tagIncest/TabooMy Drunken Son

My Drunken Son


The shuffling sound was my son making his way down the up stairs hall toward the bathroom. He was of course drunk again. Then there came the heavy thud. He fell. After that there was no sound for many minutes. I wondered if he was all right. I was not happy with him these last few weeks. He had hooked up with a bunch of guys from work who were big time drinkers. Cliff had never been a drinker. I had hoped he would see the error of his ways and stop. However, so far that had not happened. I waited and still there was no sound of him moving back to his room. I got up and looked out into the hall. My son was lying on the floor, naked, and dead drunk. I went to him and tried to help him up. He was not coherent, but he did managed to set up. I got one arm around him and got him to his feet. We were nearly to his bedroom door when he started to slip to the floor. I called his name and jerked him up, he turned and looked in to my eyes with a blank drunken stair. He reached up and his finger caught the front of my nightgown and pulled it down. Both my breasts were exposed and I felt a bit embarrassed, but he was so drunk I was sure he would not remember any thing of this night. His head was hanging down and his lips were near my nipple, I smiled and thought he had not suckled me for over twenty-two years. I had enjoyed breast feeding him and he had been such a good baby. I got him to the edge of the bed and he some how straightened up and brought up both arms encircling me. He kissed me full on the mouth and whispered, well I wondered where the fuck you had gone. He was looking at me, but I was sure he was seeing someone else. " Come on, baby, give me another kiss." He mumbled in a drunken stupor.

" Time to go to bed." I said, pushing him down. He would not let me go. I tried to push him away as he fell back on the bed. His arms were so strong and he pulled me down with him. But I fell more on the floor than the bed while he fell back with only his legs hanging over. I fell between his spread legs and my head ended up on his belly. My gown had again been pulled down and ripped all the way to the waist. I started to get my legs under me and sit up. I moved sideways, much to my surprise his had a full erection and it was there between my face and his thigh. I looked at it as if I had never seen an erection before. Oh, yes it had been a long time that was true, but I was looking at my son's erection as if it were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Maybe it was, he was not a monster in size nor was he real thick, I had read a few romance novels and they always had monster erection in those stories. But his erection was hard very hard. He had never been circumcised, but the foreskin was pulled back and the head of his penis stood out proudly. It was large and deep purple.

I smiled and remember how his father's penis had looked. Then I remember how his father had love for me to suck his penis. He had once told me " Ester. My Love," he had said, " Your are the best cocksucker in the neighbor." I never ask how he knew that of even if it were true. I just accepted it as fact. For soon after we were married I found that I love to not only suck his cock, for him to enjoy but for myself. I loved the taste of his sperm, many times I would just be completely happy and satisfied to just suck his cock and drink his sperm. He understood this and of course he would let me enjoy myself any time I wanted. He was a good lover and in our fifteen years together I was always happy with him and how he made love to me. Then he was badly hurt at work and for the next three years he could not make love to me and I think this is why he killed himself. I was of curse devastated and for the next two years I had not even thought of dating. Then shortly after cliff had gone for his two years in the service I did date. But every one I dated was such a jerk I stopped. I have always had a healthy appetite for sex and I was not one to try what ever my husband wanted. So over the years we had dome most every thing at least once. But always I loved to taste his cock, and his cum. After the accident I tried to suck him but he said, he could not feel it and he did not want me to do that any more. So for the next three years till he died we were strangers in the bedroom.

