tagIncest/TabooMy Fair Mare

My Fair Mare


The farm at sunset was always something lovely to behold, the gold of the suns face kissed the fields where the wheat was grown and the roosters gave their finals crows before settling down to bed with their flocks. This kind of beauty lost itself on one of the young men at the farm, though the girls there were an entirely different matter.

Dante had no eye for the farms charm, though he looked like a brother to the cousins he was visiting, cut with the same broad shoulders and flowing muscles along his chest. His golden hair also matched that of his cousins, though Belle's bangs hung as a cover over her tough green eyes, the rest loosely tied and hanging between her shoulder blades.

Her breasts bounced in a constant strain against the tight plaid shirt tied around her tanned midriff, a small pair of shorts hung around the swell of her hips as she leaned her arms on the fence corralling in the horses. As she watched, the tall white stallion chased a mare with a wild look in his eye, a soft blush grew into her cheeks, lighting up the dusting of freckles on them. Unaware that she herself had eyes upon her. She blushed further as the stallion caught his quarry, mounting the mares back with a whinny of triumph.

Belle stared as the stallion pushed his cock into the mare without a pause. As she turned to look away from the beasts passion, face bright red with her embarrassment from the sight, there was a stinging slap against her ass. She whipped round with an indignant snort, blushing as she found herself eye level with her cousins broad shoulders, looking up at the wide grin on his face. His hand wound around her waist before her shock faded, giving it another squeeze as he smirked, nodding towards the horses still in rut behind her.

"Bet you've never pleased a man like that, have ya' Belle?" He chuckled at her rose colored cheeks, looking down into her eyes as she tried to stare the other way to avoid the question. He smirked a bit more, lifting her chin up and staring into her eyes with a grin. "I bet ya' wouldn't even know where to start."

Belle swallowed, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and pride, looking up into his blue eyes with a glare. "Y-you jus' don't know what you're talkin' about."

She snorted, stomping her foot, annoyed at the crack in her voice. Dante chuckled, looking down at her with a smirk.

"Oh no? Ya' got some evidence around here?" He laughed as she looked away, tilting his head, then grinning. "Maybe we should ask some of the horses."

Belle's eyes went wide at the last suggestion, stepping forward and shoving her palms against his chest, shaking her head firmly. "Y'all just got no right... Sayin' things like that!"

He laughed at the outburst, grabbing hold of her wrists as her hands laid on him, pulling her closer with an arrogant grin, looking down into her eyes, leaning their lips closer together.

"Well how about ya' prove me wrong then?" He grinned down as she blushed, her mind trying to work through the details of her cousins challenge.

"W-what do you mean?" Belle stuttered softly, her head tilted the slightest to the left, hair falling over her confused green eyes as she peered up at him, a slight blush creeping up her neck as he leaned in and pressed his lips against the rim of her ear, his voice a purr as he whispered into her soft, tanned skin.

"I bet ya' couldn't manage to please me, Belle." He smirked as her face lit up red, holding her where she was, breath tickling the fluttery blond hairs at the nape of her neck, letting her go abruptly and turning around with a laugh.

"I mean, you're barely even a girl, really," He shrugged his shoulders, wandering towards the barn, taking a glance back at the vivid, indignant look on her face, smirking as he turned his face away from her again.

"I-I could do better than anyone! I ain't a boy!" She stomped again, stepping forward and grabbing his shoulder, blushing as he turned around and grinned at her, licking his lips, a sinister glint in his eyes now.

"Prove it." He chuckled, leaning his face closer to hers, raising an eyebrow as she blushed, starting to take a step back from the sudden closeness. He grinned as she did, standing back up, blinking in surprise as her arms caught around his neck, pulling him back down into a furious kiss. She didn't take time to process what she was doing, she wouldn't have had the confidence to do so otherwise, she pushed her tongue into his mouth, gripping the curls around the nape of his neck, her blunt nails digging softly into his scalp.

Dante paused in shock, the intense kiss the last thing he expected his goading to bring on. Her tongue pressed deeper over his, taking advantage before he'd come back into himself. He started to respond to her slowly.

He shivered at the dig of her nails as his arms moved around her thin waist, tugging her body against his as his tongue started to move with hers. She blushed, the response bringing her attention back to the reality of what she was doing. She wiggled against his arms, her eyes blinking rapidly as he pulled her back into the kiss, the contact starting to intoxicate the both of them. After a moment, he released her, shaking his head with a smirk as he looked down at her blushing face.

"Well... I guess ya' got a few surprises in there." He grinned wider as she stumbled back a bit from him, barely managing to keep her balance, his hand coming to hold her shoulder in an effort to help. Once she had fully righted herself, Dante paused, then grinned down at her. "Ya' know that's not near enough to prove me wrong girlie."


Dante smirked as he tightened the final strand on the rope holding his cousin's hands firmly behind her back, licking his lips softly as he watched the way her breasts jutted forward from her pulled back shoulders and her head turning away with the same indignant blush she'd had since he'd posed the challenge to her. She wiggled her arms against the ropes, glaring up at him.

