tagIncest/TabooMy New Sis Ch. 02

My New Sis Ch. 02


Shelly was beginning to rely more and more on Joey to get her satisfaction. Her dates just weren't getting her off. She didn't mind though because Joey was more than willing to suck her pussy. Joey, for his part, was happier than ever. The prettiest girl at East High and her mother were now living with Joey and his dad after his dad and her mom were married. He and Shelly's friend Sara also were getting together at school for some hot fun too.

Joey had started coming through their shared bathroom into Shelly's room in the morning before school and waking her up with his tongue. He loved licking her pussy and it was a great way to start the day. Shelly did not wear any panties to bed so it made it easy for Joey to slide his tongue right up to her clit. Shelly had come to look forward to Joey's attention and was relying on him to keep her happy and satisfied. She still dated her jock friends but they were not as important to her as they once were.

It was Friday morning and Joey, as usual, was licking and sucking on Shelly's pussy before school. Shelly woke up and squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples as Joey's tongue ran laps around her swollen clit.

"Damn, that's good," Shelly moaned. "You are a fast learner." Joey just kept up the pressure of sucking on her clit. Soon, she stiffened up and felt her orgasm wash over her. Joey gave her clit one last lick and kiss before rolling off the bed.

"Well, I'm off to the shower," he said, laughing. Shelly looked at his rock hard dick sticking straight out in front of him as he walked away. She got up and got her clothes ready before going into the bathroom where Joey was in the shower. She slipped into the shower with him and knelt down to begin licking his throbbing cock.

"You didn't think I was going to let this go to waste, did you?" She said as she engulfed the head of his cock. She began bobbing her head rapidly as she tried to swallow his whole cock. She played with his soapy balls as she sucked on him.

"I have a better idea," Shelly said, standing up. "Put that big cock where I need it best, Babe."

As she bent over, Joey rubbed the head of his cock against her wet pussy and slipped it in slowly. As much experience as she had with sex, she was still tight and Joey was too big to just ram it home. He worked himself deep into her and then began stroking his cock into her hot pussy.

Shelly was moaning her approval as he sped up his strokes and reached around to tweak her long nipples. She reached down and was flicking her clit as Joey stroked her pussy. She loved the feeling of his thick cock filling her up. The water was falling over them as Shelly came again, rubbing her clit. Joey felt her pussy squeeze his cock harder and he clutched her slim hips as he began cumming deep in her pussy.

As Shelly left the bathroom, she giggled, "Thanks for the great start to the day, Bro."

"The pleasure is all mine, Sis," Joey replied.

"I doubt all the pleasure is yours," Shelly said. "Don't forget little Sara is spending the night with me tonight."

Joey could barely get through the day, thinking about one of Shelly's cheerleader friends coming over. Even though they had fucked a few times in the girls bathroom, they had little contact outside of that. Little did he know, though, Sara was excited to see him again as well.

John and Sheri continued to fuck like honeymooners and were oblivious to what the kids were up to. Sheri was hot like her daughter and John loved fucking her. Sheri knew Joey kept stealing glances at her but laughed it off as something all young, horny boys would do. She did make it easy for him as she was wearing less around the house each day. She kinda liked giving him a thrill and then fucking the hell out of John when he came home.

Joey was in heaven as Sheri teased him to death and then getting to fuck her daughter. Life was never so good. Joey was usually the first one home as Shelly always had cheerleading practice and John did not get home until later. This is when Sheri would try to tease Joey. Sheri had the maddening habit of wearing a long T shirt without a bra. Sometimes she would wear skin tight shorts. Other times, Joey was not sure if she was wearing anything under that shirt.

As usual, Shelly and Sara had a practice before coming home. When Joey got there, Sheri called him into the kitchen.

"Hi Sheri," Joey said putting his books on the table.

"Hi honey," Sheri replied. "Can you help me get down a bag of flour from the top shelf?"

"Sure," Joey said, moving to the cupboards. Sheri pointed out which one she needed and Joey came up behind her. Joey could see her panties as her shirt rode up while she pointed above her head. He reached over her to the one she pointed out and tried to reach it. His front pressed up against her back and he felt her press back against him. Her smell was affecting him and his cock began to react. He slowly stiffened as he reached the bag of flour. He pushed forward a little harder in order to get a good hold on the bag, pressing his cock into her butt. He was not thinking properly but he could swear that she was pushing back against his dick.

