tagMatureMy Maid, My Self And My Wife

My Maid, My Self And My Wife


The story line which I liked very much, is by Prowler M (aka hunt.goodtime) and all credit must go to him for the idea. He gave me permission to edit it into a more western version and also permission to submit.

When I got married, like all men I was incredibly horny, so needless to say at every opportunity I would fondle and grope my beautiful wife Mana all over her body. Initially she used to jump with shock every time I would sneak behind her and just grab her hard. In those days, there were just the two of us in the small apartment we had decided to rent rather than live with my parents. Since there was nobody else, we developed carefree habits, where in my wife would even be in her panties and bra while cooking in the mornings. I would just walk in nude, pull the panties down and have her over the breakfast counter, in my favourite position of entering her from behind.

After several months when my business had really taken off in the private security world we moved to a large detached property. I had spotted a niche market for a failing division of my father's electronics empire. My wife decided to hire a maid, even though she actually enjoyed the housework. Our ever-improving status demanded she spent more time on charity work and helping lesser mortals in the world. By sheer chance Sachin my oldest brother, mentioned that his best friend was moving back to India and could not take his long serving Romanian maid with him. We didn't know the woman, but she had excellent references, so Mana interviewed and hired the widow at her place of work, but I insisted I vet her too. Her husband, a mercenary - had been killed in the Serbian/Bosnian war and she had since remarried and tragically her second husband and their two month old daughter had recently died in a road accident when a bus had overturned on a mountain pass while they were visiting family. She had escaped unhurt although slightly scarred but quite traumatised Sachin's friend had noticed.

She said that she was desperate to work to support her large family in her own country having very demanding in-laws and was seriously in need of a job. When she arrived at our house to see if she would fit in and appreciate the property we lived in, I saw that while she was not young, she was very attractive in an earthy kind of way with long, glossy black hair and a swarthy complexion, the tint of which almost matched Mana's brown but more refined tones. Her build also was similar to my wife but her breasts were larger – bearing in mind that Mana takes a 38 C cup brassiere, which I could determine even through the loose and flowing full length ethnic gowns which were very colourful but faded. She agreed to be a "live-in maid", with us providing food and shelter. Anca, for that was her name requested that a percentage of her salary be deposited in a bank and a small agreed amount left with us so she could take money as and when required. She left with my agreement to her employment, much to Mana's obvious relief and said that she would come back in a week's time to join our household.

During the time we were expecting our new maid to arrive, I was away in the Midlands on business but kept in touch with Mana on a daily basis. The day I returned home, my wife had indicated that she might not be there in the evening when I come back, as she was possibly going to a movie with her friends in the neighbourhood. I reached home at 6pm and entered the house. I heard some noises and stepped towards the rear portion of the house and I was pleased that I could see my wife in her favourite, peach coloured silk nightie, washing something in the kitchen sink. The globes of her buttocks were wobbling seductively beneath the thin material.

To give her a surprise, I quietly went to my bedroom, removed my business suit, shirt, tie and socks, kept on my boxer shorts and quietly came down, crept behind silently, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her close, my head on her shoulder with her cheeks close to mine and although slightly surprised yet delighted she wore no brassiere, I grabbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Suddenly, I felt the heavy full breasts to be much larger and the nightie around the nipples getting wet. It was then I realized something was wrong, coupled with the fact that the voluptuous warm body in my grasp was wriggling energetically. I pulled away and to my shock and horror I realized it was not my wife but Anca. The shape, the nightie and the long thick lush plait of hair had deceived me.

When I released her and she whirled to face me, my eyes went straight to her thrusting boobs, noticing very obvious wet spots on the nightie over her nipples, the wet areas growing in size. The simple woman, obviously distressed but subservient stayed mute and looked up at me warily as I asked what she was doing, when did she come and most importantly, and what was she doing in my wife's nightie. She explained that she arrived earlier in the day. As all her clothing was grubby and in a poor state, she didn't have any good clothing, my wife gave her the nightie.

