tagLoving WivesMy Brother's Wife Ch. 03

My Brother's Wife Ch. 03


(If you don't like a wife who cheats with her husband's brother, don't read this story. If the idea excites you, check out the first two installments for background.)


I read the number on Caller-ID and smiled. It was Kelly Ann. For the last week I'd been spending a lot of quality time with my brother's lovely wife.

More appropriately, I'd been having an steamy affair with the pretty brunette.

I know, I know, it is SO wrong, so VERY wrong. It wasn't planned, it was actually by accident. Still, I couldn't deny the fact that Kelly Ann and I had screwed over the weekend, boffing like rabbits at my house with my wife away at her mom's. Then, during the week, the girl favored me with a blow job in the car, actually swallowing my cum. That was noteworthy because that was something she claimed she didn't do with her husband, my older brother.

It all came about as payback for my brother's transgressions outside of the marital bed. You see Kelly Ann came home one afternoon and went to check her e-mails. The computer had not been correctly shut down, her husband Rich apparently was careless in the shut down process and his inquiring wife stumbled onto a set of naughty photos.

She spent the next hour looking at a variety of women serving a man who, in the end, clearly was her husband. The tattoo on his backside was a dead giveaway.

Pissed at the world, she must have through back to the days when I dumped her, put two and two together and decided to punish first me, then her husband. But along the way I was able to talk her into revenge of a different, safer sort. Who knows, maybe she is merely crazy? I know I am.

That led to our sexual interlude that wonderful weekend afternoon, and since that time my mind had been jumbled by the excitement of a new conquest and the inappropriateness of screwing my brother's wife.

There may be lower things a guy could do to his brother, but I really don't know what. All I know is that Kelly Ann quietly enjoyed paying back her husband for his screwing around, and I wasn't going to argue with her method.

He fucked around on her, she was doing the same on him.

I surely wasn't going to tell him his wife was fucking around on him.

"Hello," was all I said. It's a good thing I hadn't said Hello honey or hello pussycat, my secret nickname for Kelly Ann. On the other end of the line was my brother Rick.

"Hey slugger, want to fill out my foursome this weekend?" asked my brother.

I stammered a yes, because a no would have meant a lot of why nots and what was I doing. I had planned on visiting his lovely wife while he was playing golf but it appeared I'd be in the foursome on the course instead of a twosome in the bedroom.

I so wanted to ask him about the photos and videos that Kelly Ann had found. Who were these girls? I knew one was his secretary Michelle, but who were the others? How did he get them to agree to appear with him on tape? Many of the poses had the head of the girl cut off for safety, but some were full head shots of cock sliding into wet, willing mouths.

Heck, I can't even get my wife to allow me to take a down blouse or an upskirt photo of her, while several of Rick's conquests actually perform for the camera.

There is a different conversation going on when you are screwing your brother's wife. I was so very afraid of letting something slip. He, on the other hand, couldn't stop talking. He talked about his overnight quick trip for work, and intimated he got lucky on it. Little did he know that while he was dipping his dick in his secretary Michelle's lovely snatch I was playing the old in and out game with his wife Kelly Ann.

Yes, he was a cad, but I was lower than low. And I couldn't help smiling at my luck.

That night the same number called me, only this time it was Kelly Ann. "He ran down to the store, I just wanted to call and let you know he was with her. I smelled her perfume in his luggage."

"Aw, pussycat, you probably are imagining it."

"No, I know it. And you know what. I don't care any more. I got him back for it in the car with you! That was awesome. It was like we were teenagers again."

I reminded her that back then I couldn't get to third base with her, and she reminded me how I dumped her for a girl everyone knew was a slut.

"What are you talking about, Christine was so sweet."

"Yea, and she fucked around like a hooker on Locust, it's a good thing you didn't catch something from her," laughed Kelly Ann.

We went back and forth with some suggestive banter until she had to quickly get off the phone when Rick returned. Not at all a bad thing, as my wife Caroline was soon on the phone with her nightly call inquiring what I was up to and how my day had been. "You watching a lot of porno with me away?"

It was difficult for me, lying to my wife, as what I wanted to say was how, yes, I'd watched some porno, but didn't want to go there afraid I'd let something slip about Kelly Ann. I was so glad the two women had never really gotten close. They were friendly, but not friends.

