tagMatureMy Best Friend's Daughter

My Best Friend's Daughter

byLayne Bryant II©

This tale was written because some of my readers requested me to do so. It was a challenge for me to create something that didn't do with incest. I decided it would be fun to do so. I'm not obsessed with incest. I just enjoy writing about such a taboo subject. So here you guys go. I hope you enjoy this story of ageless love.

* * * * *

Have you ever had someone in your world that you have known all his or her life? Well, that is true for me. My best friend, Travis Inman, daughter, Kimberly Joan, was that person for me.

Kim was always like a playful and tomboyish girl. She was a green eyed, redheaded urchin who was into everything. Often she would spend nights with my family.

Kim was family to me. She was like a niece. I never thought of her as anything but a cute little girl.

All that changed when puberty arrived. In a matter of a year, she blossomed into a full fledge hottie! My 'niece' was suddenly a woman!

Kim's mother, Amanda was a 5'll leggy redhead and very sexy woman.

Many expressed to Travis how much of a lucky man he was. My best friend never forgot that fact. Which is why I believe they had such a successful marriage.

By the time Kim had reached her sixteenth birthday, she was a shorter 5'8 version of her mother. The only exception was the hot teenager was larger on top. She sported a set of 36C's. Which on the slender frame was an awesome sight.

I soon had trouble trying to separate my desires from my responsibly as an older family friend. Too many times I would get an erection when Kim would hugged me with that hot body. Or run around wearing skimpy clothes. Or bend over invertedly exposing a set of young breasts or an innocent pussy.

To combat this taboo thinking, I would keep my distance or ensure others were around when we were together. I doubted I would do anything to ruin her trust of me. But I felt so damn guilty just having such a lubricious mindset!

Fortunately, she had a brain that matched that sexy body. Kim graduated from high school at seventeen and received a scholarship to an Eastern university. This kept her way for months at a time. She would be home for holidays and family events.

It was on her nineteenth birthday that everything had changed between us. My lust and long forbidden desires was let out of its cage.

I had been divorced for five years by then. My two sons had gone off to college. So you might say I lived in an empty nest.

That spring the Inmans invited me to the summer lake residence for Kim's nineteenth birthday get together. They said she insisted I be part of the family celebration. I didn't have any long-term plans, so I readily accepted.

There was some unfinished work to be completed before I could leave. So I came up a day late to the lake front vacation home. The first thing I notice was that only Kim's convertible was parked outside.

Inside, no one was home. I assumed my friends were running errands in the local village. It gave me a chance to freshen up with a change of clothes and a shower.

It was an unseasonably warm spring. So the trip up made me feeling rather rumpled. I decided to take a shower

As I stepped out of the stall, I heard knocking on the bathroom door. Then Kim's voice was heard. A harder pounding followed.

"Uncle Greg!" she called, "Are'ya in there?"

"Yes," I answered placing on a robe, "I am, baby."

"Ya better come an' give your favorite niece a hug or I'm comin' in there!"

Knowing Kim's unabashed actions, I figured she just might do that. Wearing only a robe I answered the door. I was greeted with a very gorgeous site.

She was wearing a very small black bikini. It was a very revealing style. The top was the type that emphasized the cleavage of the breast.

Kim had changed! She was always a very pretty. Now she had improved!

Her tits had been enlarged. They had to be at least 38C's. I believed they had been enhanced.

Her body was even more fit and athletic. I assumed her athletic activities with the college teams had a lot to do with that. She was heavy into track and basketball.

Her skin was an even shade from head to toe. It was so perfectly even I had no doubts the use of a sun-tanning booth had been involved. The long red tress gave a bronze tint to the skin. I felt a stirring in my loins.

Kim flung a pair of excited arms around my neck. A deep tongue kiss was suddenly given me. I didn't resist.

Our tongues twirled. Our bodies pressed even closer. The stirrings increased.

"Gawd!" Kim said breathlessly hugging tightly, "I've missed you so."

I felt a firm upper leg rubbed up against my groin. It was a bare skin against a partly harden penis. She had to know what was touching her flesh.

Kim didn't act as if she did. The hug tightened. The probing leg was caressed my dick.

"Damn!" I remarked at the enthusiastic greeting, "You've really missed me."

"More than you can imagine," she agreed still holding me close.

I gently pushed her back and looked at her. As noticed before, the bikini top enhanced the set of full mounds. I broke a prolong stare at the orbs when realizing I was taking too much interest in that chest. A half hard cock made that clear I was.