I apologized to her, explaining that I really thought it was my wife. Again and again I said sorry to her, although she was growing calm about the situation, maybe reluctant to challenge her new employer. She also understood the circumstances and said that we should just forget about the incident and not tell anybody. I agreed and immediately left for my room. I was curious about the wet spots that had developed when I pinched her nipples and grabbed her breasts. I smelt my hands and to my shock realized it was milk. I then remembered that the maid having had an infant daughter was in full milk production. It intrigued me, as Mana and I had not yet gone down the road of starting a family. I sucked on my fingers. It smelt and tasted like Glaxo milk formula, which I recalled from helping my brother Raal when his wife bore twins.

I madly sucked my fingers imagining drinking from Anca's breasts, my imagination in full gear and my horny state even more aroused not having had sex for several days. I also, as Mana wasn't around to take a belly load of stored up cum, got some photos I had taken of my wife's cunt, pulled out my dick and wanked it hard, splattering a huge load of cum into a tissue. That night, on her welcome return, my wife enjoyed the vigorous sucking I did on her breasts, me imagining my maid and Mana surprised and happy about my horny desires for her body. After we had fucked in many positions, she had bite marks all over breasts, her dark bulbous nipples were sore and painful with almost an hour of sucking I did.

Next day was Saturday, I was at home. Anca was wearing one of her old torn gowns, which was tight and I could see clearly that with her being bra less, her tits were struggling to break free. There were also wet spots in the nipple areas. My wife asked her as to why she was not wearing the clothes she gave to her. Anca mumbled something incoherent, which Mana heard, shook her head and turned away losing interest and the servant turned and gave me a slight smile and a lowered fleeting glance indicating what was happening on her breast. I also smiled back. The hard, large nipples and the milk, its smell and taste were still fresh in my mind and didn't need the visual prompt although it was very erotic.

Sachin, who was very wealthy, having been in father's empire much longer than I had often suggested that I go some clubs with him, where we could pick up blondes and party with them and fuck them. I was still in throes of being newly married and only had eyes for Mana, but the conference I had been to recently had a lot of illicit goings on between executives and their secretaries, not a lot of which was hidden, although I never succumbed. Suddenly this east European woman had unlocked the usual male desires in me, purely with the heft and wetness of her big hanging tits. It gave me ideas. One of them was try a new product of ours within the private confines of the house.

I was ready for a try and fuck Anca, thinking a few pretty presents would be easy persuasion on her simple peasant mind but I wanted to examine her more closely, which kicked in the other idea. I installed some tiny wireless hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom. They were motion activated and I would get to see her in private, doing things like dressing and undressing, washing, showering and going to the toilet. The other idea was simpler. I went online and bought some maternity bras and secreted them in my home office. I was determined to have Anca and this could be a route to her pussy. They were very sexy lacy bras, not from the high street chain Mothercare, but I checked them out for help on size indicators. In the end, while I enjoyed looking at the images, I had to guess her size, not easy and bought 40D.

I also needed to see whether Anca was also pliable and therefore approachable. I started with by hanging out in just boxers whenever my wife was out. Occasionally I would let my cock hang out and give a clear view of that to Anca whenever she
brought snacks to my office or was sweeping the floor etc. Initially, Anca was shocked but never complained and over a few days spread over some weeks, she got very used to my genital exposure.

As luck would have it, having a live-in maid gave a lot of freedom to Mana, who is an outgoing person and she went out a lot with her friends as well, leaving Anca and me alone in the house. Over time Anca got more comfortable with me, she would chat about her life, her sorrows in losing her daughter and the double tragedy inflicted on her. I was getting extremely comfortable with having her around, in that I was enjoying huge wanking sessions watching videos of her full, still maternal body in its most intimate moments in what she assumed was private. Her documents stated that she was forty-two years old. She certainly wasn't in the first flush of youth, where Mana and I were in our late twenties and I revelled in watching her thick bottom, the overhang of her chubby belly, the sway and wobble of her huge titties and the thick black matt of hair that covered a large vee area at the pit of her stomach. I also noticed that in all the times she got dressed in front of the camera, she never put any panties on. I had sneaked into her room a few times before the covert equipment went in and while I never found a pair of panties, I was gratified to find that my guessed bra size was exactly right, although Anca's underwear such as bras and slips was extremely tired, slack and greying.

