tagLesbian SexMy First Female Lover

My First Female Lover


In my job as an Avon lady I was always getting phone calls from women asking me to call on them.

This call came early in the morning. I answered the phone and heard a very well spoken woman asking whether I could call on her later that afternoon. I looked at my diary and said I could. I noted her address and told her I would be there at 2.30.

When I put the phone down. I thought that the voice was not the usual type of caller I got. It was sophisticated, almost posh but very well spoken. I knew the area she lived in and knew it was one of the better parts of town.

I always had all my samples in a carrying case so there was no special need to get ready. As usual I made sure I was presentable and well made up. I looked in the mirror and admired myself. I was feeling good that day. I had sex with Ed, my husband last night and had managed to write another couple of chapters of the erotic story I was working on.

I drove to the house and got there bang on time. My memory was right, it was a nice area and the house was quite large. I rang the doorbell, after a few moments I heard the latch opening.

A very attractive lady, probably in her late thirties greeted me. She put out her hand to shake mine and said, ‘Hello, I'm Serena, do come in.'

I followed her in. The inside was as imposing as the outside. She led me into a large lounge and offered me a seat on a sofa. She asked me if I cared to join her in a glass of wine. I don't normally drink while I'm driving, but I was relaxed and said I would have a small one.

Serena returned after a few minutes with 2 glasses of white wine. We made small talk for a few minutes before I thought we should get down to business.

I said, ‘Right, now what sort of make up are you after. Is it for a special occasion.'

Serena said, ‘No, not exactly, look this is a little embarrassing. You see, I have a lover who likes me to dress tartily and now he wants me to wear tarty make up and complete the image he wants me to portray.'

I said, ‘Oh, that's fine, what have you got in mind.'

Serena, said, ‘Well it needs to match the clothing I wear for him, maybe you had better come upstairs and I'll show you.'

I followed closely and couldn't help but admire her long legs.

She led me into a huge bedroom and there on the bed was some red pvc underwear. Never in a million years would I have expected Serena to wear this.

She picked up the red pvc basque with cut outs where her boobs went and said, ‘I want red lipstick to match this, but it needs to be very long lasting, kiss proof and suck proof, if you know what I mean.'

I took a close look at the red pvc basque and admired it. I thought Ed would love to see me in this.

I opened my make up box and looked for a crimson lipstick to match the basque. I found what I thought would do and handed it to Serena. She said, ‘That looks good, will you put it on for me.'

Normally my clients are happy to put their make on themselves but I was happy to oblige Serena.

She sat on a stall opposite me and leaned forward. I got a whiff of her very expensive perfume.

I decided to outline the lips first and did this with a permanent lip pencil. Then I coated her lips with a crimson red long-lasting lipstick, then to seal the colour in applied a shiny lip gloss.

We waited a few minutes for it to dry and then Serena kissed the back of her hand. It look really erotic as she snogged her hand. I could imagine her snogging her lover. She looked at her hand and then in the mirror and was pleased it hadn't smudged.

Then she said, ‘Can you do my eyes, I thing bright green or blue or maybe black, as long as I look like a tart.'

I said ‘I think a bluey green applied very thickly will be more tarty.'

Once again Serena leaned close to me. I took a deep breath and smelt her perfume again. Soon I was finished.

Then Serena said, ‘Would you mind if I put my underwear on, I want to make sure that the make up complements the underwear.'

I was shocked but it did not bother me. Serena undressed quite happily in front of me. I admired her large breasts and noticed her nipples were hardening. She stripped completely naked and then started putting on the red pvc basque. I liked the way her breasts poked through the opening completely exposing them. There was a zip up the front and even though she could easily have done it herself she asked me to do it for her.

I moved closer to her and took hold of the zip and slowly pulled it up. As I got near the top my hands brushed against the bare skin of her boobs. I saw her physically shudder. I don't know what it was doing to her but it sure was doing something to me. I had never had any sexual contact with another female but I was definitely getting some very sexual stirrings down below.

Serena sat on the bed and passed me a pair of red fishnet stocking and asked me to put them on. I knelt on the floor in front of her.

She said, ‘They are seemed, make sure the seems are straight.'