We moved into the front room. Kim sat down on the couch. The black bikini bottoms underneath fit snugly against the tan skin.

"I need to change into some clothes," I quickly excused.

I really wanted to get away so he could calm down. This new Kim had effects in ways that was wrong. I needed to put on something to hide the bulge!

"I'll be here waitin' on ya," Kim promised.

Her athletic legs opened a little wider. A tightly covered crotch showed the outline of a set of vaginal lips. That didn't help with his problem!

I had taken my time changing into a pair of baggy swim trunks and a tee shirt. The unseasonably warm weather dictated such attire. Besides, Kim was promoting desires I thought was long dead. I needed the time to 'relax'.

Kim was still setting on the couch when I came back into the living room. I couldn't help but notice the protruding nipples showing clearly through the thin fabric of the bikini top. A set of slender legs was crossed again. I was glad she had done that at least!

"I assume your mom an' dad will be back soon," said hopefully sitting on in a large armchair across from my best friend's daughter.

With a pleasant grin, she revealed, "They haven't arrived yet."

"Say what?" I puzzled, "Weren't they suppose to have gotten here yesterday?"

"Yes," Kim answered, "But Dad got shanghaied by his partners." Standing up she added, "He an' mom will be here this weekend." She yawned saying, "We'll be here for the next few days by ourselves."

Her taunt athletic body pushed against the inadequate bathing suit covering. Her enhanced breasts pressed outward in the very small top. The bottoms suck into both the firm asscheeks and between the virginal lips.

God! She had become such a gorgeous woman! I forced memories of a little girl whom I tucked in at night to counteract this effect. I had to remind myself that she trusted me as a parental authority.

I could not have the luxury allow Kim become the vivacious female standing before me. I must keep in mind she was like daughter. There was an almost adolescent faith in me. I could not destroy such trust for more physical needed.

I really had to remember was she was turning nineteen this Sunday and I'm forty-five! In itself that reasoning would be a deterrent to anything happening. Still, that logic didn't prevent unwanted hard ons!

Walking over to me this redheaded bikini-wearing vixen, held out a pair of hands, saying, "Let's go for a dip, Uncle Greg."

I accepted the small, warm hands. I was jerked up. We bumped bodies.

She felt so damn nice! Going into the water would be a very good idea. My loosely worn trunks weren't hiding my excitement!

We headed out to the lake hand-in-hand. I immediately stripped off my top. I need that cool water surrounding me now. I dived off the pier quickly. Kim followed.

The combination of splashes echoed throughout the scene. We swam out and begin to frolic like two old friends. I was relaxing and thinking of Kim as my little niece again.

Unfortunately, that didn't last long. She bobbed up from the surface trying to push me under. A very full tit slipped from the meager covering. A pink nipple erect nipple was inches from my eyes.

"Oh goodness!" Kim squealed. She quickly covered it back up, apologizing, "I'm sorry, Uncle Greg."

"Don't worry, baby," I lied, "I didn't notice."

We again swam around. I moved away to prevent any more contact. This was becoming a very difficult task to ignore her as a full-bodied woman. God! I wish Travis didn't delay coming up to the cabin!

Well, soon we exited the lake. We decided to move back to the house. The plan was go to out for some dinner and then spend the evening watching videos.

The sight of Kim coming out of the water was just so damn erotic. The black bikini material adhered to the young nubile body like a second skin. It inadequately covered her. Every crevasse and crook of that healthy athletic body was outlined!

A set of erect nipples was delineated marvelously. The bikini bottom contoured fantastically around a set of young cunt lips and firm asscheeks. It would have been an unmitigated enjoyable sight if not for the fact it was Kimberly Joan Inman!

As we entered the house Kim suddenly grabbed me. I was spun around to face the shorter girl. Suddenly we were engaged into a deep French kiss.

I struggled at first but it was just too pleasurable to stop. I ceased resisting. I kissed back.

The young fit body felt wonderful. A hot crotch grounded against my hardening cock. My hands ran up and down a slender back and rounded ass.

"Oh Uncle Greg," she cooed breaking the kiss, "I love you so."

"I love you too, Kim," I responded naively, "I've always loved you lik'a as if you were one of my kids."

"I don't love you in that way anymore," she revealed, "I'm a woman now an' I love you like a woman would."

Reality just came back! I jerked away. In doing so I tripped and landed on the floor on my ass!

"Greg!" Kim anxiously asked, "Are'ya hurt?"

"No." I then argued, "You can't love me like that."

"Why not?" she challenged.

