tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Lesbian Rape

My Lesbian Rape


This story happened to me only a few years ago. It really left me devastated and for a long time, I couldn't even talk about it. Recently though, I have started fantasizing about this incident and wake up from dreams soaking wet. Could it be that I want it to happen again?

* * * * *

It had been years since I had heard from my old girlfriend Lisa. Lisa is bi and we had been lovers for several years. She was living with her steady girlfriend Judy at the time and was quick to tell me that Judy was off limits. Judy was a beautiful, young and sexy college student that made my pussy wet just thinking of being between her legs and I couldn't help but make a play for her. We finally got together and she fell for me and told Lisa all about us. I had told Judy that I was happily married but she wanted me to leave Bill and live with her. "No way" I told her, at which point things got really nasty. Lisa was really pissed that I had really screwed up her relationship with Judy and said that she would never forgive me. Lisa left town shortly after that and I thought I would never hear from her again.

That is why I was totally shocked when Lisa called and said she wanted to make up. I invited her over for coffee but she said that her schedule was tight and asked me to meet her at her hotel room. I quickly agreed and jumped in the shower, dressed and drove about 20 minutes to her hotel. I knocked on her door and she answered wearing only a robe and slippers. Her room was a suite with several rooms and I could tell that she was sharing it with at least one other person. Lisa invited me in and seemed rather cool toward me. I guess it was to be expected since I had screwed up her life but I thought she wanted to make amends.

I told her how great she looked and she said that she worked out regularly to stay in shape. "You really fucked me over with Lisa" she barked. "I know I did Lisa, but I am truly sorry. I thought you were going to forgive me" I replied. Just then I heard a door open and out came 3 other girls. One very dyke looking and carrying short lenghts of rope. "Forgive you!" shouted Lisa, "I'll never forgive you for what you did bitch. I plan to get even now". I made a quick turn for the door but 2 of the other girls caught me and grabbed my wrists. I fought with them but they were stronger that me and I was soon pushed over to the bed and thrown down hard. I tried to get up and once again was restrained by the 2 girls. The dyke came over and while the girls held my wrists, she tied my hands to the bed frame with the rope. I tried kicking them but soon they pinned my feet to the bed and my ankles were tied to the bed frame too.

My heart was racing and I was really unsure what was going to happen but I had an idea that I wasn't going to like it. Lisa approached with a knife in her hand and I was really scared for my life. I didn't really think that she was going to kill me but I had no idea what they were going to do. She began cutting off my clothes and soon I was completely naked, looking at 4 of the meanest looking women I had ever seen. "Lisa, please let me go" I begged. "Shut the fuck up bitch" she waled. "I am going to get my sweet revenge, and you are going to wish that you had never fucked with Judy". With that, she brought the tip of the knife to my nipple and poked it far enough to cause excrutiating pain. Then she moved to the other nipple and did the same thing. I heard a zipper and looked over to my left to see the dyke opening a suitcase and begin removing all kinds of toys and bondage apparatus.

I have never been into bondage and the thought of what they might do was really scaring me. One of the other girls put on a pair of latex gloves and started rubbing my clit. I couldn't believe it but my pussy seemed to be getting wet, and it was a good thing too because the girl between my legs jammed several fingers into my pussy with one thrust. Even with my wetness, it hurt like hell. I again begged for Lisa to stop and let me go but her response was to stuff some sort of gag into my mouth. Lisa then told the girl that was fingering me "she likes being fisted so loosen her up good. She is going to need it". The girl then removed her fingers and bunched them up with her thumb, them slammed her fist against my pussy. It hurt like hell but that didn't seem to bother her as she backed off and did it again. The pain was terrible and I wanted to beg her to stop but I couldn't talk with the gag in my mouth. Each time she slammed her fist against me, a little more of her hand would enter my pussy and after several more tries, her hand slid into me. She was very rough and fucked me very hard with her hand, hitting the entrance to my cervix with hard strokes that were very painful. While the pain was tremendous, I was also getting aroused by the tightness of her hand rubbing against the walls of my pussy. I soon found myself raising my hips to meet every thrust and I heard the dyke say "Look at the horny bitch. She's really enjoying this".

"That's enough for now" Lisa told the girl. She turned to the dyke and said "Get Babe Ruth". I wondered what she could be talking about but I was soon to find out. The 4th girl went in the next room and returned carrying a short baseball bat. It was shorter than I remembered from my ball playing days but it also appeared to be fatter. "Let's see if she will enjoy this" Lisa barked. I'm sure that my eyes told how frightened I was because all of the other girls started laughing as the girl handed the bat to the dyke and she approached me. They untied my ankles and raised my knees into the air while the other 2 girls held them tightly in place. I felt a great pressure at the entrance to my pussy and soon there was more pain as I felt the fat end of the bat begin to enter me. The dyke never gave me a chance to adjust as she continuously pushed the bat deeper into me, hitting the back of my pussy. All of a sudden she pushed really hard and a terrible pain ripped through my abdomen. To this day, I am not sure what happened but I think she may have entered my cervix. All I know is that it hurt like hell and as she started pulling the bat out, almost to the end, I felt relief only to feel great pain again when she drove it back into me.

"Fuck her hard and make her bleed" Lisa told the dyke. The all started laughing again and I was soon to find out why. Lisa had gotten a large dildo and was lubing it up. Then she got on the bed below the dyke and placed several pillows under my ass. I soon felt the tip of the dildo against my ass and I started bucking violently to keep her from shoving it in. All of my efforts were to no avail as the bat seemed to go deeper each time I moved and soon I felt the head of the dildo enter my ass. The pain was almost unbearable and she soon had the dildo buried deep in my ass. The dyke was still driving the bat into my pussy as Lisa started to move the dildo in and out of my ass. I felt like I was going to pass out but I wasn't sure if it was from pain or the pleasure that I was beginning to feel. I couldn't believe that my body would betray me like this and I soon had a mind shattering orgasm. "Goddamn, she is really into this shit" the dyke said to Lisa. "Yeah I know. She always was a hot bitch. Looks like we will have to go further than I thought" Lisa remarked.

I wasn't sure what that meant, and I wasn't sure I wanted to find out. Just then, Lisa withdrew the dildo from my ass and told the dyke to remove the bat. I was sore as hell but felt an void when they were gone. "I don't have anything bigger than the bat" Lisa said "But I know the bitch has never been double fisted or ass fisted so lets give it a try. I started going crazy, trying to get out of my bonds but it was no use.

To Be Continued...

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by Anonymous03/05/18


when can we have more to this wonderful story hope it is soon

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by Anonymous01/02/18


This seems more like an story to get people to read rather then a rape story why don't you take them to court or yell huh?

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by Anonymous12/14/17


Is it weird that I wish I was a woman and that I had that happen?

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