her ear she went wild again, her hips nearly throwing me off her and would have if her legs had not held me in.

I stopped I kissed her mouth tasting her sweet saliva when I sucked her tongue in my mouth and she held me tight her body trembling from the orgasm's she had just experienced. We held each other like young lovers in love as we rested, my sweat starting to give me a chill as the air conditioning hit my body. Her arms rubbed up and down it to warm me some and I kissed her sweet lips again. I think I was falling in love.

She pulled me to her bedroom and into the shower with her, As the water ran to get the right temperature, she hugged me then thanked me for being such a sweet young man. I just blushed and thanked her for being such a sweet young lady. She bopped me on the arm, calling me a bad liar and pulled me into the shower. She got a cloth and wet it, put some liquid soap on it then began to wash me as I stood there. Her hands were so tender as she washed my whole body for me, tickling my nipples with her long painted fingernails while she worked her way down. Washing my cock and balls then my asshole, making sure I was entirely clean before handing me the rag to wash her.

I started at her pretty face, her eyes closed and head leaning back I washed it. Then down her sensuous neck I massaged it some before moving down her torso. I turned her away from me, admiring the wonderful shape of her strong back and ass as I soaped her up and used my hands to work it into her, I moved up to her and held her close, my cock standing up in between her slick ass cheeks as I washed her chest and breasts. Spending a little more time than needed on her thick sensitive nipples, feeling them harden under my caresses.

Her ass was rubbing circles against my cock, this was really turning her on, so I slid my other hand down and began to wash her hairy cum matted pussy. My finger slid in between her slick slit and I rubbed her clit lightly. I had not had a lot of sex and when I had it was more of a fuck, but I really felt that this time I was making love to a woman. Her head leaned back on my shoulder as I continued to wash her, I reached under her and stuck my finger in her puckered asshole, her hips pushing to my finger as it slid in to my knuckle. I felt it clinching it as I moved it in and out. When I pulled it out to finish her bathing, she made a disappointed, "Ohhh!" and I got on my knees and washed her firm tan legs, kissing her ass cheeks as I did. I slid my tongue up the crack of her sweet fine ass and she pushed her hips back to my face as I washed her legs and kissed her ass.

I had her turn around so I could wash her pretty feet, they were painted to match her fingernails. I held them up one at a time and sucked her toes, I thought she would come from that alone as I sucked her little toe.

"That's enough, come on. I'm going to fuck you right now."

We didn't even dry off and she pulled me to her bed opened her legs and told me,

"Fuck me now lover, stick that hard cock in me and fuck me now!"

Mrs. Loving really didn't have to say it twice because I was already getting between her firm thighs and aiming my cock at her sweet smelling pussy. She held her legs open and grabbed my cock in her wet and warm hand inserting it in her tight pussy. I gave it to her in one shove as she gasped. How this woman could keep her pussy so tight when we had just had sex not 15 minutes ago I will never know. It was as tight as the first time I had fucked her.

She was so hot inside, and her pussy gripped my thick cock as I plunged into her. My groans of pleasure louder than hers as she fucked me. I stayed on top of her about 5 minutes, then rolled her over on me. I wanted to see her body while she fucked me. I held onto her firm tits, one in each hand and pulled them to me when our bodies collided in our passion to get the other to cum.

"Pull them, pull my nipples hard and pinch me. Fuck I love that, pinch them for me!"

I pinched them hard and it only served to get her hotter, her eyes closed and mouth open she fucked me. She had her hands on my shoulders as she pushed away then pulled me to her, in her attempt to get every bit of my now well used cock in her hot pussy.

"Fuck me now Robbie, Oh you sweet, sweet baby, fuck me now."

I did everything she had taught me to please her, I let go of her breasts and grabbed her ass then pounded her pussy with all the force I could muster. She came over and over as I fucked her. Her pussy grasping at my cock as it pulled away from her trying to keep it form escaping her hot cunt.

"Oh fuck Mrs. Loving I'm cumming, fuck me now Mrs. Loving, Yes use your hot pussy and make me cum for you!'

Then I shot my third load in her this morning, my fourth time to cum, counting my jacking off in my shower. My balls ached from trying to shot something out that wasn't there, but it was still a great feeling as they tried. I collapsed on her chest, as we held each other, both happy we had found a good thing with the other.


I looked over my shoulder and there was Mr. Loving, his hands on his hips looking like he was going to kills us both. Oh Shit!!! I am one dead fuck now, No where to run, no way to escape and I fucking lived next door. Oh God, I don't want to fucking die!

Then I saw a smile come to his face, "Didn't take you long to get this boy did it Pamela?"

She smiled at him and held me close, "No, and he is quite good in bed too!"

Here I was knowing I am a dead man and they are talking about this, like a normal dinner conversation. She took my face in her hands and seeing the fear in it she smiled.

"Don't worry hun, we both have our things going, he gets his on the road and I get mine where I want. And you are what I want! We have been swinging for years now, and No, your not going to die if that is what you are thinking!"

I rolled off her and put my arm across my face, nearly bursting into tears from the fright I had just had.

"Damn, that boy has a rod on him, no wonder you fucked him!" Mr. Loving said.

I was still too shook up to take any pride in his statement, and just lay there thanking every thing that was Holy that I was going to live.

"Come here baby!" he told her, she got up and ran to give him a big kiss. His hands grabbed her ass and pulled her close. Then he stuck his finger up her ass, and she sighed as it filled her tight hole. She broke the kiss.

"Mmmm baby I missed you! I'm so glad your home, and you should be ashamed of yourself, scaring Robbie like that, Shame on you!"

He just laughed, "Hell, it woke him up a little bit to life I think." and he looked at me smiling. I grinned sheepishly back.

"Now baby, You know what I want don't you!"

She shook her head yes and dropped to her knees, unzipping his blue jeans as she did. They fell to the floor with her help, then she took his boxers and pulled them off. Son of a Bitch! That man is fucking hung, His cock is at least 8"s soft and thick, shit mine is 7 and a half inches and fairly thick but Damn his is huge!

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