tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy Sacrifice For Osama

My Sacrifice For Osama


My Sacrifice For Osama

  Ever since the Towers fell,
  And we were forced to bear that loss,
  I've dreamed of meeting Osama in Hell,
  And somehow being his boss.

  I'd make him shovel shit all day,
  While demons lob some at his head.
  Then give every Hellbound dyke a strap-on
  And have them follow him to bed.

  Then each and every dildoed lass
  I'd give a quota and a log book
  And say, "Fuck his ass ten thousand times,
  For every innocent life he took."

  And when the ladies had loosened up,
  His fanatic, air tight hole,
  I'd even fuck the bastard myself,
  With my rancid, two foot pole.

  For it WOULD be Hell, after all,
  And my cock would not be nice,
  So, grinning at my reeking rod,
  What the Hell...I'd fuck him TWICE!!

  I'd declare Osama Hell's soccer ball,
  For hooved demons to kick, kick, kick.
  And when those filthy hooves needed cleaning,
  Osama's tongue would lick, lick lick!

  From one end of Hell clear to the other,
  Every pussy he'd have to eat,
  Even the ones with oozing sores,
  Or that smelled like stinky feet!

  I'd make the bastard Hell's lone latrine,
  On which the damned can shed their waste.
  Thus anointed in the filth of demons
  In the fiery oven of Hell he'd baste
  Then when Osama's kidneys failed,
  I'd play a joke that just can't miss.
  Instead of the usual dialysis goo,
  I'd substitute demon piss!

  And for every future the sick bastard snuffed,
  A million assholes I'd make him lick.
  And since the Hellbound care not for hygiene   much,
  Their anal crust can get quite thick.

  I'd find the most unclean of demons
  And teach him a fun new trick.
  I'd show him how to play "Dueling Banjos"
  On Osama's tonsils with his dick.  

  Every diseased and oozing, pus-filled cock
  I could find within Hell's walls,
  Would be allowed to anoint Osama's lips,
  'Til they'd emptied out their balls.

  I'd have cannibals gnaw his balls and cock
  And bite his nipples off.
  Then have whores with ten inch fingernails
  Squeeze his prostate and yell "Cough!"

  One special day while I'd be giving his ass
  The feel of good ol' US balls,
  Together we'd watch CNN,
  And I'd cum as al Qaeda falls.

  In honor of the lives he stole,
  I'd abuse him throughout all time.
  His humiliation would be oh, so sweet,
  His constant agony sublime.

  Now I'm sure you think me sad and sick,
  For being so angry and so bitter,
  But I confess these vengeful thoughts
  Have my gonads all atwitter!

  If my twisted poem you do no like,
  I can sympathize with you.
  But I ask in all sincerity,
  What's a New York boy to do?

  We here in New York are decent folk,
  Though that's not our reputation.
  But above and beyond that, my friends,
  That scumbag defiled our nation.

  So although my words are hot and bitter,
  Seething with bubbling bile,
  In order to meet that prick in Hell,
  I'll need to go that extra mile.

  While I am a righteous man, Osama,
  Kind and honest, too,
  I'll need to start racking up some sins,
  So I can be waiting in Hell for you.

  So take your time, Osama.
  Spit your hate upon the Earth.
  For Satan has your number.
  He knows your soul's dark worth.

  By the time you get to Hell, you prick,
  And greet your fellow psycho skanks,
  I'll have made a million friends,
  And risen through the ranks.

  I make this sacrifice for you, Osama,
  I'm planning my sins well.
  So, come you sick, perverted freak,
  I've got plans for you in Hell.

"My Sacrifice For Osama"  copyright  Bacomicfan/Mike, 11-22-02

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