tagErotic PoetryMy Irish Neighbor Irene!

My Irish Neighbor Irene!

byUncle Pervey©

She's an Irish Lass with a gorgeous ass,
It's full and round and packed with pure delight.
She's my neighbor Irene who lived next door,
And I've wanted her ass from that first night!

I'd taken her with my wife on a trip,
Up North with us for a week's vacation.
One night while standing outside I looked in,
And saw a sweet ass of delectation!"

Irene was a real voluptuous girl,
And when she dropped her robe to bathe I gasped.
Her mellon breasts had gorgeous pink nipples,
Her succulent pussy made my breath rasp!

Her gorgeous pussy was so beautiful,
Hiding in sight under fine copper hair.
I could see it plainly in all its charm,
Just as if it was uncovered and bare!

Irene paused a moment like a statue,
And my eyes drank in all of her beauty.
And when she slowly turned I saw her ass,
And possessing it became my duty!

I knew my wife would go to see her folks,
And that would leave Irene and me alone.
I made a promise to seduce Irene,
And taste her everywhere and use my bone!

The next day started out hot and sunny,
And I suggested we lay on the beach.
"I'll oil you down so you won't get a burn,"
I couldn't hardly wait to stroke this Peach!

I got the ice-chest down and loaded it,
With lots of cans of wine-coolers and ice.
I wanted to make sure Irene relaxed,
Cause I was going to make us both feel nice!

Irene never could handle wine coolers,
Although she loved their taste and sucked them down.
I'd make sure she had all that she wanted,
Cause when she had enough I'd go to town!

When we walked to the beach she wore a robe,
And I'd not seen what she wore underneath.
I fixed the lounge chairs so we could lay down,
When Irene dropped her robe I couldn't breathe!

She was wearing a real small bikini,
And she showed just enough to stop my heart.
I handed her an ice cold wine cooler,
And knew I'd not have to wait long to start!

Irene was thirsty and she drank it down,
I opened and handed her another.
She took her time with the second spritzer,
But I could tell before long I'd love her!

Irene finished her drink and rolled over,
And asked me if I'd mind oiling her back.
I warmed the coconut oil in my hand,
And rubbed it from her top down to her crack!

I started massaging her soft smooth back,
Kneading and moving upward from her waist.
Irene was softly moaning with pleasure,
And I moved slowly upward without haste!

Irene was laying in a trance like state,
And she laid there in a dazed state of mind.
She didn't seem to notice me at all,
But my wild lust was craving her behind!

I massaged my way down to Irene's hips,
And tugged the bows holding the bottom part.
I slowly eased the cloth off her bottom,
And felt the rapid pounding of my heart!

I oiled up Irene's warm silky plump cheeks,
And let some oil dribble into her crack.
My heart beat was wild and I was gasping,
I couldn't wait to begin with my snack!

As I was massaging, she was purring,
And I was humming a little tune too.
Irene's warm legs were heating up my crotch,
And their heat was cooking up a cum stew!

Irene's ass cheeks were shiney with a glow,
And I wanted to lick and suck each cheek.
I bent down and gave each cheek a long lick,
And sucked along her crack til I grew weak!

By this time Irene knew something was up,
But all she could do was moan with pleasure.
When I started licking inside her crack,
I knew by her moans I'd get her treasure!

I licked my way down to her spincter ring,
And used my lips to circle it complete.
I licked and tongue-fucked Irene's tight asshole,
And savored every taste of her sweet meat!

I could smell the juice in Irene's pussy,
The steamy smell of Irene's woman's scent.
I helped Irene to raise her bottom up,
Then licked her wet cunt hair, and in I went!

When my tongue slid into her wet pussy,
The taste I found inside was sweet and mild.
I slurped and sucked like a man gone crazy,
And swallowed her love juice like something wild!

Irene was fully awake feeling good,
And I was making her cum even more.
I slid between her legs and pulled her back,
And shoved my cock into her pussy's core!

Irene's pussy was like pure living fire,
And my cock just grew hotter as I fucked.
When she felt my cum spraying deep inside,
Irene gasped with pleasure, and bucked, and bucked!

Filling Irene's pussy with my hot cum,
Almost made me lose my mind with delight.
I started eating her asshole again,
I wanted my cock in there out of sight!

Irene had relaxed from her orgasms,
And she was gasping and moaning with joy.
Her asshole was dark red and pooching out,
And I thought it looked ready to employ!

I don't think Irene knew what to expect,
Til she felt me lay on her hot moist back.
Before she knew what I was going to do,
My cock was in her asshole in her crack!

Irene gave a squeal and began to buck,
And while she bucked I kept it pressed inside.
I didn't move til Irene had calmed down,
Then I began moving slow for my ride!

Irene was gasping and her ass was hot,
Her asshole was tightly squeezing hot fire.
In too short a time I was spurting cum,
And her tight hot asshole drained my desire!

After we rested we went back inside,
The day was long and we were all alone.
We fucked and sucked the afternoon away,
And I filled both Irene's holes with my bone!

Irene had the prettiest ass of all,
And I'd worship it whenever we'd play.
I never tired of Irene's scrumptious ass,
And wish to God I had it here today!!

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