My Nosiness Was My Problem


And unbelievably, I had an unbidden orgasm just as he finished, which surprised me wonderfully.

We were back downstairs within 10 minutes, subjugation complete!

That was the defining moment in our 'relationship,' that's when he really did assume control of me. I capitulated to him too.

Neither of us had ever mentioned the DVD again, it hadn't needed to be.

And it wasn't now; I was in for a penny, in for a pound!

I wasn't having a lot of sex with Ron now, he seemed okay about it, and I was okay with it too because, I was being more than taken care of by Mark.

I was off work the following weekend; I hadn't had any time off for a while. Ron was taking the kids to see his parents from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.

So I was going to have a few days to myself, no work, no husband, no kids, and utopia!

Mark told me he would want me at the hotel for him, but I said, 'I can't Mark, not this weekend.'

'Why ever not, of course you can?' He asked.

'Because Ron and the kids will be ringing me, and I have to be home to take their calls.' I told him, not realising what I was saying!

'He's away is he?' Mark chortled.

'Yes, for the weekend.' I said, stupidly still not up to speed.

'Then we can spend the weekend together at your house, in your bed, and me in you, can't we then?' He was full of himself.

Before I could lodge any sort of protest, he said he would be at my door at 12 noon.

'But Mark, you just can't, what if we're seen by someone, what if he hears us on the phone?' I protested now.

'We won't, he won't, and we are, no if and buts Shelagh, this weekend you are going to be my sexy loving wife.' He said.

'And be ready for my arrival, you know what I like, and what I love about you, don't you baby?'

'Yes Mark, I'll be ready and waiting,' I said, defeated now.

And I was, I met him wearing a small white silk dressing gown, fastened with a tiny bow, underneath I had on brand new lacy silky underwear, stockings, suspenders, backless high heels, lacy front fastening bra, Mark loves undoing them with his teeth.

My hair smelt gorgeous, conditioned, brushed to a high gloss, it was down and parted through the middle, just the way he likes it, and shrouding my carefully made up face, I know for a fact that I looked a million dollars; no man could have refused me, or turn me down, I just looked too good.

And because I had taken most of the morning to get ready for him, I was highly turned on, my pussy was ablaze, my nipples were at bursting point, and my mouth was hungry for his love juice!

My arse was waiting to be fully broken open, I wanted him in me everywhere, every hole.

Anything he wanted to do to me, with me, was okay by me, he wanted it, and then I wanted it too!

He is my man, I know it now, my alpha male, my dominant being now; no one could fuck me, or make love to me like he can, and does.

He came in and scooped me into his arms, I nearly came right then.

He told me how beautiful I was, how sexy I am, how fuckable I am, and that I had been made by God himself solely for him to fuck and love. No one else should ever be allowed near me but him he said, as he nuzzled into my hair, whilst rubbing his huge erection around my flimsy panted pussy. I came!

'Oh God Mark, take me to bed baby and fuck me anyway you want, I need you in me so bad darling, so bad, do me now honey, do me now!' I pleaded with him.

It was then that the enormity of my words hit me, what I was saying was a declaration of love, I loved him, I was in love with him, I am in love with him, it couldn't be denied any longer!

He had me upstairs in seconds, on and in my marital bed, and he crushed his prick right through my flimsy panties bursting them apart, and fucked me to heaven. I just gushed my juices all over us; it mixed with his spunk and ran all over us and the bed.

We fucked and loved all weekend, he was even in me once when Ron rang, Mark refused to get off me, and he was smiling at me as I talked to Ron and the kids, he didn't fuck me, he kept still, I still had an orgasm, and Ron asked if there was anything wrong, I managed to tell him no, but glared at Mark, for making me have it.

Mark made me keep his prick up my backside while he had a nap one afternoon, I fell asleep too, it's the strangest of sensations, sleeping with a prick up there I can tell you.And I have tried to sleep with it in my mouth too, ha ha ha ha ha.

Mark seems to have a permanent erection; it was rarely out of any of my holes that weekend.

We made love and fucked all over the house, in the baths, in the showers, every bed got used, every carpet, every item of furniture that could support us was used too, day and night, it was fantastic.

We are still together as lovers, but I am so in love with him now, and I know he loves me, we have talked about it properly, he still fucks me when, and where, and how he likes, and I accept it, it's what I want and need.

The DVD is no longer in existence, Mark deleted and destroyed the evidence, but I can't, and won't ever say no to him now, he has turned out to be the strongest, most attentive lover, and a man, that a woman can have.

Just being near him sends me into sexual overdrive, not only sexual I have to admit, it is the need to be near him too.

But Ron knows something is wrong, we have grown apart of course, he believes I am being unfaithful; he asked me if I had a lover now, it was a question I couldn't answer to.

I have told Mark that we have to stop, or go the whole hog and be together for good.

Thankfully, he wants us to be together, so I am telling Ron this weekend.

He has already told his parents, who, while they don't really approve won't stand in his way, and assured me I am still valued at the hotel as much as I ever was.

It's just as well, because I know in my heart I would have to leave Ron now anyway, my love for him has gone now sadly.

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