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My Adventure As A...


My Adventure As A Public Relations Manager!

When I married Mike just two years ago I thought I had really hit the jackpot! I have very good looks - I have been told by plenty of people I am beautiful but I am too modest to claim that myself! I am quite tall - 5'9" and I have a very attractive figure which is enhanced by my wonderful breasts. My tits are completely natural but I was lucky that they just grew and grew and now they are a lovely 36D size and I have the longest nipples I have seen on a girl! I just love the way they extend when I get aroused and nothing seems to make them go down except sex! That sounds terrible but my nipples don't get extended unless I am aroused and that is usually just before sex and then the sex itself is what makes them contract into a smaller size. My hips are just right and my waist is very narrow - I have been blessed with a wonderful figure and I just love my body.

Mike loves me just as I am. He wouldn't change anything on me and tells me I am his one and only love! It would be very fair to say that because I have been blessed with these good looks and lovely figure that I have attracted my share of men in the past! I had been out with dozens of men before I met Mike and, of course, I had been fucked by many of these men. I have never been backward about sex and have just loved being the center of attention when I am with a man. I had also had a number of gangbangs and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I don't even know what attracted me to Mike in the first place. Certainly he is a very good looking guy and has a very good physique and carries himself very well. He works out regularly and keeps his body in shape. Of course we fucked plenty of times before we were married and although we had been dating on and off for over a year I had gone out with other men during that time. Mike was a very jealous man and was forever asking me questions about the other men I went out with while I was dating him. He always wanted to know if they fucked me and became upset when I wouldn't tell him what had happened. I had, of course, been fucked lots of times but I didn't want Mike to know about them. I always lied and told him he was the only man for me but I wanted to go out with other men just to see what they were like. Mike seemed to swallow that story but he asked lots of questions after each date with another man. The longer we had been going out the less I was seeing other men and when it was getting near to our marriage I resolved I would have just one last fling before I settled down with Mike.

Without telling Mike, I arranged for about 20 of my previous dates to meet with me at a motel well out of town on a Friday night for an evening of remembrance! I was able to tell Mike I had to visit an elderly aunt in another city and he didn't suspect anything.

The men came in two's and three's and I had a wonderful night of sex with all of these men! I was fucked by all of them and sometimes more than once! They weren't all there at the same time because I had organized different times for lots of them. I was so completely fucked out by the time they had finished I just slept until midday the next day. One of the men, whom I really liked a lot, stayed with me overnight and he fucked me several times. It was just one wonderful night of sex. I had, of course, told each man that this would be the very last time they would fuck me and they would never get this opportunity again - ever!

Mike and I were married with a fairly small ceremony and a wonderful party afterwards. We moved into a new apartment to celebrate the occasion and began our married life together. Mike worked as an engineer for a huge construction company and I had a position as a Public Relations officer in my own business. My business arranged dinners, luncheons, parties and all sorts of business functions instead of the company management having to do all the work. Of course I was very well paid for my services and thoroughly enjoyed the money coming in so regularly.

It was my normal routine to perhaps have 3 luncheons, 4 dinners and sometimes 4 parties each week! The luncheons were very easy. I had a firm of caterers who did all of my luncheons and dinners and they were so well equipped that it made everything so easy. All I had to do was arrange for the guests, the venue and the food and the rest was up to the company management. Dinner parties worked the same way except that the food was much more lavish and sometimes these dinners went on well into the night!

I made it my business to be present at every function I arranged! To me it made sense that I should always welcome the host and his/her friends as well as see that all of the catering had been arranged properly. I didn't have any worries about the caterers because they were contracted to me and knew if they stuffed up they would be finished.

The parties were a different thing altogether. These can take the form of parties for kids to adults, perhaps for a birthday; bachelor parties for the man getting married; football and sporting club parties; retirement parties for older employees and, of course, the list goes on and on!

Mike was kept busy with his engineering work and the fact I wasn't at home as much as I would have liked was incidental and caused no problems. Mike and I fucked as often as possible and we both loved the sex in whatever form it took - oral, anal or vaginal sex! Quite often while we were making love Mike would look into my eyes and say, "Sophie, are you sure you are not fucking any other men? I trust you every inch of the way but I would kill you and any man I found you were fucking!" It was always the same question and statement. I knew he was extremely jealous but so far it had caused no problems and I couldn't see any in he future. I only loved Mike!

Quite against my better judgement I agreed to arrange a big party for a group of businessmen whom I suspected had a few criminal activities behind them. They were not criminals but I was sure they had dealings with the underworld. The fee they offered me, after I had refused to take on their party, was 4 times what I asked before I knew who they were. I was very unhappy about the party and I just knew something would go wrong.

The party was to start at 8.00pm in a rather exclusive reception center which usually catered for weddings. I was to provide a sumptuous meal, plenty of drinks, and plenty of music. The other part of the party which I had well under control was for four strippers who would do their act twice during the night - at 9.30pm and 11.00pm - and after the second performance they would be available for plenty of sex with the men at the party. I should have mentioned it was a men only party!

