tagIncest/TabooMy Angel Ch. 02

My Angel Ch. 02


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Chapter 2 - On The Town

More than 2 weeks had passed since the fateful forbidden night I'd fucked my 18-year-old stepdaughter Angel on my marriage bed while my wife was out of town; we had spent a glorious weekend in each others' arms, only leaving the bed to shower and eat, then diving right back into another sex session (although most of the showering ended up as a sex session too; try soaping up the ripe round tits of a redheaded sex kitten without wanting to fuck them).

Since then, after my wife had returned from her conference (the welcome-home sex that night had been particularly energetic and noisy; I knew as we banged the headboard against the wall that Angel was on the other side of that wall, lying in bed furiously fingering herself or fucking herself with her vibrator), my Angel and I had been forced to be a little more circumspect in our affections; there were lots of meaningful looks across the dinner table (and a few risky games of footsie), good-morning kisses that lingered just a second too long, and one incredible blowjob in the laundry room while my wife was on the treadmill, that ended with Angel smiling up at me, her beautiful face, swanlike neck and round full tits coated with my thick hot cum. I had eagerly returned the favor, eating out her hot shaven pussy as she sat on the pulsating dryer with her skirt around her waist and her legs around my neck.

But aside from flirtations and occasional trysts, we hadn't had sex since that perfect weekend -- something we intended to remedy as one warm Saturday night rolled around.

"Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!" Angel called out as she stuck her head around the living room door that evening, her face made up, lips red and glossy. "I won't be too late."

"Where are you going, sweetie?" my wife asked, looking up from her papers. "Out with Jenna and the girls?"

"Yup!" Angel grinned sweetly. "We're gonna get something to eat and maybe catch a movie."

"Well, just be careful," my wife said, her head already down in her quarterly earnings report again. "Back by midnight."

"Oh, I think 1 would be OK, babe," I chimed in, smiling over at Angel, knowing full well the reason she wasn't showing us her outfit for the night. "She's a young woman now, after all." I winked at Angel and she pursed her lips at me, eyes twinkling.

"I suppose that's fine. Bye, sweetie." Angel blew us a kiss and threw me a wink and she was out the door in a flash; I could hear her high heels clicking down the hall, but my wife (thankfully) never wondered why she would be wearing heels to dinner and a movie. I stood up, stretching. "You sure you don't mind me leaving you for the night too?" I said, touching her shoulder.

"No; I know Pete would want you there to celebrate his birthday. Besides --" she said, gesturing to the waterfall of paper on the table in front of her -- "I have all these to go over by Monday's meeting."

"Well, don't hurt your eyes, babe," I said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll try to be home by 1 as well," I said, smiling. She smiled up at me and I made my exit too.

I looked myself over in the car mirror on that long drive, with my cock urgently pressing against my zipper the entire way; it had been risky arranging this 'date', but I knew if I didn't get my cock inside Angel's heavenly holes again soon I'd go crazy. I decided as I pulled into the parking lot of 'Stash', the hottest new club in town, that I looked a little old to be there, but not exactly an antique. I would have to do.

I spotted Angel waiting by the entrance as we'd agreed and waved her over. She tottered to the passenger side of the car in the outfit she'd been careful not to show her mom; tight silver dress, barely covering her ripe ass and full tits, long legs ending in black spike heels. She carried a tiny silver purse, and as she opened the door and slid into the car the dress rode up, revealing a creamy expanse of firm thigh. Immediately she kissed me, her arms around my neck and her tongue exploring, sighing into my mouth.

"Oh Daddy," Angel moaned, touching my face. "This was such a good idea. I want to take you in there and show you off to all those little sluts, they'll be green with envy."

"More like the other way around, babygirl. Every cock in that place will be hard for you."

"Oh, but I only want one," my baby replied, one finger tracing my aching hardon through my jeans. "I want it inside me, so fucking deep it hurts..." she said, leaning forward for another kiss.

"All good things come to sweet girls who wait," I said, smiling as I stopped her lips with a finger. "Remember, tonight I'm your date, not your dad. If we're going to do this right, call me Griff."

"Yes, Daddy," Angel said coquettishly, a finger in her mouth, batting her eyelashes at me, arms pressed together to create an enticing vee of deep cleavage. "Don't start that," I said, sighing, "or I'll forget that I'm a gentleman and I'll fuck you right here in this car, missy."

Angel giggled and smiled at me. "OK, Daddy -- Griff. I'll be good, I swear. I want our first date to be special."