Serena stuck out a leg for me and put her foot on my lap. My eyes glanced up to her crotch, her naked, shaven crotch. I took the stocking and put her foot in it and started pulling it up her leg. I soon got near her thigh and realised how close my hands were to her pussy. This was the first time I had thought of it as pussy. I then repeated the action with the other stocking.

Serena then stood up and said, ‘Are the seems straight.'

They were slightly crooked and I ran my hands up and down her legs straightening them.

This was terrible, I was getting turned on by another woman. ‘Fix them to the suspenders,' she said.

I realised she was ordering me to do things and rather surprisingly I was happy to do so. Again I knelt in front of her and attached the stockings to the suspenders hanging down from the basque. My face was only inches from her pussy and she knew it. I could smell that wonderful aroma of a sexy pussy. I knew what I liked Ed doing to mine and I shocked myself when I realised I wanted to do the same to Serena.

I attached both suspenders and stood up. Serena then handed me a pair of red open crotch knickers. I got back down on the floor again. She lifted one leg and then the other and I pulled them up. My hand brushed against her naked crotch. I realised I was shaking. I was also getting very wet down below.

Serena sat back down on the bed and handed me some red pvc shoes. They were tarts shoes with a two inch platform and a six or seven inch high heel. Serena put her stocking clad feet in my laps and I put her shoes on for her and fastened the straps round her ankles.

She stood up and admired herself in the mirror. Finally she handed me a red choker and I reached behind her neck and fastened it. I felt her breasts and her erect nipples rubbing against my chest. I realised that at the same time she was pushing her crotch against mine.

I fastened the choker and Serena paraded round the room admiring herself whenever she passed the mirror. She said, ‘Do I look tarty enough, do you think the lipstick matches the basque.'

I told her I thought it was a perfect match.

Serena said, ‘I have a female as well as a male lover and they both like to wear matching lipstick. I wonder if you would mind putting some on yourself so I can check that it doesn't come off when we kiss.'

This I was unsure about, but Serena said, ‘This time I'll put it on for you.

I sat in front of her and she outlined my lips and then applied the crimson red lipstick and finally the lipgloss. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute.

We waited a few minutes to let the lipstick set and then she leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips.. This was the first time I had kissed another female. We pulled away and then kissed again. This time with more passion. Our arms hugged each other and our lips were clamped tight together. I felt Serena's tongue pushing against my lips. They parted automatically and her tongue entered my mouth. I sucked on it as if it was a small cock in my mouth. I returned the favour to her and put my tongue in her mouth. We snogged passionately for several minutes.

I felt Serena's breasts pressing against me. She moved her chest and rubbed her nipples against my blouse. She ground her pubic area against mine. She was turning me on. Then she moved away slightly although our lips were still planted firmly against each others.

She reached down to my hands and put them on her breasts. I loved the feel of her erect nipples. I did what I love having done to my nipples. I pinched them and squeezed them. I loved the feel as they hardened even more between my fingers.

I was so wet and horny now and Serena sensed it. She broke away from our kiss and said, ‘I think we need to get you undressed..'

I didn't answer. I didn't need to.

I stood still and let her undress me. Whenever I could I played with her nipples. I desperately wanted Serena to do the same to me. She unclipped my bra. My nipples were already getting larger. I wanted to say, ‘Suck them, bite them.' But I was too nervous.

Then she slipped my knickers down and stroked my pussy. I parted my legs for her. I wanted Serena to make me cum. I shuddered as I felt a long manicured finger slip inside. I stood with my legs apart as Serena slowly finger fucked me. I was still playing with her nipples. I felt her part her legs. I knew what she wanted.

Her pussy was so wet, so wonderfully wet and warm and inviting. I slipped a finger inside her. Inside the first pussy that wasn't mine.

We leaned foward and our lips met again. Our mouths opened and our tongues clashed. Then Serena said, ‘Let's lay down.'

We moved to the bed. I lay on my back and Serena lay beside me. We kissed again. I could taste her lipstick, her tarty red lipstick. Our tongues clashed in each others mouth. Our fingers found each others pussy. We finger fucked each other and built up a steady orgasm inducing rhythm. I wanted her to rub my clit.