This party was causing me to worry a lot. I had everything under control and I knew it would go smoothly but never-the-less I worried! I double checked everything and made sure everything was covered! Nothing could go wrong.

On the day of the party I had a luncheon to organize and this went very smoothly and so I began to relax just a little bit! The evening began very well for the party. I arrived early and double checked all the facilities - everything was in order. The waiting staff was all present early and all dressed appropriately. The catering staff was all present and their equipment in order. My only unchecked part of the evening was the strippers. They were not due to arrive until 9.00pm to get ready for their act at 9.30pm. I rang their manager on my cell phone and was assured everything was in order. They would be there early and I should stop worrying! The strippers would do their act at 9.30pm and this would take about 25 minutes. They would then leave for another venue which was only about 5 miles away and be back in plenty of time for the second show at 11.00pm - nothing could go wrong!

The party began on time and we began serving the food when every man was seated. I didn't do any of the serving preferring to look like the boss of the outfit and I dressed suitably. I had on my business suit. This was a tailored jacket with a matching skirt which was short enough to be interesting but not like a mini-skirt or anything like that. I find it is extremely sexy if I don't wear a bra under my business jacket. There are only 2 buttons on the jacket but if they are done up my breasts are hidden but I have a lovely bounce as I walk and this looks really sexy and businesslike at the same time! I don't wear stockings or pantyhose preferring to show my wonderful long legs off as one of my best assets. I always wear high heeled shoes and they show my legs off wonderfully. I should add I also wear panties - usually a very small thong which doesn't cover very much but I feel terrible without it! My pubic hair is trimmed but not shaved off. It is in the shape of a heart ending with the low point just above my clit. I take some time to trim my bush but I love the end result. Mike loves it too and loves to run his hands through the hair as he plays with me. My bush is very black - the same color as my hair on my head. I have the finest fuzz of hair on my forearms but it is very fair and usually isn't noticed except if someone is looking closely. I also have a very black but faint line of hair running from above the top of my trimmed bush to my navel. This is very sexy and I just love it when Mike licks my belly button and then licks this fine hair down to my bush and then my clit!

There were 15 girls on the serving and preparing staff and they were to all finish their work by 10.30pm before the last stripper act was to take place. We had a rather unique system where dirty plates, dishes and glasses were packed into plastic lined boxes and taken to the vehicles outside. They were taken away to be washed so that they wouldn't interfere with the party.

The strippers arrived in plenty of time and were dressed ready for their first act just before they were to go on. They were a very attractive group of girls - all very pretty and all had very good figures. They were, of course, ready to have sex with the men after the second session and I had arranged for 4 large mattresses to be on hand for the purpose. There were 52 men at the party and although some of the men wouldn't want to fuck the girls it meant each would have to take care of about 12 men! They were used to that number and wouldn't have any trouble taking on that many.

The strippers did their act and it was a first class act! They had the use of a low stage in the big hall and their striptease acts were great. They performed for about 20 minutes slowly removing their clothes before they were naked! They all had wonderful bodies and didn't mind showing them off. In the end, for a grand finale, they all ended up on the floor of the stage on their backs with their legs spread as wide as possible showing their shaven cunts to the yelling men! On a signal from the leader they all leapt to their feet and left the stage much to the disappointment of the men! They had done a very good job and I was thrilled with the way it had all gone!

The strippers left for their other gig and the last of the meals were being served. The men settled down again after the strippers and enjoyed their desserts and coffee. They had been told by their host that they had to leave the girls alone after the first act but there would be plenty of fucking after the second act.

I arranged with my senior man to stay for the end of the party and to do the locking up. This meant I would be able to leave when I wanted to. All of the dirty dishes had been removed and everything was ready for the return of the girls.

The time for the next act drew near and I was anxiously waiting for them to appear so that I could go home. I had seen enough of these shows where the men went wild fucking the strippers and I didn't want to see this lot!

It was just after 11.20pm and the strippers were late - very late! The man in charge came over to me and asked me what the holdup was all about! He was a huge man and I certainly wanted to keep on his side - I thought he would be a very bad enemy! I tried to tell him about their other act and that they would be back very soon. Just then my cell phone rang and it was the manager of the girls! She was terribly sorry but the girls had been involved in a very nasty car accident on their way to my party and the four of them were in hospital emergency room awaiting treatment! She had tried to find some substitutes but none were available at such short notice and she was very sorry! But not as sorry as I was right now!

I tried to explain to the boss man just what had happened and there wasn't anything I could do about it! I offered to refund a substantial part of the fee they were paying me because of the non-show of the girls. This wasn't acceptable to the boss man and he went stamping off to talk to some of his associates. I made a couple of quick 'phone calls to try to get some girls but everyone was working and there was no hope of getting anyone at this late hour!

The men were very restless by this time and the boss man was doing his best to control the men. He hadn't told them yet the strippers wouldn't be coming and I was dreading what they would do when he finally told them!

