tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy Little Fairy Ch. 03

My Little Fairy Ch. 03


It was the smell, not the sound that finally made him open his eyes. He stared at the clock by his bed. She had let him sleep in; he probably still would be asleep if it weren't for the smell of bacon. He wiped his eyes and sat up. It was already 10:30, and Leah hadn't made as much as a peep. Rick rubbed his neck and looked at her cage. It was empty.

He grumbled slightly. "Traitor." He muttered. Damn bird didn't so much as snap at Gigi. Every time she cooked, that damn bird was right there running up and down the counter. It didn't even make messes quite like it used to.

He rolled out of bed. He stared at the sheets. Nothing. Rick didn't think there would be, she gave him all the room he needed and he was starting to dislike it. She'd been there three days now.

Rick walked to the bedroom door and stared. Gigi was humming lightly to herself as she minded her cooking. The smell of bacon was near intoxicating.

"I see you finally got up, sleepy head." She turned to him then and gave him one of her classic smiles. God she was beautiful. He wanted to push that lock of blonde hair out of her face, but he dare not trust himself around her. She disavowed any knowledge of that night, not that he asked her out right, but he didn't want to run her off over a stupid dream.

Rick sat down at the table. It was set already of course, and all he had to do, was wait for her to serve him. In a way that bothered him, in another way it was pretty cool. She seemed hell bent on pleasing him.

"I hope you wake up hungry!" She giggled. Always so happy, it was almost annoying. Gigi put bacon, eggs, pancakes, and little sausages on his plate. She filled hers up as well.

"I think you're trying to fatten me up." He laughed.

"I'm sorry, I just like flavor. I forget mortals have to limit themselves."

"Hey, I'm not complaining! This stuff is good!" He picked up his fork.

"Good!" She smiled brighter. "I hope you like my bacon, I make absolutely perfect bacon!"

"Modest are you?" Rick looked at Gigi slyly.

"Well, I am a fairy." She winked at him.

They ate and bantered together. Rick had almost forgotten was it was like to enjoy another's company like this. After they ate, she set the dishes to work again and they went to his computer.

He had gotten used to her odd floating. She drifted everywhere. It was as if there was a breeze in the house he wasn't aware of. Often times, even she wouldn't remember how she got to where she was. Rick found that incredibly odd.

Rick sat down to his game on the computer and Gigi floated up beside him. He played for a while before realizing she was no longer beside him. He looked around in alarm.

"What's the matter Ricky?"

Rick looked up then. He realized at that moment, she was wearing green shimmery panties.

Gigi peered down at Rick's wide eyed face. "What's wrong?"

"I can... Um I can..." Rick shook his head. "What are you doing up there?"

"The lady in 315 is making an interesting dessert. I'm waiting for her to finish so I can try a nibble. It looks so good!" She stuck her head back in the ceiling.

"Stop that!" He tried to look away, he really did, but there she was. "You don't need to steal food!"

She stuck her head back down. "I told you, I don't steal. I watch how they make it and then try a taste of it, if I like the taste I can make it myself. If I don't taste it, then I won't know how it's supposed to come out and I'll do it wrong. It's just a waste of time else wise. I can't duplicate what I haven't tried!"

She slipped further into the apartment above them. Rick grabbed her ankle and tugged. "Get out of there! What if someone sees you?"

"No one but you can see me Ricky, and that's only because I let you." She tugged her foot loose and went in.

Rick stared at the ceiling. Leah started squawking behind him. "Oh shut up." He turned toward the bird. Leah squawked defiantly. "Yes, yes... your mistress has gone bye bye. You damn bird. I thought you were my bird." Leah squawked and bobbed her crest at him. Rick was tempted to throw a sock at the cockatoo.

"Oh this is yummy!" the sound came from above his head. He fought it, but finally looked up. She was much closer this time. "I got you a piece too! You should try it."

"You said you'd only get a taste!"

"I can't help that the family dog wanted some too..."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Only that, scruffs told me that if I didn't get a piece soon, I'd have to share it with him. I figured you might have a problem with eating after a dog, so I snagged a couple of pieces before he dove in..." She winked at him. "Trust me, any that I just took will be assumed to have been consumed by the dog!"

"Why do I get the feeling you gave the rest to the dog?" Rick groaned.

"Well given the fact they left food unguarded on the edge of the table, with a Great Dane in the home," she paused to take a bite. "They kind of had it coming."

"That sounds 'kind of' mean."

"It's a lot less mean than you think." She took a bite of the dessert. "I will never understand why mortals don't think others should get what they have coming to them. If you do something stupid and you should pay for your actions, you should learn from your mistakes, not be pitied. Stop feeling bad for people who do things to themselves." She licked her fork. "Doesn't that sound right?"

"Well..." he started hesitantly.