By now his cock was hard and straining to stick out of his pants. He got the bag down and stepped back.

"Oh, thank you sweetheart," Sheri cried, throwing her arms around his head and giving him a tight hug. She felt his cock rubbing against her panty covered pussy and found it strangely thrilling to have him so excited. Joey wrapped his arms around her to catch her falling into him. He knew her tits were pushed into his chest and his cock was rubbing against her.

"This feels kind of good," Sheri whispered into his ear. She was grinding her pussy against his hard dick. "Does it feel good for you?"

Joey could hardly breathe and was nervous to be this close to her. "Uh, it feels great but, uh, I, uh, don't know, uh, if we should be, uh, like this."

By now Sheri was rubbing his cock hard with her pussy. Her panties were wet and she was hot. She reached down and unzipped his pants to pull his cock out into the open.

"It's ok, baby, we're all family now, right?" Sheri rationalized. This made Joey smile as he remembered Shelly saying the same thing.

Sheri had pulled his cock out and was sliding her hand all over it. He was hard and close to cumming. He tried hard to think of something else so he did not cum so fast.

"You're big like your Dad," Sheri panted. "I need this Big Boy." She leaned back against the counter and pulled her panties to the side. "It's ok, stick him in me."

Sheri grabbed his balls and pulled him to her pussy. His cock sliced into her wet pussy lips and he sank his cock deep into her pussy. She felt different than Shelly but he didn't care. He was fucking and this time it was his gorgeous step mother. Sheri was rubbing her clit while Joey fucked her pussy. She felt her orgasm build up until she let out a short scream, furiously rubbing her clit. Joey felt her pussy squeeze his cock and he unloaded his cum into her pussy.

Sheri kissed him on the mouth, licking and sucking on his lips for a few minutes after they had calmed down.

"I needed that so bad but we can't tell your Dad," Sheri said. "We can't get caught."

"Don't worry, I won't say anything," Joey gulped. Then, what she had said, hit him. "What do you mean, we can't get caught?"

"Well, I will probably want to do this more so we need to be careful," Sheri explained.

"Ok," Joey said laughing, knowing he could not say no to her. "Umm, I'm not, uh, going to get you, ah, you know, pregnant, am I?"

Sheri laughed, "Oh Sweetie, there's no chance of that. I went on the pill when I put Shelly on it a year ago."

Joey was in his room relaxing when he heard the girls come into Shelly's room. He was not sure what to expect because Sara had always told him to keep quiet about their secret meetings. He figured he had to play like he just met her.

The girls came through the bathroom and knocked on Joey's door.

"Hi Joey, this is Sara," Shelly said, playing her part.

"Hi Sara, I've seen you in the halls," Joey said. He checked her out and she was looking real hot.

"Wanna hang out with us later tonight?" Shelly asked.

"Sure, sounds like fun," Joey replied.

After their parents went to bed, the girls waved Joey into Shelly's room.

"Hey Bro, wanna play Underwear Dare?" Shelly asked. The girls were a little horny after talking non stop about boys and they both wanted to see if they could tease Joey a little bit.

"Underwear Dare? How do you play that?" Joey asked.

"It's like Truth or Dare without the Truth part," Sara chimed in. "Oh, and we are all in our underwear when we play."

"Well, that does sound like fun, sure, let's play," Joey said, laughing. He was certainly a more confident young man since his new sister moved in with him. He pulled his shirt and pants off, leaving him in his tight briefs. Both girls watched him and admired his body, especially his cock, which was beginning to bulge out.

He watched intently as the girls shed their clothes. He wasn't sure if he was overly excited or if the girls were purposely giving him a strip show but he loved it. The girls peeled off their clothes and finished wearing only their sheer lacy bras and panties.

"Ok, I'll go first," Shelly said, giggling. "Joey, I dare you to french kiss Sara for two full minutes."

Joey smiled and leaned into Sara. Sara accepted his lips and both found the others tongue. Sara had full lips and Joey licked and sucked on them until she stuck her tongue into his mouth. They both sucked tongues back and forth.

Both were panting when Shelly said time was up. "Ok, Shelly, I dare you to give Sara a back rub."

Sara rolled onto her stomach, giving both Shelly and Joey a real good look at her tight little butt. Her thin panties did not hide anything. Shelly began rubbing her friends back and worked her way down to her legs. At first, it felt strange to her to be touching her girlfriend but she was too horny to care now. She rubbed Sara's legs, pulling them slightly apart. Joey could see that Sara was getting wet as he stared at her panty covered pussy.