I found hers. I did what I love to do myself. I traced one of my long fingernails all the way to my clit and gently rubbed, gently ran my fingernail over her clit. She realised this was what I liked and did the same to me.

I felt my orgasm nearing. I knew I was going to have my first female to female orgasm. I wanted Serena to cum too. We both knew what each wanted. Our shattering orgasms happened almost simultaneously, something that very rarely happens between Ed and I.

We relaxed in each others arms. Our lips kissed passionately again. We both knew we wanted more.

Serena moved down the bed. She parted my legs as far as they would go. My pussy was fully exposed. Fully open to her view. I felt dirty and sexy. I LOVED IT.

Serena licked up my thighs getting closer and closer to my pussy. My lovely wet inviting pussy. She teased me. Just as she was almost there she would then move further away. I knew she would get there soon but I wanted it now. I reached down to her head and pulled her closer to me. Pulled her tongue closer to my pussy. CLOSER TO MY CUNT.

Now she stopped teasing me. Her tongue opened my pussy lips. Her tongue probed inside me. Deep inside my lovely wet pussy. I was in heaven. Ed was good at pussy licking but Serena was first class. She knew what she liked and therefore knew what I liked. Soon she was heading towards my clit. First of all her tongue teased it. Licking gently and then flicking it. Then she did what I really wanted.

She clamped her lovely lipstick coated lips around it sucked it and when her teeth nibbled at it my orgasm hit me with such force I thought I was never going to stop cumming. Serena gave me a genuine multiple orgasm. Just as she sensed one was dying down she sucked harder and forced me to cum yet again.

I lost count of how many times she made me cum. I was eventually exhausted and collapsed. I couldn't take any more.

The trouble was Serena now wanted what I had just had. I lay recovering for a few minutes. I sucked her nipples and fingered her anus. I love a long manicured finger tickling away at the opening of that particular hole and I soon found that Serena liked the same.

Soon I was fully recovered and I lay between Serena's thighs. Her lovely shaved pussy glistened with her pussy juice. I didn't tease like she did to me. I held her pussy lips open and licked deep inside. Her pussy juice was exquisite. I adored the taste of another woman's pussy.

She was so wet it was amazing. I never realised a pussy could be so wet. Her juices were literally dribbling out of her pussy. My face was getting soaked. I loved it.

As soon as my lips found her clit, she started trembling. I sucked harder and I felt her shudder. That familiar trembling as a female is about to cum.

I was about to give my first female orgasm.

Serena shouted out. Her well spoken sophisticated voice uttered those wonderful words.


Suddenly my face was being soaked. Serena was squirting, her pussy juices were squirting out of her cunt. She was ejaculating. Ejaculating all over my face.

Eventually she stopped cumming. She pulled me up to her and kissed my face and licked her pussy juices off my face.

We lay recovering for a while. She asked about Ed. She wanted to know if he came at the same time as me. I told it was very rare.

She got up of the bed and went over to a bedside drawer. She returned with a huge black dildo. She said, ‘You should try this, it squirts as you cum. It gives the same feeling and sensation as when Ed cums when you do. You fill it with a hot soapy type liquid and as you cum you squeeze the balls and it ejaculates inside you at the same. You control when it cums. It's also converts into strap on. Would you like to try it.'

I didn't hesitate. Of course I would. The only trouble was the size of it. I didn't think I could take it all and I told her.

Serena said, ‘Of course you can. Here let me show you.' She opened her legs wide and rubbed it against her open pussy lips. She sighed deeply as she eased it inside. It must have been at least 10 inches long but also very thick.

Her eyes glazed over as she inserted more and more inside her. She eased it out a little before pushing it in further. She was really enjoying it. ‘I need to cum again', she said.

‘Fuck me with it.'

I moved between her legs and started fucking her with it. It was so huge but Serena managed to take it all.

Then she said, ‘Wait a minute, strap it on and fuck me.'

I slipped it out of her wet pussy and we both got up. She found the strap for it and fixed it to the dildo. Then she got a bottle of liquid and emptied it into the balls. She said, ‘When I cum, squeeze the balls and make it cum inside me.'