I felt so very guilty about cheating on her, and knew I'd never want her to find out. I also assumed that once the payback was complete Kelly Ann would going back to being totally Rick's wife unless the need for revenge again wielded its head.

In the meantime, though, I was hot for her and hoped for another rendezvous. As luck would have it, I didn't have long to wait.

On Saturday I met Rick at the golf course and had a decent day on the links. We settled up our little bets after the round over a beer, when Rick surprised me with a request.

"Hey, bro, I have to head into work for an hour or two, just have to tidy up some things for a project due next week. And, well, Kelly Ann gets on my ass when I go in on the weekend. She thinks I work to hard, but I have to, you know? So, can you sort of cover for me if she calls?

Rick's lie was my fortunate revelation. Of course I would cover for him.

Heading home I showered in a flash. Then I called Kelly Ann. After a little small talk she asked where Rick was. "Look, I know he's not with you. Heck, he was so obvious when he said his phone was not working right. He said to call you....so, where is he?"

"You'll never believe it!"

There was a silent pause. "He's with her? He bastard admitted it?"

I told her what her husband told me. She put two and two together and figured he was with Michelle at the office.

"We'll I guess I could go over and catch them in the act," said my brother's wife, seemingly resigned to the fact that her husband was fooling around again. "Too bad for Rick, he was going to get laid tonight. Oh well, I guess he'd rather fuck his slut than his wife. Say, is Caroline home yet?"

"Nope, tomorrow. I just spoke with her a while ago and she isn't leaving until the morning."

"Well, someone is going to fuck me...do you want to or should I go out and find someone new."

Telling her I was here for her, she said she'd be over in a half hour. Wrong as it was, I couldn't help myself. Like a guy addicted to drugs, I was addicted to the charms of my sister-in-law. She took her time coming over, maybe 45 minutes, but it was well worth the wait.

I greeted Kelly Ann with a big smile. She greeted me, once she had closed the door, with a long, passionate kiss. It wasn't until my roving hands made their way to her backside that I realized she wasn't wearing panties. I caressed her bare ass under her dress and played with her ass cheeks.

Along the way I realized she was wearing a garter belt, the flimsy straps felt great on her ass.

Breaking the embrace she strode into the living room and twirled around, skirt flaring up and baring her ass. Yes, she had on sexy black stockings and a black garter belt. The look was hot, and I thought it was a good thing the cops hadn't stopped her because if it was a male she'd have been strip searched.

Kelly Ann said she'd been looking at the zip drive and the incriminating photos of her husband and his girlfriends. "How do you think he talked each of them into posing the exact same way? It's quite erotic."

The pose she was referring to were the five photos of girls sitting on a bed, their legs spread open offering a bird's view of their pussys. Each of the girls had their panties spread wide too, leg to leg.

"I bet they were stretched out so much the elastic broke," said Kelly Ann. "I tried that pose today and ruined a nice pair of Victoria's Secret undies."

We agreed he probably saw the pose in some magazine or on the internet, and merely sweet talked each of his conquests to be photographed in the suggestive pose.

"He has a certain theme of his photography," I surmised, reminding myself of the themes in the photos his wife found.

Kelly Ann nodded her head. "Yea, he gets some bimbo to take off her clothes and then he takes dirty pictures of them....some theme."

"No, seriously," I replied. "I mean, there are the shots with panties you were mentioning, several with the girl kneeling and....""

"Sucking his fucking cheating cock?"

"Uh, yea, and then there are just the plain shots of the girl's beaver. It's almost like a souvenir; he takes a shot of their pussy. Getting great looks at the hair down there and all that."

Kelly Ann nodded her head, obviously thinking of the computer and the incriminating shots of the girls in various stages of undress and provocative poses.

"You know he wanted me to really trim my pussy hair. I mean, I trim so I can get into a bathing suit and all that, but he wanted me to do like the girls in the magazines. A runway, or a diamond or something," said my brother's wife. "I always refused, but it appears he found others who either already did it or willingly did it. Each of the girls was, well, sort of trimmed in different ways down there."

I had to agree it was too coincidental that the girls in the shots had different "shapes" down there. Only one had a full bush, the others were shaved in different ways. I wondered if he'd coerced them into doing that for him, or it was the mere luck of the draw that his conquests each had different "looks" to their private parts.