Finally time was up and it was Sara's turn. "Shelly, I dare you to let Joey rub your tummy while he kisses your neck and ears."

Shelly looked at Joey and then laid on her back, giving him full access to her beautiful body. Joey, a little nervous at first, dove in and began planting little kisses on her neck. He slowly rubbed his hand across her flat belly, from her tits to her panties. The Joey lightly sucked on her ears and he could feel Shelly begin to breathe heavily. His fingers toyed with the hem of her panties, threatening to push them further.

Just as Shelly began to hump her little ass, Sara called for time. "Whew, is it getting hot in here?" Shelly laughed as she sat up. "Sara, I dare you to simulate a blow job on Joey through his briefs."

Both girls could now clearly see the outline of his thick cock and wanted to push things a little further. Sara crawled over to Joey, who laid on his back, waiting for her. Sara gently ran her hands along his legs until she could rub his bulge. She looked into his eyes as she leaned in close to his cock and blew her hot breath on it. Both girls giggled when they saw his dick jump in his briefs.

Sara laid her hand on his ball sack when she began kissing his bulge starting at the head and kissing all the way down his shaft. The fingers of her other hand traced the outline of his cock, which was beginning to throb. Sara pressed her lips tight against his dick, starting to rub it harder. Joey was beginnig to moan as the pleasure was getting to him. Naturally, this was when Shelly called for time.

Joey, panting to catch his breath, said, "Shelly, I dare you to simulate oral sex on Sara, through her panties."

Both girls looked at each other, not sure if they wanted to go this far. "Are you ok with it?" Shelly asked.

"Sure, what the hell," Sara said, giggling. Both girls were as turned on as Joey by now. Shelly crawled between her friends' legs and blew some hot air on her spread pussy. "I've never done this but I'll try," Shelly said.

Joey sat back to watch a dream come true as his step sister began kissing her friends' pussy. Sara closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of Shelly's lips sucking her panty covered clit. Shelly tried everything that she remembered Joey doing to her. It must have worked because, soon, Sara was wiggling her butt trying to get Shelly's tongue in her.

Sara was panting and holding her head in her hands when Joey reluctantly called for time.

Shelly, giggling and wiping her chin, sat up and said, "That was fun. Joey, I dare you act like your fucking Sara doggy style."

Sara quickly rolled over waiting for more attention to her sexed up body. Joey slid up behind her and pressed his hard cock up against Sara's ass covered panties. Sara immediately pushed back against him to feel his dick better.

Sara's panties were wet and Joey's dick easily slid up and down her slit. Shelly came up behind Joey and suddenly pulled his briefs down, freeing his cock. Joey looked at her astonished and then watched her pull Sara's panties aside, allowing his cock to feel the wetness of her pussy. Before Sara knew what was happening, Shelly guided his cock into her hot pussy, Joey sinking in deeply.

"Oh, that feels sooo goood," Sara moaned. Joey, urged on by Shelly's hands on his butt, was stroking his cock into Sara. Neither one was going to last long and Sara was the first to reach her orgasm. Shelly reached one hand under to squeeze Sara's tits as Sara bit off a scream. Then Shelly grabbed Joey's balls as he unloaded his cum into Sara's pussy. Sara was tight and her pussy milked his cock dry.

Shelly sat there watching both kids come down from their orgasms. Sara was the first to sit up and told Shelly that she was the only one who hadn't cum yet. "And, I'm going to change that," Sara said, pushing Shelly onto her back.

Sara pulled Shelly's panties off and gently pushed her legs apart. "Joey, help me here," Sara said, winking at him.

Joey crawled next to Shelly and took her bra off. Just as Sara began kissing her pussy lips, Joey started sucking her tits. Shelly began moaning and groaning right away. Sara stuck her tongue into her pussy as far as she could. Joey was rubbing and sucking her tits while her friend sucked on her clit. Shelly's butt was humping off the bed as she began cumming into Sara's mouth. Joey had to kiss her to keep her from crying out loud. Sara just kept sucking her clit until Shelly had to stop her.

All three kids laid on the bed, naked and panting for air. Joey got up to go to the bathroom, allowing the two beautiful girls to rest. Shelly leaned over to kiss Sara on the mouth, licking her own juices off her friends' chin.

"Just imagine the fun we can get into, huh, Sara?" Shelly said with a devilish look on her face.

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