But here I was looking at my son's erection and remembering how good sex had been with his father. I had not felt aroused all these years till this very moment. But I was now and I was very mush aroused. I let my finger encircle his erection. It was so iron hard. I pulled up and down on it. I was not thinking of what I was doing or that this was my son. I was lost in time somewhere, I lowered my head and captured the purple head in my mouth. Oh, my god, it felt so hot, the skin on the head was so smooth and I was wet between my legs. I don't really remember much for the next few minutes. I was in dream-land, off where life had once been a happy place. I was not aware of what I was doing or even where I was. Then I felt a warm creamy fluid fill my mouth. I started to swallow and drink it. It was so smooth and warm, I was the stuff life was made of. It was the sweetest creamy cum I had ever tasted. My fingers milked this hard cock forcing every drop up and out into my mouth. I sucked it wanting ever last drop. I don't remember much after that either. I think I either fainted or fell asleep. But the next thing I knew it was near day light. Cliff was starting to move. I was scared and jumped up. I got out of his room and ran for the safety of my own bed. I did not realize what I had done till I was once again in my bed. How on earth could I have done such a thing. With my own son, Oh, my god, I had had oral sex with my own son. How bad was that. Incest, my son, was I crazy. I must have been for that short time, I must have been crazy. I hoped Cliff would not remember. I hoped I would not remember. But I did and did and did.

A few days later, I had words with Cliff about his drinking. He promised to cut back and he told me, he would not come home drunk again. Then one morning after I had fixed breakfast for the two of us. He was telling me about a girl he met. Her name was Rose and he said he liked her. Maybe later he would like to bring her home to meet me.

That night he came in late again and I was sure he was drunk. I heard noise down stairs and went to the head of the stairs. I head voices. One was a girls voice. He had brought a girl into my home. What was I to do? I went back to my room as I heard then coming up. I peeked out my door. She was a pretty girl with dark hair. Slim, yet with a nice figure. Cliff was stumbling and almost falling down. I opened my door and stepped out. The girl looked up and smiled. " He is a little drunk."

"I see,"

"Hi, I am Rose. Has Cliff told you about me?"

"Yes" he said, " He liked you. Here let me help you."

I took one arm and Rose opened the bedroom door. Just like the last time. Cliff started to fall and grabbed my nightgown pulling it down to my waist. My breasts were bare to the world. I did not feel too bad. After all Rose was just another girl. Cliff, straighten up and looked at me.

" Holy shit Mom, your fucking tits are hanging out. He looked at Rose and said, " See my Mom, got great tits., What do you think Rose, Are my Mom's tits great or what?"

Rose smiled and said, " Go back to sleep, Cliff, we will talk tomorrow."

His head drooped and we pushed him on to his bed. That was when I noticed his trousers were open and his penis was out and same as last time it was fully erect. Rose said, We may as well get him out of his cloths and make him comfortable. Working together we got Cliff undressed. When it came to his erection. Rose said, " Here let me do that." She took hold of it and pushed it back into his shorts. We left the room and went down stairs.

" Mrs. Cramer." I interrupted her by saying " Ester, Please"

She stared over. " Ester I had hoped we could have met under different circumstances."

"Rose, it is still a pleasure." I said. We both laughed. Then I noticed my gown was still pulled below my breasts. I pulled my gown back up and covered myself. I made coffee. We talked and Rose told me she liked Cliff also but if he did not stop the drinking she was going to cut off their relationship. I told her he had never been like this before and I hoped he would stop. We agreed that we both should talk to him. But he had to stop even if he had to change jobs to get away from the bunch. I ask Rose to stay and she said " OK, where do I bed down?"

"We only have the two bedroom as I have changed the third one into a computer room. So you can jump into bed with me of sleep on the sofa downstairs. Your choice."

"Ester, I will take a bed over a sofa any day."

We went up stairs and Rose took off all but here bra and panties. I offered her a gown but she said, " No thinks, at home I don't ware anything at all."

"Oh, Rose you can do as you want it will not offend me if you are naked. I sometimes also enjoy the feel of sheets all over."

