tagMatureMrs. Rawson, The Vicar's Wife Ch. 03

Mrs. Rawson, The Vicar's Wife Ch. 03


This chapter continues the tale of John and Mrs Rawson the vicar's wife from previous chapters and his involvement with older ladies connected with the Church.

John, our eighteen year old schoolboy has been asked to give a guided tour of the parish church to a forty something year old American tourist.

Marie stood for a few moments looking at the spillage on the vestry floor and then turned and walked towards the door to the body of the church.

"What is that on the floor, John?" she asked with a glint in her eyes.

"I don't know Madam," I sheepishly replied, "maybe it's something connected with the flower arranging." I was blushing heavily, my face was burning.

"Well, it certainly did not look like water, John." Marie answered, "And please call me Marie."

"Would you like to see more of our church?" I asked her.

We had looked at the eastern end where there was the alter and the chancel and the beautiful windows. There was a list of vicars dating back to the 1400s and memorials to the local dignitaries and their families. She had also looked at the lists of the fallen from two world wars in case her family had lost a member then.

"Let's look at the tower now John," she asked "and is it possible to climb to the top?"

"Yes, we can do that, but the stairs are narrow and steep, so we must be careful." I replied.

We went to the partitioned room at the base of the tower where I had first observed Mrs. Rawson and Mr Wilson in that compromising situation which had led to my involvement with her. She went first and opened the door and then to the door which led to the stairs.

"Would you like to go first?" I asked and she agreed.

We started to mount the stairs slowly and she was three or four steps in front of me. I was presented with a stunning view of her legs. I could see up to her lower thighs and how enchanting it was. I wanted this view to go on forever. Her legs were quite slim and muscular. Her thighs widened out showing some tell tale signs of her age. She was not wearing any stockings.

We continued to rise and I slowed to let her get a couple more steps ahead which allowed me to view more of her thighs. She seemed oblivious to what was going on behind her. That soon changed as a draught wafted up the steep stairs causing her dress to rise allowing me a fleeting glimpse of her knickers. I saw the whole of her upper thighs and then her lovely pure white rather old fashioned knickers. They were satin; I discovered later and described as cami knickers. They were like little shiny shorts, quite roomy with embroidery around the bottom.

She half turned and looked down at me. I was looking straight up. Her dress was flared out. She must have known I could see her knickers and she smiled "Are you OK John."

I panted but could hardly speak so I just nodded.

She realised what had happened very quickly and pushed her skirt down with both her hands. In doing so she let go of the rope which was there to assist people in the ascent or descant of the tower. She stumbled a little on the uneven ancient brick stairs and I had to move swiftly to assist her. By now she had hold of the rope again and to steady herself. My assistance was not required but I did have hold of her waist which felt wonderful. The little bulge of her belly, the soft roll of her hips and the smell of her perfume thrilled me. One of her hands covered mine which I first thought was to remove it but no, it was a soft reassuring touch. She pressed my hand to her hip which was quite fleshy but felt soft. She was back on track now and turned around to thank me for helping.

The door at the base of the tower must have come open to allow the warm summer air to rise causing the draught which caught her light cotton pink dress. We took a few more steps and I got a little further behind again praying that the draught would reward me with a further view of her knickers.

Yes, I was rewarded with a soft upward breeze and her skirt rose to reveal those gorgeous thighs and knickers again. This time she kept hold of the rope and just carried on walking up the steps. We reached a platform and she stopped and pushed her skirt down. She looked out of a small window and she asked me to come close to look at the view of the English countryside through that very small aperture with her. She wanted to know about some landmarks visible from that side of the tower. Our bodies touched, it was electric and my heart was pounding. My mouth went dry and I noticed that she licked her lips as well.

We moved apart and she walked on up the steep and winding stairs. The breeze again caught her skirt and I was delighted to see her bottom with those exotic panties and this time I noticed that the gusset was drawn up between the crack in her buttocks. I could see wisps of dark hair.

Again she ignored the revealing of her most intimate under wear.

We eventually reached the summit of the tower and I had to squeeze by her to open the door to the viewing area at the top on the outside. She did not mind and just stood still. I brushed past her bottom and felt my semi-erect penis make contact against her rump.