"I'm your uncle," I reminded still sitting in shock on the floor.

"No you're not," Kim pointed out, "You're my parent's best friend an' a long time family friend." She stepped closer saying, "An' we're not blood related."

"Are'ya sayin' you want us to be boyfriend an' girlfriend?" I amazed.

"No," she slowly answered, "not exactly."

"Well," I puzzled, "What do'ya want me to be?"

"I'm a virgin," she quickly confessed, "I wantin' you to be my first."

I stared up at her wide-eyed. I sat there on the floor looking at this amazing creature as she confessed a wish for me to deflower her. This was a fantasy dream of any older man.

"Kim," I stunnedly asked, "are'ya serious?"

"Yes," she answered with a trembling lip, "I want you to take my cherry."

"I'm complimented by what you want, baby," I honesty answered, "But I don't think we should do that."

Tears came to those green eyes. A young athletic body trembles. I could see Kim was shamefaced at the admission.

"Oh gawd," she whined running from the room, "You must hate me now!"

Kim scrambled into her bedroom. I hopped up and followed. She was sitting on the bed crying.

"I don't hate you, baby." I assured in a soft voice. I then wondered, "Surely, here have been boys of your own age who accommodate you in this."

"Unc---," she stopped. On a second thought, she answered, "Greg, I want this to be something very special."

"An' I'm the one you've chosen?" I asked incredulously, "There's had to be boys that you've been with."

"There's been boys," she ensured, "But I've been with 'em in other ways." She explained, "I've given hand jobs an' blowjobs, an' they've gotten me off too!" Kim hurriedly specified, "But those were boys. An' I didn't love 'em." She humbly specified, "Not the way I love you." She stated softly, "I've saved myself 'cause I love you an' I want you." The green eyes watered as she mumbled, "Greg, I'm so sorry."

She crumbled right before me. Tears spilled down a set of rounded cheeks. A red head bowed shamefully.

"Kim!" I cooed moving next to her.

My hands ran the long mane. I forcefully push the hair back. I wanted us to be looking eye-to-eye.

"I know you must hate me now!" she whimpered, "I feel so stupid---," she rambled anxiously, "I just thought that if I loved you so much an' ya loved me, we could just be together!" she rushed, "Ya know. Lik'a man an'a woman an' we could make love, not just have sex." Frustration appeared on the angelic face.

"I feel so stupid."

"Kim, you're not stupid," I explained, "You're wantin' to have true love on the first time."

I was becoming aroused. This was a beautiful woman. She was offering me something that is not just an honor but a rare privilege. I did love her, but could I love her as a woman?

"I've loved you like a daughter since the day you were born," I sincerely posed, "But can I love you as a man?"

Kim wiped her eyes asking, "Do'ya want to love me that way?"

That was a real soul searching question. Despite our long association, we were still only good friends. We had no blood relationship.

"God forgive me," I earnestly admitted, "I do."

She looked at me, asking, "Do'ya mean it?"

Suddenly the idea that Travis and Amanda might get upset at me fucking their daughter didn't matter. This was a sexual beautiful woman who was offering me her body. We were both of legal age and sane. Why shouldn't we make love?

"Kimberly, I've always love you," I calmly stated, "An' to take your cherry would be an honor."

I pulled her close. Our lips met. I reached a hand up to a smooth neck.

We sat there on the bed. A man and woman engaged in a fiery kiss. The fervor of the moment rose. We started kissing deeply and were submitting to the forbidden passion.

As I began to kiss along the saccharine smelling neck, she reached behind and untied the bikini top. It fell away slowly to reveal the beautiful full breasts.

"Ooooomi!" a small gasp escaped my lips.

She arched a trim back. Two warm hands grabbed my neck. I lowered a hot mouth to a very pink and erect nipple.

I breathed in deeply moving closer to the tempting nub. I smelled the sweat and lake water mixture on the soft skin. It was an aroma of a sexually awaken woman.

"Ooooh my," she wheezed softly as my lips encircled a left nipple, "Omigod."

She held tightly as I licked, nibbled and rolled a pastel colored nipple. It was ridgedly erect and tasty. My right hand came up to capture a heaving breast. I caressed the beautiful mound along the entire warm surface.

"Tell me I'm not dreamin'," she moaned tilting a red head back.

I hungrily filled my mouth with a firm right tit. This was my best friend's daughter. It longer mattered that to many this would be a societal taboo. I hotly sucked in as much breast flesh as possible.

This was a wonderful sexual high. The sensation, the feeling, had my body almost trembling with lust. This fervor was increased greatly when I felt a tender hand grasped onto my cock.

