My Best Friends Father Ch. 09


The silence in the changing area was tangible. I didn't know if the others had left or if they were listening intently to our exchange, and I cringed at my mistake. What would they think now? I wondered. Then realised I didn't truly care.

"Show me." His amused voice sounded.

I gulped again. I'd known it was coming, but I still felt unprepared for it. I took a deep breath and reached forward. I drew the curtains apart as quietly as I could; hoping I wouldn't attract the attention of the other two guys if they were still there. Again that hope was in vain as I saw the young guys head swing around and stare at me as I came into view, before he flicked his gaze away. Harold, unfortunately for him, was sitting just out of view, unless he wanted to crane his neck, making it obvious that he wanted to see me.

"Turn please." Mr P's low voice ordered.

I rose up on tip toes, as I hadn't worn heels, and turned about, accentuating the line of my legs and my firm buns. With the initial flutter of nerves out of the way, I felt exhilarated showing off for Mr P. The younger guy kept sneaking peaks at me, trying to resist looking my way as his girlfriend was in the cubicle not four feet away, but not quite succeeding. I saw the top of Harold's head come into view as I turned back to the front. Mr P crooked a finger at me and made me step forward a pace.

Harold's droopy eyes came into view and they widened at seeing me standing there. All this I saw out of my peripheral vision as I hadn't broken eye contact with Mr P the entire time I faced him. I doubt whether I would have been able to do it if not for his smouldering gaze. His eyes took in everything and I could see the quick tick of his pulse in the vein of his neck which told me he liked what he saw. "Beautiful." He breathed staring up at me.

I think he would have stayed like that all day given the chance, but well time was getting on. He blinked at me and then smiled again. "The blue one next!" I reached up to draw the curtains back together as Mr P spoke again. "Only halfway", was all he said, and I knew exactly what he meant. I drew the curtains and left a gap of about six inches before I stepped back and began changing.

I could hear mumbling in the background but ignored it as I got on with what Mr P had asked. I had my back to the curtains as I pulled on the baby blue bra of the lingerie set I was currently putting on, when I heard a 'humph' of affront and a low voiced 'disgraceful!' before hearing quite plainly. "Come on Harold, we're leaving!" I also heard Harold's forlorn, "Yes Dear!" in reply and I actually felt sorry for him. He dragged his feet casting one last longing look in my direction as he left on the heels of his wife.

I glanced through the curtain at Mr P and he gave me a wide smile. I smiled back, feeling much more at ease. I glanced up and happened to lock eyes briefly with the young guy sitting behind my gorgeous, older lover. His eyes were practically glued to me and I saw him blush as he quickly looked away when he saw me looking at him, embarrassed at being caught. I blushed as I looked away too.

I heard Harold's wife's raised voice again. Obviously she was at the counter complaining to the shop staff. I couldn't precisely make out what it was she was saying, but I could imagine. I definitely heard, 'disgraceful' again and didn't quite manage to stop the giggle that popped out of me. I flicked my eyes sideways again as I pulled on a stocking, and locked gazes with Mr P once more. His eyes danced merrily, just as amused as I was at the Harold's wife's reaction. I blew Mr P a quick kiss as I turned my back to him and made adjustments to the outfit. Again there weren't any panties included with this outfit.

"Ah, is everything all right in here?" Anita's voice broke the silence of the room.

I glanced back over my shoulder and saw Mr P's head turned towards the entrance. "I'm fine." Mr P told her with a smile. I couldn't see her so I can only guess at what she was doing.

"And you sir? Are you okay in here?" I guessed she was addressing the young guy as I saw him nod speechlessly. "Wonderful!" She said sounding genuinely pleased. "Please forgive the interruption." I didn't hear anything more from her so I figured that she'd left.

I was done dressing and turned back to the curtains. I didn't even announce it this time, as I stepped forward and simply pulled back the curtains. Mr P's head came around and a broad appreciative smile broke across his face. Anita was still standing there; I could see her out the corner of my eye. I paled a little in surprise but otherwise remained standing there. Mr P made a motion at me with his hand and I turned on the spot, rising on tip toes as I did. I faced forward again, once more eyes only on Mr P. He turned his head. "What do you think?" He asked Anita. I swallowed nervously and held my breath, expecting possibly a less than kind comment. I felt bad at misjudging her when I heard what she said.

"I think it looks lovely on her. The cut is beautiful and sits well on her figure." Anita said. There was a timbre to her voice that made me shiver and my nipples pulled tight. "But I think the colour is wrong. Perhaps something a little darker for her skin tone, I think."

Mr P looked back at me and smiled. "I think so too."

The whole way through this exchange, the young guy was sitting there staring at me, the whole time, Anita and Mr P ignored him. It was like he wasn't even in the room as they both stared at me too.

That was about to change though, as I heard curtain rings hiss against the rod and a head popped out of the cubicle directly across from me. Our eyes met for a moment as she took in the situation and then her eyes dropped... to see the back of her boyfriends head.