That gave me an idea. "How about a heart?"

Kelly Ann looked at me like I was nuts. "What are you talking about?"

"How about giving me a little heart-shaped design down there? That's a bit of a payback, right? It would be our little secret."

"But he will know the first time he sees me, uh, naked."

Yes, I explained, he'd know, but he wouldn't need to know it was for me, not him. "Just tell him you decided to do it for some special occasion for him, but you will know the real reason."

The woman was tempted by the thought. "That would be appropriate, another payback. I didn't do it for him, but for you...and he wouldn't even know," she mused. "That's a great thought, that would be a real fuck you and he wouldn't have any idea."

I dialed the phone to Rick's office, telling Kelly Ann to shoosh.

"Hello," said my out of breath brother.

"Did you run to the phone?" I asked.

"Uh, yea, other side of the room," said Rick, although I knew better. He was working out on his secretary in one way or another.

"I just spoke with Kelly Ann, and she's heading out shopping for a couple hours, so the coast if clear for you....uh, to stay longer at work."

Rick grunted an answer. Setting down the phone I revealed to Kelly Ann my detective work: "He's fucking her right now."

"That bastard, he told you?"

I smiled, "no, but he was either lifting weights or a girl was working over or under him. He was out of breath."

My remarks got the retort I wanted.

"Then fuck me, now!" said my brother's wife.

I love it when a good plan comes together, to borrow a phrase. I pulled Kelly Ann close, kissed her, and then pushed her to her knees.

Opening my zipper, I told her my dick needed her attention.

She didn't need to be asked twice, as she quickly and willingly opened her mouth and lowered her head.

"No hands, Kelly Ann, just your wonderful mouth."

The girl did as she was told, muscling her lips around my cock and bringing it to full attention. She worked her lips down my manhood about half way, and then slowly worked back up to the tip. There she spent time moving her lips and tongue around the tip of my cock as if working on a creamy ice cream cone. She savored the tip, tasting, before beginning to move her head up and down my now throbbing stem.

"Oh yea, that's great, suck my dick Kelly Ann. Do what you don't do to Rick. Blow me."

The girl never missed a beat, working my cock like an expert. I wanted to keep the blow job going longer but I didn't think I could last. Lifting her up, I kissed her again, this time putting one hand on her ass while the other worked its way toward her pussy.

Fingering the wet slit brought a slight moan from the girl, and I wormed my finger around before nuzzling against her clit. That brought her head back as she pushed down on my finger.

"Sooo good, so very good," cooed the girl. "Oh that's wonderful."

I worked her pussy like a concert violinist his strings, enjoying the feeling of power as the girl reacted to my stroking. It didn't take long before she came on my hand, wetting it in female orgasmic bliss.

"Fuck me now."

I did, right there and then. Right on the living room floor. I mounted her and began banging her like there was no tomorrow. In and out my dick spanked the inside of her moist cunt. She was moving in tune to my quick thrusts, fucking like a teenager. Slipping my hands under her ass, I worked her up and down on my cock, playing with both ass and garter straps as I did it. The feeling was incredible, and I couldn't help smile at my fortune.

Ordering her onto her hands and knees I marveled at how great her ass looked encased in black garters and how good her legs looked in stockings. They were seamed in the back, and I loved the way they caressed her legs.

Telling the girl how good she looked in our outfit, I reentered her pussy from behind. From this angle her pussy felt tighter, and I savored the feeling of her ass cheeks bouncing back against my thighs. I reached around and grabbed a handful of her bouncing tits, sort of pulling her back then pushing her away with my down thrust.

"This is so hot, Kelly Ann, so very hot. You feel wonderful."

"Cum in me, you bastard. Take me as hard as you want, use me. Cum in your brother's wife's pussy!"

That did it for me, as I went over the edge and shot several powerful volleys of baby batter into her unprotected cunt. I thought that it was dangerous, but given that it wasn't her time I didn't really care. Heck, I didn't really care if it was her time, although knocking her up wasn't my thought. No, I just enjoyed fucking her very special hot pussy.

The fact that my bare cock had sampled her hot box while her husband got it in a rubber made the act so more erotic.

We uncoupled, lying together on the floor. She had her head on my shoulder, and I held her close.