We ventured out on to the roof of the tower where she admired the view and we were both absorbed by the quiet, solitude of that place. The wind caught her dress again and lifted it right up over her bottom, thus giving me a full view of those lovely mature thighs and her ample bottom filling her satin cami knickers. She did brush her dress down but only after I had seen the beautiful sight.

It was a beautiful sight on a warm sunny summer's day.

"Are you enjoying the view?" she said with a smile, looking down at her legs.

"Yes, very much," was my reply, but I was embarrassed and blushed again. I was nervous..

"You have been looking up my dress all the way up the stairs, haven't you, you naughty young man." She uttered sternly.

I looked down at my shoes and replied that it was not intentional.

"By the look of the bulge in your pants, I must assume that you liked what you saw." She replied in a less formal tone.

"Oh, I am sorry madam." I sheepishly responded.

"I would have expected nothing less form a young man who has just masturbated in the vestry." She added.

I blushed and looked down again.

"Was that lady I met in the church yard aware of your activity in the vestry?" She asked.

"No." was my sharp response.

"I may see her again tomorrow when I revisit this church when she is here arranging the flowers." She said. "Maybe I'll ask her."

I was glowing beetroot red by now and just did not know what to say or where to look.

"Does her husband know?" she asked.

I replied without thinking "No," and she looked at me with a surprised look and a smile.

"Ah, so you have been involved with her, she's a little old for you isn't she; old enough to be your mother?"

I said nothing, I had already said enough. She looked at me and I looked her in the eye. There was a moment's silence and she said, "Well?"

"Please don't tell." I pleaded, "We will both get into terrible trouble. "Imagine the consequences if my parents and friends know and if Mrs Rawson's husband finds out. It will finish us both locally."

"Did you say Mrs Rawson, John?"

"Yes Marie"

"The Vicars wife?"

I nodded. I felt so vulnerable. She, on the other hand seemed relaxed but more than just interested and was breathing heavily and licked her lips.

"How did it start?" She asked.

I told her the story about me peeping on Mr Wilson and Mrs Rawson and I how I had blackmailed her into having sex with me.

"Did you enjoy it with her?" Marie questioned.

"It was wonderful," I replied "and I just think about it all the time and want to do it all the time."

"What happened in the vestry then?"

"Oh, I wanted sex but we hadn't much time so she masturbated me and I frigged her pussy." I explained.

"Did she pull your cock out?"


"Did you take her panties off?"

"No she pulled her own knickers down to her knees"

"Why didn't she take them off for you?"

"She was afraid her husband would catch us."

"The Vicar?"

"Yes, the Vicar."

She was obviously enjoying the questioning.

"Did she come?" she asked.

"Yes, I think so," I answered.

"Wow, you are a clever boy then aren't you? So you like sex with mature ladies?" She asked.

"Yes of course, what young man would refuse?" Was my response.

"Do you like large mature ladies with huge breasts?" She asked.

"I do, but I have not had too much experience really." I explained.

"Do you like these?"

As she spoke she pulled her top down. She had a very solid white bra on with a very big cleavage. They looked so lovely.

She explained "I have to have a strong bra because of my large breasts."

I panted "Breasts?"

"Yes John, I am older and as a consequence I have big tits."

The words were so sensuous

I panted "big tits."

"Do you like my big tits, John?"

As I nodded, she added "I have big nipples as well."

She had me going now. I had to adjust my erection.

"Would you like to look up my dress again?" She asked, and lifted the skirt from the hem till it was almost covering her breasts.

She stepped out of her shoes and there she was a woman in her forties, a little fuller of figure than she once was showing me her mature thighs, her white knickers and part of her belly which was nicely rounded and looked a little wrinkled but very inviting.

She asked what my favourite fetish was and I replied "looking up ladies skirts."

"Well we've achieved that today then." She smilingly replied.

"I have a fetish which has never been realised. She said. "Can you guess what it is?"

She still stood there with her legs and knickers exposed.

"I guess you like to show your knickers off to men." I responded.

"Yes," she replied, "but there is more to it than that."

"Please tell me." I asked.