She strapped the dildo round me. It looked really kinky as I saw my reflection in the mirror with a huge black dildo sticking out in front of me.

She leaned against the bottom of the bed and said, ‘I want it from behind.'

She opened her legs and I moved forward. I found her opening and eased it inside. I slid it in a little and then withdrew it. Each time easing a little further inside. I saw her reach between her legs and play with her clit. Now the black imitation cock was all the way in. We built up a steady rhythm as I fucked her and she pushed herself back to meet the dildo. I reached round her and found her nipples. They were still hard and I squeezed and pinched them. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could.

I don't know how she took it all, but soon she was about to cum. I reached down to the balls and got ready to squeeze them. She shuddered and shouted out that she was cumming. She shook and trembled. I squeezed the balls and ejaculated deep inside her cunt. The imitation giant black cock came the same time as she did. She came again. So did the black cock. She came a third and fourth time and so did the black cock.

Eventually she was exhausted. She collapsed face down on the bed. The big black dildo slipped out of her. Of course it was as large as ever. Nothing like a real cock.

I looked down at her. Her red pvc clad body, her red fishnet stockings and her red high heel shoes. Her cum was trickling out of her pussy. I couldn't resist it. I lowered my face and licked her clean. Licked her wonderfully red and fucked pussy. I adored the taste of her pussy juices. It had been worth the wait to experience my first female sex. But now I wanted more. I wanted to experience what Serena had just had.

I took the strap on off and put it to my mouth. I certainly couldn't get it in my mouth but I managed to lick it clean. Lick it clean of Serena's cunt juices. BUT NOW I WANTED IT.

Serena recovered in a few minutes and I knew it was my turn. I was still unsure whether I could take it all, but I wanted to try. I wanted to feel my cunt stuffed full of cock. I wanted to feel what it was like to have a cock cum inside me at the exact second that I came.

Serena strapped it to herself and filled the balls again. I too wanted it from behind. I like being fucked from behind. Its more forceful and goes in further.

I felt it at my opening. Serena pushed gently and my pussy lips parted. She eased an inch inside and then withdrew it. She was almost too gentle. Almost too considerate. I didn't want to be made love to.


Eventually I guess six or seven inches was in me and I felt full. So wonderfully full and tight. As tight as when Ed puts his cock inside me and then pushes the vibrator in as well. Serena built a lovely slow rhythm in and out and a little further in. I thought I was going to burst it felt so good.

Then I realised it was all in. I now had a full 10 inches of hard black imitation cock deep inside my cunt. I thought, Ed would love to see me now. But Ed's image soon disappeared as Serena started giving me a serious fucking. She too reached round to my tits. She was almost rough with my nipples but I didn't care. She could do anything she wanted as long as she kept on fucking me. If Ed and the girls had walked in now, I still wouldn't have let Serena stop fucking me.

My orgasm was getting closer and closer. Serena sensed it as I felt her hand down by the balls. I ran a finger nail along my clit and then it hit me. The second I came I felt shot after shot of red hot cum hit the walls of my womb and it didn't stop. Serena kept on fucking, giving me orgasm after orgasm and each one followed by a shot of hot cum.

This was the best feeling I had ever experienced. I collapsed on the bed. Serena withdrew the 10 inches of black imitation cock and moved round in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw it only inches from my face.

Serena said, ‘Lick it clean, lick your cunt juices off it..'

I did as she said, I would have done anything she said. I felt wonderful. I loved the taste of my own juices as I licked the dildo clean.

We both lay down and recovered. Serena still had the dildo strapped to her but I knew I couldn't take anymore.

We chatted for a while and Serena told me she had a male and female lover and hoped that we too could become lovers. I said, ‘I saw no reason not to.'

I told her how much I loved that big black cock. She said, ‘Well maybe we need to find a real one we can share.'

We lay there quietly. I began to think what a good idea that was. A big black cock we can share. MMMM very interesting.

If you would like a story written about your wife, husband, lover, partner, daughter, or work colleague, let me know what you have in mind. Describe the people in as much detail as possible so I can make it more realistic.

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