"T-this is stupid ya' know." She mumbled, looking around the barn as she stumbled her way in, the lack of her arms throwing off her balance. He laughed as he looked back at her, shaking his head and grinning.

"You said you could do it with your arms behind your back." He reminded her with a smirk. He leaned over, holding the rope that pinned her arms and gave her a deep kiss, pressing his tongue past her lips and her attempt to protest with them. He smirked, leading her into one of the horse's stables, pushing her to her knees on the hay covered floor, tilting her chin up to look at him.

"Well ya' ready Belle? If ya' make me cum then you win." She looked away and then nodded, glaring just as hard up at the arrogant tone still riding on his words, his smile growing at her blush as she looked up at him in return.

"Go on an' pull it out then. Let's see if you even have somethin' worth all the trouble." He laughed softly, stroking his hand back through her soft, loosely bound hair, his free hand sliding the zipper on his jeans down, grinning at her blush as he slid his cock out into the open, watching her eyes as she stared at the beast hovering in front of her. It twitched softly at her warm breath blowing over the head, Dante pulling her head towards it gently.

"Go on now cuz', you aren't scared are ya'?" He laughed as her lips gave a tentative press against the head, as if she didn't quite know how to approach it, her lips slowly formed to a kiss around it, Dante grinning as he nudged her head forward, licking his lips. The first brush of her soft tongue playing over the opening at the tip of his cock, lighting up the nerves waiting for more attention from her, made his hips shiver the slightest bit, purring low in surprise. "It won't bite if ya' make him nice an' happy."

Belle's head lifted again, her hands shifting behind her back as she tried to flex them, her shirt pulling tighter as she adjusted, leaning forward and sliding her tongue in one long brush along the head and up to follow the vein throbbing at the bottom of his dick, tracing along its length. He moaned low in surprise, nodding and laying his hand on the ponytail her hair was gathered into, wrapping it gently around his knuckles, edging her forward.

Her mouth closed around the head of his cock after a moments hesitation, feeling the broad, firm shaft behind the red bloom of the head press her lips open wide, intruding its way in with a few soft thrusts of Dante's hips. She blushed, her tongue taking another pass along the red eye of the beast in her mouth, tasting the first bead of pre-cum dripping out from the tip of it, the salty bubble resting on her tongue, giving her a taste of what she was getting.

Her body gave a soft shiver, bobbing her head forward slowly, her mouth stretching open wider as it slid towards the opening at the start of her throat. Her tongue continued to cycle around the spongey head of his cock, listening intently to the soft groans he let out with each flick and spin of it. His hand wound through her hair, gripping into it as he pulled her head forward a bit more, urging her to take his cock further into her mouth.

She coughed now as it slid just a bit too far in, his hand releasing her as her head pulled off his cock. She panted hard once it dropped from her lips, her breath hot as it caressed his cock repeatedly. He shivered softly at the feel of it, his hand gently stroking her hair as she caught her breath. When it returned to normal he grinned down at her, licking his lips softly.

"Done already Belle?" He chuckled low as she looked up at him defiantly, her lips wrapping back around the head, a determined look sparkling in her eyes. She bobbed her head at a steadily increasing pace, taking a deep breath through her nose as she slowly let the head slide into her throat. She hesitated, sliding back slowly, then forward again, shivering as she flexed her arms behind her back, tongue going back to teasing and massaging the vein running from the bottom of the shaft up to the quickly swelling head of his cock.

She looked up at him sheepishly, her throat bulging out slightly from the intrusion of him inside of it, her whole body shivering from the new feeling of all of this. A steady flow of salty pre-cum found its way into her throat, dripping down slowly as her muscles clenched and released with the motion of her swallowing to force it down. She slid her head forward a little more, her lips hugging the pulsing shaft as it began to swell impressively between them.

His eyes closed, tilting his head back with a drawn out groan, gripping her hair once again, letting her continue the steady pace of taking him deeper, her tongue flickering along each throbbing vein as his dick sawed back and forth between her soft lips. His hips began a slow pace of thrusting with the motion of her head, tilting her chin up a little further for her, helping her take the intrusion into her throat.

He came without any warning, the first blast of cum slapping wetly against the back of her throat, she coughed as she swallowed it, pulling her head back sharply in surprise, her eyes wide as she looked up just in time to catch the next blast of cum with her face. It dripped off her cheeks and along her lips to the opening at the top of her shirt, slithering down her cleavage. Her mouth hung a bit open, shocked at the sudden warmth covering her face.

Dante moaned in response, staring and grabbing the back of her head again, sliding the head of his cock back into her open mouth. He shivered, emptying the last of his load onto her tongue Belle blinking and shivering, left with no choice but to swallow as cum continued to fill her mouth. She panted as his orgasm finally ended, his cock sliding out from between her lips leaving a final trail of cum on its way out. Belle shuddered softly, her head leaning on his thigh, breath coming out in hard gasps, cum still dripping off her and making wet splats in the hay. He leaned back on the wall of the stall, his hand stroking her hair for a minute, taking time to catch his breath as well.