With this she removed her panties and bra. Her breasts were smaller than my own, but were turned up at the nipple and looked very firm. I wondered if she worked out. Her hips were small and not as wide as I am. But both our butts were the round firm kind at pooches out. The kind, that are round and push out a pair of jeans. I have heard it called a bubble butt. Also my husband often said, "Baby you got a great ass. It's beautiful" When he said, that I knew what he wanted. As I said we enjoyed a wide variety of sexual pleasure. Anal sex was one we both enjoyed. It was something we did not do often, but often enough to enjoy it as a sexual delight. I wondered if Cliff and Rose had been having sex. Rose slipped in and I rolled over to turn the light out when we heard a noise. It came from Cliff's room. It was a heavy thud, my guess was that he had fallen out of bed. Maybe he was trying to get to the bathroom. Rose opened his bedroom door and turned on the light. Sure enough Cliff was on the floor, he was trying to set up and get back into bed. We each took a arm and lifted him. He looked at Rose, his eyes were beginning to focus and she said, " Nice tits, Rose, have you seen my Mom's tits they are nice too." Then he must have noticed I was there. He straighten up and said " Mom, how the hell are you. Why is Rose naked. Mom, Rose is a great gal, " Then he slumped on the bed. He was sitting on the edge and looking down. He took his still hard cock in his hand and looked up at Rose, " Rose my sweet would you like to jump on this thing or maybe suck it for me. I need some relief. " Then he laughed. Rose pushed him back on the bed and looked at me. If we are going to get any sleep tonight I guess I better take care of that thing for him. " What are you going to do?" I ask stupidly. Rose, did not say any thing she just got on the bed straddled his cock and sat down. His cock disappeared up into her. She looked at me and said. " I hope you don't mind, but he likes it this way. " She stared to rock back and forth and slid her hips up and down on him.

My god, here I was watching my son get fucked and he was blind drunk. Rose seem to be getting turned on. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and she was moaning. I was watching them bounce together. My panties were wet and I was feeling so tight in my guts. My hand dropped to my own crotch. All of a sudden Cliff's hand reached out from the bed and went up between my legs. I jerked my hand away and his fingers were in my cunt before I could move. I must have gone crazy again. I pulled my night gown off over my head and moved closer tot he bed. Cliff's fingers left my cunt as I stepped up on the bed and lowered my cunt down over his face. Rose and I were now facing each other. She was smiling at me. she reached out and took my tits in her hands. I did the same to her. I grasp each of her tits and a twisted the nipples between my fingers.

Cliffs reached up and took my hips in his hands. His tongue was in my cunt and it felt good to be licked. It had been a long time. I rode his face like Rose was riding his cock. I watched as she started to tighten her grip on my tits, she was going to cum. She tossed her head back and cried out. It was such a turn on I did the same. I was cumming and it flowed from my pussy like wine. I was having the climax of a lifetime. I really don't remember what after that. The next thing I knew I was laying next to Cliff with his arms around me, Rose was on the other side with his other arm around her. We were all naked and I could not help be notice Cliff's cock was still hard. His cock was standing up proud and straight. I lifted my head to look at Cliff. He had his eyes closed and seemed to be asleep. Rose rested her head on his shoulder. She also had her eyes closed. I let my eyes once again fall on my son's cock. It was so lovely I was still horny, so I reached out for it. His cock was hard as a rock, yet, the skin was baby soft. My fingers circled it and it felt warm. I pulled and pushed it up and down a few times. The deep purple head appeared and disappeared into my palm. I raised myself up on my elbow. Cliff did not move. I slid down in bed till I could take his cock in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cock, still covered with dried cum, both his and Rose's. I wanted to taste his cum hot and creamy shoot into my mouth. I took his cock as deep as I could into my mouth. My head was bobbing up and down I was fucking his cock with my mouth. Then I felt his hand on my head. " Mom, God, what a great cocksucker you are. Suck me off. I want to cum in your fucking mouth." His words set me on fire. My cunt was dripping and my guts were twisting. His balls pulled up tight under his cock and I knew he was going to cum for me. I felt the first spurt shot out. It filled my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as it cum. I heard Rose say. "Wow, now that is cool your Mom, giving you head." I had sucked the last drops from his cock, when Rose lifted my face from him and kissed me on the mouth she was licking cum from my lips. I kissed her back and let her tongue fish around in my mouth. Later Cliff, joined me in the shower. " Mom, your great and I am happy we are free to express our love for one another. But you know what, I want to do as soon as Rose as leaves. I want to fuck you. Can I fuck you Mom?"

I smiled and hoped Rose would soon leave.

The End.

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