"That's my girl." I pecked her on the cheek, eager for more but willing to wait for it. "Wait right there."

As Angel sat primly on the passenger seat, I made my way around, opening her door and offering my hand. "Shall we?"

"We shall," she said, grinning happily, offering her dainty hand and letting me help her out of the seat -- no mean feat, considering how short and tight her dress was. She took my arm and we made our way up to the club entrance -- no more than a doorway with an awning on a long, unremarkable brick building.

"Da -- Griff, baby, there's such a long line, will we even get in?" Angel pouted. "I don't want to wait out here all night, I want to dance with you."

"Trust me, babygirl," I said, making my way confidently up to the thickset bouncer with the clipboard who was guarding the club's velvet rope zealously. I discreetly slipped the folded fifty into his palm with my handshake, murmured a few words in his ear, and he smiled beatifically, lifting the rope aside for me to take my Angel inside.

"It's all in how you handle yourself, baby," I said, patting her lush ass as the heavy iron door was opened for us. Angel giggled happily as we made our way into the wide expanse of the club. A long bar covered 2 walls, and most of the rest of the space was given over to a checkered dance floor, swimming with lights. Some tables and booths lined the remaining wall space, but most of the patrons were on the dance floor, moving in a tight mass, sweatily gyrating to the heavy bass that vibrated through the place. Hanging over the dance floor were several clear glass cages, accessible via staircases in each corner, where couples also danced, hanging in full view of the throng as they moved. Most, if not all, of the girls were dressed much as Angel was (although none could hold a candle to her), in tiny dresses, heels, fuck-me boots -- there were even a few 'naughty schoolgirls' in white blouses tied under their tits, ties loosened, little plaid skirts, kneehigh socks and Mary Janes. An interesting look, and I found my mind wandering to what Angel would look like as a slutty student, but she snapped my mind back to reality, grabbing my hand and smiling up at me.

"Thank you so much for taking me here, - Griff. You're the best -- date - ever."

"Anything for my favorite -- date," I said, leaning down into a soft kiss, dipping my tongue into her eager mouth and holding her waist, pulling her into a brief embrace. "You want a drink, or does my baby want to dance?"

"Let's get a drink, Griff!" Angel said, pulling me to the bar, relishing this date just as much as I was. We made our way to a less-crowded section and waited to be served, side by side, Angel excitedly looking around at the heaving club. As I held out a bill, trying to catch the pretty young Emo bartender's attention while she mixed a cocktail, I heard a voice from Angel's other side, oozing with teenage confidence.

"Hello there, sweet thing. Damn! You are looking fine tonight. This is your first time, right? 'Cause, like, I'd remember you, for sure."

I was sure there was only one girl he could be talking to, and sure enough, as I turned, he was standing over Angel, leering into her cleavage. Did I sound like that at his age? I wondered. God, I hope not.

Angel was smiling the teasing smile I knew so well, playing up to the part. "You really think I'm... fine?" she said, smoothing down her dress.

"Damn straight, babe. You want to dance, or should we go sit down someplace a little quieter?" this frat boy with greasy hair and jeans hanging off his ass was asking, honestly believing he was in with a shot with my Angel.

"Oh..." Angel said, feigning disappointment. "I prefer it loud... don't I, Griff, baby?" she said, slipping an arm around my waist as I turned to lay my arm across her shoulder, caressing the sweet swell of her breast as it pushed up out of her slinky dress.

"You have something to say to my girlfriend?" I said, giving the punk a long, hard glare.

"Nah, man, nah, it's good. My mistake," he said, backing away, hands raised, off to try his chances with some other lucky girl. Angel turned in my arms, tits pressed into my chest,

smiling. "Did you like how he was talking to me... Griff?" she said, almost, but not quite, cupping my ass.

"You know I didn't, baby," I said, stroking her cheek. "Nobody gets to talk to you that way."

"Nobody but you, Griff," she smiled, and I leaned down, biting gently at her neck, sucking on the skin. She gasped in my ear. "Ohhh Daddy," she whispered. "I love being your girlfriend. I love this," she sighed, fingers in my hair. "I love that you would fight for me, makes me feel so special, so protected. Maybe I'll flirt with some more guys, just to drive you crazy...?"

"You do that and I may have to teach you a lesson, missy," I said, slapping her ass playfully, turning to get our drinks.