He came over to me and told me he had been talking to his associates and they had found a solution which would take care of the situation! I was so relieved to hear that but my elation turned to horror when he told me I would have to do the stripping act and I could fuck all the men because I had let them down! I protested strongly but my words fell on deaf ears! He wouldn't hear any of my pleas and, in fact, he led me up onto the stage himself and told the catcalling crowd that I would be putting on the act myself. At first I was horrified and tried to walk off but he grabbed me and told me to start or else! The threat was just too horrible - maybe even worse than what they were asking me to do so I just stood there on the stage not knowing what to do when the music suitable for stripping began! Someone had found a CD appropriate for the occasion.

I knew it was useless to protest and asked if stripping would be enough as I didn't want to fuck any of the men! They simply told me to get on with the stripping and so I began. I really had to admit to myself that I wasn't as upset by this request as I could have been. I danced around as best I knew slowly undoing the buttons on my jacket. Once they were undone I slipped the jacket down off my shoulders and exposed my breasts together with my very extended nipples - I hadn't realized just how aroused I had become! Slowly again I undid the clip and then the zipper on my skirt and this followed my jacket to the floor. Now I stood in front of 50 odd men wearing only my brief thong panties and my shoes! I knew it was useless to protest and slowly hooked my thumbs in the top elastic of my thong and pulled it down below my hip, and then down to my knees before it dropped to the floor and I kicked it out of the way. I just couldn't believe how aroused I had become - my nipples told me so!

I was standing there naked except for my shoes in front of these men. They yelled for me to spread my legs and, although I didn't want to do that, I moved my feet apart and then bent over facing away from them so they could see my exposed cunt and asshole! I knew I couldn't make a run for it and would just have to stay and accept whatever came next! The men called for me to lie on the floor of the stage and spread my legs wide just as the strippers had done. I had never felt so exposed as I did at that time. 50 or more men looking at my cunt! But I was very wet which showed just how aroused I had become.

I knew it was inevitable that I would have to take on some of the men to satisfy the bargain and I hoped it wouldn't be more than a couple. The boss man came over to me and told me he was bringing the mattresses over for me to lie on. A couple of men brought over two mattresses and placed them on top of each other. Now I had something which looked a bit like a bed! He then told me to lie on the bed and spread 'em! Without hesitation I moved into the center of the bed and spread them as he said and then saw that he was taking off his clothes. He was going to fuck me first!

When he dropped his pants and his huge cock sprung out I saw just how big it really was! It was enormous and I knew I would have trouble with that one first off! He stuck a couple of fingers in my very wet cunt and pronounced I was ready and then moved between my spread legs and simply stuck his hard cock into my cunt! I just couldn't believe he had got it all in so quickly and I felt really filled up! I had never had a cock that big in me before! He just fucked me with long hard pumps until he shot his load of cum inside me! When he was finished he pulled his huge cock out of me with a loud plop and then said, "Who is next?" Several men moved up onto the bed and I had to take one in my mouth while the other stuck his cock in my cum filled cunt! He slid in very easily but the man in my mouth was giving me some trouble partly because of the size of his cock but also because of how far he wanted to shove it down my throat! I had to hold and jerk the other men's cocks - one in each hand - at the same time I was sucking a guy off and the other was fucking my cunt! They started to cum everywhere and I had to swallow furiously because of the amount of cum he shot into my mouth! The other two men I was holding came over my tits and body and now I looked a real mess and the fucking had only just begun!

I was systematically fucked by every man in the room over the next 3 hours! After the first suspense of not knowing what would happen next I started to enjoy the sex! I almost looked forward to the next man fucking me! After my cunt was full of cum and it was sloshing out as each man pushed his cock into me they stood me up and let the cum run out of my cunt! What a mess I made on the stage! Next they placed me at the edge of the bed and started fucking my asshole! I had always enjoyed anal sex but not as many as this lot! I was fucked time after time until they had pumped huge loads into my rectum and I was starting to feel pains well up inside my body as the pressure from the cum started to build up inside me! I begged to be allowed to go to the bathroom but they wouldn't let me up. Again I was fucked in the asshole and again the pain persisted. It felt just like it did when I badly needed to go to the bathroom for a shit but now I couldn't go and relieve myself. Further loads of cum in my asshole made me so uncomfortable I started to cry! The men then took pity on me and escorted me naked to the bathroom. They took great delight in making me stand up on the toilet itself and then to squat down over it making sure they could see my cunt and my asshole. They just loved watching me evacuating my bowels! The cum started to run out of me both from my cunt and my asshole splashing into the water below! The noise made them all excited and I could feel the instant relief as the pressure diminished. When no more cum would run out of me they allowed me to wipe myself with the toilet paper and then took me back to the mattresses. I certainly felt much more comfortable now.

Apart from the pain I had already mentioned I was really enjoying the gangbang! I certainly couldn't tell how many times I had cum but it certainly was a lot of times and my pelvis seemed to ache - not from the fucking but more from the orgasms! The fucking continued and my enjoyment didn't decrease - I just loved what the men were doing to me! Perhaps I was having the most difficulty because of the men continually sucking my long nipples - they were certainly a great attraction and received plenty of attention from the mouths of just about every man! Usually my nipples retract when I cum but this time they refused to go down.

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