"Trent!" She growled at him crossly. Trent's head snapped around so quickly I'm surprised he didn't give himself whiplash. "Eyes to the front, asshole!" His girlfriend told him angrily.

"Baby, I'm sorry I didn't mean too!" He apologised sitting forward on his chair.

"Whatever!" She said sounding just as angry, however, as she stepped back into the cubicle, she flicked me a look and smiled before she shut the curtains. I blinked and wondered what on earth that could have meant. I didn't get much time to contemplate it though as Mr P drew my attention back to him.

"Anita, could we have that one in a darker blue please?" He asked the shop assistant.

"Certainly Sir!" She said as she cast another long look at me before leaving.

I watched her go before dropping my eyes back to Mr P. "The last one please," he told me. I reached up to close the curtains. "Leave them." He said. I dropped my arms slowly and swallowed. I took a deep breath and nodded.

I turned about and began undressing, changing outfits. As far as I could tell, Trent didn't turn around although I was sure he wanted too. But then, his girlfriend decided to give him something to look at instead of me. I turned my head as I heard curtain rings slide open again and saw Trent's angry girlfriend standing in the centre of her cubicle much like I was. Trent's head flicked up and he fell back against his chair. She turned on the spot for him. "What do you think?" She asked with a sly grin. She looked up at me and gave me a quick wink. She was wearing a red number that was super sexy, and, if they bought it, then Trent would be in for a wild night no doubt. I was surprised that Mr P didn't turn about and look, but when I glanced at him, I saw that look in his eyes that told me I was the only one he wanted to really look at. I felt that warm fuzzy feeling spread across my chest once more. This man really was amazing.

I quickly finished getting dressed in full view of Mr P and the girl across the way, who left her curtains half open as she got changed out of her lingerie and redressed. Needless to say, Trent's eyes were well and truly to the front. As I stood making little adjustments to the lingerie so it sat properly, I saw Mr P rise to his feet behind me in the mirror. I swallowed nervously as he neared the cubicle. He made sure to remain outside, but he was near enough I could smell his aftershave. I turned and could also make out the bulge in the front of his jeans. He'd definitely been enjoying the show. He smiled at me and he glanced down along my body.

The last set was black and frilly, sheer material like fine mesh and would hardly constitute being called an 'outfit' it was so skimpy. But it was sexy, and the bra was a little half cup peek-a-boo that let my hard nipples poke through unabashedly. The garter was thin and sat high and there was no way to hide the fact that I didn't have panties on, or that I had a practically bald pussy, or the fact that I was extremely aroused. My pussy lips fairly glistened in the bright light of the change rooms.

"Stunning!" He whispered as he stood there blocking the view out into the room. I don't know if Trent or his girlfriend were watching, or if they'd left already. To be honest I didn't really care either way. Mr P filled my vision and my peripheral and everything else fell away as unimportant. I heard him take a deep breath, and wondered if he could smell how hot and ready for sex I was? As I looked up into his eyes I could see that he did.

He had that look that said he'd like nothing more than to bend me over and shove his hard cock inside my aching cunt. And believe me, I was so ready for it. I would have gladly turned around right there and let him take me. As it was, Mr P had better control than that. I heard his little growl come from the back of his throat as he watched my reaction to his gaze and then reached towards me.

I let out a little moan of anticipation, but was sorely disappointed as he smiled at me and quickly plucked the price tag from the bra I was wearing. "Leave them on." He told me quietly as he reached over and grabbed the other lingerie. "Get dressed and meet me at the counter." He turned on his heel and strode away.

Trent and his girlfriend in the red were gone. I was left alone; hornier than ever and I felt somewhat vulnerable standing there naked but for a few flimsy pieces of material. I hurriedly threw my clothes back on and got out of there. Mr P was just finishing up paying for the stuff when I got there. I saw the price that had been rung up on the till and nearly freaked. "Mr P... I mean, Misha, you can't. That's way too much!"

He fixed me with a stare that rendered me speechless, and all he said was, "Shush."

Anita smiled at the exchange and handed over the bag. "I hope you enjoy your purchases and that we see you again soon." Her tone was entirely solicitous and so were her eyes.

Mr P assured her that she probably would and we left. I waited until we'd left the mall and were headed back to the car before speaking again. "Mr P, really, that stuff was way too much." I looked up at him as I walked beside him, my arm through his.

He smiled. "I know, but I wanted it. So shush." He told me again.

I kept quiet then. Maybe I could think of some way to pay him back or at least half of it. Four hundred dollars was a lot of money!

We got back to the car in no time and then were headed back to his house. All told, the morning out had been a wonderful excursion and I found myself humming happily to some mundane song on the radio as we drove along. My body had cooled enough that I wasn't on a knife edge any more, although I was sure that if Mr P wanted to he could amp me up again in no time flat.

He reached across and tugged gently on a loose lock of hair making me glance over at him. He smiled at me and I smiled back. It was a perfect moment as I felt that warm sensation flutter in my heart once more.

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