"Well John, I have a fantasy about having sex with a really young man."

"Really?" I replied.

"Yes, and having met you I wondered if you would oblige."

"I'd love to." was my excited response.

She came towards me having dropped her skirt and we embraced. We kissed deeply on our lips and our tongues were soon exploring each other's mouths. It got very heated and I pushed her back against a wall which housed the steps we had just climbed, and our bodies crushed together. I felt the soft curves of her breasts and her belly against me; my cock was busting as it pressed against her belly. I caressed her lovely soft rounded hips and her bottom. I then had to feel her tits through her dress and bra. She just let me get on with it.

I slipped her straps from her shoulders and let them fall to half way down her upper arm and marvelled at the lush mounds spilling over her bra. This time the bra was delicate but only half cup revealing at least half of her soft round breasts. I just had to touch them and as she stood there silently smiling I lifted her left breast from its covering. Her nipple was hard and I just pinched it gently between my finger and thumb. I then scooped it up in my palms and caressed it softly squeezing and stroking and I lifted it to my lips. I licked the nipple and areola.

I looked up at her face and saw she was still smiling. "Have you done this before, John?"

"Yes but it never ceases to excite me and make me think how lucky I am to be doing this to such a mature lady." I replied.

She reached behind her and unclipped her bra dropping to the ground and allowed her breasts to fall and wobble as they found their level suspended with no support. She was not as big as Mrs. Rawson but somehow just as appealing.

I cupped both her tits and pulled them gently together so that I could fondle them both and then lick and nibble on them at the same time. Her nipples were rock hard and as I squeezed them they softened but soon became erect again.

She pressed her tummy against my hard cock and smiled again. "John, do you know what I want now?" She questioned.

"The same as me I think," was my soft questioning reply.

"I think so." She said.

She opened my trousers buttons and prized my stiff shaft out from my under wear and my jeans. She took it in both her hands and rubbed it gently and then squeezed the base very hard. She got my balls out and cupped and caressed them.

Her breasts were out and panties were down to her knees and she murmured "Do you like my belly John"

"Oh Yes Marie"

"What about my hairy cunt, John?"

"I like your soft round belly and your hairy cunt Marie"

"I want this inside me NOW john." She murmured.

She pulled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She lifted her skirt to reveal her lovely white thighs, her soft pubic hair which was very bushy and her rounded belly. "I hope you don't mind my middle aged belly John. It was flat once, but after two children, I'm afraid I have the tell tale stretch marks and a little flab."

"No," I said, "I think you are beautiful from head to toe and I can't wait to caress your beautiful body."

She leaned back against the wall. We were sheltered from view by the stair housing and a high parapet creating a secluded corner. She opened her legs as I dropped my jeans to the floor, followed by my under pants. I approached her and she took my cock in her hand and guided it towards her pubic area. I felt the soft hair against the head of my erection and she lifted one leg off the floor to allow me better access. We struggled for a few seconds and then I felt the warm wet softness of her vulva as my cock head caressed the entrance to her slit. She manoeuvred herself to take the head into her vagina and then lowered herself on to it. She was not very tall so I had to bend my knees to get the right angle, but glory of glories, it slipped in. It went in so easily, as she was very moist and I was as hard as a poker. I felt it could go further so I placed my hands under her bottom and lifted her onto my cock and pushed her back against the stone wall. She was now firmly impaled upon my throbbing penis. I felt my orgasm coming, which as it turns out was no surprise to her and she just said "let it go John, there will be another opportunity when you are hard again and you soon will be."

I spurted my semen in to her and suddenly thought about babies. "Oh, what have I done, you will have a baby?"

"Have no fear, I am on the pill." She answered.

I then continued to pump my juice in to her vagina and consequently gravity took its effect allowing it to ooze out and down our legs. I lowered her to the ground and she wiped herself with her panties. She did likewise to me and in doing so ensured that my erection did not falter.

"Oh, John can we do that again?" She asked. "But in another position this time?"

"Yes please." was my obvious response.