I would occasionally give her a pat on the back, touch her shoulder reassuringly or sometimes wipe the tears away. I told her that her probation period was over and she would live permanently in the house with Mana and I and as a personal gift from me, a private – between her and I, gave her the fancy nursing brassieres. She was quite overcome with emotion as she fingered the soft beautifully designed undergarment.

I daringly suggested if she liked what happened with the nightie on her first day she should wear it, and I will know what to do. She just smiled at that and left, leaving me very tense as to how she would react to that. Eagerly awaiting her, next morning, to my disappointment she came in her worn, now clean gown and blouse. It was a Saturday and my wife had planned a charity lunch outing with her friends. I wanted to fix some broken light fixtures in the house and decided to stay indoors.

A few minutes after my wife left, Anca came to the hallway and told me through a door that she was done with the kitchen and other house responsibilities and asked whether I needed any help. I declined and was busy with changing the tube light fixtures and cleaning the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Some 30 minutes later, Anca bravely entered my domain and again asked whether I needed any help. When I looked down, I got a shock; she was wearing my wife's nightie. She also had a big smile on her face.

I looked down, and asked her how she can help. She didn't say anything, just
climbed on the bottom step in the ladder, slid her hand up my boxer shorts and took my flaccid hanging cock into her mouth. This was totally unexpected. Also, I could fully see her cleavage and her large breasts swinging inside her nightie, they were jiggling like crazy. The sight of this and Anca's sucking made me
instantly blow a huge load of cum into her mouth. In all the time we had
sex, my wife had never given me a blowjob, she just didn't like it from our early days and I respected her likes and dislikes. The new sensation was
uncontrollable. Anca continued vigorous sucking and literally milked my
penis dry of the last drop. Now with a laugh, she said that it was my turn to
help her in the kitchen and stepped down and out, leaving me shaken and wobbling on the ladder. I was shocked, breathless and dazed at this brazen display of sexuality. I couldn't finish the job I was doing and jumped down quickly and followed her path to the kitchen.

I entered quietly, my shorts in some disarray, my dick hanging heavy and wet against my thigh and saw Anca in front of the stove with her back to me doing something. She was still in the nightie. I went and hugged her from behind, my arms round her sumptuous belly. She straightened up and stood still giving me time to press my cheek on hers, murmur into her ear and grope her all over her body through the sexy nightie, starting from her strongly featured face down to her neck, shoulder and then on to her breasts and then waist and finally her pussy and thighs. Under the sensuous material her skin felt luxurious.

On the way up I deliberately took time to rub her pussy, feeling the mat of pubes in my palm, while pressing hard with my growing penis poking into her ass crack. I then moved my hands up and lifted her breasts up and cupped them and began to squeeze them. I felt the nipple area getting wet. The wet spot grew in size and also became increasingly dark on the outside. I turned her round to face me and she had a quizzical look on her face. Then she broke into a wide smile, reached up, cupped my face and drew down my head, smashing it into her breasts. I traced all over her breasts, tweaking and probing with my tongue on her nipples, grabbing and pulling them with my lips, loving the very dark large fat lumps of milk membrane that were already leaking sweetly into my mouth.

She then lifted the nightie up and got rid of it. Beneath she was totally nude. I got the shock of my life to notice how much thick woolly hair covered her pussy mound, even though I had seen it on video. My wife doesn't shave her cunt hair, she only trims it. This village woman had obviously never considered it in her life. She looked up and pouted her lips. I bent down and kissed her slowly and firmly. In no time, this turned into a wrestling match for our tongues. She grabbed my face and again took it towards her breast, mewing little gasps and tiny grunts. I immediately latched onto her near black nipple and started sucking it vigorously. The smell as well as the sweet taste of the milk that had leaked was intoxicating. I started sucking vigorously and a steady stream of milk started flowing into my mouth. Her enormous udders were covered in tiny blue veins beneath the dusky tone of her skin. Each nipple was surrounded in a crusty dark brown areola some three inches across.

