tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Story - Exhibitionist Wife

My First Story - Exhibitionist Wife


My background – My name is Terry and I am a 42 year old happily married woman and I have decided to share some of my erotic experiences in my adult life. I currently work as a marketing manager for a software firm and I have always enjoyed erotic stories. I do not know how many stories I will share but at the urging of my husband, I have decided to give it a try. I will only commit to one thing, the truth. The stories that I personally enjoy are true stories and I believe that the truth is a huge turn on. I will alter names, dates, and in some cases places, to protect those involved. I have been sexually active and sometimes adventurous my entire adult life and believe that I have a unique set of experiences and perspective to offer.

It is important to understand that my husband Brian supports me in describing these experiences. He is two years older than me and we have been together since my sophomore year of college. We have always had a very open relationship in terms of trying new things and exploring areas we find erotic and comfortable. We are not swingers but very occasionally involve others in our adventures. We have certain rules we will not violate. I will not describe them all but in all our adventures we are discreet, private, careful, and do not involve anyone we know or live near. Typically but not always we have our fun on vacation or out of town. Since we are so careful our adventures are rare and usually well planned.

I am 5'7" tall and my weight fluctuates between 130 and 145lbs. My husband describes me as "strong". I do have strong legs and haunches (I was a fairly good gymnast when I was young) and when I am on a workout routine I am fit but I tend to get a little lazy between regimens hence the weight fluctuation. I have black hair sometimes with an auburn tint and I have full C-cup breasts. I am told I have great skin and I tan well even though I am naturally fair. From the time I was a young girl I have orgasmed very easily and not always from sexual stimulation. Climbing a pole or even quickly jerking my legs together often leads to an immediate orgasm. I think I am unusual in that regard. My husband is 5'11" and a very fit 165lbs. He loves to workout, read, and cook. From an erotic perspective, I have an exhibitionist streak and my husband enjoys these types of adventures as well. We also enjoy role playing with each other. We have a great sex life and it seems to get better each year.

I truly appreciate any and all feedback and will do my best to respond to any questions or appropriate comments.

This adventure occurred a little over one year ago and is a good example of our "style". This experience went a little further than most. I hope you enjoy.

A long cold winter was behind us and Brian's job took us to one of his annual conferences in Nashville, Tennessee. We were staying at the Gaylord Opryland where the conference was occurring and as is our custom we stayed over for the weekend after the conference for some stress free fun of our own. We decided to hit the town for some food, drinks, and dancing. I was well rested from a day of spa treatments and was looking forward to a big night out with no wake up time. Brian was finally relaxed after a stressful week and I knew he was in a playful mood when he asked if he could dress me for our night out. When he dresses me it is always for a reason. Brian gets incredibly aroused when I become the object of desire for other men and he made it clear that we were going to have a little fun with our bar hopping. Brian chose a light blue nylon dress that was clingy but free flowing at the hem. Underneath, Brian chose a matching white silk bra and panty set from Victoria Secret. Brian prefers simple bikini cut panties usually on the skimpy side and these were sexy but not slutty. I could feel his eyes devouring me as I stood in my lingerie putting on my make up and I knew this had the potential to be a night to remember.

We started with martinis and appetizers at the Wild Horse Saloon and then took a cab downtown. Our first stop was BB King's where we sat at small raised table by the bar. Brian ordered up two vodka shots and a couple of drinks to go with our fried pickles (delicious if you have not tried them). I was tipsy enough and knew it was time to see if I could garner a little attention. Brian convinced me a long time ago that an attractive woman in a short dress who has trouble keeping her knees together will be noticed very quickly. This time was no exception. I was not terribly overt but I hooked my left sandal on the lower rail of the bar stool and opened up enough to give a couple of tables a glimpse of my panties. Almost immediately men from two different tables spotted my innocent little show and I described to Brian how these men were casually finding reasons to look my way and enjoy the view. BB's is fairly well lit and I was sure they were seeing enough to keep them glued to their seats. This type of playful exhibitionism is one of our favorite pastimes and is always arousing.

Brian stood up and whispered in my ear, "I am going to visit the restroom so I can see what these guys are enjoying. Don't be afraid to open up a little more for me."

I busied myself checking my cell phone seemingly oblivious to the gentlemen who were staring up my skirt and when Brian began walking back toward me I reached into my purse and spread my thighs a little wider.

"Brilliant." Brian said as he returned. "It all looks very natural but I can certainly understand why they can't keep their eyes off of you."

This type of exhibitionism is usually as far as it goes and the simple eroticism of a stolen glance is enough to spur us into a wonderful night of love making. This evening was going to be different I could tell. After his stressful week of work I knew Brian was ready for a big drunk and that almost always involves some sort of sexual adventure.

