tagMatureMy Harem of Older Men Ch. 04

My Harem of Older Men Ch. 04


The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I had my first all over tan with zero tan lines. My Dad was really impressed and he made sure he doused my 19-year-old body in moisturizing cream every few days to preserve his baby's soft skin.

Life was wonderful to say the least, every night I slept with my Dad in his bed and it was great, our love had grown immensely. It was a different kind of sex with Dad than with any other man, done with feeling, passion and desire.

Once a week during weekdays when my Dad was at work, Mr. Worthington would stop by and give me the benefit of his 8-inch stick of dynamite. Karen would come by occasionally and we would get it on, but she was still pissed off with me because my Dad had no desire to be intimate with her.

I told Dad that I didn't mind him having it off with Karen and if he was interested then some weekend he could have the both of us in bed together overnight. After he had raised his eyebrows he said he would consider it maybe one day.


September came and the weather was changing quickly. I had signed up at community college to take a 2-year course in Practical Nursing. Karen, who had no will of her own, signed up for the same course, probably so that she could still be close to me.

In bed, Karen was phenomenal, she would do anything to please me but outside of the sex she was starting to bore me with her conniving ways. She was incapable of keeping secrets so I was careful what I told her and what I allowed her to see.

Luckily she took a serious liking to another girl in college and they had a torrid affair that gave me a rest from her for several months and gave her Dad a source of new pussy from her new college girlfriend. During that first year I just kept my nose to the grindstone and concentrated on schoolwork. Well apart from one very brief fling with a male teacher who I didn't have classes with in the 2nd year.


In the 2nd year I had two entirely new teachers, one female, one male. The male Mr. Trafford was a huge man, slightly over six feet and weighing in close to 320 lbs. His belly came through the door 5 minutes before he did. It was hard to believe that he was married and had a kid as I envisioned his wife looking like she had been run over by a steamroller. How she could endure him on top her I didn't know.

The female teacher Ms. Rogers was from Quebec, she was petite and charming in a way with her French accent, short skirts and high heel shoes. Once I got to know her it was obvious that she preferred female companionship, as she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder regarding men. I guess she was a true Lesbian and not just bi-sexual.

I'm not really stupid but I also know that I'm not the brightest star in the sky and knew I had to keep on good terms with both of them if I hoped to get through the final year.

My tanned breasts seemed to catch the attention of both Mr. Trafford and Ms. Rogers, as I never wore a bra so when I was sat down at my desk they could peek down the front of my low cut blouse and get quite an eyeful.

Mr. Trafford was the first to engage me in 'adult' like conversation when one lunch time I was sat at my desk finishing off a piece that was due straight after lunch.

"You have a beautiful tan, I haven't seen any white. Do you mind if I ask if you sunbathe topless or do you go to those tanning salons?"

"In the nude actually Mr. Trafford."

"Oh wow, where do you accomplish that?"

"Either at my swimming pool or on a nude beach."

"Really, that's wonderful, really wonderful, so you have no tan lines at all then."

"None at all."

"Interesting. You would make a great subject for photography."

"Oh, is that what you do, photography."

"Yes, it's been a hobby of mine for many years. I used to teach it many years ago."

"Very interesting."

"Would you consider modeling for me sometime?"

"Wow, I don't know. Does it pay well?"

"I'm sure we can work something out, Sue."

"Well maybe talk to me after school Mr. Trafford, I have to finish this project for Ms. Rogers."

"Okay, how about the coffee shop down the road?" He said and I nodded.


"Hi, what would you like to drink, anything to eat?" Mr. Trafford said as I walked in the coffee shop.

"Well after this afternoons session maybe a black coffee and a muffin."

"No problem, I'll have the same." He said as he ordered and minutes later we were huddled over our coffee and feeding our faces with a big blueberry muffin.

"Do you have a problem with posing nude, Sue?"

"No, not at all."

"I could make sure you get a good passing grade as a bonus, but you would have to keep that quiet." He said.

"Oh I like that idea, Mr. Trafford."

"But I would have to find a suitable place to take pictures. My wife never appreciated my hobby. Listen we all have a day off this Friday for Educational Development would that be too soon?"

"That would be fine, we still have the pool open so you could come to my place."

"Wonderful, will anyone be there, like your Mom and Dad?"

"I live with Dad and he will be at work."

"Great, give me the address and I'll get my equipment together and see you there on Friday about 10 am."

"No problem, bring your swimming trunks or you can use your birthday suit."


On the Friday morning Mr. Trafford arrived 10 minutes early and I showed him around so he could chose locations for the pictures.

"I do see some nice places with some partial shade right now, shall we get started? Or did you want a swim first."

"Let's take a dip and then start. Did you bring trunks?"

"Oops, no I forgot."

"Well you know the alternative, haha. Listen we can undress in the pump house."

He wasn't as eager to undress as he was to take pictures and I had to goad him to finally remove his underwear, which revealed a huge fat penis that was semi hard.

"My oh my Mr. Trafford, I guess when that gets hard even the elephants runaway."

"It rarely gets fully hard anymore, at least not hard enough to successfully penetrate my wife."

