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My Roommates


In America it's sometimes difficult to find a suitable roommate. I had to stay with a Chinese (called Chinky hereafter) and a real big muscled Black guy (Blackie hereafter). As far as my routine goes it is really grueling. I go out of home around 8 in the morning and come back 9 at night. After the whole day's exhaustion, I feel pretty much sleepy and hit my bed after a quick jerk-off session. I did not know what's going on between my roommates. I have my own room but they do share a room.

But one day I came to know what they are up to. I came back early from work and did not see either of my roommates at home. I straight went to my room and crashed. When I woke up it was 7 PM and almost dark outside. A strange noise seemed to fill my ears -- some moaning sound. I did not really understand in the sleepy state what's going on. I went to drink water in the kitchen and was completely taken aback. Blackie was fucking Chinky on the kitchen table. To muffle the groans of Chinky, Blackie was kissing Chinky hard. Wow! That's what I thought to myself. They even did not notice me. I silently crept back to my room. It takes time to really digest such a scene. But surely I was turned on. Stealthily again I went to watch the show. Indeed it was a good show --big, black muscle going up and down in a smooth and white ass. Chinky was in ecstatic mood. He was literally groaning. I later learned that he groaned from pleasure. Blackie was just pounding the ass as if a piston going up and down. As soon as Blackie nibbled on the slightly juicy nipples of Chinky, he erupted between them. And almost at the same time Blackie yelled "fuck" and thrusted deeper in Chinky. After they were done with the post-orgasmic bliss, they kissed each other. Then I thought time for me to interrupt. I entered the kitchen as if oblivious of what happened before.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" I almost yelled out.

Chinky and Blackie was completely struck and Chinky tried to flee to their room. But Blackie was bold. He caught Chinky by his butts and embraced him.

"We are a couple." he just stated as a matter of fact.

"From when?"

"Sometime back."

"The show was good."

"You wanna see more?"

"I don't mind."

"Ok. Tonight you are going to get a live show."

"Can't wait for night. It will be great I guess."

Chinky was little embarrassed but Blackie convinced him. We got ready.

Blackie and Chinky both had clothes on them. Blackie simply had shorts on him. But Chinky had a shirt too. Now Chinky is really smooth. He has no indication of hair on his body except on his head. Later I knew he was shaved at the crotch as well as armpit. And that's what Blackie likes. On the other hand, Blackie was heavily muscled and tall (must be about 6'4"). Chinky was only 5'6". The contrast of their skin color was really too erotic.

Blackie started kissing Chinky. He took the pink lips of Chinky in his mouth and started sucking. Slowly both were getting tents in their shorts. Blackie's hands were roaming all over Chinky's covered body. Chinky was softly moaning while Blackie cuddled him. Surely Chinky was enjoying what was been done to him. Slowly Blackie slid his hands inside the shirt of Chinky. I could see he was squeezing the boobs of Chinky. Blackie unbuttoned Chinky's shirt but did not totally removed it. But it was enough to let me see the smooth chest of Chinky with nipples sticking out. As soon as Blackie started sucking on the nipples, Chinky started moaning uncontrollably. I thought our neighbors must be hearing. But we did not care. As Blackie sucked on one nipple he was squeezing hard the other one with his free hand. I later knew it was too much for Chinky too bear. Slowly Blackie descended downwards to the pubes of Chinky. A shaved and smooth crotch was unveiled. Blackie licked and lapped the area while Chinky moaned uncontrollably and writhed under Blackie. But Blackie was just holding him in his place. Now Blackie engulfed Chinky's dick. He was deepthroating Chinky. Chinky's moans are now really loud -- almost groans with he writhing. After few minutes he erupted in Blackie's mouth. His hips bucked up. Just before he came Blackie lubed up the middle finger of his right hand and stuck inside the asshole of Chinky. Chinky came with a force. But Blackie gulped all the cum and gave Chinky some time to recuperate.

After Chinky came back to earth, it's time for him to give Blackie a blowjob. Chinky pulled down the shorts of Blackie. I gasped at the fully engorged size of his dick. It must be at least 12". I just thought how Chinky can take it up his tight little hole? Anyway Blackie lied down on bed with his dick sticking up like a pole. Chinky started sucking the dick with much more passion. He must be a born-cocksucker. First, he licked the whole cock from the base to the tip. It was a cut cock with big mushroom head. Chinky slurped on the dick-head as if it's a pop-sickle. He was enjoying the sucking just as much as Blackie. Blackie closed his eyes and placed his hands on the two sides of Chinky's head. I was amazed to see that Chinky was finally able to take fully that 12" inch black monster dick in his mouth. Blackie was now in ecstasy. He was cooing soft words of encouragement to Chinky whose head is just bobbing up and down of the black big dick. After a few minutes Blackie tensed and shot cum down the throat of Chinky. It must be a huge load because some dripped out of Chinky's mouth.

Now it's the time for some good fucking. Blackie started frenching Chinky again. Soon both were again hard as rock. But Chinky had a really small dick. It will measure barely to 4". Blackie pushed Chinky's legs up in the air to his chest. The luscious pink hole of Chinky winked at me invitingly. Blackie knows how to make full use of his bitch. Blackie slapped the smooth butt cheeks making them red. Chinky was groaning. He kissed the butt cheeks and squeezed them hard. Chinky threw his head back. Blackie was flickering his tongue on Chinky's pink and sweet hole. That was enough for Chinky. He again started writhing but could not move much as Blackie was holing him in place. The way Blackie was munching and chewing the sweet and smooth hole of Chinky as if his life depended on it. After he thought the hole is made wet properly, he reaches for his cock. He did not put a condom but decided to go bareback. Also he did not put any lube except for spit of Chinky who sucked the cock real wet. Slowly Blackie started pushing his big cock inside Chinky. A slight expression of pain appeared on Chinky's face. Blackie gave Chinkie some time to adjust to the feeling. Then he started giving long and deep strokes. Chinky was in a spread-eagle position with his legs up the shoulder of Blackie. I can clearly see the big black muscle just going in and coming out of that sweet, little, pink asshole of Chinky. After sometime of intense fucking, they changed postion. They assumed the doggy style. Chinky was pounded from behind by Blackie. The whole scene had made me too horny. I had a raging hard-on straining in my jeans.

"Why don't you let Chinky suck on your cock?"

"Really? Will the bitch do it?"

"Yep. Go ahead."

I got naked and placed my 8" dick in Chinky's mouth. A soft and warm mouth it was. I was in heaven. The bitch knew how to suck a cock. He loved every moment of it. He is such a slut. Now for Chinky it's a double pleasure. With one dick in his mouth and another monster dick pounding his ass, it was too much for him. Both me and Blackie was moaning while Blackie was also cooing soft words to his bitch telling him how sweet and tight his ass is. I knew I would not be able to hold for long with the masterful bitch tongue lapping on my cock. Soon I sensed my climax building up. I warned Blackie.

"Will your bitch drink my cum?"

"He likes it. Give it to him."

"As you please."

Soon I found my orgasm building up deep in my loins. I screamed out that I was cumming. Chinky increased the pressure on my dick and started deep throating it. Blackie increased his speed of pounding and he was near to cum too. We both cum simultaneously in two holes of the bitch-slut. After we are done I saw Chinky had cum too. Later I knew that for Chinky one dick in mouth and another fucking his ass and torturing his prostrate was too much to bear and he cummed as soon as my cum hit his throat. Anyway it was a real good orgasm that I had after a long time.

After the day they never bothered to close the door while they fucked. Though I never joined them again but did watch a few more time and came really hard.

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