For the next 15 minutes I was like a baby sucking milk out of her breasts, emptying one after the other as she sobbed with relief at the hungry mouth at her gorgeous udders. Finally, my jaw was tired and was thankful that the milk also stopped flowing. I lifted Anca and carried her into the living room; I laid her out on the sofa and stooped over her examining her lusty raw body, in its prime fleshiness of new motherhood as she fingered my solid balls and erect tool. I kissed all over her body, quickly reaching and licking her pussy, once I had found the thick puddingy flaps of her capacious cunt through the forest of dense woolly pubes. I probed into it with my tongue and inserted my middle finger into her pussy and stroked it all around.

Anca grabbed my thumb and put it on her clitty. I knew what it would cause so as she was anxious, I rubbed and tweaked it, sending her into raptures, with her body thrashing violently with every tweak of her pussy button. She started screaming, mumbling incoherently and asking me to fuck her. I levered fully over her and her thick thighs widened. I positioned my penis, took my finger out and sucked
her pussy juice, it tasted ripe like onion juice and I was glad because I like pure vaginal juices rather than washed, showered and soapy smells. She was leaking the stuff like a trickle of sparkling cream that wetted the bloated lips of her
pussy. I slowly inserted my knob, leaned down and supported my upper body on her and at the same time put my hands under her butt and started thrusting vigorously in and out.

It was so easy, she wasn't tight and she was very very wet. The noise was obscene, her moans and wails, my grunts mixed with fat wet smacks of cunt flesh being hammered by the root of my cock, splashing our thighs and after sometime, a violent eruption of my verdant cum splashed into her pussy. I lay heavily on her as she cooed into my neck and ears, stroking my back and clutching my quivering buttocks tightly to her. Finally, as my dick had softened, I pulled out and rolled off to rest on the sofa, catching up on my breath. Anca went down on me, sucking my penis and cleaning it of all her pussy juice and my own cum mixture. I fondled her sloppy hole and found some of my cum which was oozing out of her pussy, which I showed her. She licked my fingers clean then collected more on her fingers and put it into our mouths and we swallowed it. Some of it she applied on her cheeks telling me it was very good for skin complexion. I asked her whether she needed any pills to avoid pregnancy; she mentioned that she had her tubes tied during delivery of her last child, as they didn't want to have more children. I thanked my lucky stars, knowing I must have set her breeding several of mine with the load I had shot up her peasant snatch, but could see not a small measure of regret and sadness in her eyes when she told me.

We tidied ourselves and she gave the sofa a little wipe where some of our collective juices had dribbled down. I went to my office and on return, found she had retreated to her quarters, although her door was wide open. I entered and gave her the remaining ordinary fancy bras and offered to get some lace panties also but she declined, advising me that she never wore them since she suffered some rashes in her teens. I was aware of her lack of undies fashion but didn't reveal how, as I was perfectly happy to know she was around the house without barriers to her hairy pussy.

From that day on, most of the time if it were just Anca and I in the house, she would be completely nude inside the nightie, although when Mana was around she wore more things and also the nursing bra.

Several times each week, I drained her breasts and fucked her to my heart's content. My wife did not suffer any lack of attention from me, and I persuaded her to shave all her pussy hair off, unknowingly to give me the personal contrast. Anca taught me a lot about the woman's body, for instance I had never heard of the G spot and the simple peasant woman who showed how to find hers and the increased pleasure it could give orgasms, allowed Mana to enjoy the same intense sensations by me taking the time and identifying it in her pussy. My wife is very grateful to me for that. Later Anca introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex. Now -whenever I see someone in the kitchen and the circumstances are right I just fuck it, it doesn't matter whether it is Anca or my wife, life is perfect!

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