My Mother's Daughter Ch. 02


Mom was screaming nonstop or yelling for him to give it to her with her hands on her breasts to keep them from moving too much and smacking her in the face. I'm sure I wouldn't have the same issue but with hers as big as they were they could be dangerous. I couldn't be sure but I think she came two or three times before Drake eased up and pulled out of her, letting her legs go. His cock was huge, with veins clearly defined and his head bright purple and glistening with juices. He was breathing heavily and turned to look at me.

"That's called the pile driver, your mother loves it," he said, smiling.

"I... do," my mother struggled to say, sitting up on the couch.

Drake sat down on the sofa and Mom slowly crawled on top of him with his penis sticking out under her pointing right at me. She reached back and after a few misses she managed to slide it into her body and sit down on Drake.

"This position puts the woman in control," she said, turning to look at me.

I nodded for her to continue, which she gladly did. This position I could kind of relate to since I had done something similar with the toy before they got home today. The only difference was I was facing the other way. I was already wet from my play time and now, watching these two screwing I had a mess in my panties. I wanted to strip down, mount the toy on the table and just go to town on it like my mother was doing to Drake. She was rising up and falling down rapidly, driving his cock home each time. She obviously liked it fast and hard since even when she was in control she was doing it just that way. Drake's balls were tight and vibrating slightly with each descent from Mom, who was moaning and in the zone.

I wondered what they would do if I did take off my pants and start riding the toy, I'm sure Drake would love it but I didn't know what Mom would think. I mean it would be practice and she told me to practice but not exactly what she had in mind. I think she thought I was a virgin and if she saw me riding the toy might get upset that I wasn't. So as hard as it was I resisted the urge to strip down and ride the toy, content on grinding my clit with my hands and sucking the head of the fake cock.

Mom rode Drake for probably as long as he pile drove her before getting off of him. Kneeling on the couch with her butt facing me and her arms on the back of the sofa she motioned for Drake to take her doggystyle. I knew this one too and did it in the shower with the toy as well. Drake jumped up, standing behind her and slid his cock in again, grabbed her hips and started immediately pounding her hard and fast, like he had never stopped. I loved watching Drake's butt, his muscle clench as he throttled my mother. It made me want to be on the other end of his cock; in the place of my mother even though I hated him I still wanted to feel his long wide cock penetrating my body over and over. Then I too could scream and cum and feel like she was.

I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted some action too, some hard cock inside of me. They were distracted, not worried about me in the slightest and never noticed when I completely undress behind them. I didn't want the toy I wanted a warm real live cock and Drake had enough to go around or so I told myself. Mom wouldn't mind sharing, would she? Wasn't that their plan in the first place? They wanted me to someday join them? I was confident that was what Drake wanted, so why not my mom too.

Without another thought I walked right to the couch, butt naked and knelt next to my mother and stuck my ass out just like her. Drake freaked out, seeing me naked, and started swearing, blown away. This of course got my mother's attention, who opened her eyes and turned to find me there.

"What the hell are you doing?" she screamed.

"What does it look like, I want to practice," I said, "You really didn't see this happening?" I asked.

"I... no! Get down; put your close on, young lady. I can't believe you... naked in front of Drake," she hollered.

Drake was staring at me, admiring my tight young body with his long cock still deep inside my mom. He was smiling and I knew he wanted to take a crack at me.

"Drake doesn't mind, he's wanted to fuck me since he met me. Haven't you, Drake?" I asked.

His smile quickly disappeared as my mother looked over her shoulder at him. She got really pissed off then and shoved her butt back, pushing him away so she could stand up.

"No! That will never happen. Drake doesn't see you that way, do you Drake?" she asked.

"Umm... No... no I don't," he said, trying to be convincing but it was so obvious he really did.

"Come on Mother, why do you think he came up with the idea to 'teach' me. He was hoping it would lead to this and he could get his chance at my young tight pussy," I said reaching back to spread my ass for him to see.

He couldn't look away and my mother smacked him across the face because she then knew it was true.

"You bastard, it's true isn't it?" she asked.

"Of course it's true, Mother, everything I've ever said about him is true. You were too blind to see it and now you've turned me into this. A slut that wants cock. Do you have any idea what I did today! What your lessons taught me! I fucking sucked my math teacher's cock for a passing grade and all because of what you two taught me last night!" I screamed.

My mother's face went white. Drake's eyes widened but I could clearly see the slight grin on his face as well.

"Yeah, I told you your lessons would come in handy. Boy did they. I had him cumming in less than two minutes as soon as I swallowed his cock! And I liked it, Mother! I liked it and it's all I can think about now thanks to you two. Now you present these positions to me, and I watch the two of you fucking and screaming in ecstasy and don't expect me to want the same!? Who are you kidding? What did you expect?"

I hadn't moved. I was still knelling on the couch with my ass pushed out and legs spread in perfect position for Drake to insert his raging hardon into me. He was still hard, oozing and fully stimulated. Mom was trying to grasp everything I had said and looked like she wanted to faint. She still hadn't said a word.

"So what do you say, Mother? Are you going to share Drake? Are you going to let him fuck me hard an deep like you?" I asked.

This shook her from her stupor and she yelled the loudest yet, "Never! Go to your room immediately. I'll deal with you later!"

I slowly got off the couch, looking at Drake up and down and winking at him. Mother stepped between us and pointed toward my room. Before I left I retrieved the toy off the table and sauntered off as sexy as I could naked. The yelling began as soon as I disappeared around the corner. If this didn't break them up nothing would. The funny thing was that was not my intention. I really did want to share Drake, or at least this evening share him but Mom freaked out and now it looked like Drake was going to be leaving.

I could hear every word as the screamed at each other. Drake tried to deny it at first but that didn't work and by the end he admitted to wanting me and was hoping exactly what I had told Mom. She was furious and told him to get out of her house. I heard the door slam a minute later. He must have put some clothes on before he left.

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