We continued to drink at BB's until Brian told me we were going dancing. A bartender told us to go to the Hollywood Disco and after a short cab ride we were ordering a vodka shot at the bar. This bar was packed with great music and a fairly large dance floor. There were definitely more men than women and at just past midnight the crowd was lively. Most of the guys appeared to be in their twenties.

Brian told me the plan, "We are going to act like coworkers and you are going to go dancing. See what you can stir up in that pretty little dress of yours."

"Are you sure you want to turn me loose with all these young wolves in here?" I responded playfully.

"I will step in if things get out of hand and you know the rules." He said with a mischievous grin.

The rules that Brian referred to were always in effect when we went out for an evening of this kind of fun. We would periodically make eye contact from a distance and if either of us was not comfortable with the situation we would shake our head and the other would come in for the rescue. From experience we knew how to get things rolling. We always danced with each other first and I was to make it clear that I was both out for a good time but not interested in Brian. At the end of one song we walked off the floor and went to different areas of the bar. Right on cue a young guy asked me to dance to a Michael Jackson song. He was cute but way too drunk but I accepted his offer to buy me a drink. With a fresh vodka tonic in hand he introduced me to several of his friends all of whom were in town for a bachelor party. Andrew had my attention immediately. He was tall and muscular and his clothes hung nicely on his well toned body. The way he looked at me left no doubt that he like what he saw. As the next song started I grabbed his hand and led him on the dance floor.

He leaned down to me and asked perceptively, "What is a beautiful woman with a ring on her finger doing in here alone on a Friday night?"

I screamed back over the music that I was actually here with a coworker after a long week of work. "I actually came with a coworker." I responded. "And married women deserve a little fun once in a while too." I responded.

He seemed satisfied with my answer and we danced for several straight songs. I made it a point to put my hands on him as I danced and he reciprocated although he was not overly aggressive. Several times I made eye contact with Brian and he nodded his approval. I decided to force the issue and began to dirty dance with him. I moved behind him and reached around to put my hands on his chest and rub my chest against his back. He reached backward and palmed my butt. I found the opportunity to grind my backside into him when I was in front of him and he even reached over and grabbed my hair at one point. The dance floor was literally jammed with people and Andrew grew more aggressive with his movements. His hands were all over me and he loved watching me grind against his thigh. My dress would bunch between my legs and at times he would catch a glimpse of my panty covered pussy rubbing against his leg. I was incredibly aroused but also knew that satisfaction was a long way off. At the end of one song I surprised Andrew by grabbing behind his head and pulling him down to me for a passionate kiss.

"I just had to do that." I told him before I led him off the dance floor.

At my direction, Andrew retrieved another vodka tonic for me and a glass of water. We joined his friends several of whom were falling down drunk. A couple of younger girls were with now with them. Andrew bumped one of his crew out of his chair and sat down. I allowed him to pull me into his lap and I could tell by the expression on his friend's faces that they were sure Andrew was going to get laid. I had a very big buzz working but I decided to exaggerate things a little and began acting sloppy. I alternated between gulping my drink and drunkenly nuzzling Andrew around his neck and ears. I intentionally slurred my words and I allowed my legs to move around enough to keep his sidekicks staring down at me. I could feel him getting aroused underneath me and it turned me on even more knowing the effect I was having on him.

I moved my hand discreetly to his crotch and slurred into his ear, "What is going on down there?"

Andrew did not miss a beat and responded, "I have a beautiful woman sitting on my lap whispering in my ear is what's going on down there. Do you like what you are doing to me?"

"I love it." I said as I stood up and once again led him on to the dance floor.

I took him to the very far side so Brian would be able to see us but also because we would be mostly hidden by all of the other dancers. Even though the music was up tempo I pressed myself against him and again kissed him.

"Put your hands on me." I told him and he wrapped his arms around me.

I could feel him move his hands down to my ass as I held him. I shot a glance over to Brian and could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying this as much as I was. I discreetly moved my right hand down to his crotch and ran it over his cock. I could tell he was well endowed as I traced his length running down his leg. Andrew moved a hand under my dress and I could feel him grip my ass through my panties. He moved his left hand over my hip and while kissing me brought his hand across my crotch. I was on fire and knew I needed to stop this or he would have his fingers in me on the dance floor.

"We have to slow down." I said as I pushed away slightly.

"Let's get out of here." He said.

"Where are we going?" I responded.

"We have a suite at the Doubletree. We can continue the party there?" Andrew responded.

"OK. Let me find my coworker and tell him that I am leaving. Is it alright if he comes?" I asked.

"Sure." Andrew said.

"I will meet you back at your table." I said as I wandered off to talk with Brian.

"Good work." Brian said as I came up to him. He was careful to act like we were casual acquaintances.

"Thanks good looking. He is pretty well locked in on the older lady right now." I replied with a grin. "He wants me to go back to the Doubletree where he and his buddies have a suite and supposedly a party. He said 'my coworker' could come to if you like."

