tagIncest/TabooMy Mother's Show

My Mother's Show


It was late after my shift had ended; I entered the quite dark house and tried not to make to much noise unlocking the door because it might disturb my mother. As I enter the hallway the light streamed down from the second story into the lounge room. I started climbing the stairs on the way to my room treaded lightly, at the top of the stairs I could see my mother's bedroom door was slightly open as a faint light streamed from the doorway into the upper hall. It was late and I thought to myself that she would of fallen asleep reading which happens at least once a week.

I paused suddenly for a moment because a noise had startled me. I realised I could here a faint moaning sound coming from her room. I had to really think if there was a sound there because it was so faint in the dead quite of the night. At first I didn't find this noise to significant to be shocking or confronting. But something in my brain said find out more about what's coming from the open door. So I intriguingly, slowly moved closer to the door, the moaning was getting louder and more profound.

A strange haze covered my thoughts and everything started to become cloudy. I don't no if I was thinking logically, I kind of felt dizzy, my morality felt like it was becoming scrambled and that feeling of desire started to fill my blood vessels. Arousal took me, my penis was already stiffing from the moans coming from the room, before even my eyes caught sight of anything.

Unconscious desires awakened, broke free, naturalistic desires, I couldn't stop myself. Concealed in the darkness of the hallway I moved closer. Looking through this door changed things or maybe it didn't, but it felt like there was now no turning back, I couldn't stop myself, I felt my penis hard and throbbing in my pants.

My relationship with my mother had always been full of paternal love. We were closer than most child mother relationships, the outcome of my father dying of cancer when I was very young. My mother comforted me through this unfortunate period, this drew us together and we become inseparable. But the past did not cross my mind as I was moving slowly towards the door. I peered through the opening not trying to bump the door and there she lay amongst the bed sheets splayed across the bed in all her naked beauty.

Her legs were lightly held together while her fingers slowly caressing herself. I never thought consciously about my mother in this way, but her lustful image lay before me basked in a faint light of a bedside lamp, her forty year old body in all its exposed glory, I could not look away. Her long hair lay across the bed in disarray, her eyes closed shut in ecstasy, her slow rhythmic moans escaping past her moist luscious lips. Her long legs, bare hips, perky breasts and hard nipples combined with the rhythmic hands stroking her sex was hypnotic, I've had never watched a women masturbating like this, voyeuristically.

She inserts her fingers of her left hand into her mouth and lightly sucks them as she leaves her other hand to pleasure herself making her body convulse with pleasure. My hand will not leave my penis alone; I slowly unzip my pants and feel myself hot in my hand. I slowly move my hand along my shaft unconsciously and notice the large amount of sticky pre cum that has already accumulated.

I try to open the door a bit more nervously in a chance that I might get a bit closer view of her sex but I reluctantly don't and stay concealed.

My hand works away stroking my penis I try to contain myself but I'm not conscious of what I'm doing it feels like I'm floating in a sensual dream. My mother removes her fingers which she was sucking on in her mouth and sits up pulling her legs up into a more of a sitting position. As she moves she startles me and I quickly spin out of my lustrous vision. My heart pounds what if I was caught, what if she heard me but this line of thoughts quickly is ignored as her moans become heavier. I look from behind the door and I can see her sex very clearly now her fingers are inserted between her beautiful vulva.

As she works faster and closer to her anticipated orgasm my hand strokes faster and faster along my throbbing penis, I'm lost in my desire, her fingers slow down and she slowly caresses her clitoris, her breathing is heavy and her entire body convulses under every slight touch.

She stretches out again and continues to finger her moist sex, her back arch's as the bed mattress squeaks in reaction, and she is completely lost in her pleasure.

She climaxes as my cum flies through the air and splatters on the carpet, me and my mother are left totally exposed.

Astounded at what I have done, I feel a sense of shame overcome me, my own mother could of caught me in this vile act, pants undone, penis exposed, I slowly walk backwards and make my way back to the front door pulling my penis back into my pants. I open and close the front door, making sure I do it loudly. I hear the door to her bedroom above close softly moments after this as I make my way back up the stairs.

"How was your day?" My heart stops as I'm frozen on the stairs.

"Alright," I anxiously reply as she comes out through her door in her bath robe and kisses me on the cheek. She looks flustered but I don't dare mention anything, I walk past her and spot my fresh semen that now stains the clean carpet and a cold shiver goes down my spine.

"There's some leftovers in the fridge I'll heat it up for you."

The stain on the floor was never mentioned and I cleaned what was noticeable the following day but an anxious thought of her noticing it and not mentioning it has stained my thoughts.

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