"Oh dear, what a shame." I said, as I took his hand and led him to the pool where we slipped into the water and he floated like a small boat with his pecker stood up like a bent sail.

I swam up and down and then stayed close to him as he swam slowly doing the breaststroke. A few minutes later we climbed out and he grabbed his camera and took a few shots.

"This is a first for me, taking nude shots while in the nude."

"Okay just tell me where and how to stand."

Over the next 30 minutes he took shots of me outside the pump house, on the patio, coming out of the pool, standing ready to dive, laid on the lounger and countless other shots.

Several times his pecker looked very much like it was going to make it to full attention and then it slowly receded again to a little better than semi hard.

He said he would like to go and purchase more film and we should dress for a while so we went to the pump house. I sat opposite him in the chair with my legs wide open.

"Do you mind if I take a few pictures with you in that position, it's really exposing you're labia and your slightly gaping vagina."

"I guess that will be okay." I said as he asked if we could take the chairs outside and shoot the pictures.

He slowly finished off the roll and after a few moments his pecker finally rose to its highest point of the day.

"Okay, I'm out of film."

"Holy shit, Mr. Trafford that suckers huge." I said, as I got closer and put my hands around it then knelt down as I slowly stroked it until he just sat back and sighed loudly.

"Oh god Sue, don't tempt me if you're not going to keep going."

"Just relax Mr. Trafford, I'm going to make this big sucker spurt like a firehose." I said and I did.

"Oooooooooh my god, keep going Sue, please, please keep going."

When he finally blew his wad, which didn't take too long it gushed out in rapid spurts and landed all over both my breasts and then down my belly. I had never seen a man shoot so much cum in one session and it stimulated me beyond belief.

"Oh shit, you may have to do the same for me, or get down here and suck my aching clit." I said as I continued slowly stroking and pumping his big pecker. I finally wiped it and then sat back as I looked down at all of that cum that was still all over my breasts and belly.

I didn't have to ask him twice, when he fell to his knees I opened my legs wide and put them over the arms of the chair as he buried his mouth over my wet pussy and did magical things.

"Oh fuck, oh yesss, oh god, keep going, keep fucking going, suck my clit, harder, oooooooh yesssss." I cried as I rubbed his cum all over my chest and anywhere I could reach, within minutes I had peaked and he was lapping up my cum juices.

"Geez my god, you are so hot girl. That's ages since I shot my load like that." He said as he raised his head and I saw my own cum juices drooling from the corner of his lips.

I looked down and saw that he was still very firm, then looked in his eyes and saw the wanton lust.

"Spread a towel and lay down on your back, quickly."

I knelt across his big belly facing his feet and hovered over his big flagpole, then held it in one hand as I pressed his fat cockhead between my wet pussy lips.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh." I cried as it squeezed open my pussy when I lowered myself fractionally. "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, more."

"Ooooooh good god I'm almost ready to cum again." I murmured as I rocked up and down taking a bit more of his penis each time until I had enough to work with.

My hands went down on the ground and his hands came up and held my ass cheeks and then I started moving back and forth.

"Oh little girl you have a beautiful ass, I hope you're on the pill coz' this is too good to pull out."

"You wanna believe it, oooooh, oooooh." I cried out loud, as my breathing became erratic and tremors raced through my body.

"Geez keep going little girl, fuck my big cock, make daddy cum, let me see you squirt." He said as he kneaded my ass.

"Oooooooooh I'm so close again, can't stop, can't stop. Oooooooooooooooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooooooooooh, hold my ass tight I'm cummminnnnnnnnn."

"Yesss baby girl, yesssss nearly, Daddy's nearly there. Yesssss baby girl keep going, drain Daddy's cock. Oh yesssssss my sweet angel, keep going."

I seemed to be in a trance but I pushed back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until he held my ass tight and virtually stopped me moving.

"Wow." I said softly.

"Wow, is an understatement." Mr. Trafford said with a grin as I slowly lifted myself up off his big wet creamy looking penis.

"I'll probably leak for a week." I said with a grin as he slowly stood up.

"I think we better get dressed for a while."

"Yeah, I'll have a quick shower and make some lunch."


We sat on the patio and ate a slice of pizza each and guzzled on a cold soft drink.

"Sue, that was fantastic, honestly."

"I agree, it was great. I've never seen a man shoot so much cum before."

"I've always been that way, I think there was a bit more when I was younger and the wife hated the mess afterwards."

"Doesn't your wife at least try to jack you off?"

"Not in the last 10 years or so, it's been about 5 years since we had sex."

"How on earth did she take it all, its gotta be close to 10 inches long."

"She is a big woman and took my nine and half inches with ease. But she hated me to cum inside her and as she got older she complained even more. That didn't exactly put me in the mood for sex either."

"That's a crying shame, but I won't let you wait that long again."

"You won't?"

"No way, I want to get my hands on that big sucker again, every now and then. I really enjoyed jerking you off, it made me so horny." I said.

"Oh Sue, you've made me a very happy man. You can masturbate me anytime you want, so long as we keep it discrete." He said as he held my hand.

"I understand and that's definitely not a problem." I told him.


To be continued...

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