She took my hand and led me through the door to the steps leading back down to the base of the tower. She was still wearing her dress but it was now bunched up around her waist. Her bra was lying on the ground as were her shoes and she held her panties in the other hand. I had stepped out of my jeans and underwear. She lifted her dress over her head and turned to face up the steps. We were both naked. She turned, bent over and placed her hands on a step with her legs on four steps lower and presented me with her beautiful white soft pear shaped bottom. Her hips were spread and so were her legs. Her tits hung and swayed as she moved.

She looked round as I stood there in awe. "John, take me now please and be firm."

I stood behind her and presented my now rod like cock against her arse crack and she pushed back so it slipped in the crack. I lowered it to her open labia lips and nuzzled the head in between those moist flaps. She pushed back. It slipped inside a little and then I pushed until it was in as far as it would go.

"Ahhh, how wonderful it is to have a rod of iron inside me." She grunted. "You have a wonderful cock, John; it is so hard and so thick, I am so lucky to find you."

"Now fuck me for all you are worth, don't hold back, and slap my buttocks hard." She uttered.

I did just as she requested, pumping in deep till I hit her cervix time and again. She felt the pain and groaned and grunted as she was pushed forward by my force. "Slap me John, please."

I lifted my right hand and smacked her round white arse again and again till it turned pink and she squealed. I changed hands and did the same with my left hand. I let up to feel beneath her, soft rounded mature belly, her hairy pubic area and her hanging tits. I squeezed her erect nipples and she asked me to be firmer and squeeze them harder. She squealed again and as she did so I felt a draft against my naked body, rising up the tower steps. I didn't think too much about it as I was engrossed in Marie's demands for more pain and for my cock to sink into her cavern again. I continued to pump and she pushed back so I was in as far as her slippery tunnel would allow. I slapped her arse and her legs and thighs and then she insisted that I keep up the pace.

"You're so naughty wanting your bottom spanked; you love being taken from behind by such a young man don't you; rub your clit while I'm inside you." I breathed.

"John, pump as hard as you can and really pinch my buttocks hard and slap me hard." She demanded.

She was rubbing her clit furiously as I pounded her cunt. She was shaking with excitement and sweating profusely.

I shot my load deep inside her vagina and pumped as it spewed into her.

I did the best I could until she groaned loudly and collapsed on the steps, still wanting my cock inside her. She let out a stream of abuse. "You big cocked bastard, you really hurt me with your huge knob and you've bruised my tits and my minge and made my arse sting. I've never had such a fucking orgasm in my life." She muttered form her prone position.

"Now it's my turn." Came stern words from behind me. "Oh no." It was the familiar voice of Mrs Rawson. She had crept up the tower steps and watched me fucking Marie. She must have heard every groan and squeal as well as watched the abuse Marie demanded.

Marie and I were astonished at being caught out.

I turned to face her and she placed her hand around my now limp cock and said, "I want this now John."

I looked down at my cock in her hand; it was soft and wet from our juices. She rubbed it and caressed it with both hands.

Marie rose to her feet and went to retrieve her dress and shoes. When she returned Mrs Rawson was still trying to revive my limp penis, and was getting quite frustrated by her lack of success. I was embarrassed as this had never happened to me before.

"I really need you to enter me John, as I am desperate for the feel of your beautiful penis inside me." Mrs Rawson pleaded.

"Let me help." Replied Marie and they both caressed and fondled me all over. It did not work.

Mrs Rawson and Marie looked in disbelief at my forlorn cock hanging between my legs. I told them that I had now come three times in less than two hours and maybe I needed some time to recover.

Mrs Rawson looked very disappointed and looked at Marie who was still only partly dressed. Marie said, "Can I help you?"

"How can you do that?" Mrs Rawson asked.

Marie was willing to help but wanted to make sure she would be appreciated.

She said "I believe you are Mrs Rawson"

"Yes I am"

"You are Mrs Rawson the Vicar's wife"

Mrs Rawson looked unsure. The fact that she was the Vicar's wife seemed to compound the taboo aspect. Here was a middle aged wife of the local Vicar asking a young boy to fuck her. It really was appalling.

Marie didn't press the advantage too far and said "As I understand it Mrs Rawson, you need this young man to service you."

Mrs Rawson was still unsure but nodded.

Marie spoke confidently

"Let me show you Madam." said Marie.

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