A few minutes later, Angel and I were at the bar, sipping our drinks, talking, touching, kissing -- looking for all the world like a couple out on a date, albeit of the May-to-December romance variety. An age difference of 18 to 38 could be worse, I wasn't old enough to be her grandfather, at least, but I certainly felt older than every single other guy in the place. Having the hottest girl in the room hanging off my arm with her tongue in my mouth certainly helped, however. It was mostly too loud to talk, but we weren't doing much talking, just enjoying the opportunity to be as close as we wanted to be.

Angel grabbed my wrist and grinned up at me. "Dance with me, baby," she said, grinding up against me and moving her hips sensuously, making my hardon press into her. I wasn't about to argue so, leaving my drink half-finished on the bar, I let the redheaded teen lead me into the throbbing mass of moving bodies under the lights. Quarters were close but we squeezed into a spot near the center of the crowd, Angel with her arms around my neck and her hips moving against mine.

We started to move with the deep music, and despite the crowd, the lights, the strobes and the pounding bass, all I could see was her, moving in my arms, stepping away to move to the music before pressing back into me, her eyes on mine the entire time. Angel turned in my arms, bending and wiggling her ass against my crotch, making my already-hard dick throb even harder, teasing me as she looked back over her shoulder at me, moving her hands over her luscious body. I pulled her up, my chest against her back, kissing and licking her neck as my face was buried in the red glory of her hair, and Angel moved my hands from her slim waist to her abundant tits, leaning her head back against me while I squeezed and caressed, lost in her.

I'm sure we were catching a few stares despite the crowded dancefloor, but Angel pressed into me harder, cupping my neck, urging me to taste her, suck and bite on her soft pink skin. One of my hands moved to the hem of her tiny dress, stroking her thigh, and I could feel her legs open slightly; my fingers danced to her inner thigh, close to the heat of her sweet young pussy. I could hear Angel sigh into my ear despite the noise, and I rubbed gently over what felt like cotton panties, which now had an undeniable wet spot as I teased and touched.

Angel's sweet voice was unmistakable in my ear as she moaned lightly 'Daddy -- take me up there, show me off...please?', pointing to the glass cage hanging over us.

My response was to take her by the hand and lead her firmly through the heaving, sweaty young bodies to the staircase, gesturing for her to walk up before me. She smiled and, heels clicking, walked up to the cage, with me following behind, one supportive hand on her hip and two appreciative eyes on her ass.

There were only 2 girls in there once we closed the glass door behind us, eyes closed as they moved to the music, not caring that the glass floor was giving many of the revelers underneath a prime view up their tiny skirts. Angel took my hand and led me to the center of the cage, once again grinding into me, expertly moving with the beat. I moved with her as best I could, happy only to watch how happy and beautiful she was.

There was a break in the music and Angel spun into my arms, touching my face, cheeks and cleavage flushed, eyes wide. "So," she said, biting her lip, smiling devilishly up at me. "Tell me, Griff ... do you kiss on the first date?"

"Depends on the girl," I said, hands cupping her pert firm ass, grinding gently into her to show her the effect it was having to watch her dance.

"And this girl? Will you kiss this girl... Griff?"

"For starters." I cupped her neck and pulled her hungrily into a long, deep, passionate kiss, sharing breaths and sighs and soft moans, and Angel moved sensuously in my arms, her body alive, lush and warm. The music was once again pumping in our ears but we didn't care about dancing any more; we moved as one, and I backed her into the glass wall of the cage, one of her legs curling around my waist, my lips on her neck, licking, sucking, biting, leaving red marks on the perfect skin. Angel gasped, nails digging into my back through my shirt, pressing against me, her tits threatening to burst free from her low cut skimpy dress -- so I helped them, pulling the material down and filling my hands with her soft, ripe, firm globes of succulent flesh.

By now the girls who had been sharing the cage had fled, giggling, and I could see that we were drawing some long looks from the dancers below. Let them watch, I thought. They might learn something. I suckled and licked at Angel's big tits, rolling her nipples between my teeth, hungry for her body. Angel had one hand between my legs rubbing fiercely at my straining dick as she panted, eyes open, head back, hair streaming down her back. Her dress was now a wide belt around her waist, and I thrust my hand between her legs, finding white cotton panties. Gripping the material, I tore them free of her body in one movement, shoving them into my pocket.

Giggling, Angel said "You're gonna have to buy me new panties, Daddy Griff..."

