tagGay MaleMy New Lover Ch. 02

My New Lover Ch. 02


You are sitting at your desk concentrating on the job at hand. The phone rings and you swing around with your back to your desk to gaze out the window as your boss starts to tell you the problems of his day. You don't hear your office door opening and closing or the lock snicking close.

I quickly doff my clothes and get down on my hands and knees to crawl under your desk. As you continue to talk - but mostly listen - you swing your chair back around. As your legs stretch out and apart subconsciously, you jump as you feel your zipper being undone and you look down with shock at my naked body exposed to you under your desk. You start to say good bye to the boss and hang up. I lip sync my whisper at you to keep talking.

Your zipper is now undone and I pull impatiently at your waistband to pull the pants and briefs off. You raise your hips and soon your shoes, socks, pants and underwear are tossed across the room. Your cock is starting to grow as my mouth engulfs its semi flaccid length. It soon grows to its full majestic 6" and your girth fills my mouth. I suck in and you choke back a moan as you try to explain it away to the guy on the other end of the phone that you choked on your coffee.

As I suck again and again on that wonderful meat, I slide your chair backwards until it rests against the wall and I crawl out from under the desk. My own cock is pouring forth precum and you reach out with your free hand to scoop some and lick it as you cover the taste with an "hmm" into the phone as your boss continues to ramble. So far, you haven't really heard much so you reach out and switch on the recording device attached to your phone to capture any orders or directives he may give.

I reach out and tear your shirt open sending buttons flying every wear. "Oh, that must have been the rain on the window" you explain away the noise to the boss who is calling from another state. Little can he know that it is sunny and hot outside!

I climb onto your chair with my knees straddling your legs - first having pulled them together - and resting my hands on your hairy chest, I settle my ass hole over your well lubed cock that is standing proud from your lap. I sink down and we both gasp with the filling of fullness for me and being engloved in my slick hot ass for you. You quickly disconnect your call and throwing the phone to the floor to ensure no more calls you pull me off your cock (as I whimper from the feeling of emptiness) and sit me on the edge of your large desk.

We together sweep all your papers off the surface of the desk and I lie back and grip my ankles to spread my anus bud as wide for you as possible. My natural anal lubricant is flowing freely and you ease your cock slowly all the way into me until you bottom out. Resting my ankles on your shoulders, your force me open so you can penetrate even deeper and as I cry out "Fuck me! Hard and fast, lover!" you pound my firm ass over and over again as I cum in burst after burst covering us both liberally.

This is your signal and you fill me with you hot thick cum until it gushes out around your buried cock to cover your workspace. You fall forward over my sated body and I twine my hands in your long hair to pull your lips into mine for a long tongue probing kiss. You cock spasms in my ass as it empties itself one more time and then you stand up with a look of urgency in your eyes.

"I have to piss so bad, baby"

I sit up and pull your ass hard against me, wrap my legs around your waist and clench my anal muscles to keep you captive inside me.

"Piss inside me! Fill me with your golden nectar; please!"

At the suggestion, nay plea, your cock hardens slightly and you strain to release those first drops to relieve your straining bladder. Three cups of coffee since you arrived at the office are trying to escape and with a growing hard-on (caused without doubt by my flexing anal muscles as I milk you), it is proving a challenge. It doesn't help any when I lay back on my elbows and lick my lips hungrily at you. "Come on, baby! Fill me up with your burning hot piss! You can do it" I reach up and press on your tummy bulge and this passes through to your bladder and with a final cry of relief, you release a torrent of forceful piss deep inside my bowels.

It feels like a fire hose blasting warm water to fill me up and it flushes out along with a load of stored cum from your ejaculation a few minutes ago. Your desk is covered with a mixture of your cum, piss and my own excretions and cum. You crawl up on the desk beside me as your cock, finally emptied, falls free and my ass continues to pour forth copious amounts of our mixed fluids.

We curl together in the mess we have created thankful that your portable office comes complete with its own bathroom and shower so we can clean up later. For now though, we are content to lie together in each other's arms, kissing passionately and licking each other partially clean.

The taste of our combined mixture is like ambrosia!

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