"That's the problem nowadays. People think there should be no consequences to their actions, and then people baby and pity them for it. All it does is give that person a reason to be stupid. Used to, people would ridicule those idiots; now people think we should baby them. It's so bassackwards."

Gigi sighed and stared at her plate. "I like you a lot Ricky, but sometimes I wonder about you."

"That's not fair." Rick snorted defensively.

"Is it now?" The plate disappeared and Gigi jumped down to the floor. "Was it fair when they bulldozed my home and then couldn't 'sell the property' because there were no trees? Was it fair when they killed my friends, my family?" she frowned at him. "Mortals are so base, so inconsiderate, and yet they expect everyone else to pamper them and bend to their will. I will not play a human game. Don't try to make me."

"I didn't mean to... I'm sorry... That's not what I meant." Rick sighed as he finished.

"Just save it Ricky." With that, she disappeared. He knew not were she went, and he sure wished he could find her.

Rick ran his fingers through his dark hair. He sat there and stared at the screen. He clicked it off. He was disgusted; with himself and with humanity in general. He felt he needed a shower.

Rick got up and went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. Undressing, he thought about how upset she was. She had said before that they cut down her woods to make this place, but it didn't occur to him what that actually meant. He got in the shower and closed the door.

The water splashed over him as he tried to think. He wanted to make it up to her. She had already been so kind to him; he wanted to repay her. Actually, he just wanted to see her smile if anything. She had a beautiful smile.

Unknown to him, Gigi watched this time. She always did enjoy sitting on the edge of the shower wall and watching him bathe. He had such a nice form. He was very muscular. She knew he worked out, but she wasn't sure where. She had seen an outfit that looked like those she had seen on the TV. She wondered if he went somewhere similar. One day she would follow him.

Being able to change sizes, as well as being able to turn invisible had more perks than anyone could imagine. Of course, there were some folks she wished she could un-see. She licked her lips as she watched him soap up. All she had to do to get what she wanted was to wait for him to doze off.

An idea crossed her mind. She closed her hand tightly and concentrated for a moment. She opened her hand and stared at the pink powder. Grinning to herself, she blew the dust on him. The water dissolved it quickly and acted as a catalyst.

Rick shook his head as he struggled to stay awake. He could feel himself dozing off. He leaned over and put his head against the shower wall. The water pounding on his skin lulled him into a light sleep.

Gigi hopped down, changing size as she fell. Neatly tucking herself under him, she kissed him softly.

The flutter against his lips made him open his eyes. There she was again; soft and naked in front of him. He put his hands on her hips and ran his hands back and down her butt. It was as soft and shapely as before. He was dreaming again, he knew it, and he didn't care. She was too mad to come to him like this, he didn't blame her, but he wasn't complaining now. He kissed her back.

He gave in this time, he wouldn't hold back any more. He devoured her mouth as she pressed up to him. His erection pressed into her belly as she pressed back. Her hands went up and down his back. She gave herself a little up and floated to where his dick slipped in between her legs. It rubbed against her pussy. He groaned as her soft folds rubbed the top of him. The water beating down on them added to the sensations throughout them.

She deepened the kiss as he moved his hand down to play with her pussy. She was so warm as he slid himself inside her. Rick moved his hand down and pulled her leg up on his lip. They adjusted so her back was against the shower wall. He began working himself in and out. She moaned into his mouth and raked her nails down his back.

Gigi rocked her hips against him and he drove himself deeper inside her. She needed this as much as she wanted it. She needed him more than he could know.

He buried his face against her neck and began sucking hard on her. She gasped in shock, and then leaned her head to the side and moaned. The water pelted her face and his head; he licked the water off her neck and sucked again. She closed her eyes and faced the ceiling. He pulled back and looked at the bruise forming on her soft white neck.

"Rick, oh yes, what is that? Oh please..." She panted.

Driven by her voice he picked up the pace. He felt her shudder and tried to maintain his balance. She shuddered hard against him and he felt her clam down as her orgasm took her over. He shuddered and almost lost his footing as he released her into her.

With a sigh Rick placed his face on her neck. He felt himself drift off as he held her in his arms.

With a start, Rick almost fell over in the shower. He felt his feet slip and was just able to stop himself. He looked around. She was gone. He had fallen asleep in the shower. He sighed and mentally chastised himself. Of course, she couldn't have gotten over her upset that fast.

He finished up in the shower and stepped out. All he had done was given himself a slight hard-on. He pulled on his sleep shorts and lay on the bed. With a grunt and a sigh he went in the kitchen.

Rick spotted a form by the window. Walking over to it, he realized she was sitting there, no bigger than a pencil. Gigi was leaning against the pane looking out. She looked like she had been crying. Glancing over her, his eyes fell to the spot he had seen the hicky. Of course, it wasn't there.

"Gigi, I'm sorry."

"Just go to bed Rick. Leave me be."

He didn't know what stung worse, the fact she told him to go away, or the fact she called him "Rick" instead of "Ricky".

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