tagMatureMrs. Miller Ch. 3

Mrs. Miller Ch. 3


I woke the next morning with a smile on my face; I'd slept incredibly well. I'd been completely worn out by Mrs. Miller, and left with nothing but good dreams. I climbed out of bed and once again headed for my computer; hoping to see something else entertaining from my new lover. I was disappointed to find nothing from her in my inbox; perhaps we weren't going to meet again today. There was only one letter; and it looked like junk. Junk with an attachment. I gave it a second look. "Josh: don't delete" was in the subject line. Perhaps she had another e-mail address?

I opened the letter and the blood drained from my face.

"Josh, I know all about you and Claire Miller. The evidence is attached. Meet me at 4:00 PM today at 26 Lawland Ave."

26 Lawland? That was right next door to the Millers'! Suddenly the suspicious noises I'd heard outside of the window the night before came flooding back into my memory. . .I knew something was up! But in the heat of the moment I'd been to horny to do anything about it; now I was going to pay the price.

I double clicked on the attachment, and watched with horror but not really surprise as a 30 second video clip of me eating out Mrs. Miller in the tub popped up on the screen. Two mornings, two videos with a naked Mrs. Miller. Yet the circumstances were certainly very different this time. The anticipation of what would happen later that day also returned, but this time it was dread instead of eagerness that filled my head.

I headed downstairs to fix breakfast and try to take my mind off what I had just seen; there was nothing I could do about until 4:00, I supposed.

"Hi, mom," I said as I entered the kitchen, trying to sound natural.

"Hey, Johnny. How you feelin' today? Alright?"

"Yeah, mom, just fine." She probably knew something was on my mind, but she'd become good at not bugging me about stuff over the past year or so.

"Good, good. Any plans for today?"

"Just gonna go meet some friends at around 4:00."

"Okay. You gonna be home for dinner?"

"Don't think so mom, sorry." I hoped she wasn't disappointed; she didn't get to see all that much of me and I often felt like when I missed dinner or something small like that; I was abandoning her. But there more pressing worries on my mind which soon pushes their way back in and made me forget all about dinner.

It was about noon when I finished my cereal and once again the hours dragged on. It was a mixed blessing; part of me wanted 4:00 to come and be over with, and part wished that time would slow down and 4:00 would never come around. I tried everything to distract myself: video games, books, TV, surfing the net, chatting with my mom. Nothing seemed to work: not surprising considering the circumstances. 4 o'clock finally came, and with much dread I headed for Lawland.

As I past the Millers' house, I was tempted to go up to the door and tell her what had happened. She would know what to do. "No," I said to myself. "You're a big boy now." I tried to smile at that thought. "You can handle it for yourself. It can't be too bad: this is a pretty innocent town, he probably just wants to scare you or something."

These thoughts were not comforting.

I took a deep breathe and rang the doorbell of #26. "Come in!" I heard yelled from inside. I straightened up, steadied myself, and gave the door bell a push.

I stepped into a rather attractive living room; clearly the owner was pretty wealthy. There was no one in sight though. "Why would my blackmailer invite me un. . ."

My thoughts were interupted as a pair of hands grabbed me from behind, holding my arms behind me, and another pair blindfolded me. "Shut the fuck up and do exactly what I tell you to do, got it?" I nodded my head. "Good. And no stupid shit, I've still got that video tape and I can think of a whole bunch of people who might like to see it." The hands began to remove my clothes.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I said shut the fuck up!" She barked back at me. A pair of hands unzipped my shorts while another pulled my shirt over my head. Sandals and boxers followed. Soon, I was bare as naked and being led down a hallway.

"Lie down," the woman said. I was half-pushed onto a bed. Someone sat on my chest, pinning me to the bed as the other woman handcuffed my ankles and wrists. I tried to struggle, realizing that something wasn't right here, but the weight of the woman on top of me help me down and I wasn unable to squirm free.

"Well there, John, looks like I've got you all to myself now. We're gonna play a little game called make me happy or I send your mom and friends the video tape. Oh, and don't tell Mrs. Miller about this either; I want some more quality footage to watch. You just keep things going on with her as normal."