"Are you having fun?" He asked.

"I am hot as a firecracker right now knowing you are enjoying the show. But it's up to you how far we take it." I said hoping Brian would want to continue the evening.

"I want you to keep going." Brian said. "Go with him and tell him I will probably show up a little later. Text me the room number when you get there and if you don't see me, we meet in the lobby at exactly 2am."

"OK. What are my limitations?" I asked.

Brian grinned at me and said, "No limitations but you know the rules."

I knew the rules alright and with those words my loving husband had freed my up to do almost anything with Andrew. The rules he was referring to were no blowjobs and if we had sex then Andrew had to wear a condom. I honestly did not know how far things would go but the idea that I was free to have fun with a handsome young stud was absolutely intoxicating.

I fell into Andrew's arms when I got back to him and told him I was ready and my coworker was going to stay but might show up a little later. He almost dragged me out of the bar and we climbed in a hired van. Andrew explained they were in town for the wedding of one of their college friends and they had the van all evening. We were first in and climbed all the way to the back seat as others piled in behind us. I was one of three women who they had lured back to the Doubletree although I was at least 15 years older than either of the others. We must have stuffed twenty people in a van built for twelve.

I sat across Andrew's lap in the very back corner and he wasted no time in pulling me in for a deep and passionate kiss. He was a good kisser and few things turn me on as much as the sensation of another tongue swirling around mine. As soon as we were moving and the interior lights were out he brought his left hand between my thighs. Only the couple to our right would have been able to see what he was doing and frankly neither of us cared. I allowed his hand to slide up my thigh until his fingers reached my panties. I was desperate to spread my legs and give him full access to my pussy but I could not be so overt. I did open my legs enough for him to run his hands the full length of my slit. I whispered in his ear that he was a naughty boy doing this to an older woman. I could feel his hard on pressing against my thigh and I wished I could take him in my hands but the positioning would not allow it. The ride to the Doubletree was brief and we unloaded at the valet stand and made our way up a flight of stairs to the lobby and the elevator bank.

I texted, 'Room 631. Last chance to say No', to Brian as Andrew mixed me another drink and I visited the powder room.

'2 am in the lobby. Enjoy ', was the text response from Brian.

I checked my watch and realized I had a little less than an hour left with Andrew. When he handed me my drink I asked him if he had a room of his own. Without a word he led me down the hall and back into the elevator. When the doors closed he was all over me. For about 30 seconds until we arrived at his floor he ground himself into me and I willingly responded in kind. As the door shut in his room the assault continued. He pulled my dress over my head as I tore at the buttons of his shirt. As he pulled his arms from his sleeves I unfastened his belt and opened his slacks. As my hands reached into his boxer shorts he removed my bra and began to roughly knead my tits. His erection was beautiful and the tip was soaked with his pre-cum. He was slightly bigger than Brian and had a perfectly symmetrical upward curl. I pushed him into a sitting position on the edge of the bed and then straddled him as he licked and sucked my nipples. I could feel his left hand slide my panties to the side and his fingers trace the length of my soaking wet slit. I knew as soon as his fingers entered me that I was going to come immediately and I clutched his face to my chest as my body shook with wave after wave of pleasure.

Andrew tried to position his cock at my entrance and nearly succeeded in entering me before I got off of him to remove my panties and grab the condom from my purse. I opened the package and slowly rolled the rubber down his shaft as he lay back on the bed. His cock twitched excitedly as I finished the job. I quickly resumed my position and straddled him with the intent to insert him but he pulled me higher and brought my pussy to his face. My bush was trimmed on the sides but full down the middle and I watched as his mouth and tongue disappeared into my hair. The feeling was exquisite as I grabbed the head board but I wanted his cock inside me so I slid back down and grabbed his cock. He entered me easily and the feeling of him pressuring inside of me was immense. I sat up and began the rocking motion that always leads me to orgasm. It built from the very deepest parts of me and I held it back until I could tell he was coming. Our fucking was feverish as my hips slammed back and forth and he unleashed his load into his condom. The feeling of his pulsing release sent me completely over the edge.

Finally I collapsed on top of him. Twelve minutes later I grabbed the hand of my husband in the lobby and led him to the valet stand. I relayed every detail to him throughout an incredible night and day of love making.

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by Anonymous02/08/18

Exhibitionist story

I have a neighbor who caught me masturbating while i was in my bedroom from her bedroom now she pretends shes not watching but oh my god what a turn on

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Very hot night for you! Hopefully Brian got some steamy action from you after.

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by Anonymous08/01/17

Awesome night!

Your story is amazing!! I got hard as soon as she started opening her legs at the bar! I was really hoping for bareback with a creame pie, but it was a lot of married guys dream!! My wife did almostmore...

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