tagGroup SexMy Girlfriend's Best Friend Ch. 01

My Girlfriend's Best Friend Ch. 01


So I've been going out with my girlfriend Mandy for a couple of years now, I met her through her best friend Karen who I've known since primary school.

The three of us spend a lot of time together, especially these days on the weekends and during the summer holidays. Partying together, going away together, even all three of us sleeping in the same bed together on holidays just to save money.

Karen and I are so close in fact, that several times whilst I've been with Mandy I've seen her in just her underwear, which is what she likes to sleep in, when we've been on holiday.

The sight of her in just her frilly white panties and bra is enough to make me want to ditch Mandy and fuck her right then and there on the spot, but alas, I've never gone through with such thoughts for the fear of losing Mandy, whom I do love, and ruining the friendship between Karen and I.

So, it's another Saturday night which means it's another night of drinking with Mandy and Karen at Mandy's house. I am sitting on the couch with my legs spread wide apart, Mandy sitting with her back leaning against the inside of one of my legs, whilst Karen is sitting opposite us both leaning back against the other couch.

I can't help but stare across at Karen's amazing body as she sits in her nightwear, just a pair of cute white panties and a matching bra, almost ignoring Mandy at my feet while I subconsciously run my fingers through her hair as she sits in a pair of black panties and bra.

With my spare hand I am drinking my usual favourite drink, Johnny Walker, leaning back against the couch as I take in Karen's body as I sip my drink.

As the night goes on we all start to get a little more tipsy and daring, with Karen and Mandy now so tipsy that they're egging me to take my shirt off so they can see my 'hot body'. I laugh and shrug, kind of tipsy myself so happy to go with the flow as I lift my shirt over my head and throw it over the couch behind Karen.

"I suppose it must be my turn to request something, eh?"

I grin at the both of them.

"I want you both to kiss each other like you were lovers" I smile eagerly.

I watch as without hesitation Karen crawls over on her hands and knees towards Mandy, who doesn't move at first.

Karen crawls over with her chest nice and low to the ground, giving me a perfect view of her cleavage almost falling out of her bra as she kisses up and down Mandy's stomach, eventually convincing her to lean forward and kiss her back.

I feel myself growing in my shorts as I watch both my girlfriend and her best friend start to kiss each other as lovers. Mandy on her hands and knees at my feet, Karen opposite her in the same position, lapping each other's mouths as I stare down at Mandy's ass raised between my legs, noticing her panties starting to creep in between her ass cheeks, giving me a view of the outline of her pussy lips underneath them as they cling tightly to her body.

My eyes travel back over to Karen, who winks at me over Mandy's shoulder as they both kiss. I grin back at her, with a hand over my crotch before they both eventually break apart, breathing heavily and grinning at me as Mandy turns back towards me.

"Alright, my turn to pick!"

Karen grins eagerly before anyone can say anything.

''You take those shorts off for us, Mr."

She smiles, as I laugh and shrug, without looking at Mandy for her opinion. I stand up and grab the sides of my shorts, slowly sliding them down my muscular legs, stepping out of them as I glance down, my slight bulge tenting my boxers a little.

Mandy catches Karen staring at my bulge in front of her face as she leans in for a better look.

"Don't get too excited just yet, it gets much better"

She laughs, winking up at me as I smile back, I'm loving the sight of two hot women on all fours at my feet, staring at my crotch.

I reach down and grab my phone from the pocket in my shorts on the floor.

"Alright, I want you Karen to crawl around behind Mandy and slap her ass as hard as you can...don't worry, she loves it"

I grin, laughing slightly as I get the camera ready.

Watching as Karen crawls around behind Mandy with a huge grin on her face. I take a photo of the sexy sight. Mandy on her hands and knees with her ass raised towards Karen behind her, both amazing girls in their underwear at my feet. Mandy's face only inches from my growing bulge in my red boxer shorts.

"Slap that ass!"