"Yes m'am." I was fucking scared. Part of me was also. . .horny! I'll admit it, this woman seemed about to use me as a sex toy. I was being blackmailed, but I was 19 as much as I felt wrong about it, part of me was glad that this was happening.

"Well John, it looked from the tape like you were a pretty good pussy-eater. Is that true?"

"I don't know."

"I think it is, John. So I'm gona climb on top of you now, and you're gonna keep eating my twat until I tell you to stop, okay? And if I don't come as many times as I want to you're gonna be in big trouble. But if you're good you might even get a little reward beyond me not ruining your reputation. Understood?"

"Yes," I managed to get out. I wondered where the other woman had gone.

"Mmmmm. . .good. . .now open wide."

I felt a knee land on either side of my head, and then my nostrils were filled with the smell of a woman's juices. And then my face was covered in pussy. She ground her cunt onto my face, and I began to tongue her in desperation. I licked and sucked first on her hole and lips, and then on her clit, doing my best to please her as I'd done for Mrs. Miller the night before. For some reason I wanted to make her cum so badly; mostly in hopes that she's have mercy on me but also just to please her. Her pussy was not nearly as sweet as Mrs. Miller's, but it didn't taste too bad. She was shaven, and for that I was thankful as i sucked and licked and prodded. He clit and pussy were constantly ground on to my face.

"You are a good pussy licker, even under pressure. We're gonna have good times together, John. Mmmm. . .right there on my clit. OOOOOHHHHH!! That feels nice that's the spot. Lick it lick it!" The obscenities were flying from her mouth as she rode my face. "Make me cum. Make me cum!" I sucked her clit into my mouth and lashes at it with my tongue, ferociously trying to bring her off. "Oh, yes! Yes, John! Here I come!" She sounded about to scream, but then went completely silent. She shivered as she came, and cum ran all over my face.

"Mmm...yes John. Lick it all up. Eat me out and clean me up!" I licked everywhere, swallowing as much of her juices as I could before stopping. "Did I tell you to stop? KEEP EATING ME!"

I attacked her with a renewed effect. My tongue and lips were getting tired, but I couldn't turn her down or she would smother me. I dove in, licking and sucking her clit as vigorously as I could. She came twice more, close together, before climbing off me. I sucked in air and tried to catch my breath as my heart slowed. "Well, my doubts are gone. This was definitely worth it." I felt my blindfold come off and found myself staring at Mrs. Miller's neighbor. She was gorgeous, but much different looking than Mrs. Miller. Where Claire was voluptous, she was athletic. She was a beanpole with a flat stomach and very little chest. She had inch-long black hair that made her look really hot, and under any other circumstances I would've been gald to befucking her. She looked to be around 30. You're a good pussy-licker, John. By the way, I'm Tasha Kushov. Did you enjoy the show, Claire?"

I was shocked. Tasha stepped out of the way to reveal a naked Claire Miller, sitting in a chair rubbing her clit ferociously.

"Hi, John," she said, sweat beading on her forehead. "That was quite a show. I planned this with Tasha yesterday of course; so there's nothing to worry about. I thought you'd enjoy this; lord knows me and Tasha have." She smiled at me. Relief washed over me. . .and horniness. Now that I knew what was going on my cock got significantly harder.

"You were right about his tongue, it's like magic," Tasha interupted. You look like you could use it down there, Claire." Mrs. Miller was rubbing her clit hard now; she looked incredibly horny and turned on.

I strained against the handcuffs, trying to get up and get my "revenge" on Mrs. Miller, but I was firmly tied down. It looked like whatever they wanted they would have from me, at least for tonight. I resigned myself to watch and see what came next. I was rewarded about two seconds later with a something unexpected (though at this point I shouldn't have been surprised by anything).

Tasha was standing in front of Mrs. Miller, and she reached down to rub her clit for her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Miller sucked and nibbled on one of Tasha's nipples, thanking her for the attention and urging her forward. Mrs. Miller looked instensely horny at this point; watching me eat out Tasha had really got her going and she was really wet. I watched as Tasha pushed a finger into her. Her head tipped back and she let out a loud moan. Tasha began to slowly fuck Mrs. Miller with her finger.