He stood after a minute, grinning as he slid a pocket knife from his jeans, opening the blade and stepping behind her. He lifted her up gently, pushing her forward against the wall, her eyes constantly locked on the small blade in his hand, she swallowed hard with a twinge of fear, the taste of his cum sliding its way through her mouth again.

"W-what is it ya' think yer doin'?" She stammered, voice coming out higher, not sure what to do in a situation like this. The tough shell the tried to keep around herself melted, aware she'd made herself totally helpless if he decided he wasn't done yet. Behind her, Dante laughed, his head tilting at her scared expression, the knife sliding between the rope and her wrists, flicking it upward quickly, breaking the bonds around her arms and watching the rope drop to the ground. He closed the knife and let her go with a smirk.

"Didn't want ya to fall down there." He grinned as she turned, her eyes still wide, blushing a bit. Cum still clung to her cheeks and the start of the valley between her breasts, adding a creamier tone to her tanned skin. Her eyes sparkled with a mixture of fear and something he couldn't quite place. He brushed his thumb over her cheekbone, gathering some of the remaining jizz and pressing his thumb between her soft lips.

He was almost surprised when Belle didn't immediately bite down, blinking at the taste invading back into her mouth. She blushed, her tongue flicking over the pad of his finger before she stopped to think about it, suckling at his thumb, cleaning the cum off of it. In surprise, his finger slipped deeper between her lips. She opened her eyes up when the taste was cleaned off his finger, finding herself staring back into the smirk on his face.

He slipped his thumb from between her lips, stepping forward and destroying the space that had lingered between them. His hand wound through her hair, pulling her lips up against his, his tongue pushing them apart roughly. He arms wrapped around his sides, pulling them closer together, her eyes closing rougher between them.

His hand slipped out of her hair. Both of them came down her front to wrestle with the button holding her shirt closed. His hands fumbled but he just grinned down at her the moment their lips broke from their attack. She shivered, her shirt falling open, a sticky residue still remaining in the valley between her breasts.

The blue bra holding her tits out of view fell off with the shirt, Dante's hands coming up to grip both firmly, her face lifting in return to devour his shoulder and up to his neck. She pulled at the bottom of his shirt, drawing it up with a gasp at the flicks of his fingers over her tender nipples, just beginning to but with the attention from his hands.

She left bites along his neck smiling into it as he groaned, pants still hanging low around his waist. His cock beginning to grow and press into the soft, tanned skin of her stomach. His hands slid down her sides away from her breasts, hooking into the loops of her shorts where they rest along the curve of her hips. The head of his cock rest on her stomach lightly, jumping as her fingertips came down to draw along the spongey flesh, his body giving a shiver at the unexpected touch.

They pressed closer together in the slowly cooling night air, her hand making gentle strokes around his hardening member as his pulled the shorts off her hips, leaving her standing in a tight pair of panties. He ran his fingers down the mound they outlined, coming to her sensitive lips and pressing in slowly as he rubbed against him, his lips wrapping around her exposed nipple. He peeled the damp underwear away from her center slowly, an arm coming to hook under her leg and lift it into the air, their hips slowly coming to press together.

He slipped inside her warm center with a long moan, his eyes closing as one hand gripped on her knee and the other cupping her side lightly. Belle gave a long shiver, her insides tightly rippling around his cock, leaning up to kiss him. It lacked the roughness and the urgency that those before it had packed.

Instead their lips met gently as he held her leg again his hip and slowly thrust himself further within her. Her back arched upwards with a sharp gasp and a long moan, his cock slipping deeper and their hips meeting after a few more gentle forward pushes. He groaned as her pussy seemed to suck him in deeper until the head rose to kiss her cervix, holding her against him and sliding his hand along her back.

His hips shoved hers against the stable wall, biting down on her neck as she moaned. Her eyes closed, pushing her hips up towards his and rolling them slowly, the two of them thrusting together. She panted softly against his ear, nails digging into his hair as they kissed again, more deeply as his hips picked up in speed. They moved together more rapidly, his cock starting to throb deep within her and his hips starting to shake.

The first wet slap of his cum jetting inside her caught her by surprise, forcing out a long moan. Her body shook softly under his, lips pressing against his throat as his head fell back. The next blast of his cum was accompanied by a roar, gripping her hips as he thrust desperately within her, emptying spray after spray of hot cum inside of her. When his orgasm finally ended his flagging cock slipped out of her slowly, panting against her shoulder and gently dropping her leg. Belle blushed, feeling the hot fluid inside of her slowly dripping its way out, her hips shifting at the feeling of it running down between her thighs.

Dante smirked slowly down at her, licking his lips and kissing her forehead slowly. She blushed a bit more, scrambling around for her clothes, cum dripping down onto the hay again. Dante laughed softly as he handed her underwear over, looking down at her standing nude and sliding a hand down her side.

"Well I guess it looks like ya' beat me then," He laughed, titling Belle's chin up and kissing her as he adjusted himself back inside of his pants. He couldn't help but grin as he watched her wiggle back into her clothes.

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