tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Neighbor's Daughter

My Neighbor's Daughter


Author's note: This story will be my 50th submission to Literotica. As such, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of my readers who have taken the time to send feedback, be it good, bad or ugly. You have sent me writing tips, constructive criticism, harsh rebukes, high praise, story ideas and a few of you have become on-line friends. I love you all, but special thanks to Paws, who has been a true friend when I needed one.

* * * * *

It was hot that Wednesday afternoon, hot but not too humid, which is unusual for Texas in May. I was home, planting roses, when I had one of the most interesting and erotic experiences of my life.

I'm in my early 30s, and moving up in a large nationally-known company. I'm married with a 5-year-old son. Back in February, I had gotten a promotion that required me and my family to relocate to the Dallas area, and after a few weeks of hunting, we had settled on nice 3-bedroom house in a quiet middle-class neighborhood.

Now while the homes are nice, the lots in this neighborhood are fairly small, so most of the houses are quite close together. In that, I'm fortunate. My house sits on a corner lot and backs onto a drainage ditch, so I only have one set of neighbors to deal with, the Schwartzes, Jerry and Louise. He's a CPA and she's a wedding consultant for a major department store.

I don't mean to sound bigoted, but Jerry and Louise are about as stereotypical a Jewish couple as you'll ever see. They're both short, quite plump with dark, dark hair, and, in the case of Jerry, a nose that has the map of Jerusalem written all over it. Again, I'm not being demeaning when I say that. Hell, he jokes about it himself all the time.

Jerry has that sad-eyed, put-upon look of the terminally henpecked, which I think is part of his schtick, and Louise is the classic JAM - Jewish-American Mother - talkative, loud, opinionated and funny as hell. I may be giving you a negative impression of my neighbors, and I don't mean to. They're really sweet people, sort of the self-appointed mayors of the block, and they'll do anything for you, but 10 minutes with them is about all I can stand without getting a headache.

So my wife and I really hadn't socialized with them much, as we both got acclimated to our new jobs and our new home.

On this particular Wednesday, I was off work, since I was working every other Saturday, and this was a week when I had a Saturday shift. My wife had gotten work at a bookstore in the mall, and worked a conventional Monday-Friday schedule. Our son was at day care, so I had the house to myself. I planned to spend the day planting roses in the bed that we'd prepared along the 7-foot high privacy fence that separates my property from Schwartz's.

A week or so before, when I was tilling and mulching the ground for the flower bed, I had noticed a hole in the fence. It was right where a knot in the wood had been, and it must have been a large knot, because the hole was a good 2-1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. It was right about eye level if you were kneeling, and if you looked through it, you could get a full, panoramic view of my next-door neighbor's patio and back deck.

Jerry's patio door opened off to the side facing the fence between our lots, and the house was only about 20 yards or so from the fence. He had filled that space with a jacuzzi and a wood deck that extended all the way to the fence.

Being that it was a hot day, I had the minimum of clothing on, a pair of gym shorts, tennis shoes and ankle socks. And these gym shorts weren't the baggy, cotton sort favored by basketball players, but running shorts made of a slickish, ventalated cloth designed, I guess, for maximum coolness. I had also slathered myself with a liberal coating of SPF-25 sun block to keep from frying under the hot Texas sun.

I had gotten about halfway down the fence line when I heard the patio door open next door and the voices of a young couple emerge from the house. At that moment, I recalled that Jerry and Louise had mentioned they had a daughter, Jeannie, who was away at college. Obviously, she was back for the summer, and as I had never laid eyes on her, I was curious to find out something about her.

I found out plenty.

I looked through the peephole in the fence, did a double-take, then looked again, with considerably more interest. For Jeannie and the guy that I assumed was her boyfriend were completely naked and in the process of firing up the jacuzzi.

The guy looked to be just an average-looking college-age guy, not too tall, nicely-built, short blond hair. Jeannie, however, was something else altogether. Now you could see that once she had babies, and if she failed to diet pretty strictly, that she'd grow up to look a lot like Louise. But at age 19 (20? 21?), she was quite attractive. She had that sort of Rubens look to her body that turned me on. She had just a little bit of padding in just the right places - hips, thighs and belly - to enhance her curves, and she had the most succulent, round, juicy - pick your adjective - tits I'd ever seen. They were plump orbs that hadn't yet started sagging, and they were capped by a dollar-sized set of areolae with the big, fat nipples.

Somehow it all fit, and the package was crowned by a really pretty face, with big, expressive, slightly narrow-spaced eyes, pouty lips, a modest nose and beautiful dark hair cut really short in back, but kind of long in front. When her bangs got loose, they tended to fall just into her eyes, giving her a bit of a mysterious look. I must admit, this girl looked very fuckable, and just watching her move around to get into the jacuzzi started getting me hard.