"All you want, babygirl," I replied, dropping to my knees, lifting one of Angel's legs so she could drape it over my shoulder. Looking down I could see we were drawing a crowd of spectators now, and I smiled as I kissed my way up Angel's firm, creamy thigh, my hands on her ass,

squeezing, stroking. Angel had her hands in her hair, her breath fast and frantic. "Oh Daddy... Daddy Griff, eat me, eat my pussy, show them how it's done..." I peppered her soft cunt lips with burning kisses, tasting, licking gently, staying clear of her clit for the moment, softly licking up and down at her pussy lips, and Angel moaned louder, one hand fisting in my short hair as I teased.

"FUCK... you know what I want, Daddy, EAT me..." she groaned. I winked up at her, and started sucking on her clit with a frenzy, moaning at the sweet taste. I shoved a finger inside her as I did so, and the glass walls shook with Angel's shudders as her body writhed, the vibrations of the music adding to the vibrations caused by my probing tongue. Her hips were bucking and I held her in place firmly as my tongue replaced my finger and I held my hand up, offering her the wet digit. She grabbed my wrist and hungrily sucked on my slippery finger, tasting her own hot pussy and moaning as I squeezed her ass, my tongue wriggling and flickering deep, tasting inside that honeyed hole.

"MMmmmmm... oh Daddy Daddy Daddy," Angel cried out, not caring who heard her now. "God I love your sweet tongue, the way you taste me... you want baby to cum for you?"

I only nodded, eyes closed, face buried between her legs as I feasted on her tight young pussy like a starving man. My tongue dipped in and out more insistently, only emerging so that I could kiss and suck Angel's pink clit before diving back in deep, exploring and writhing. My hands ached to touch her, and they slid up to roughly grab Angel's impeccable tits, mauling them as I licked and sucked and ate the sweetest pussy I'd ever tasted.

Angel loved to have her tits played with and this sent another wave of movement through her tight firm body; she bucked against the glass, leg curling tight around me as I shoved my tongue deep, moaning into her cunt. "Oh DADDY!" she screamed, hands over her head, bucking her hips into my face. "Oh god.. oh god god god I'm.... I'm going to .. I'm cummmmminggggg!" she screamed, her wet pussy squirting onto my probing tongue, my sucking lips, my chin. I kept on licking and lapping, hungry for the taste of her as her body was wracked by the throes of orgasm. As the final spasms rippled through her body I broke off, smiling up at my Angel, licking my lips.

"MMmmmm... come here, you," she said softly, pulling me up by my shirt into a kiss, a wet, deep, open kiss, her tongue tasting her own pussy, licking her juices from my lips and chin. Our hands explored each other, slow but firm. Angel looked over her shoulder at the small throng of onlookers who had been watching out little show.

"I think they want more, Daddy.. don't you?" she said, touching my face, rubbing her body against mine.

"What did you have in mind for act 2, sweet thing?"

"Let me show you..." the flushed redhead said, immediately dropping to her knees and fishing my swollen, pulsating cock from my jeans. I could see and hear our audience clapping and cheering over the pulsing music, then returned my full attention to the gorgeous girl on her knees before me. Angel pushed my jeans and boxers to my ankles and, smiling, gripped my shaft in her hot little hands, stroking it up and down, cooing over it, giving it soft kisses. I stroked the thick curls of her hair and watched as, eyes closed, she started running her lips up and down the length, giving it long strokes with her soft pink tongue, looking for all the world like a little girl enjoying her favorite ice cream cone. My dick twitched and throbbed harder with every sensation, so rock-hard for her it hurt, my balls swollen with the load of cum I was desperate to give her, the cum that had been building up as we'd been forced to stay away from each other at home.

Angel sat up a little, smiling as she cupped her round, full tits, gently wrapping them around the shaft of my stiff cock. I sighed and moaned her name as she spit on my cockhead, oiling the passage between those fleshy globes, starting to slide up and down, my rod perfectly encased in firm titflesh.

"I told you my tits were perfect for fucking, Daddy," she breathed, licking at my swollen cockhead as it emerged from her valley of cleavage. I was in no mood to argue, taking hold of those round tits, and squeezing them as I pumped up and down, my foreskin pulling back, the hot swollen head emerging, purple and pulsing. Angel laid a wet kiss on my cockhead every time it slid up to bump her plump lips, sometimes suckling on the head, humming and moaning, eyes closed in bliss, sending unbelievable sensations up and down my prick and through my heavy balls. I toyed with her tits as I slid in and out of her cleavage, pulling on her nipples, pinching and squeezing the globes in my big hands, and Angel grasped my ass, urging me to fuck her tits.

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