The elastic waistband of my trunks was pulled back. A hand dove instantly inside. It grasped a very hard cockshaft.

It was my turn to writhe. She mashed a set of ruby lips onto mine. Kim pulled on my cock.

"Ooooooooooo," I moaned feeling the stroking my rod.

It was time for action. I pulled the pleasure making hands away. She looked up at me slightly puzzled.

"Lay down," I hotly stated, "I'll take over from here."

Smiling she lay back on the mattress. A set of rounded breasts jiggled with each breath. I soaked in the magnificent sight while peeling off a set of wet trunks.

A set of young eyes unashamedly stared at a mature erect cock. My balls now dangled loosely. Kimberly was mesmerized while tracing every inch of my rod with her eyes.

"Oh Greg," she moaned, "it's beautiful."

I blushed now at her comment. It had been awhile since a woman admired my tool. She smiled at my discomfiture.

"It really is," Kim insisted. "I want ya to fuck me."

"In due time," I promised. "I this to be a very memorable event."

I leaned over and licked along the nipples once gain. I slowly dragged my tongue down a flat stomach. A flickering tongue teased a cute bellybutton.

"Ooooh, that's kinky," She giggled.

"Still my ticklish little girl," I cooed with a chuckle.

My hands grabbed onto the wet bikini bottoms. I tugged them down as a set of trim hips accommodatingly raised. I rolled the bottoms off the sexy tanned legs.

This revealed patch of neatly trimmed red pubic hair. It was the most beautiful cunny I've ever seen. My eyes widened.

I dropped down between a set of slender legs. I started kissing above knee. Then I move upward toward the thighs.

Kim spread legs slowly. Her knees rise knowing where I was going. Soft soft pink vaginal lips were the moisture from a combination of the lake and seeping sex juices.

I skillfully licked up one lip and then other. I dove my tongue in. Kim involuntarily haunch into my face.

"Oh God!" she gasped, "Oh sweet god!" A louder moaned sounded.

Now all reservations had disappeared. I placed both legs over my shoulders. The delicious looking cunt lips were gently pulled aside. I lunged in with gusto licking deeply.

"Greg!" she wailed with an ovulating set of hips, "Jeezus Greg! That feels so fuckin' good!"

I sealed a hungry mouth over the virgin love box. I sucked away on a protruding clit. I eat her with a long over due lust surfacing.

"Greg! Gregggg! Greggggggggggggg!" she wailed blindly, Oh sweet fuck!"

I became incredibly turned on by hearing Kim swear like that. It was a first for me! I never thought of her using such words.

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh my gooooooood!" she panted, "That's fuckin' unbelievable! Kim groans as I nibbled on a blood engorged clit. Then a middle finger was inserted into the wet pussy. "Oh Goddamnit!"

I smiled slurping noisily on young pussy. I had never realized how much loved Kim until now. I sucked even deeper.

A set of healthy thighs clamped onto the side of my head. Kim thrust hips madly into my face. She twisted and trembled to my oral lovemaking

"Greg!" she shrieked, "I'm gonna cum!" With closed eyes and a gasping voice, she yelled, "You're makin' me cum! It's so haaaaaard!"

Kimberly thrashed around uncontrollably on bed. My breathing temporarily cut off by the pressure of the athletic thighs. She tonic and flaccid then collapsed onto the bed.

I had just brought a girl who had been seen like a daughter to a first climax. I was about to become the instrument of turning her into a woman. It was the most erotic sexual thing I' had ever done.

"God, that was so hot, Greg!" Kim panted, " An' you're lookin' so fuckin' hot covered in my juices."

"You're so fuckin' hot, baby," I said with a broad pussy juice covered smile.

Fuck me Greg!" Kim hotly ordered, "Fuck your little girl! She's wanted your cock for so long!"

These words shocked me! Momentarily, I stared the glistening cunny. It was now a desired item, not a restricted desire.

"Greg, I mean it!" Kim bagged hotly, "Fuck this girl's pussy!" A firm pelvis rotated hotly as she groaned, "I do need your cock so bad----,"

My rod sliding into the wet hole caused Kim to freeze. I hesitated for an instant to give her a last few seconds of virginity. A stiff cockhead was brushing up against the precious hymen.

"Kimberly," I said softly, "I love you, my baby."

"Greg," She replied taking in a deep breath, "I love ya even more."

With that, I ruptured the virgin barrier. She tonic. Air was inhaled deeply through a set of clenched teeth.

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