I decided to take a quick break to get a tall glass of ice water, my tube of sun block and a hand towel. I had a feeling I'd need all three before too much longer. I did my business inside, returned to the flower bed, knelt down in the flower bed and settled in to watch my neighbor's daughter and see what she got up to.

At the moment, they were just sitting in the hot tub, soaking up the ambiance and chatting. But you could see that things were eventually going to get hot. Their hands appeared to be very active under the water, and they were talking in a low tone of voice that suggested seduction.

As I watched, they moved closer together and started kissing, slowly at first, then with more heat. I squeezed my cock through my shorts as it began to stiffen from the idea that I was going to have a front-row seat at two people having sex.

Sure enough, the boyfriend bent his head down and began to squeeze and suck on Jeannie's tits. He sucked and licked on one, then sucked and licked on the other. My cock began to poke out from the leg of my shorts, purple and angry-looking. I pulled the leg of my shorts over to expose my cock, gave it a few quick strokes and saw a big wad of pre-cum well out from the tip. I rubbed it all over the crown as I tried to keep from moaning out loud in my arousal.

As I watched, Jeannie sat up on the side of the jacuzzi, propped her right foot on the platform -giving me a dead-on look at her pussy - and ran two fingers up her furrow. She had one of the furriest bushes I'd ever seen, full, luxuriant, dark with incredibly long hairs curling around her labia, and it framed a nice pair of modest lips over a hot pink hole.

Just before the guy moved in to put his face to her crotch, Jeannie looked right at the fence, winked, slowly licked her lips and ran a finger slowly up her slit. I leaned back like I'd been shot as the realization hit me. She knew I was there. The thought sent an extra sizzle through my cock. She knew I was there watching her, she knew I knew she knew and she didn't care. So she was apparently going to give me a show, which raised the question of whether she'd done something like this before, to the house's previous owner. Probably so, judging by the location of the "knothole." It was just too coincidental not to have been put there deliberately.

No matter. If she was going to show, I was going to watch, and pray to God my wife didn't decide to come home sick or something.

When I resumed my position by the fence, the boyfriend was briskly licking and sucking on what appeared to be a very hot, wet pussy. Every so often, he'd pull his face away and slide two fingers back and forth in her hot box, then resume eating her pussy.

I backed away momentarily, grabbed the tube of sun block, squeezed a big dollop into my hands and began to work it over my cock, until it was all slick and shiny. And was it ever hard. I've been around a little bit, but I had never actually watched two people fucking. I was just hoping they didn't decide to take the action inside.

But if they did, I could at least use my imagination about Jeannie Schwartz, because when I resumed my position, she was leaning over the edge of the tub, her twin headlights pointing right toward me, and her boyfriend was eating her from behind. She was staring right at the fence, as she humped her hips back on his face. And as I watched, she gave a little jump, turned back to him, gave a little squeal, and said very clearly, "ooooh, are you going fuck me there?" There, I guess, being her ample ass. Now that was something I'd almost pay money to see.

I was just lightly jacking myself, because I knew that if I stroked any harder, I'd cum way before I wanted to. My cock was twitching in my hand as I worked it slowly up and down the rock-hard shaft.

Over at the hot tub, Jeannie stood up for a second, turned around, slid down in the water while her boyfriend stood up, then she grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth in one big suck. He gave sort of a strangled gasp as she worked her mouth back and forth over his cock. He grabbed both sides of her head and fucked her mouth with long, deep thrusts as he made little sounds of pleasure.

As I watched Jeannie suck her boyfriend's cock, I got a vicarious thrill out of the realization that while his cock wasn't exactly small, mine was bigger, by at least an inch, maybe more, and considerably fatter. Looking back on it, I think the reason I got such a charge out of it was the knowledge that if he could please her with what he had, then she'd go wild with what I had.

This has kind of shaken me up a little bit, because until then I had never seriously considered cheating on my wife. I mean, I'm married to a very pretty, very sexy woman that I love very much and who loves me. She's never denied me anything sexually, and our sex life is very good. But I have to confess that if Jeannie Schwartz had called me over right then, I'd have gone over without a moment's hesitation.

Fortunately, she did nothing of the sort, but she did swing her boyfriend over so that he was sitting on the edge of the tub, with her between his legs, sucking him to his root. Every so often, she'd steal a glance in my direction and give this little half-smile, then resume sucking. She worked him over like this for a few minutes, then they climbed out of the tub. I thought maybe the show was over, but, no, it got better. They pulled a mat off the lounge chair, laid it on the deck almost right in front of me, put a couple of towels down, then she laid down on her back, so that I could look right into her pussy. She spread her legs and said, "c'mon down here, baby, and fuck me."

