tagIncest/TabooMy Mom, My Love

My Mom, My Love

byL.A. Wicker©

it all started in my last year of high school. we had a big football game against the state champs. we found out why they were the best, they beat our ass's off. I had the misfortune of being quarter back. after I got out of the hospital with broken arm, ribs and many bruises, the doctor told my beautiful mother I needed a good rub down once a day. my mother, auburn hair cut kinda short. blue eyes. 5 foot 10 inches tall. 38 breast with nipples that were always standing up. a very trim waist, and the tightest ass. she worked out a lot, jogging and using our home gym.. my ass hole dad never did anything for her, no dates on her birthday. he never hugged her nothing. I thought she was hot as hell. I was always hugging and kissing her telling her how pretty she was. we went places together and always had fun. I could bearly walk, she had to help me with everything.

I'm 6'2 , dark brown hair, and a 12 inch cock. the first time she helped me undress, she saw my cock and ask "wow, were did you get that thing". her poor face got so red. I told her I didn't know but, I liked having it. my dad was lucky if he had 6 inches. the first time she helped me with my shower she wore her white shorts and a white tee shirt, bad idea, when it got wet I saw every thing she had. my poor cock started getting hard. I got pretty upset, she just told me it was O.K., that she understood. she kept washing me all over. when she got to my cock it was a full hard on. she just soaped her hands and started washing away, before I knew it I yelled for her to stop, it was to late. I started cumming like never before, cum shooting all over my mom, the wall, the floor and me. she just kept pumping it and hard. pulling on it, milking me dry. after it was over she gave me a hug and said she knew how 18 year old men got hard. I slept all day. later that night she woke me with dinner. I ate then I got my first rub down. she wore her bikini, she said just in case I did something on her again. she was on my back massaging me hard. I turned over, yes, I was hard as before. she looked at me and said, you young guys stay hard. she rubbed my arms, chest everywhere. then my cock, she sat on my legs. my cock was against her belly.

her hands rubbed it soft against her. pushing pulling everything. I told her to stop. but, she said it was OK. I came hard, my cum went all over her hot body. it was shooting on her big tits, her hair, her face, It ran down her pussy. it was great. I think she really liked washing and giving me my rub downs I never thought of making it with her but, I loved watching her. she always dressed to kill. even around the house, short-shorts, tiny bikinis, everything. when dad was gone she wore panties and a sexy shirt at night. I always went to sleep with a hard cock. after 2 months of them great rub downs, my ass hole dad came home, he caught her setting on me rubbing my cock. he went crazy, he started hitting her, until I decked him with one punch and told him I would kill him if he ever hit her again. then he ran out of my room. my poor mom was a mess, he split her lip and gave her a black eye. two months later I had to go to college. the night before I was sitting watching some movie. she came in the living room, wearing a see through pink night shirt with matching panties.

as she came toward me I could see her soft breast bouncing up and down. her nipples were more erect than I had ever seen them. her panties showed all of her beautiful shaved pussy, and it looked very wet. she had been crying, I pulled her on my lap facing. we hugged for a long time then see looked me in the eye and told me the last few weeks had made her feel more like a woman than see had ever known. she slowly pulled my hard cock out of my silk boxers, and said you are always hard. I told her I was always hard for her. she just got a red face. she just said she wanted to hold me and to feel sexy again. she held my cock against her belly and this time the top of her pussy. she started rubbing it. I was caressing her beautiful tight ass pushing her pussy into my cock. she was humping my hard cock as she jerked me off, we came together. her spasms were hard and long. my cum went everywhere. we laid together until morning. i didn't make quarter-back of my college team until my third year. all that time I never got to see my mother, I was always broke and my ass hole dad wouldn't give her money to come see me. every time I made it with a tight-ass coed, I thought of mom and what it would feel like making love to her beautiful body. we went undefeated, and I started getting some of those great perks you hear of, like a brand new truck.

I busted my ass driving the 2 days to get home. when I got there, I snuck in the house. there was mom bending over doing something under the sink. she had a white silk blouse with no bra, her big dark nipples were hard. a thin very short summer dress on, it was up over her sweet sexy ass. she had soft pink panties on with a pair of high heals on. my cock was growing fast. I went quietly towards her. i pushed my hard cock into her tight ass. she moaned and said there was only one guy that would be so glad to see her. she turned and hugged me hard as tears started running down her face. we hugged for 30 minutes. her warm soft breast pushed into my chest, my cock continued pushing between her legs. i slowly started moving my hands all over her body. each of my big hands held her ass cheeks, i caressed them and pushed her soft pussy into my waiting cock. i looked into her beautiful eyes as my hands explored her ass. then my right hand found her very wet pussy, as i touched it, her knees went weak. i held her close, my fingers continued to feel her wetness. she spread her legs to welcome me inside her. picked her up in my arms and told her she was mine...... i took her to my old room. i took my clothes off and moved toward her trembling body. i started kissing every inch of her.

i pulled open her blouse, her nipples were standing up. my tongue licked them softly at first then i sucked one into my mouth. mom went crazy, her back arched up and she started humping my cock. i pulled her wet panties down, leaned to kiss her as my long thick throbbing cock went deep inside her hot tight pussy. as hot and wet as her pussy was I knew i had come home. her muscles contracted around my cock like on other woman had ever done. it was like her pussy was sucking my cock. she started cumming and i mean cumming hard. her body was having spasms, each time she came her pussy muscles locked so tight on my cock i couldn't pump her until it stopped. she started contacting her muscles on my cock again, it was just like being sucked. I pulled her legs up to her breast and pushed all of my cock deep inside of her hot sexy body. no other woman had every took all of me. it was like we had been made for each other. we kissed like long lost lovers as my thick cock filled every inch of her pussy, I started cumming in my mother. I pumped fast, hard and deep as I could. her pussy muscles worked with every one of my strokes.

it was like we had done it a hundred times. when I finished, mom jumped on top of me and did us again. we made love to each other 2 days before we stopped. mom went back to college with me as my lover. nobody had every met her so, things went great. we made love every chance we had.

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