tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt's Seduction

My Aunt's Seduction


I am a 20 year old college student, home for the holidays. When I went off to school, my parents gave my room to my spinster Aunt Glenda. Glenda had moved back home to be close to her sister, who is my Mom.

Aunt Glenda always wore glasses and kept her hair in a severe bun. Her dress was always prim and proper, and I never thought twice about her sexually.

One night recently, I came home from a fight with my girlfriend. I suffered from major blue balls, and my frustration was at a boiling point.

Glenda was the only one home, and she was sitting in the family room with the lights off watching T.V.

"Tony, you're home early." Glenda looked puzzled.

"Aw, Aunt Glenda, Beth is being a bitch tonight." I huffed, as I sat down heavily right next to her.

Glenda was covered by a blanket, but appeared to be wearing only her nightgown beneath it.

I began to pour my heart out to her for half an hour, and the beers I was pounding down from the kitchen fridge loosened both my tongue and my moral compass.

As I spoke to her, she cooed understandingly, and gently stroked my arm in agreement.

My cock began to swell as I studied her serious sweet mouth, and finally I blurted it out.

"Aunt Glenda, I'm sorry, but why do girls give guys blue balls?"

As I said it, I gestured to the rising lump in my sweatpants.

"Bl-Blue Balls? I-I don't know what that means." she stammered through blushed cheeks.

"Here, I'll show you." I grimaced, as I fought to pull my fat cock free.

When the air hit my prick, it lurched obscenely in Glenda's direction, the purple crown smeared with a film of odorous, slimy pre-cum. My cock was throbbing for a solution, and I didn't care who was in the room.

"Tony, put-put that away. I don't want to know about such things." she flushed, but her eyes never left my cock as she sat up and the blanket dropped to the floor.

Glenda made a move to get up off the couch, but I grabbed her arm and sat her down.

"No." I said coldly. "You need to know what a mess I'm going to make."

I was slowly jacking my inflamed member now, and the only sounds in the room were Glenda's ragged breathing and the sticky squish of my wet, throbbing pole.

"C'mere," I whispered hoarsely, "get very close to it."

As I pulled her head down roughly onto my chest, her gown ripped open, letting her heaving, tiny tits become exposed.

Glenda moaned in protest, and tried to pull herself together and push up her glasses.

"No, Glenda. Quit being one of those girls. Stop resisting me. Now, open that gown again."

With my left hand, I yanked her tits out and roughly strummed her inflamed nipples. My right hand kept pumping my dick, and she actually bent closer, as if in a trance. The wetness of my administrations began beading up her glasses and glistening her cheeks. If I came now, she would be eating her nephew's seed.

"Oh, Tony," Glenda whispered almost too low to be heard, "my pussy is so wet."

"Start rubbing your clit." I demanded.

I roughly pushed my damp cock all over her face, knocking her glasses off and smearing her features with a hint of what was on the way.

"We shouldn't be doing this." she breathed. Her mouth opened in a vain attempt to get fed cock.

I teased her by pulling my dick away an inch, but still it bubbled and fritzed all over her prim features as I pumped away.

Glenda was now feverishly fingering herself, her gown lewdly sitting in a pile around her waist.

"Put your free hand on my ball sac." I wheezed through gritted teeth.

Glenda moaned and whimpered as she began to lap at the sauce on the head of my prick.

"Please, Tony. Make me eat it. Make me eat your cum tonight."

I now pushed just the head into her mouth and continued to pump.

"Jesus, you're a fucking whore, Auntie." I mumbled I felt my ball sac begin to boil over from her fevered squeezing.

"Mmmgh." she slurped out, as stringy strands of saliva and pre-cum started spilling into her now down swept hair.

"Fuck it, Glenda. I'm going to hose your tonsils with a month's worth of goop."

Glenda placed both hands flat on my stomach and started fucking her reddened face with nephew cock,down to it's eight inch root.

"Eat it, Auntie! Eat my syrup!"

I lifted my hips off the couch and pushed her head down violently as I erupted. She was no longer my aunt. Now, in this moment, she was a hot, wet cum dumpster.

"Aaaargh!" I bellowed, as wave after wave of thick, chunky ball batter splashed against the back of her sad, spinster throat.

Glenda had no choice but to gag, sputter, and ultimately swallow my spew. Wave after wave of forbidden seed coated her throat and filled her lonely belly.

I rose up on one knee and started banging her soppy wet puss with three fingers while still jizzing her mouth.

As I pulled free from her, Glenda started shaking with her own orgasm, babbling unintelligibly and burping up hot seed that spilled onto her inflamed chest. She sat there alternately crying and sobbing on the one hand, yet scooping up spilled cum from her tits with the other and trying to gobble it down again.

Long gone were the glasses, the hair bun, the high collared blouses. Glenda was my aunt, but from now on she was going to be my personal fuck toy as well.

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