I order as I get ready to take another photo, grinning as Karen slaps her ass as hard as she can, the slap of skin on skin filling the room as Karen wacks her open hand against Mandy's bare cheek, her panties clinging tight between her ass cheeks so her skin is exposed.

I watch as Mandy lets out a yelp, leaning forward to try and escape the pain. I reach down with a hand and grab the back of her head, pulling her face into my crotch, rubbing my bulge against her lips through my silky boxers.

"Don't pretend you don't like it babe"

I grin down at her, my cock growing in my shorts as I bury her face into it.


I order Karen. I hold Mandy firmly against my cock, making sure she doesn't move as Karen slaps her ass again, Mandy's moan muffled into my cock as I grin at Karen over her body.

Mandy replied to my tease by grinning up at me from my crotch, lifting a hand to the waistline of my boxers and tugging them down, letting my hard cock spring free in front of her face. As soon as it springs free she immediately grabs the base of my cock and closes her lips around my hard cock, slowly pushing her mouth down around my cock until I can feel the back of her throat.

"Mmm, she definitely does like it" I grin at Karen, who's still kneeling down behind Mandy, slapping her ass.

"I have an idea, let's take a photo!"

Karen exclaims suddenly from behind Mandy. I shrug, too horny and hard to care as Karen grabs my phone from off the couch and moves around to Mandy's front to get a better angle for a shot.

I watch as Karen gets down on her hands and knees like a professional photographer and takes a close up photo of Mandy with her mouth all the way down around my cock, her lips clamped tightly around the base of my shaft, a mix of my precum and her saliva dripping out the sides of her lips and down her neck.

Mandy slowly pulls my throbbing cock from her mouth and turns to Karen, kissing her suddenly. I watch closely as I stand above the both of them as they kiss, watching as Karen moans with excitement as they twirl their tongues around each others, my precum being shared between their mouths. I step forward to make sure they haven't forgotten me, pressing the head of my cock against Karen's cheek, smearing a glistening line of precum across her skin.

I glance down at Karen, aching to have her mouth around my cock...I slide my hand against her head, rubbing my fingers through the soft blonde hair as her and Mandy kiss. Finally they pull apart, breathing deeply and looking flustered. I pull Karen's head back by her hair with my hand as I step over her and push my throbbing cock against her lips, tugging her head back further until she obliges and opens her lips so I can push my cock down into her warm wet mouth.

Still holding the back of Karen's head with my hand not giving her a break from sucking my cock, I grab the back of Mandy's head also, guiding her down between my legs to help Karen out. I moan loudly, watching as the two girls start kissing each other around the head of my cock, licking at each other and my cock at the same time as I hold them both against me.

My eyes begin traveling over the two hot body's at my feet. Both of the girls kneeling at my feet, with their legs bent back underneath their ass, almost like a pair of puppy's on their hind legs. My eyes traveling over their cleavage's, both pair of boobs ready to burst out of their bras, their panties clinging tightly to their pussy's that I can see the outline of their damp pussy lips through the thin fabric.

I can feel my cum beginning to stir in my balls as I enjoy the feeling of both of the girls sucking and licking my throbbing cock, my knees starting to get weak from the overwhelming pleasure.

I grab the back of Mandy's head as Karen pulls away for a moment and shove my cock forcefully deep into her mouth, the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat as she gags around it. My balls resting against her chin as I bury myself as deep as I can inside her mouth.

"Oh! I'm gonna cum!"

I moan loudly as I quickly slide my cock back out of Mandy's mouth, a mix of her saliva and precum dripping from her mouth and down onto her cleavage as I wrap my hand around my shaft and start pumping my cock as it explodes, bursting a stream of cum straight at Karen's face as she closes her eyes, my next burst hitting her boobs my cum filling her cleavage between her soft boobs being held by her tight bra.

I moan in pleasure as my orgasm ends, grinning as Mandy starts kissing Karen, licking my cum from around her lips, loving the sight of the girls fighting for the rest of my cum...

To be continued...

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