I did add a litle vigor to my stroking when the boyfriend - I never did hear his name - got on his knees and drilled his cock up Jeannie's hot hole. She quickly started in with moans, gasps, cries and mewls as the boyfriend fucked her with slow, but strong thrusts. She quickly pulled him forward and they kissed ravenously, and this also had the effect of giving me a bird's eye view of his cock pumping back and forth, and her cunt driving up and down to suck him in. Again, she looked over his shoulder at me, stared for a second or two, with that maddening little smile of hers, then rolled her eyes back and returned her concentration to her boyfriend.

My cock was beyond hard by now and I was jacking off with hard, even strokes. The backs of my legs were starting to hurt from being in a kneeling position for so long, but I was able to ignore it as I watched the show going on in front of me.

Just then, the boyfriend pulled himself out, rolled Jeannie over onto her knees and slid his cock back into her pussy. He latched onto her hips and worked them back and forth on his cock, the flesh of her butt and thighs wiggling like jello. Jeannie reached under herself and clutched at her tits, which were dangling and wobbling wildly. She was keening and moaning to beat the band, and I was convinced that the whole neighborhood could hear what she was doing. I don't think she would have cared if they had.

I needed to move for a minute, stretch my legs and drink some water. I tried to be as quiet as possible, trying to maintain the fiction that there was nobody there and that she, at least, didn't know I was there. Funny thing is, I really don't think the boyfriend ever realized I was there. Pussy will do that to a man.

When I got back into position, the boyfriend was thrusting two fingers back and forth in her ass in rhythm to his cock working in her cunt. And Jeannie was positively going nuts. I watched, goggle-eyed, as he pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed it to her anus. I could see her with her eyes tightly closed as he slowly pushed, until suddenly he broke through her ring and slid into her ass. She squealed loudly and lewdly as he quickly established a brisk fucking motion in her ass.

I had a tight grip on my cock, because I knew if I even attempted to stroke any, I'd cum, and I was determined to hold out at least as long as stud-muffin over there. Once he got into a rhythm, however, I slowly eased the pressure and resumed stroking, pretty much in tandem with his rhythm. For her part, Jeannie seemed oblivious to anything except her own arousal. She was gasping and moaning, her fingers rubbing her clit as fast as she could. Even as I stared, I saw a shudder pass through her entire body and she squealed repeatedly as the throes of her orgasm swept over her.

The boyfriend took that as his opportunity to pull his cock out of Jeannie's ass, flip her back over on her back and ram his cock back into her pussy. But before she rolled back over, I was treated to the unbelievable sight of her cored-open asshole, red and gaping from where he'd removed his cock. Boyfriend fucked her pussy hard for several minutes, then picked up her right leg, so I could see plainly what was going on, leaned on it slightly and reinserted his cock into her butt.

That caused Jeannie to wail again in renewed orgasm, and it seemed like she was climaxing every other minute. All I know is that I was having trouble focusing, having trouble maintaining control, having trouble keeping the sweat out of my eyes. I picked up my towel and wiped my face, still rhythmically pumping my cock with my hand. I was close, very close, and I could sense that the boyfriend was too, because he was making these long, groaning sounds and fucking her ass really, really hard.

Sure enough, he suddenly pulled his cock from Jeannie's ass, scrambled up to the right side of her head, where I could see (of course), stroked his cock hard three or four times and erupted all over her face. He laid about four long, hard strands of cum all over her eyes, her nose, her hair and her lips, then she grabbed his cock and milked whatever was left in his balls over her open mouth and hanging tongue, covering her mouth with cum that she let roll down her chin onto her chest.

Watching this display was way too much for me, and I gasped loudly as cum exploded out of my cock in about a half-dozen fountains of thick white-hot cream. I hosed the fence with about four big streaks of cum then planted the rest of it around the nearby rose bush, before finally squeezing out the last few drops over my hand.

I fell back on my legs, my chest heaving as I gasped for breath. I nearly hyperventilated before I finally came to my senses. I looked back at the hole in the fence, but Jeannie and her boyfriend had already picked up their towels and were headed back into the house. I caught just a last glimpse of her red butt cheeks wiggling, and just before she went inside, she looked back at the fence one last time, smiled in my direction, then threw her head back and laughed delightedly as she disappeared into the house.

Me? I cleaned up a little bit, got up on wobbly legs and went inside to take a rest. And as I lay down on the sofa in my den, I kept thinking that it's going to be a long, hot summer.

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