"Do you like to watch, John?" Tasha asked me? I only nodded in response, wrapped up in what I was seeing. Mrs. Miller began bucking her hips, trying to increase the pleasure that Tasha was slowly giving her. I pulled on my handcuffs, trying to get a hand free to stroke my hard-on, but it proved impossible and I was forced to only watch as I got hornier and hornier. I was in desperate need of attention as Mrs. Miller came all over Tasha's hand. She fell limp in her chair and Tasha continued to rub and stroke her pussy for a little while as she came down from her Orgasm.

"Looks like John enjoyed that little show, doesn't it, Claire?" Tasha said with a nod towards my very errect penis. There will be more shows to come, John, don't worry. But for now it looks like you could use a little attention. What do you think we should do, Claire?"

"I want to fuck him," Mrs. Miller said.

"Hmmm. . .me too." Tasha replied. It was interesting to see myself discussed like I was a toy; it was actually quite a turn on!

"I'll shoot you for it. The winner gets hit cock and the loser gets his tongue; so we both win." Mrs. Miller held up her fist for a game of rock, paper, scissors.

"You're like a little kid," Tasha giggled. "Okay, here goes. . .Rock, paper, scissor, shoot!" I don't know what I was hoping would happen, it didn't really matter. Tasha was holding out scissors, and Mrs. Miller was holding out paper. "Nice! I win. I haven't been fucked for a long time."

"Alls fair in love and war," Mrs. Miller acquiesced. She grabbed the base of my cock and held it upright as Tasha climbed onto the bad and lowered herself onto me, facing me. Then Mrs. Miller climbed up to wear Tasha had been, straddling my face.

"Alright, John, here's how this works," Tasha was all business again. "You eat her out the best you can. If she has fun, you have fun. If it looks like you're slacking off, I'm gonna slack off and then no one has fun. So eat her out I want to hear her scream while she watches my fuck you."

Mrs. Miller's pussy was already soaked, so I just dove right in, pulling on my cuffs to try and get higher up. I didn't tease this time; we were both too horny. I just moved right in on her clit with all of my energy. Soon she was moaning and rubbing her pussy on my mouth like no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Tasha began to rock back and forth, fucking me first slowly and that at increasing speed. After all that had gone on, I was near to bursting, but Tasha did a good job of holding me back from cumming until I'd gotten Mrs. Miller off.

It was hard to concentrate with what was going on at the other end of the bed, but it didn't take long for Mrs. Miller to cum; once she'd orgasmed once the next one wasn't far off for her, and soon I had her cum all over my face. She was rocking back and forth on my face, she came at least twice in quick succession. Tasha was bouncing up and down now, screaming for me to cum. And I did. I couldn't talk with Mrs. Miller's pussy in my mouth, so I just fired my cum right up inside her. I hadn't even known her for more than an hour and I'd eaten her out and then cum into her pussy!

Mrs. Miller climbed off of me, and so did Tasha. "I want a taste," she said. With that, she reached over to Tasha, stuck a finger in her pussy, pulled it out, and licked the combination of Tasha and my cum right off her finger! She just looked at me and smiled.

"Thanks for a great evening, Claire," Tasha said as they headed out of the room."

"Aren't you forgetting something, I yelled after them?" They both turned around with blank looks on their face. "Oh, I suppose you want to call your mom and tell her you're sleeping at a friends'? I'll bring the phone in a minute." Did they mean to leave me here all night? They must have, for about 10 seconds later Tasha returned with a cordless phone, dialed and held it to my ear.

"Hi, mom? Yeah, I'm gonna stay at Danny's house. Is that cooee!" I gulped loudly as Tasha took my cock in her mouth. I struggled to talk to my mom. "Is that cool? Okay, love you, bye." The phone fell to the side and Tasha looked up with a wicked grin. She gave me stiff-again cock a last lick, grabbed the phone, and headed out, hitting the lights and leaving me in darkness.

I was left to wonder what else they had in store for me as I slowly fell to sleep.

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