"That was so intense, Jon, so very, very good. I haven't cum like that in ages."

I proudly kissed her neck, reminding her of how remarkable she felt and how wonderful it was to be inside her.

"So, how many girls have you fucked," asked my new lover. "Besides your wife and me, I mean."

I almost made up a number, but thought truth would be the best avenue. "There have been three others...how about you?"

A minute past, and then another. "Do you know what's remarkable? Leaving spouses out, your bastard brother has had more conquests that you and I put together."

The photos gave that impression. It sure appeared that way.

"I think I have some making up to do. Maybe I should fuck the pizza delivery boy or the guy who helps me at the gym? What do you think:"

I told her I was jealous already!

"Aren't I good enough?"

"You are wonderful, but he's way ahead of me."

What did I care if she began fucking around, as long as I was on the short list? Hell, once my wife got home I don't think it would be easy to continue this little affair without getting caught. That surely wouldn't be a good thing.

It's a good thing Kelly Ann visited the house often anyway, because that gave reason to her stopping by this week. I just hoped nobody blabbed about her screaming that first night.

In the meantime, though, I wanted as much of her pussy as I could get.

Smiling at Kelly Ann, I said there was a trimming razor in the bathroom if she wanted to do some artwork. Twenty minutes later I was greeted by a girl with a smartly trimmed, heart shaped bush. "This is yours, this is your pussy hair, trimmed just for you," said my brother's wife.

Dropping to my knees, I slid her back into the love seat and spread open her legs. Pulling her toward me, I got to see that trimming up close as I licked her pussy. "Oh my that's so dirty yet so hot," said the girl. "You are licking the pussy you just shot your stuff into. It's gross and erotic at the same time."

I lapped away at her core for several minutes, maybe longer, until she put her hands on my head and pushed her sex toward my mouth. Soon she was cumming again.

"Can you give me another shot of your stuff?" asked the girl?

Replying that I'd try, we slid into the 69 position and worked each other sex with our mouths. She was sensitive, I was drained. We careful worked each other, me licking her tangy pussy and her my hardening cock.

"How do you want me?"

Asking her to lay back and lift her legs, I said I wanted to fuck her while seeing that new heart shaped bush. My bush.

I slid my cock up and down her moist hole, greasing up my cock to allow it to slide in easily. She asked me to be careful, she was sensitive down there from our earlier coupling, and I tried. Still, my initial thrust caused some pain, something she lived with as I began fucking her in earnest.

It's funny, I had no love for this girl, but really enjoyed the sex. I used her body by her husband should, only without any commitment. I just fucked her, and it felt so very good.

We rutted like kids, each taking from the coupling what we wanted. Her eyes were closed, opening only when I told her I was going to cum. And boy did I ever come, filling her box with my sauce for the second time in the day.

Afterward we spoke of our week. "This has been great, but we have to be very, very careful. I don't want your wife to find out, obviously. And I don't want Rick to know. I'm pissed at him, and revenge is sweet. But I have the kids to worry about."

"Me too," I said, thinking of my own situation. "But it would be great to do this again. If we could keep it to ourselves."

We agreed that if the situation presented itself we'd do it again, but we wouldn't do anything to get caught.

As it was, we nearly did get caught. Luckily, Kelly Ann was reinvented in the marital bedroom. She told me I sparked a new woman at home, as she hated her husband for his cheating ways but started working hard to get him back "home."

She admitted to me later that the ultimate revenge came after out last sexual encounter, as she seduced him when he came home from the office after banging his secretary. "It was funny, he couldn't get it up, but I was all over him. Soon he was going down on me and licking my pussy. The pussy you had come in twice that afternoon, and he didn't suspect a thing.

"It was so hot knowing he was licking out your cum, I came quickly knowing he was cleaning up your mess. But that just got me hot, and I began working on his cock like you taught me. Soon he did get hard, grabbed a rubber, and he banged me good. I have to say that was hot too, knowing each of the brothers got me to cum in the same day. Am I perverted or what?"

The girl went on with her story, how she woke up the following morning to the sight of Rick jerking his cock at her face. "I blew him and he shot in my mouth," said the girl. "He said he didn't know what had gotten over me, but he didn't complain when I swallowed. Maybe there's hope for us yet."

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